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Magic Mountain Halloween Pictures

Cute by day, "frightening" by night, Six Flags has a fun Halloween celebration!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the tame daytime Magic Mountain Fright Fest fun. Though there are a few skeletons and scary decorations, most of the emphasis is on pumpkins, spider webs (fake, of course) and Looney Tunes characters. Children's activities take place in the Bugs Bunny World section of the park. So,'s perfectly fine to bring your kids to enjoy daytime Fright Fest events at Six Flags Magic Mountain. On this page, you'll see pictures of daytime Halloween decorations at Fright Fest. If you'd like to see pictures of scary monsters and read about nighttime events, you may visit the Magic Mountain Fright Fest Pictures, pt 1 page of this site.

Magic Mountain's Halloween Decorations

Picture: Magic Mountain's Halloween Fright Fest entrance; see how angry Tweety Bird can get! Six Flags Magic Mountain's Halloween celebration wants to be cute by day (so it won't scare the kiddies) and frightening by the park's scare zones, at least. And, it manages to do both of these things quite well!

On this page, you'll see pictures of Magic Mountain's festive Halloween decorations by day. If you missed "part 1" of the Magic Mountain Halloween pictures, that's where you'll find the photos of Six Flag's monsters, dimly lit fog, and nighttime festivities. Use the following link to the 6 Flags Fright Fest pictures if you want to take a peek at Magic Mountain's after-dark Halloween fun.

Picture: Magic Mountain's pumpkin lights glow beautifully at night during this Six Flags Halloween celebration

In the two photos to your left, you can see how fake-but-cute cobwebs greet you at the Six Flags Magic Mountain entry gate during the month of October. Pictures of pumpkins, plus several giant Jack O Lanterns greet you, as well.

Picture of Magic Mountain's Halloween decorations; fake cobwebs are everywhere!

In the picture above, you can see one of the many Jack O Lantern lights which adorn the park. By day, these look just like cute pumpkins sitting on a pole. But at night, you can see that they begin to glow. Despite Magic Mountain's emphasis on nighttime fright, these pumpkin lights are a cheerful and friendly addition to the 6 Flags evening Halloween celebration.

Picture: Tweety Bird's evil side comes out at Halloween! This evil Tweety is seen at the Magic Mountain entry gate.

One of the pictures on the Six Flags entrance gate that's hard to forget is "Monster Tweety Bird." You can see Tweety in the photo to your right looking angrier and more fierce than you've ever seen him...AND he's turning the tables on Sylvester the cat by giving HIM a chase (instead of the other way around!)

Closeup photo of Magic Mountain Jack O Lantern Halloween decoration

Here's a closeup of a smiling Jack O Lantern at the theme park's entrance.

Magic Mountain Halloween Fun for Kids

Picture of Petunia Pig; this costumed Looney Tunes character greets guests wearing a superhero costume at Magic Mountain during the October Halloween celebration Looney Tunes character greetings continue, as usual, during Magic Mountain's October Halloween celebrations...but with an extra twist. In the picture to your right, you can see Petunia Pig posing for the camera...and she has on a Halloween costume! She's dressed up as a superhero (there's a cape on the back of the outfit, which you can't really see in this pose.)

Not all of the characters you'll meet at 6 Flags Magic Mountain will be wearing Halloween costumes, though. The DC Comics characters...such as Batman and Robin...simply wear their "normal" superhero suits. You'll find signs throughout the park showing you WHERE characters will appear that day. But, you may discover that the correct times for the visits are NOT on the signs! (Which makes it more or less a matter of luck whether or not you actually get to meet & greet any characters during your visit.)

Picture of Magic Mountain Halloween decorations in the kid's craft-making area

It's only natural that the children's Halloween activities at the park are centered in the Bugs Bunny World section, near the kiddie rides.

An area adjacent to the entryway of Bug's Bunny World has been turned into an arts and crafts area. (In actuality, this mostly means coloring with crayons!) In the morning, the crowd is scant in the arts and crafts area, but as the day rolls on and more visitors enter the park, a lively crowd builds up.

