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How to get Six Flags Magic Mountain discount tickets and special offers

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun Six Flags Magic Mountain rides and characters! Teens and adults love Magic Mountain's huge & scary roller coasters---the biggest collection of thrill ride fun in the western USA! Children and families enjoy the wide variety of family rides the whole group may enjoy together, as well as a large kiddie land full of rides and attractions for kids & their parents. Of course, you'll enjoy your visit even MORE if you save money by getting your theme park tickets at a discount!

What discounts are available for Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Coupons, print-at-home discounts...and more!

How much do Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets cost if you purchase them at the park's ticket booths? During late Spring, 2019, adult tickets (and this means all guests over 48" tall) cost 89.99, and kid's tickets cost $59.99. You may notice that this is a leap over last year's prices. And who knows, there may even be an extra price increase during the year if the park's business is brisk. But don't worry---with a bit of advance-planning, you can slash those prices to a more reasonable level. Here's a list of ways you can save money if you do a bit of thinking ahead:

1.) Print at Home discounts: The Magic Mountain print-at-home discount currently lets you buy tickets at a substantial discount. It's unbelievable how much money you can save simply by printing your ticket at home before you leave for the theme park! However, you should buy your tickets a bit earlier than you need them. The best discounts (and sometimes the ONLY discounts) are for advanced purchases...and not on same day tickets. Even if you can order before midnight the night before your visit, you'll likely get a better deal than same-day prices. You may use the following link to check out the current print-at-home discounts on the website. You may need to have some patience, because the Six Flags ticketing page can take awhile to load. (Note: the print-at-home ticket prices can change without any advanced warning from Magic Mountain; they reserve the right to change ticket prices at any time.)

2.) Coke can discounts are an annual tradition. In 2019, just like last year, the Coke discount tickets are being sold right on the Six Flags website. For information about the Coke discount prices online (using the special promo code of "Coke") please visit the Six Flags Magic Mountain 4th of July Coke celebration page. When you click the green "Buy tickets now" button, a pop-up window will open. At the time of this update, the special offer is available for other dates besides the 4th of July...but this could change at any time. To use this special, you must know the date you'll be going to the park...and that's because the Coca Cola discount works exactly like the Pick-a-Date special currently running at the park. If you forget to put in the promo code as you check out, you'll get the normal pick-a-date price...which is already being sold at a nice discount. By using the code, your discount will be a few dollars more. You may also bring an empty Coke can to the park if you would prefer. Present your can of Coca Cola at the ticket window to get your 1-day discount. Each person in your group who wants a discount must present their own separate can. For the online Coke discount, you must purchase you ticket 3 days in advance, but you may present your Coke can at the ticket booth on the same day that you visit Six Flags.

Scream roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain3.) AAA's ticket savings: Members of the AAA (American Automobile Association) can get a discount through the AAA's "Show your card and save" program. At times, even cheaper ticket deals are available through the AAA website or office. Contact your local office before heading to the park to check the latest offers. Or, you may check online at

AAA discounts can vary by the state or region in which you live. But to give you an example of a typical AAA discount, we'll tell you what our local club is offering. Here, AAA members save up to 30% on tickets purchased through the club's website. Or, they get a $5 off of general admission at the gate. AAA cards get you 10% discounts on gifts, candy and photos at the park, as well.

4.) Contests, Hotel discounts and more: The hard-to-find Special Offers page of Magic Mountain's website is the place where you'll find temporary offers. These come and go throughout the season, and you never know what your going to find. One thing that's a sure bet, however, is that there will be a selection of "hotel deals." Some of the hotels near Six Flags Magic Mountain partner with the park in providing discount tickets that can be bought at the hotel desk AND/OR special package deals. Package deals bundle both your tickets and your hotel room into one single deal that costs less than they would if purchased separately. Unfortunately, none of the packages are ever for super-budget motels. But if you're planning on staying at a moderate to premium hotel anyway, it might help you out if you checked their current deals and packages. Here's a link to the Special Deals page of the Six Flags Magic Mountain website. Extra perk in 2019: Booking a hotel package thru Six Flags will get you into Magic Mountain 10 minutes before the park's opening time (through the Gold Pass entrance, with proper verification.) You can be first in line for your favorite coaster!

