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Main Street at Disneyland California--

Everyone's Home Town!

Enjoy slide show pictures of Main Street...and discover details!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of nostalgic Main Street USA at Disneyland Park! It's the first themed area that you see when you enter Disneyland---and also the place from which you say "goodbye." On this page, you'll discover the fun you can have in this "gateway" themed area of Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Your first glimpse inside Disneyland Park--

You heartbeat quickens as you step through Disneyland's gates for the first time!

Photo of the Main Street Train Station, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California When you enter Disneyland Park for the first time, you'll see a sight well-known to you even though you've never stood in this spot before--the Disneyland Railroad Depot. (You've seen pictures ahead of time, of course!)

But, even if you've seen this sight many times, the scene can't help but move you. Heartwarming nostalgia enters the emotions of repeat Disneyland guests who enter the gates and stand inside "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Many guests linger in Disneyland's entrance plaza to take pictures against the back of Mickey Mouse's face--made completely of flowers! At busy times of the day, you may even hear a band or meet some strolling Disney characters. But sooner or later, you'll be anxious to make your way from Disneyland's entry on into the park's first "themed" area---Main Street! You can't wait to explore---what will you find inside awaiting you?

Main Street is "Disney Character Central!"

Meet and greet Mickey Mouse and other favorite characters on Main Street

Mickey Mouse wearing his Lunar New Year costume You can nearly always meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, or other favorite Disney Characters by paying a visit to Main Street USA!

Main Street is home to fun Disneyland shops, tasty snack bars, and old-fashioned transportation---including a horse-drawn streetcar and a double-decker bus! But, even more popular still are Main Street's strolling Disney characters that you may meet and greet.

There is no schedule of the costumed Disney characters you might meet on Main Street. You'll never know which characters you'll find, or when they'll be coming & going. But, you WILL find characters here...Donald Duck, Pluto, Chip 'n Dale...who knows? A line quickly forms once a character makes its arrival onto the scene; but standing in the well-organized queues will give you and your kids a chance to take photos and get an autograph for your collection.

Picture of Pluto the Disney Character waiting to greet visitors to Main Street

In the above picture of Mickey Mouse, you can see him wearing his Lunar New Year costume. To celebrate, Mickey Mouse wore a special costume!

To your right, you see a picture of Pluto waiting to greet Disney character fans on Main Street. (Remember the "Pluto" Disney character? He's Mickey Mouse's pet dog!) And, in the slide show at the top of this page, you also saw pictures of Goofy and Donald Duck waiting to greet their fans on Main Street!

DISNEYLAND PARADES PASS THROUGH MAIN STREET: If you wish to attend one of Disneyland Park's popular parades, you'll see still MORE costumed characters! You can view the theme park's parades from a number of locations...and Main Street USA is one good choice for staking out your spot.

If you'd like to see pictures of a recent parade at Disneyland Park (called Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams,) you may visit the Disneyland Parade Pictures page of this website.

Costumed Disney Characters Greet You in Disneyland's Entry Plaza

Photo of the White Rabbit strolling character at Disneyland, California In addition to the Disney characters you may meet throughout the day on Main Street, the theme park's turnstile area is another place you may find characters from time to time.

Especially during the mornings (when most Disneyland Park guests arrive), the theme park's entry plaza is abuzz with activity. Standing in front of the railroad depot, the Disneyland Band may perform for arriving guests. Strolling Disney characters may also turn out to greet their young fans, sign autographs, and give hugs.

On your left, you see a picture of the White Rabbit (from the "Alice in Wonderland novel and Disney animated classic) hugging my grandson, Gabriel.

Photo of the Alice-in-Wonderland strolling character, Disneyland, California

And, to your right, here's a picture of Alice in Wonderland, herself!

If you have youngsters in tow, you'd better formulate your park strategy in advance. Teens and adults often want to race straight to the rides, while tots prefer to stop and investigate the strolling characters.

As you enter Main Street at Disneyland California, what will YOU do?

Old-Time Transportation on Main Street ---What fun!

Photo of an antique car at Disneyland, California As you pass through the Disneyland Park turnstiles and enter the Main Street themed area, an antique world of yesteryear opens before you. Antique cars and a horse-drawn trolley shuttle passengers to and fro. Costumed "cast members" (park employees) wear dress styles of days long past, A pleasant, grassy plaza reminds you of the days when every little town's social life was centered around the downtown square---and business was actually conducted in the heart of the village instead of at the suburban shopping mall.

In the photo at your left, you see one of the antique cars in which you'll be able to ride on your visit to Main Street at Disneyland California.

Photo of a double-decker bus, Disneyland, California Children are always enchanted by the double decker bus...and they want to ride ON TOP!

The bus, the antique car, and a horse-drawn trolley make stops in front of the Main Street railroad depot, and drive passengers to the other end of Main Street, in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Actually, it's just as easy to walk up this short block, and often faster! It's the joy of riding in these beautiful old vehicles that makes taking time out to ride them fun.

Main Street at Disneyland California: What's in Town Hall?

Photo of Town Hall, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California In the photo to your left, you see stately Town Hall, the official-looking edifice you'll see directly after entering Main Street at Disneyland Park.

