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Legoland California --- A Child's Paradise!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of colorful, imaginative Legoland attractions. Of course, since Legoland California is simply LOADED with fun rides and activities for kids, the Legoland attractions pictured in the slides represent just a fraction of them! Not to worry, though---you'll find dozens more Legoland theme park pictures in this section of!

Legoland--an entire theme park stuffed with fun for kids!

Photo: Lego cars at Legoland in Carlsbad, CA As you already know, there's absolutely nothing new about the concept of adding childrens' rides to a theme park. But, what about an ENTIRE THEME PARK built especially for the under-12 crowd? Now, that IS news!

The park which answers to this description is Legoland of California---and, when you actually SEE Legoland for the first time....and spend HOURS walking through its many themed areas featuring attractions all built especially for kids and their parents to enjoy together---well, it'll "blow your mind!" It's nearly unbelieveable!

There are only 5 Legoland parks in the world---and 4 of them are in Europe. This means that Legoland in California is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for most North Americans.

Hot news! Some readers have been wondering, "Is there a Legoland in Florida?" The answer is YES!! A Legoland theme park location opened in Central Florida in October, 2011, making it the USA's newest major theme park. Legoland officials purchased a property about an hour from Walt Disney World---the former Cypress Gardens attraction. I agree with readers who were interested in seeing a Legoland come to life near Orlando. Yes, isn't Florida a great place for a new Legoland theme park!

Hot news! Legoland's new child-friendly water park has opened! Yes, every large water park has a children's section. But Legoland's new extra-fee water park was built specifically with the younger members of your family in mind. Featuring water play areas, a lazy river and water slides...all decorated in a cute Lego-themed style...families with small fry can play and get refreshed from summer's heat together. What's the cost? To enter the modestly-sized water park will require paying both Legoland theme park admission plus a $10 fee. For further info, here's the Legoland Water Park page of Legoland's official website.

Hot news! Sea Life Aquarium has also opened adjacent to Legoland's entrance! Legoland has been expanding; first, by adding 2 new themed areas to its park within the last five years. Most recently, by its new water park (which opened for Summer 2010.) And the other big event (since August, 2008) is that Legoland's Sea Life Aquarium has become a part of the fun. As a result, the Legoland theme park is bigger than ever, plus there are TWO different add-on attractions you may enjoy, as well!

The Sea Life Aquarium is a special adventure for families. It's a traditional aquarium, featuring all types of ocean plants and creatures...and, as such, adults will surely enjoy it. However, the Sea Life Aquarium goes "above and beyond" traditional aquarium offerings by offering "play zones" for your kids to enjoy, as well as special exhibits and learning games that can help you open up a whole new world to your chidren's minds. It's both fun AND educational...and would fit into an entire range of your family's plans, from a fun day out, to a special field trip day for home schoolers. If you'd like to see our Sea Life Aquarium pictures and discover more info about this fun new Legoland attraction, please visit the Sea Life Aquarium page of this blog.

Sea Life Aquarium/Legoland/Water Park combination discount tickets: To celebrate the addition of the Sea Life Aquarium and the new water park, Legoland is offering a brand new kind of ticket--the Hopper ticket. That may purchase combination tickets to all 3 attractions (the theme park, the water park AND the aquarium) for a cheaper price than if you buy the tickets separately. You may purchase tickets on the Legoland website (see link at the end of this page.) Or, to find discount deals, you may use the following link to check out the current Legoland, Sea Life Aquarium and water park discounts through ARES Travel.

Legoland California--SoCal's newest theme park!

Picture of Legoland California's Miniland Guggenheim

Legoland (in northern San Diego County, CA) first opened its gates in 1999---which means it's still a shiny new park, and one that many people haven't yet seen. Here's a bit of general info about Legoland Park itself.

Legoland consists of 128 acres in sunny Carlsbad, California, only minutes from the Pacific Ocean. It's color scheme and decor will remind you of the familiar Lego building blocks that you played with as a child. Bright red, blue, yellow and green are used prominently in the construction of rides and buildings. Ride cars have distinctive shapes that make it appear that they could possibly have been made out of Lego blocks.