5.) Group discounts: To get group discounts at Magic Mountain, you only need to have 10 people in your party. The cost of Magic Mountain group discount tickets currently runs $48 and up...depending on the size of your group. They're available on the website. (Note: all of the tickets must be purchased together on one order to get this discount.)

Can you get group discounts at the Magic Mountain ticket windows? Yes, you can; however, your discount is simply better when you plan ahead & purchase them online before your Six Flags visit. At the park's own ticket windows, group tickets cost slightly higher. It's still a wonderful deal, of course; just not quite as cheap as ordering ahead. If you have questions, the Group Tickets phone number at Magic Mountain is (661) 255-4500.

6.) Employer, professional association & credit union discounts: At your workplace--- or if you belong to a credit union or if you're a member of a professional association--- you will want to ask if your particular organization is offering discounts to Six Flags Magic Mountain.These tickets may perhaps be less convenient to get than other discount methods, and may involve phoning or mailing ahead-of-time to place your order (and then waiting for your tickets to arrive.) Other organizations may simply have coupons or promo codes waiting for you to pick up and use.

Credit unions can be a good place to get Magic Mountain discount tickets if you're not a member of a professional association. You'll surely be eligible to join one of the credit unions located near your home, and then you'll not only receive good rates when you do your banking...but you'll also get a number of perks. A number of California credit unions offer discounted Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor tickets to their members. Prices do vary between credit unions, but are usually some of the cheapest prices around. (Note: Unfortunately, not all credit unions offer Six Flags tickets.)

Ways to get FREE Magic Mountain tickets

Free ticket dates at Six Flags Magic Mountain: Several times per year, you can get free tickets!

Scream roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain There are several times during the year that you can get free admission to Magic Mountain...IF you make a charitable donation, that is! There are several free dates which happen in late Fall each year, right around the holidays.

1.) Bag a Ticket day: Right around Thanksgiving every year, Magic Mountain will give you a free ticket to the theme park if you bring one FULL bag of non-perishable groceries. This means canned, packaged and boxed goods. Don't bring fresh foods such as frozen meat, refrigerated milk, or leafy green veggies---and no glass containers, either. The reason for this is because there isn't time to distribute the food you bring before Thanksgiving Day. It will be given out during the month of December. Whatever you bring needs to be able to last that long.

You must use your free Magic Mountain ticket on the day that the Bag A Ticket food is collected. What exact date will it be held? There is no firm date; it varies from year to year. Bag a Ticket day for some years in the recent past has been the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. But, it's not always on Wednesdays. The Sunday before Thanksgiving has also been used as the Bag A Ticket date. The date for this year's Bag A Ticket day will be announced by the park shortly after Fright Fest ends. (Magic Mountain never gives too much advanced notice about this.) You can check the "events" page of the Six Flags website in mid-November for this year's date.

2.) Toys for the Holidays program: Every year, Magic Mountain will give you free admission near Christmas time in return for donating a toy to a needy child. Usually this is held the first weekend of December---but this isn't guaranteed to be the date. Just like the Bag-a-Ticket free day, Six Flags doesn't announce the date of Toys for the Holidays until the last minute. To discover this year's date, you should check the "events" page of the website AFTER Thanksgiving has passed.

How does the Toys for the Holidays program work? Guests are able to get FREE admission tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain by donating a brand new toy costing $20 or more to help poor children have a merry Christmas. WHAT KIND OF TOY? Almost any toy that's not earily breakable is fine. The important thing if you're planning on participating is to BE HONEST! You should REALLY spend $20 instead of trying to pass off a used toy or cheap toy. BRING YOUR RECEIPTS; they may be checked.

