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Current offers for Legoland Discount Tickets

In the slide show above, you're viewing Legoland California theme park attractions and cute creations made entirely of Legos! Legoland's rides are terrific, and the sheer variety of available attractions means that whatever age your child might be, he/she will find PLENTY of fun things to do. On this page, you'll find many ways to save money on Legoland tickets.

What do Legoland full price tickets cost?

Picture: R2D2 from Star Wars made out of Legos! Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, California As of Summer, 2015 the full-price Adult's ticket (ages 13+) at Legoland's turnstiles for one day's admission to Legoland California is $89. For a child's ticket (age 3--12,) the cost of a one day ticket is $83. (Note: that price is just for ONE day at Legoland Park...WITHOUT admission into the Legoland Water Park or the Sea Life Aquarium!)

Full-price tickets at Legoland Florida aren't much different---$89 for an adult and $82 for a child. This is what you'll pay at the gate if you simply show up without having checked for discounts or special prices ahead of time.

OUCH! The cost of a family outing is really going to add up if you pay full price! On this page, we're going to discuss ways to slash that full-price bill and get your family the savings it needs to be able to get in on the fun!

TYPES OF LEGOLAND DISCOUNT TICKETS: Here's a quick overview of the types of Legoland deals we'll be exploring on this page---

Discount 1.)'s website discounts: For example, purchasing Legoland tickets for 2 days instead of one will save money per-day.

Discount 2.) ARES Travel discount tickets: ARES Travel is a company which has permission from Legoland to sell Legoland tickets at discount prices.

Discount 3.) Southern California CityPass Card: New for 2015! If you're going to Legoland California, SeaWorld San Diego, Disneyland Park and the Disney's California Adventure Park, then this multi-park discount pass can save you some significant money.

Discount 4.) AAA Legoland discounts: Belonging to the American Automobile Association can get you discounts at Legoland and other Southern California family attractions.

Discount 5.) Legoland Discounts: This famous retailer's website frequently has a special deal for Legoland tickets going on.

Discount 6.) Merchant coupon specials: From time to time, Legoland teams up with area stores or restaurants to issue special coupons.

Picture: Elvis Presley made out of Lego bricks! Legoland theme park in Southern CaliforniaDiscount 7.) Go Card multi-attractions savings plans for BOTH the California and Orlando locations of Legoland: Go Cards are a type of multi-attraction discount which give the purchaser flexibility selecting the attractions at which they're used. The Go Card plans for both San Diego and Los Angeles include Legoland as one of the attractions which may be selected. Also, the Go Card for Orlando includes Legoland Florida as a featured attraction. Your chance to save at Legoland AND at the other attractions on your list has never been simpler!

Discount 8.) Legoland Annual Passes: For guests who are planning to return to Legoland again and again, it's only logical to consider purchasing a "membership" at Legoland. ("Membership" is Legoland's special term which means "annual pass.")

9.) Other Discounts: In addition to discounts available to the general public, Legoland offers good discounts to members of the military, preschools and to home-schooling families. Also, holding a Legoland birthday party is a good way to get a group discount. In this section, you'll discover the details of these programs.

Discount #1:'s print-at-home discounts

Picture: Marilyn Monroe made entirely of Lego bricks! Legoland theme park in California Legoland offers several types of discount tickets on their website. (1.) MULTY-DAY TICKETS: It's cheaper per-day to purchase a 2 Day Legoland ticket than a regular 1-day admission ticket. (And, when they're offered, it's cheaper to purchase a 5-day ticket instead of five 1-day tickets.) (2.) MULTI-PARK DISCOUNTS: It's also cheaper to purchase tickets to more than one attraction at the Legoland Resort. There are now a total of 3 attractions: the original Legoland theme park, the SeaLife Aquarium, and the Legoland water park (which does NOT have its own separate entrance; you MUST have a valid ticket for the theme park PLUS a water-park extra-fee ticket.) Tickets to more than one attraction are called "Hopper" tickets.

If you haven't heard about Legoland's Hopper tickets, here's some info about them. There are several types of Legoland Hopper tickets. (1) Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium; (2) Legoland and Water Park; (3) Legoland, Aquarium AND Water Park. Whichever combo ticket you purchase, the total is always less than the full-price amount you'd pay if you purchased those attractions separately.

Before you hunt for discounts other places, always check Legoland California's own prices. That's the only way you'll know if you're getting a good deal somewhere else. Here's a link to Legoland's own current promotions page.