Picture of Magic Mountain's Halloween crafts and coloring area for kids

In the photos to the left, you can see some of the decorations in the Magic Mountain Halloween arts 'n crafts area. And, in the photo to your right, you can see the tables set up in the little arts and crafts area.

Photo of Magic Mountain Halloween decorations in the children's coloring and crafts area

There are a few other kids Halloween activities. A children's Halloween costume contest was announced by a sign in front of the arts and crafts area. There was also a Halloween story teller regaling children in one of the theme park's shops on the day of my visit. (This activity wasn't announced in the park's brochure, nor was there a sign; I happened to stumble across the activity. Which means, "keep your eyes out," because you might run across an interesting activity that hasn't been announced!

Image of a Magic Mountain Halloween pumpkin display

In the picture to your right, you can see one of the cute displays of pumpkins that are scattered about the children's section of the theme park.

Magic Mountain Halloween Pictures -- Scary Decorations!

Picture: Scary monster statue decorates Six Flags Magic Mountain during the Halloween season Just because Six Flags Magic Mountain wants to create an un-scary atmosphere for children during daytimes at the park, that doesn't mean there aren't any frightening decorations at all. Because, there are!

As you can see in the photos on this section of the page, Magic Mountain makes use of skeletons, skulls, monster statues & images, and TONS of fake cobwebs as part of its Halloween celebration. (The monsters and skeletons, however, aren't really at a little child's eye-level, so they will probably not see them closely enough to feel frightened.)

Photo: Scary skeleton and giant cobweb decorates Six Flags Magic Mountain for Halloween time

In these pictures, you can see some of Magic Mountain's skull/skeleton decorations.

Picture: Six Flags Magic Mountain's Halloween decorations use this scary skeleton as part of the fun!

More scary decorations...

Photo: Magic Mountain's Halloween decorations include hanging fake cobwebs all over the park, as you see here adorning Gotham City buildings near the Batman roller coaster ride

Fake cobwebs are "everywhere" throughout Magic Mountain in October. Here you see a row of buildings in the Gotham City section of the park (near the Batman roller coaster ride) which have been draped with cobwebs.

Picture of Tatsu roller coaster entrance decorated for Halloween at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, California

On the other hand, frayed burlap has been chosen to decorate the entrance of Magic Mountain's popular Tatsu roller coaster ride.

Frayed burlap is a home decorating idea that you can borrow from the theme park to use in your own home decorating for Halloween parties. This material makes a nice scary-looking mix of textures when combined with the fake cobwebs you can get at your local party shop.

Halloween at Magic Mountain...when night falls!

Picture of Magic Mountain Halloween decorations---cobwebs adorn the entrance to Batman's rollercoaster ride When the afternoon wears on into evening....

...and the brilliant blue of the sky slowly morphs into a dingy slate grey...

BEWARE! Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest is about to begin!

Closeup photo of an eerie face, part of the Batman Ride entrance gate at Six Flags Magic Mountain

No part of the theme park looks more eerie in the fading twilight than Batman's Gotham City.

In these photos to your left and right, you see the entrance gates to the Batman roller coaster attraction at Six Flags. It's funny, but during the bright daytime sunshine, these gates never look scary...

...but when illuminated against a darkening sky, these somber statues which form part of the gateway begin to look eerie, indeed!

Photo of Gotham City Gates at dusk in Six Flags Magic Mountain of Southern California

A second gateway in Gotham the entrance to this Batman-themed section of Magic Mountain...turns on its spooky lighting at dusk. This area is where the first batch of monsters will be released when the Halloween Fright Fest begins.

You're looking forward to the event. You patiently stand waiting for the monsters to arrive...

You really want them to come. You wish they'd hurry up. You're absolutely NOT going to scream this year!

Oh, yeah? Heh, heh, heh! We'll see!



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