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Discover the Fascinating Legoland Miniland Exhibits!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Lego Las Vegas...that is, replicas of famous building made entirely out of Legos! They're all part of Legoland California's terrific Miniland section of the theme park.

What is Legoland's "Miniland" themed area?

It's famous US cities & monuments...replicated with Lego bricks!

The Legoland Miniland section of the park is incredible. You'll see replicas of the most famous buildings in several US cities and regions, all crafted from Lego bricks! MILLIONS of Lego bricks, Miniland's structures contain a whopping 20 MILLION of them!

All ages seem to be fascinated with this section, but for adults it seems to be their favorite section of the park. You'll be able to view replicas of Southern California attractions, San Francisco and New Orleans (all covered on this page) as well as New York City, Washington DC, Florida and New England (which are pictured on subsequent pages.)

When you're done with the walking tour of Legoland's Miniland themed area, then next you'll be able to take the Lego Coast Cruise around a large, man-made lake---another favorite attraction for all ages of family members. On the cruise, you'll see still more Lego creations that you can't see very well from the shore

Las Vegas...made out of Legos!

Photo: The Treasure Island Hotel of Las Vegas...made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

You will see "Lego Las Vegas" at Legoland! One of Legoland California's newer exhibits in Miniland is its Las Vegas exhibit. From the amount of visitors enjoying the display, it's plain to see that this miniature version of Las Vegas has been a "hit" with guests! In the slide show of Miniland Las Vegas above, you'll see just a sampling of this large & lively showcase.

All your favorite Las Vegas landmarks are in Miniland! The exhibit focus on "The Strip" section of Las Vegas Boulevard. The long list of Lego landmarks includes many famous hotels, such as the MGM Grand, Luxor, Tropicana, New York New York, Paris Las Vegas, The Venetian, The Stratosphere, the Excalibur, The Mirage, Treasure Island (TI), and more!

Photo: The Mirage Hotel of Las Vegas...made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

The new Las Vegas Strip's monorail system is there---made of Lego blocks, of course! And so is the Mirage's spewing volcano, the Treasure Island pirate ship battle, a wedding chapel, and famous roller coasters and rides found along the strip.

Who's that handsome dark-haired man made entirely of Legos that you see in the slides?'s Lego Elvis Presley---of course! Come take your picture with "The King!"

Legoland Los Angeles

Famous Southern California landmarks made of Legos!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Lego Southern California, Lego San Francisco and Lego New Orleans! They're all part of Legoland California's terrific Miniland section of the theme park!

Photo of Grauman's Chinese Theater---made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California Welcome to Southern California---made completely of Legos! In the photo to your left, of course, is Lego Grauman's Chinese Theater. What a great job the Lego Master Builders did---the replicas look just like the original buildings!

Miniland is the section of the park that seems particularly interesting to adults. Yes, kids love the little miniature buildings (complete with tiny people, too.) And yet, the more places you've lived and the more you've traveled or visited the monuments and depicted in the Miniland scenes, then the more meaningful and "personal" these replicas become to you! If you haven't visited the real versions of the cities shown in Miniland, you can admire the skill it took the builders to create these Lego masterpieces. But if you HAVE been to some of thes places in person, then you'll get to "stroll down memory lane" WHILE you admire the craftsmanship!

Photo of Ruby's Diner on the Huntington Beach Pier---made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California The Southern California section of the Legoland Miniland exhibit showcases the area's natural features as well as the famous man-made landmarks. One scene is devoted to the beach. Although the sand and the water are "real," all the rest is Lego-made only!

You'll find lifeguards alert at their stations; tiny Lego people playing sand volleyball or snoozing at the beach; miniature Lego boats cruising in the harbor; little Lego fishermen, and even a Lego pier. On the right, you see a close-up of the pier's end. Many Southern California piers have restaurants at the end of them...and several have a Ruby's Restaurant, as this one appears to be...judging from its famous red-roof trademark. Surely, if you've ever strolled along a Southern California pier, watching the surfers, smelling the salt air, and feeling the wind and sea spray, then you'll surely think that this particular Miniland section has a particularly nostalgic feel to it.

Photo of The Hollywood Bowl---made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

To your left, you see Miniland's tiny version of The Hollywood Bowl...and, like everything else in Miniland, it's made out of Lego blocks. How very realistic it looks, don't you think? Legoland's master builders have certainly out-done themselves with this replica.

Photo of The Griffith Park Observatory---made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

On your right, you see the Lego replica of the famous Los Angeles landmark, the Griffith Park Observatory. It's just waiting for the little Lego people to step enjoy shows at the planetarium, exhibits about the solar system (and the universe,) and take a peek from the obsevatory's giant telescopes.

San Francisco made of Legos!

Picture of San Francisco's Pier 39 made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

Here to your left, you see a darling Lego reproduction of a favorite San Francisco tourist attraction---Pier 39. If you've been there, you can appreciate the attention to details---a cute copy of the attractive carousel, tourists strolling about the pier, and (although it doesn't show up in this particular picture) there's even a reproduction of Pier 39's resident colony of seals!

Picture of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf...made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

Not far from Pier 39 in the "real" San Francisco, you'll find Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. And, in Legoland California, you'll find reproductions of those very same landmarks, as well! The Lego Fisherman's Wharf is especially detailed. You'll see Lego people shopping in the seafood markets...and others just relaxing on a bench reading the newspaper!

Picture of Legoland Miniland's downtown San Francisco...made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland, California

San Francisco's skyline features a number of distinctive buildings...and so does the Lego Miniland version of the city. In the picture to your left, you can see San Francisco's signature buildings towering high over the rest of the city.

Look closely when you visit Legoland, and you'll see still more detail...little Lego people scurrying to and fro on the streets; and taxis and cars carrying miniature people here and they try to make it to their business appointments on time or get their shopping done.

Photo: San Francisco's Chinatown made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland, California

In the Miniland scene on your right, you see one of San Francisco's famous districts...Chinatown.

Seeing the Legoland Miniland exhibit is just like taking a quick trip to San Francisco itself, isn't it?

Legoland Miniland Exhibits:

Famous New Orleans attractions made entirely of Legos!

Picture of New Orleans French Quarter with a Mardi Gras parade in progress!  Legoland California

A number of famous New Orleans buildings and monuments are reproduced in Legoland's Miniland area. Quite a few French Quarter buildings have a Lego counterpart, including the famous Cafe du Monde, (where you can see little Lego diners enjoying their morning beignets and chicory coffee), the historic Cabildo, Jackson Square and the beautiful St. Louis cathedral.

In the picture to your left, you see a crowd lining the streets of the French Quarter, waiting for a Mardi Gras float to pass by.

You can see the French Quarter's signature iron lacework on the little balconies in the photo...yet another example of the Legoland Master Builders' attention to details!

Picture of paddlewheel riverboat...made entirely of Legos!  Legoland California

In the Miniland New Orleans photo to your right, you are viewing a detailed Lego riverboat.

Visiting Legoland California's Miniland is truly like taking a mental road trip---while your body stays right there in San Diego!


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