LEGOLAND FLORIDA'S PRICES ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE CALIFORNIA LOCATION! If you'd like to check the price of tickets for central Florida's Legoland theme park, here's a link to the Legoland Florida ticket deals.

Discount #2: ARES Travel discount Legoland Tickets

Picture: George Washington made entirely of Lego's! Legoland theme park, CaliforniaARES Travel is a company which has Legoland's permission to sell their theme park's tickets at a discount. ARES Travel has an outstanding record with the Better Business Bureau; if it did not, then Legoland wouldn't allow the company this privilege. ARES Travel also handles the ticketing for a number of California cities' convention & visitors bureaus...and even the State of California's official tourism website!

When comparison-shopping, it's hard to say exactly which company is going to have the best discount offer for Legoland tickets at any given time. At the precise moment you're ticket-hunting, it may or may not be ARES Travel. But, as we've observed ARES's prices over the last few years, We've noted that they're usually one of the lowest-priced options.

If you would like to find out about current Legoland ticket & hotel package prices available with this company, please see the ARES's Legoland Ticket Discounts page.

Legoland Discounts #3 -- New discount for 2015---Legoland California is now included in the CityPass discount card!

Visitors to California often enjoy visiting SeaWorld San Diego, Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure park...after they visit Legoland, of course! If your family wants to visit ALL of these world-class theme parks for a terrific discount price, then you'll want to investigate the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CITYPASS program.

In 2015, the price for a CityPass is $329 for ages 10+ (or only $286 for ages 3 thru 9.) For this amount, you'll receive 1 day at Legoland, 1 day at SeaWorld San Diego, and 3 days at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. (This is a Disney Hopper pass, so you can go back and forth between Disneyland and D.C.A. as much as you wish during your 3 days there.) You'll save over $120 per CityPass, which is one of the best discounts you will find (especially for Disneyland, since discounts to that particular theme park are nearly non-existent.)

Our website isn't affiliated in any way with CityPass...but we do recommend this program highly. We have used the CityPass program and found it to be a very good way to save money.

To learn more about the CityPass--Southern California, you may use the following link to check out the website where you'll discover the complete details about this popular multi-park discount plan.

Legoland Discounts #4 -- AAA Member Savings

The AAA (American Automobile Association) offers Legoland discounts to their members. The AAA tries to offer a discount to every major US attraction, no matter where you might be headed. The problem is that the discounts aren't generally the best you can find!

However, if you forget to plan ahead, whipping out your AAA membership card at the Legoland ticket booth will give you at least SOME type of a discount. By showing your AAA card at the ticket window, you'll get an automatic 10% savings on all the tickets that you're buying. At the current full price of Legoland adult tickets, this means that simply by showing your AAA card at the ticket booth, you'll save over $7 per person!

Occasionally, the AAA will offer deeper discounts for special periods. These discounts can sometimes vary depending on which state you live. Be sure to check at your local AAA office or at the AAA Website, to see if any specials are in effect at the time you plan to purchase your tickets.

Savings #5: Legoland Florida and/or California Discount Tickets at

Photo of Costco's You can usually find Legoland discount tickets for sale at These discount prices are truly money-saving; exactly HOW much you save will depend on the offer you choose.

The down side: you may have to pay a small surcharge if you're not a Costco member, and---member or not---you'll need to add an extra fee for shipping.

If you'd like to check to see if there's a current Costco special going on right now, you may use the following link to see's Legoland Discount Tickets page. If nothing is listed, then it means there aren't any current specials.

Note: Costco specials come and go year-round. If you don't find one today, visit Costco's website closer to the time of your visit and you MIGHT find a special then.

Legoland discount tickets at Costco stores: Sometimes you'll also be able to purchase Legoland tickets directly from a Costco membership warehouse, which eliminates the need to wait for your tickets to be shipped to you. These are not always available in the store year-round, and they're not available at all Costco stores. But, if you'll be shopping at your local Costco store anyway, then it's not much of an inconvenience for you to check to see if they have Legoland tickets in stock.

Legoland Discounts #6--Merchant Coupons

Photo of Lego Mount Rushmore at Legoland CaliforniaLegoland coupons at stores and restaurants

From time to time, Legoland teams up with local stores or restaurants to offer special Legoland coupons and deals. You can't depend on finding Legoland coupons when you need them, because (1) there isn't always a coupon deal going on, and (2) when a store or restaurant runs out of their supply of coupons, then they're simply gone and there won't be any more coming. Nevertheless, when you can find a coupon special in a local store, they're often very good coupons.