There are over 5,000 Lego models in the park---from the towering to the tiny---and over 30 MILLION Lego bricks were used in their construction!

Legoland California's Imaginative Themed Areas

Photo of the Bionicles Blasters ride at Legoland California in greater San Diego As with any theme park, Legoland offers a variety of rides, shows and activities to its guests, along with numerous shopping and dining options. These rides, shows and activities are organized into 8 separate themed areas, which are as follows:

1.) Knight's Kingdom, an area with a medieval theme, where your child can feel like a knight or a princess of yore. In the Knight's Kingdom, you'll find rides, activities, decor and store merchandise suggestive of the bygone days of jousting heros clad in armor and their damsels fair.

Lego produces a toy line featuring castles, catapults and courtly knights...and this themed area gives young knights-in-training a place to act out their dreams on an even larger scale. At Universal Studios Hollywood, you'll hear the slogan, "Come ride the movies!" Well, at Legoland, they could easily coin the phrase, "Come ride the Lego line of toys!"

2.) The Imagination Zone---The Imagination Zone themed area features several rides for older kids, plus several different Lego and Duplo play areas where kids can get busy inventing their own Lego-products creations...hence the name, "IMAGINATION Zone."

As with the Knight's Kingdom area, the Imagination Zone prominently features rides and activities suggestive of Lego toys. In the case of the "Imagination Zone," 2 different lines of Lego toys come to mind---the "Bionicles" sets, and the "Lego Technic" building sets for older kids (which even some grownups enjoy, as well!) Also featured in this area is a video game room---featuring Lego-themed video games!

3.) Dino Island---If you ever wanted to see dinosaurs made completely of Lego bricks, this is your place! This small themed area is also suggestive of a Lego toy---the Prehistoric Creatures building kit. Though small, this themed are offers a roller coaster that's one of the most popular rides in the park for tweens and their families.

4.) Explore Village---This Legoland themed area is less defined in its theming and decor, but offers a number of rides and activities which celebrate the natural curiosity and desire to explore which children have.

5.) Fun Town---This themed area is set in a mini-city whose buildings have been scaled down to a more child-sized level. This area encourages them to imagine what lies ahead in their lives, when they are the drivers, the homemakers, the firemen, the boat skippers, etc. of tomorrow. This is where kids get a chance to drive their own cars---miniature sized, of course. They can pilot planes, steer boats, or use elaborate playgrounds to dream up their own action scenarios.

6.) Land of Adventure---If you haven't been to Legoland in 2008, you've missed seeing a brand-new themed area! The Land of Adventure features ancient Egyptian-style decor and several fun rides. The most popular is an indoor "dark ride" in which your family can work together to shoot at targets and score points as you drive by scenes reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie!

7.) Miniland---Would you like to see entire cities made entirely of Lego bricks? Miniland is the place! This is a Legoland themed area that is just as popular with the adults in most families as it is with the kids. Miniland showcases Lego versions of several US cities and regions--including Southern California, San Francisco, New York City and Las Vegas. Of the 30 million Lego bricks used in building Legoland Park, 20 million of them were used in the construction of the Miniland area. You'll be totally amazed at the reproductions of real buildings and tourist attractions that you'll find here in Miniland!

Photo of the Splash Battle Ride at Legoland California in greater San Diego 8.) Pirate Shores---For the last several years, the world has been awash in "pirate fever," and Legoland has a new themed area that plays into this obsession! Called "Pirate Shores," this new area debuted in 2006 and was an instant hit with kids. You'll find an especially large crowd in Pirate Shores on warm summer days...because this entire section of the park is devoted to water play!

The popular Splash Battle Ride, which you can see in the adjacent photo, combines the fun of an boat ride with the zaniness of squirt gun target practice! In addition, there are water play areas for both the older and the younger kids, and a log flume ride, as well. You may enter Pirate Shores looking crisp and dry...but prepare to LEAVE Pirate Shores soaking wet!