How many toys should you bring for this program? One per person---not per group. Each person who wants a free Magic Mountain admission ticket should bring a toy. Do not wrap the toys! This will be done by volunteers right before the toys are inspected. Then, the toys will be distributed to the recipients.

Note: If you are having a rough time and NEED toys for your kids this year, please visit your local food bank to inquire about their holiday offerings. Many food banks do give holiday packages out to those who have signed up for regular weekly food distributions.

Magic Mountain Season Pass = great benefits!

Frequent Six Flags visitors save most by getting a season pass or membership!

You'll get some VERY good benefits if you purchase a Six Flags Magic Mountain season pass. This year's Season Passes are now being sold...and they may be used starting NOW, all the way through December 31! You can also pay a bit extra for a Hurricane Harbor season pass, which will allow you to enjoy admission to the water park every day that it's open.

WHAT'S A SIX FLAGS MEMBERSHIP? HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM A SEASON PASS? Memberships don't expire at the end of each year; you can visit the park as often as you'd like until you stop your membership. Basically, a membership offers you the same benefits as a season pass, except that you pay for it differently.

Small monthly payments will come out of your checking or Pay Pal account...which helps to make this an affordable option. The payment size depends on the "level" of membership that you're buying (eg regular or Gold,) but payments start at around $8 per person per month. It's hard to notice that small amount coming out of your account each month, so it makes visiting Magic Mountain do-able for almost any budget. You can't quit making your payments for 12 months; then after that, you may terminate your membership at any time. But, until you stop your membership, you do NOT have to keep getting a new card every year (like you do for a season pass.) This is actually a darned good you know if you've ever "grown old" standing in line to have your season pass processed.

Picture: Magic Mountain's Apocalypse roller coaster, formerly called the Terminator Salvation coasterBENEFITS OF SEASON PASSES AND MEMBERSHIPS:

One tremendous advantage of buying either a season pass or membership is that it's not only accepted for admission to Magic Mountain in Valencia/greater Los Angeles, but also for admission during to ALL of the Six Flags theme parks! (Note: Hurricane Harbor California may or may not be included at the time you check the details of your plan. But the rest of the Six Flags parks are ALWAYS included.)

LIST OF SIX FLAGS THEME PARKS: Here's a list of the 6 Flags theme parks where your Six Flags Magic Mountain season pass will be honored:

*Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, California (Metro San Francisco)
*Hurricane Harbor Concord in Concord, California
*Six Flags over Georgia in greater Atlanta, Georgia
*Six Flags White Water in Atlanta, Georgia
*Six Flags Great America in greater Chicago, Illinois
*Magic Waters Water Park in Rockford, Illinois
*Six Flags America, in the Baltimore, Maryland/Washington DC area
*Six Flags New England in Agawam (metro Springfield), Massachusetts
*Six Flags St. Louis, near St. Louis, Missouri
*Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, New Jersey
*Hurricane Harbor Jackson in Jackson, New Jersey
*The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, at Lake George, New York
*Six Flags Darien Lake Phoenix in Buffalo, New York
*Frontier City in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*White Water Bay in OKC, Oklahoma
*Six Flags over Texas, in Arlington, Texas (between Dallas and Ft. Worth)
*Six Flags Fiesta Texas, in San Antonio, Texas
*Hurricane Harbor Splashtown in Houston, Texas
*Six Flags Mexico City, in Mexico City, Mexico
*Hurricane Harbor Mexico in Oaxtepec, Mexico
*La Ronde, in Montreal, Canada
*Hurricane Harbor Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

Picture: Magic Mountain's Apocalypse roller coaster, formerly called the Terminator Salvation coasterMAGIC MOUNTAIN SEASON PASS COUPON BOOK: When you purchase a Six Flags Season Pass, you get some very good discounts for season pass holders along with it. Six Flags has been phasing out their popular coupon books over the last few years, and this year there will be NO paper coupoons given out at all. However, you'll find the same types of terrific deals that you've always been used to as a part of your season pass or membership package.