Are merchant discount coupons available ONLY in Southern California? Sometimes yes...and sometimes, no. Arizona is one state where residents can usually pick up some Legoland discount tickets BEFORE leaving for San Diego! For example, every year, Arizona residents can go to Fry's Supermarkets to purchase discount tickets. Fry's grocery stores don't carry the Legoland discount tickets all year long, but when a promotional period rolls around, you may purchase these tickets in advance and use them later, since they're good for the entire length of time specified in the offer.

Fry's sister-stores in California...Ralph's Markets...sometimes have Legoland discounts, as well. Like Fry's, the Ralph's Legoland tickets aren't on sale all year long, but only during specific promotional periods.

  • FREE child's ticket coupon in the Lego Club Magazine: If you can't find a coupon at your local store, you might already have one in your house...IF you subscribe to the Lego Club Magazine, that is. (If not, this publication is FREE, and you can sign up for it on the Lego Club Website. For example, last year our family got a coupon for a free child's ticket to Legoland in one of the issues (with the purchase of an adult Legoland Hopper ticket.) More coupons will probably be on the way this year...and if you subscribe, you'll be sure not to miss it! If you love Legos, you can sign up & enjoy an interesting variety of Lego topics while you're waiting for coupons to come along.

    Legoland Discounts #7--Credit Union Discount Tickets

    If you belong to a Credit Union in California, you should know that a number of different CU's offer discounted Legoland Tickets! Each different Credit Union has its own method of getting and paying for the tickets. Some credit union websites have a link to your CU's own secret page of the Legoland website...and then you may purchase your tickets online from Legoland at a lower price than what's offered to the general public. Others may have a mail-in or walk-in system for picking up your discounted tickets. In addition, you may find employer or professional associations offering discounted tickets, as if you're a member, check to see if tickets are one of your perks.

    Legoland California & Florida Discounts #8 --- "Go Card" multi-attraction discount cards

    San Diego Go Card

    The San Diego Go Card is one of this website's sponsors. This program offers a legitimate opportunity to save money, and benefits both locals and tourists alike. The more attractions you wish to tour, the more you end up saving. The precise amount of money you'll end up savings depends on the specific attractions you choose to visit with your card.

    How does the San Diego Go Card work? There are about 55 member attractions who accept the San Diego Go Card. You are free to pick and choose from among them, deciding which attractions you'll visit, and which you'll skip. You simply figure out how many days you'll want to tour San Diego attractions. Then, you purchase a 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7-day San Diego Go Card for that period of time. Once you pre-pay for your card, then you simply show the card at the entrance to each attraction you visit, and you're admitted without any further charge.

    Obviously, this benefits the tourist who lingers less time at each attraction. Go-getters who tour 2 or 3 attractions in one day are going to save more money than those who linger at only one attraction for that same length of time. Nevertheless, this card is a great money-saver for anyone who has a long list of San Diego attractions they'd like to see...but never thought that they could afford it. Especially for older visitors who would love to see the Legoland Mini-Cities (a favorite attraction for adults,) this card may make the difference in whether or not you actually get to see the mini-cities. An adult bringing a child for an all-day outing is much more apt to spend the money for a regular Legoland ticket than someone who wishes merely to "pop in" for an hour.

    List of included attractions: The list of member attractions is long, so they won't all be listed here. Most major (and many minor) attractions are on the list, including the very popular San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wildlife Park, in addition to Legoland theme park. Knott's Berry Farm theme park, Knott's Soak City Water Park, and Wild Rivers Water Park are on the list of options you may choose. Also included are various tours---harbor tours, Temecula wine country tours, Tijuana tours, and San Diego city tours. Still other popular the Belmont Boardwalk amusement park and Scripps Aquarium...are part of the Go Card program. If you'd like to learn more, you may use the following link to view the Go San Diego Card official website.

    Legoland Discounts--Los Angeles Go Card

    Go Los Angeles Card - 37 Los Angeles Attractions
    Just like its "sister" offer, the Los Angeles Go Card offers savings to many different Southern California attractions, including Legoland theme park. This card, however, features tourist attractions which are mostly within Los Angeles and Orange counties. So, this would be the attraction discount card to get if San Diego isn't the focus of your vacation.

    Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain are other major theme parks included as options on this attractions pass. Also included are Hollywood tours, movie studio toursthe lovely Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, tours of the Queen Mary, the Los Angeles Zoo, harbor tours, many museums, and more. Several San Diego attractions are included in the LA Go Card (such as San Diego Harbor excursions and Belmont Amusement Park wristbands) for visitors who want to sample attractions in both cities. Just like the San Diego Go Card, this LA discount program is purchased by the number of days you wish to tour. You may squeeze in as many (or as few) of the listed attractions as you wish. For further information, you may view the Go Los Angeles Card website.

