Legoland Water Park, California

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the new Legoland Water Park in Carlsbad, California. Carlsbad was the first Legoland location to have a water park, and it has already proven to be very popular in its first few years of operation. Will you want to go? Maybe this page can help you decide! For waterpark hours, please see our Legoland Hours page.

Legoland Water Park Overview

Picture: Legoland California's new water park features Lego-themed family slides

New Legoland water park expansion---Legends of Chima---opened last year! This summer, look for an entire new themed area for Legoland water park fun. Based on the popular "Legends of Chima" TV show and Lego building-set characters. You won't need to have seen the series or the toys in order to enjoy the cute animal-themed water attractions. However, kids who HAVE seen the show will be especially excited.

The Legends of Chima water park area is NOT included in the price of a "regular" Legoland theme park ticket. However, the new Chima themed area is considered a part of the existing water it IS included when you purchase a "Legoland + Water Park" ticket.

There is NO "water park only" ticket, so you must purchase a Legoland Theme Park ticket if you'd like to enjoy the new Chima themed area.

However, even the "old" segment of Legoland's Water Park in Carlsbad, California is still new. It opened in many vacationers have yet to see it. On this page, you'll see photos of the original water park section...which is themed to look as if it were made out of a Lego play set. We don't have any picture of the new "Legends of Chima" area because we haven't seen it yet. We had so much trouble with crowding on our first visit to the Legoland water park that we have avoided it ever since (and have stayed only in the "theme park" area.) But still, hopefully the new addition will relieve the crowding... and so we've tried to stay upbeat in our coverage of the water park.

Will your family LIKE the Legoland water park? Probably. But, it does fill up fast! Planning your day so that you enter the water park early is a good idea (even though it will mean paying more attention to your watch and leaving the theme park area before you've begun to scratch the surface of its offerings.)

The Pro's:

An absolutely adorable Lego-themed water play park that offers family slides, single slides, splash areas for little kids, plenty of sand and lounge chairs, and a lazy river which even features Lego-themes on the inner tubes (imagine!) The cost is a reasonable upcharge of about $18 in addition to the base price of admission to the Legoland Theme Park.

The Con's:

The water park's price is reasonable in a sense, but you MUST enter the waterpark through Legoland itself...and for that you need a rather pricey Legoland ticket!

And, because of the high interest, attendance is high...which means you'll frequently encounter crowding and competition for the attractions. There's oftentimes even a line to get in the lazy river...something that doesn't happen at most water parks.

The Verdict:

Everyone has their own opinion about Legoland's new water park, but what we hear from our readers is mostly positive...but with hopes for more attractions in the future. (The Legends of Chima addition should double or triple the water park's capacity, which is a very good thing.) Most readers seem to feel that the price of the up-charge is fair and reasonable.

The people happiest with the new water park seem to be those who have already planned to spend more than one day at Legoland. They are glad to enjoy the fun water park attractions for a reasonable extra price.

By contrast, the people who have only ONE day allotted for touring Legoland don't seem to be quite as happy with the experience. They have to pay the extra fee for the water park, but at the same time they are missing out on Legoland's other unique rides and attractions. Since they're not staying an extra day, they end up missing out totally on some of Legoland's theme park rides...which seems to them like a waste of their Legoland entrance fee.

Legoland Water Park Attractions

Picture: Unique water-play table at Legoland California's new water park

The visual centerpiece of Legoland's water park is a pair of cute & colorful slide towers. They're made to look as if they were built by using giant Lego bricks. There are even Lego people and animals lurking about to carry the theme even further! Eye-catching red, blue, green and yellow colors make the structures visually exciting to young and old alike.

From the towers, you may enjoy a family slide and ride together down a grade that's steep enough to thrill...but not scare...youngsters.

Or, you may slither down individual tube slides or open slides. Since you won't be riding together with your kids on these slides, your children need to be old enough to enjoy riding alone without becoming too fearful.

A calm, endless river is another popular feature of the water park. The park's name for this lazy river is the "Build-a-Raft River." Why? Because built into each of the inner tubes are Lego play "tables" upon which you may assemble your own creations. However, most people were just too busy enjoying the ride to play with Legos here during the time we were at this attraction. Caution: there's only 1 acceptable way to sit on the inner tube here. Try to vary from it, and the lifeguards will set you straight immediately!

Much smaller water slides can be found in the toddler/preschooler play area. Called the "Duplo Splash Safari," there's also a separate lazy river for younger kids in this area. There's also plenty of shallow water for wading and sloshing through...and cute Lego animals double as small fountains to spray the tots gently.

Lego water-play tables are one of the park's unique features that can only be found here at Legoland. These are called "Imagination Stations," a very fitting name. As you can tell from the picture to your right (and in the slide show above,) curious kids and adults can take aim at targets with water guns, assemble Lego creations, or simply scoop up water at this unusual attraction.

An array of lounge chairs...including kiddie-sized loungers...awaits you. As you relax, your children can play in the soft sand beside you.

Lockers, a snack bar, free life jackets and changing rooms round out the water park's amenities.

Is the Legoland water park crowded?

Picture: Legoland water park inner tube has built-in Lego play tables

Is the Legoland water park crowded?

Well, yes and no. Some say it's TOO crowded, and that there's too long of a line just to get in.

It takes more than luck, though, to avoid the crowd. What it really takes is heading to the water park early in the day.

One of our readers happily discovered that lines were shorter earlier in the day. In the following paragraph, here's what Arthur V. from Las Vegas had to say about lines (and also about lockers):

"I strongly recommend going to the water park before noon, as I noticed the line for the water park got significantly longer in the early afternoon.

"Locker rentals for the water park must be purchased at the waterpark itself, not at Legoland's front gate. When you get to the water park, there is an additional ticket counter just outside the entrance to the water park. I recommend purchasing your locker from the ticket line that is outside the waterpark. There is also a guest services window inside the water park where you can rent a locker, but when I was there the line was much longer for the inside locker rental. Two locker sizes are available; the smaller one appears to be the common standard small locker size, but the larger one had a good amount of room. I was able to fit an adult size backpack, 4 shirts and shoes, and still have room.

"I went fairly early and the water park was not nearly as crowded as it would be later in the day, but even so, there were still lines for everything. Even lazy river had a line."

Legoland Water Park FAQ's

Picture: Legoland California's water park features a colorful, Lego-themed water slide tower

1.) Are there discount tickets available for the Legoland water park?

Discount tickets are available for Legoland "hopper" tickets (which include the water park along with the theme park.) There are some good options available. You may wish to view the Legoland discount tickets page of our site to see a long list of ways you can save money on your Legoland and Lego water park visit!

2.) What dates and times is the Legoland water park open?

Legoland is in San Diego County, an area noted for its mild year-round climate. Even so, Legoland's water park is open seasonally, not year-round. Luckily, it opens earlier...and stays open later in the year...than many other water parks in Southern California.

Legoland's Water Park opens every year in March & closes in October. It is open on weekends and Spring Break throughout the spring months, and then daily during the summertime. The water park drops back to weekend-only hours in the Fall, and finally closes for the season near Halloween time.

LEGOLAND WATER PARK HOURS: To view the complete list of Legoland water park hours, you may wish to see the the website where you'll find this year's operating calendar.


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