What other types of coupons will you find on the Annual Pass Holder discount page? These typically include---

* Discount Magic Mountain admission coupons for a friend (selected dates; 4 coupons) You'll find a couple of "free friend" coupons, but then you will still have some "cheap friend ticket" coupons to use.
* FREE upgrade to Gold level pass IF you purchase your pass during the special promotional periods which offer this
* Discount season pass renewal coupon for next year's pass
* Meal/snack discount coupons for Magic Mountain
* Magic Mountain merchandise coupons
* Magic Mountain photo coupons
* Extra-fee attraction discounts
(good on go karts or sky coaster)
* Game discount coupons if you like to test your skills to win a prize

SEASON PASSES ONLINE: You may purchase Magic Mountain season passes on the ticketing page of the website, where you may also find out further information, as well.

If you buy your season pass online, you will still have to process your pass at the theme park on your first visit there. It saves you the time of standing in line at the ticket booth if you get them ahead. You are also immune to any price increases, if there should be any.

Magic Mountain Flash Pass

Save time--jump ahead in line with a Flash Pass purchase!

Picture: X2 roller coaster at Magic Mountain has new red and black colors and special effects!MAGIC MOUNTAIN'S TIME-SAVING FLASH PASS: In addition to offering the Six Flags Play Pass, Magic Mountain also sells a way to save time at the park. The "Flash Pass," which costs around $40 to $125 for 1 person lets you skip long lines...legally, without getting ejected from the park for line-jumping! The Six Flags Magic Mountain Flash Pass will get you one day's use of their new electronic Flash Pass units (which recently replaced the old ticket system.) The price of the pass varies depending on what type of Flash Pass you choose AND how crowded the park is expected to be on the day you attend. (It's cheaper in "slow season" months than during busy periods at the theme park.)

Flash Pass "Regular"-- For the least expensive fee, you'll wait longer than if you pay the more expensive price. However, it's not really a bad length of time to wait if the park isn't too crowded.

Flash Pass "Gold"-- If you visit on a day when lines are very long, the more expensive option (Flash Pass "Gold") is the one that will make you happiest. Simply put, the extra fee buys you less waiting time. Also, you MUST pay the higher fee & get the Flash Pass Gold...AND pay an extra fee in addition...if you want to skip the lines for the ultra-popular X2 roller coaster.

Flash Pass "Platinum"--This pass lets you ride 2 consecutive times. It's like getting to ride twice the amount of rides for the same amount of walking and waiting time.

2019 ALL-SEASON-LONG PASS! These are available at the Regular, Gold and Platinum levels. At the time of this update, the prices range from $199 to $399. This is not a bad price if you're a frequent visitor who has time commitments elsewhere that make it difficult to stay at the park for long periods of time. Even the Platinum level season Flash Pass is cheaper than Knott's Berry Farm's new all-season front-of-line pass, which costs well over $500 for the first season it's being offered.

Which rides accept the Flash Pass? Here's the list of rides which accept the Flash Pass---

Picture: X2 roller coaster climbs its first hill at the Magic Mountain theme park1.) Apocalypse (the roller coaster formerly known as Terminator Salvation)
2.) Batman, The Ride
3.) CraZanity (1 time only)
4.) Full Throttle (1 time only)
5.) Goldrusher roller coaster
6.) Goliath Roller Coaster
7.) Green Lantern: First Flight
8.) Jet Stream
9.) Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
10.) Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom
11.) Revolution Classic roller coaster
12.) Ninja roller coaster
13.) Riddler's Revenge
14.) Roaring Rapids
15.) Scream roller coaster
16.) Tatsu roller coaster
17.) Tidal Wave
18.) Twisted Colossus roller coaster (1 time only)
19.) Viper roller coaster
20.) X-2 (1 time only)

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