    Legoland Discounts--Orlando, Florida Go Card

    Legoland Florida also gets in on the "Go Card" multi-attraction discounts for visitors to the Orlando Area. For one price, you may purchase a Go Card for a specified number of days. Then, the more attractions you squeeze into your day, the more money you save!

    In addition to Legoland Florida, there are several other Orlando attractions included with the Orlando Go Card. Gatorland is particularly popular, and is a must-see attraction for anyone who is awed by the sight of these fabulous reptiles. Kennedy Space Center is another can't-miss attraction for anyone interested in the history of space flight. The kids in your group will enjoy Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not, Fun Spot amusement park, WonderWorld and miniature golf. For the adventurers in your group, there are several boat tours in the Florida swamplands and grasslands for the adventuresome. And city tours are also available, as well---Orlando, Cocoa Beach and Miami.

    In other words, for one price, you may turn your discount vacation into exactly the right type of trip tailor-made for your family! Buying a comprehensive Go Card pass is a good way to see MANY attractions---and each one at a discount! Our family has used the Orlando Go Card and we managed to save money even though an illness forced us caused us to skip using one of the days (out of our 7-day pass.) In addition, the savings allowed us to see some of the "lesser" attractions on our bucket list...without spending any more money than we'd budgeted for the major sites.

    LEGOLAND FLORIDA IS ALSO FEATURED IN A CHEAPER GO-CARD PLAN. If the full Go Card experience doesn't fit your needs, there's another discount plan which would take you only 2 days to enjoy. For only $99, you can visit Legoland, Gator World AND WonderWorld...which are 3 must-do attractions on any kid's wish list. To discover the details of this offer, please see the "Package Deals" page of the Orlando Go Card website, and look for the "Orlando Family Fun Pass" option.

    Savings #9: Legoland Annual Passes

    Picture: Indiana Jones made of Lego bricks! Legoland, California If you're planning on making repeated visits to the park, then you may enjoy using one of Legoland's annual pass programs. (On the Legoland website, you'll see the annual passes called "Memberships to Legoland.") Annual passes---whether to Legoland or to ANY theme park---are the absolute best values for families who love to visit theme parks regularly.

    The Legoland "Membership" annual passes are true ANNUAL pass good for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. (Remember, you must be careful when purchasing SEASON pass, which some theme parks offer...which aren't good for a full 12 month period. Season passes expire at the end of the summer season or at the end of the calendar year, instead of after 12 months.)

    Merlin Entertainment Group multi-attraction membership: In addition, if you'd like a membership to the Sea Life Aquarium & Legoland Water Park, as well, there's a another option--the "Merlin Properties membership." This membership includes admission to the Legoland Discovery Centers, Sea Life Aquariums and Madame Tussaud's locations in the USA (including the Hollywood location), along with Legoland Florida.If you travel to other parts of the country, this pass could benefit you.

    Benefits of the Legoland Memberships (aka Annual Passes): These memberships offer some very nice benefits---

    1.) No park black-out dates

    2.) Free parking and special in-park discounts

    3.) Free Legoland newsletter and e-news

    4.) Legoland Children's Magazine with purchase of a Child's membership; limit one free magazine per household.

    A standard 12-month membership at California's Legoland costs $149. If you have kids who love Legoland, it would be easy to get to Legoland 10 times in one year...bringing the per-visit cost down to under $13 for each adult! And, if you visited even more often than that, your savings would keep getting better and better!

    The Merlin Annual Pass "Membership" costs $189, but it can be a money-saver for frequent Legoland visitors. If you are going to go to Legoland several times throughout the year, the free parking and extra admission fees to SeaLife and the Legoland Water Park add up, and can end up making this the better value. In addition, the Merlin Annual Pass has a "monthly payment" plan available (while the standard membership must be paid in full at the time of purchase.) The ability to make interest-free payments is a definite bonus for fitting your family's "love of Legoland" into your budget.

    For further Legoland California annual pass/membership information, please see the Annual Pass/Membership FAQs page of the website.

    LEGOLAND FLORIDA ANNUAL PASS PRICES ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. To discover membership prices at the Florida Legoland (near Orlando,) here's the Florida Membership page of the Legoland website.