Legoland has a new ride in the Pirate Shores themed area as of 2012. And, like the rest of the attractions in this area, you'll get drenched! Called the Pirate Reef, it's really a giant water slide which will send your family screaming down a 25-foot chute...and then halts you by plunging your craft into a splash pool! For kids old enough to enjoy such a plunge, this new ride is just the thing to get 'em grinning from ear to ear.

Legoland Topics, Pics and Info on this website---

You'll find quite a few photos of Legoland Park in the Legoland section of The following pages are in this Legoland Information section---

1.) Legoland Discount Ticket Info where you'll read about Legoland's best ticket deals, plus discounts you can get elsewhere, such as with the AAA and Costco.

2.) Legoland attractions for kids ages 8+, covering the theme park's thrill rides and robot-building labs

3.) Legoland attractions for approx ages 5--8, covering milder family rides and the park's new water play area

4.) Legoland attractions for toddlers and preschoolers, such as the Fairy Tale boat ride and the parks tamest play areas

5.) Legoland's Miniland Cities, pt 1 (see photos of Legoland's miniature LA/So Calif, San Francisco and New Orleans)

6.) Lego Miniland Cities, part 2 (Mini New York, Washington DC and Central Florida)

7.) Legoland Cruise, which is one of the park's major attractions for adults...where you'll float by miniature replicas of famous world buildings like the Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera House

8.) Discount Hotels near Legoland, where you can discover some of the less-expensive lodging in Carlsbad, California.

9.) Suites/Condos near Legoland, where larger families can discover good places to stay near the Legoland theme park

10.) Legoland Halloween Fun, where you can enjoy pictures and get details about this exciting seasonal celebration.

11.) Legoland Christmas Fun, a page which will show you the special delights of visiting Legoland during the winter holiday season.

12.) The Legoland Sea Life Aquarium, a special aquarium that introduces sea creatures to kids in a child-friendly atmosphere...and decorated with cute Lego statues!

13.) The Legoland Water Park opened for Summer 2010, and was popular...and crowded...even in its first year. This extra-fee activity can be reached only from inside of Legoland Theme you'll need tickets to both in order to enjoy this unique Lego-themed area.

Legoland Address, Phone & Contact Information

Photo: An overview of the New York Miniland area at Legoland California Here's some basic Legoland contact information and directions to this adorable theme park.

Legoland California Address---
Legoland California
One Legoland Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Legoland Telephone number---
Legoland's phone number is (760) 918-LEGO (5346.) The Sea Life Aquarium phone number is the same; (760) 918-LEGO. A menu of options lets you hear recorded information about either Legoland or the aquarium. To speak to a live representative, press 0.

Directions to Legoland California---
From Los Angeles and Orange Counties, head south on Interstate 5. From San Diego, head north on Interstate 5. Take the Cannon Road exit off of I-5 and head east. It's easy to find---Legoland is not far off of the freeway, and the route is clearly marked by signs. If you'd like to study the layout of this area, here's the link to a Google map to Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, CA.

PDF Printable map of Carlsbad, CA (including Legoland Park): If you're interested, the city of Carlsbad's website can provide you with a map of their city, including Legoland California. Here's a link to that PDF printable city map to Legoland Park. Although Legoland is not highlighted with a special marking, you can pinpoint its location exactly where you see "Legoland Dr." on the map. (This is just south of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon, which stands out because it's printed in blue.) If you have trouble reading the fine print, simply enlarge the map to 50% or 75%, and then it will be clearly legible.

Legoland's official website: If you've decided to add Legoland as an exciting stop on your Southern California vacation, you'll surely want to spend some time on the Legoland official website. You'll find the answer to almost any question you might have about this fun theme park that was built expecially for kids and their families.

Legoland Discount Tickets: If you're looking for a way to enjoy the wonderful Legoland theme park without paying full price, visit the Legoland Discount Ticket Information page of this website, where you'll discover a whole range of ways to lower your costs (from coupons to special deals to annual passes.)

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