Town Hall is where you can pick up a schedule of the smaller entertainment happenings which will take place throughout the day---the strolling musicians and novelty acts which appear here and there on Main Street USA, and throughout the rest of Disneyland Park, as well. (Schedules for the major events are given to you at the turnstiles as you enter the park.)

You can also ask "general questions" here, and you'll find restrooms flanking town hall, as well.

Next to Town Hall, you'll find an old-fashioned fire house. When the old-fashioned fire truck isn't giving rides to the public, it will be parked here. History buffs in your party will enjoy the display of antique fire equipment that's kept here, as well.

Make note of the 2nd story of the firehouse. You'll see a light burning in the window there. This light commemorates a special place in the park---this was the room where Walt Disney worked to oversee the construction of the park at it was being built. Just viewing it makes a guest feel closed to Walt Disney, the man who brought this park to life. He was actually here; and all visitors are walking in the footsteps he trod!

Main Street in Disneyland California: Catch an old-fashioned train ride!

Picture: Mickey Mouse portrait made of pumpkins in front of the Main Street railroad station at Halloween time In this photo, you see theMain Street Railroad Depot as seen from the INSIDE of the park---from Main Street USA.

The Disneyland Railroad is both a means of transportation throughout Disneyland Park AND an attraction in its own right.

You may wish to take the train upon entering the park either as a shortcut to other places, or---especially for first-time guests---to enjoy the train's circle-tour of the park...and get an overview of the attractions you might want to see on your visit.

In addition to seeing Disneyland Park's other attractions, you'll see a diorama of the Grand Canyon. Also, a second diorama shows you a representation of the world eons ago during the era of the dinosaurs. (Neither of these dioramas can be seen any other way than by taking a circle-tour of Disneyland Park on the train.)

The train itself is a real steam-locomotive, and it's an enjoyable experience just to ride it. As you chug along, you'll also here a taped narrative about the sights you're seeing along the way.

Strolling down Main Street in Disneyland California....

Photo: Mary Poppins greets children, Disneyland, California As mentioned above, many visitors with children hunt for costumed Disney characters for their kids to meet. The grassy plaza in front of the Train Depot is a spot in Main Street at Disneyland California where you're likely to find them.

In this picture of Mary Poppins, you see this popular costumed Disney character looking just as you imagined her to be...friendly, beautiful, and smartly attired in clothing from Disney's Mary Poppins movie.

On one side of the grassy plaza, you'll find a theater which repeat visitors remember as being the home of a patriotic attraction, "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln." Currently, this theater is hosting a special Disneyland movie about the life of Walt Disney and his dreams to build Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Park has become so famous today that we forget that...before it was built...there WERE NO SUCH THINGS as "theme parks" as we now know them The amusement parks of old were small, and often dirty and "seedy." The theme park concept was a novel idea, and Walt Disney, despite his financial success as a film producer, had to go deeply into debt to bring the world this lovely place. He changed the whole concept of "family entertainment" in the process! If you're a Disney buff, you surely won't want to miss this terrific and inspiring story of his life, and the history of Disneyland Park! (It's narrated by the popular actor and comedian, Steve Martin---who was once himself a Disneyland employee!)

Photo of the Cinema, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California

As you leave the "grassy plaza" area and walk up Main Street at Disneyland California, you'll come upon the Main Street Cinema. Here, you'll find continuously-running cartoons from the early days of Walt Disney's career.

Both history buffs AND Disney buffs alike won't want to miss this nostalgic attraction. Of course, kids always love these whimsical cartoons, as well.

Photo of The Dapper Dans barbershop quartet, Disneyland, California

Strolling street entertainment adds extra enchantment to all the "lands" of Disneyland. One popular group of performers on Main Street at Disneyland California are the "Dapper Dans."

This perfectly-on-pitch barbershop quartet performs hits of yesteryear regularly throughout the day. As mentioned above on this page, you can pick up a street performer's schedule at Town Hall, if you like.

In the photo to your left, you see the "Dapper Dans" barbershop quartet posing with my grandson in one of the Main Street shops.

Picture of beautiful gardens surrounding Main Street's Plaza Gardens Pavilion at Disneyland, California At the end of Main Street USA (by Sleeping Beauty's castle), you'll come to another venue for live performances---the Plaza Gardens Pavilion.

In the photo to your right, you see the attractive, tree-filled and flower-adorned garden area around the aptly-named Plaza Gardens Pavilion.

On Saturday nights, there's usually a "Big Band" performance scheduled at the Plaza Gardens Pavilion for guests' enjoyment and dancing. Other times, I've seen visiting high school bands perform in the Plaza Gardens Pavilion. Still other times, "Bandleader Mickey" comes to the pavilion to greet guests and snap photos. But...when there isn't any "action" going on at the pavilion, couples use the garden area to take a romantic stroll in the shadows of Sleeping Beauty's castle!

Photo of the Plaza Gardens Pavilion at night, Disneyland, California

The Plaza Gardens Pavilion is beautifully lit at night, as you can see from this photo on your left.



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