    IF YOU HAVE A "MERLIN" MEMBERSHIP, then BOTH the California AND the Florida parks are included in your pass. You do not need to buy two of them in order to visit both parks as many times as you like during the time you remain a member.

    #10: Other types of Legoland Discounts

    Military, PTA, Preschool, Home School and Birthday Party discounts to Legoland

    Picture: Iwo Jima Memorial made out of Legos. Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, California

    1.) Military Discounts: Legoland California would like to give a special discount to those who serve our country...and their family members, too. Therefore, Legoland offers Military Discounts for active members of the armed services. Current members of the military may show their ID cards at the Legoland ticket booths for an on-the-spot 10% discount. Legoland tickets may be pre-purchased at an even greater discount at your MWR office on base.

    Legoland Florida FREE ticket for military members: The Legoland location near Orlando offers a free ticket for active military members...and discount tickets for their family members. This offer may be used one time during the calendar year. For more information, here's the Military Appreciation Offer page from the Florida Legoland website.

    2.) Legoland California & Legoland Florida on Facebook and Twitter: You can get up-to-the-minute news about Legoland by becoming a "fan" of the park's Twitter and Facebook pages. The good news? You'll learn more about special events and upcoming attractions at the park than you ever knew before. The bad news? So far, Legoland hasn't really gotten into the swing of holding very many free-ticket contests and announcing discounts via Twitter & some of the other theme parks have. But, just in case Legoland should come out with a surprise perk for their fans, it wouldn't hurt to sign up to follow them if you're a Facebook or Twitter enthusiast.

    3.) Carlsbad Schools fundraiser day: Legoland is a "good citizen" in its neighborhood, and assists the Carlsbad Unified School District in raising money for its programs. Every year, Legoland holds a "cheap ticket" day for local children. This year, Legoland's Carlsbad Schools fundraiser day was Saturday, April 24, 2015. (The 2016 date will be announced next Spring.) For this one Saturday, guests holding one of the Carlsbad Schools discount tickets may enjoy the park for an extremely discounted price. The special tickets aren't ever sold at Legoland, so you must pre-purchase them before you arrive. You don't have to have a child within the school district to purchase these tickets. They're on sale at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, the Carlsbad Visitor's Bureau, and several other locations, as well. Admission to the Sea Life Aquarium may be added for a small extra fee. A 2nd event benefitting the Encinitas Union School District is usually held each year, as well. In 2015, this date was April 26th.

    4.) PTA Member Discounts: Are you a member of your school's PTA? Then Legoland has a terrific discount for you: coupons good for buy-one-get-one-free admission! How do you get your BOGO Legoland tickets? Actually, you can't get them as an individual PTA member; your school's PTA representative must order the coupons from Legoland for your entire group all at one time near the beginning of the school year. For details about this special promotion, here's the BOGO Legoland coupons for PTA members page of the Legoland website. (Note: Many PTA members have discount coupons that they can't use, and end up selling them on Ebay for a couple of dollars. While it's never a good idea to buy second-hand tickets online, these particular coupons are generally the "real deal." If you use this strategy, you'll have to plan several weeks in advance, to give the coupons time to arrive at your home.)

    5.) Home School Discounts: As you might imagine, local school groups sometimes enjoy field trips to Legoland with special educational group discounts. But what about families who homeschool? Legoland offers you a discount, too!

    Home School Days at Legoland take place periodically throughout the fall, winter and spring. To get your home-school discount, you'll need to attend on one of these dates. You must also purchase these substantially discounted tickets at least 2 weeks in advance, because they are not available at the Legoland ticket booths. For further information about Legoland's home school discounts and Home School Days dates, here's a link to the Home School Discounts page of the Legoland website.

    Photo of Lego Mount Rushmore at Legoland California
    6.) Legoland Birthday Parties: You can get a group discount to Legoland simply by holding your child's birthday party at the theme park! There is a 10 guest minimum; however, the discounts are substantial, and you can have a bigger party than you expected for the same price (compared to paying the full admission price for all your guests, that is.) You must give at least 2-weeks notice for your birthday party discount. If you simply show up at the ticket booths, the party discount is not available...and you can't get access to Legoland's party pavilions at the last moment, either.

    2 types of Legoland Birthday Parties are available. The simplest plan (Legoland's Birthday Express) includes only admission to the park and a Legoland birthday cake. An all-inclusive plan is also available (Legoland's Ultimate Birthday Party,) which includes not only admission and a cake, but also Legoland birthday party invitations, lunch and party favors, as well! Here's a link to the Legoland Birthday Party page of where you'll find complete information!


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