Your visit to nostalgic Main Street in Disneyland California, Part 2

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of cute decorations and interesting "old fashioned" buildings on Disneyland's Main Street USA. On this page, which is "part 2" of the Disneyland Main Street article, you'll discover Main Street's terrific restaurants, snack bars and stores. But if you missed reading about Main Street's fun attractions, don't forget to check out Part 1 of this tour guide to Main Street USA!

Main Street's Restaurants and Snack Shops

Plaza Inn; good food, scenic old-fashioned atmosphere!

Photo of the beautiful Plaza Inn Restaurant, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California The beautiful Plaza Inn on Main Street in Disneyland California is your CHARACTER MEAL headquarters inside of Disneyland Park. This attractive restaurant is where the "Minnie and Friends" Disneyland character breakfast is held every morning!

Minnie & Friends menu: You'll find all your favorite breakfast foods at the Minnie and Friends breakfast buffet---eggs, Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, pancakes, hash browns, fresh fruits, muffins & croissants, milk & fruit juices, bacon & sausage...and many more items, as well.

(Other character meals can be found at the Disneyland Resort's hotels and at the Disney California Adventure theme park. For more info about Disneyland's character meals, use the following link to view the Disneyland Character Dining page of this website!)

Your toddlers, preschoolers...and even your older kids...will enjoy the "Minnie and Friends" character breakfast at the Plaza Inn on Main Street USA. Step inside to enjoy a meal-to-remember with strolling costumed Disney characters numbering among the guests! It's a great time for photos, as well as food!

After breakfast time, Minnie and her friends are whisked away...and "regular" lunches and dinners are served at the Plaza Inn.

Photo of the Plaza Inn's exterior ornamentation, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California

Main Street's Jolly Holiday Bakery

Photo of the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street in Disneyland, California

Yummy scents await you at the Main Street's Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland California. This new eatery (which opened in 2012) is based on a Mary Poppins theme...and its decor is just as great-looking as the eye-catching goodies it sells.

Step inside and get a treat---or even a meal. This tempting shop serves all sorts of baked goods from cookies to sandwiches on home-made buns.

Tip: The cinnamon rolls aren't bad, but they're NOT up to Cinnabon tastiness. However, I have never been disappointed with anything else I've eaten here.

The brownies are large, delicious and filling. I've been known to use them as a meal-substitute! If I'm not very hungry, I find that the Main Street Bakery's brownies are large enough to split with a grandchild---a great money saver!

Picture of tempting cookies and treats at the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street in Disneyland California The kids in our family are very fond of the Mickey Mouse-shaped cookies here. Chocolate and vanilla icing fill in the details of Mickey's face---so cute as well as taste-tempting!

Sandwiches available for light lunches! The new Jolly Holiday Bakery includes a selection of sandwiches from which you may choose. Step up to the counter to order, and once you receive your family's lunch and goodies, plenty of seating awaits you in the bakery's outdoor dining area.

A variety of coffee drinks, milk, soda and juice are available to go along with your sandwiches and desserts.

Disneyland's candy store and snack bar on Main Street

Photo: Old-fashion feel to this snack bar on Disneyland's Main Street

"The Refreshment Corner" is a snack shop across the street from the Plaza Inn. It's both an eatery AND an entertainment attraction! You'll see an old-fashioned upright piano in the attractive patio where you'll be eating. A professional pianist regularly performs here, belting out ragtime favorites of old. He's amazing!

The photo on your left shows the counter (inside) where you'll order your food, and the photo at right shows the outdoor dining area where you'll eat. (as seen from the Plaza Inn.)

Picture of a candy store sign, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California

A colorful array of sweet treats awaits you in the candy shop on Main Street in Disneyland California. Here you see an attractive display of lollipops for sale.

Looking for a bargain? The salt water taffy here works out to only $2 for a quarter pound. That doesn't sound like alot of taffy, but it's more than you'd think---each piece if very light, so 1/4 pound makes up a small sackful! The chewy taffy slow to eat, too, so it will keep a small family munching for awhile.

Photo of candy on display, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California Do you like really fresh, "just made" candy? Candy perfectionists can buy candy the moment it's made at Disneyland's Main Street candy store!

In fact, you can find out the exact candies being made on any given day at Disneyland's candy shop! Here's the Disneyland Candy Kitchen phone number: 714/781-0112. When you call this number, you'll get a recorded message about the specific candies which Main Street's Candy Kitchen will be making for the next week or two in advance. Some of the candy-making is done in the shop's window, where you can observe it being made---another source of Disneyland entertainment!

Disneyland's Main Street Ice Cream Shop

Photo: Ice cream counter, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California On a hot day, everyone enjoys ice cream, and this old-fashioned shop on Main Street in Disneyland is just the place to get it.

Specialties include waffle cones, ice cream sundaes and milk shakes. Your server will make the concoction right in front of you at this antique-styled counter. Colorful ice cream toppings are on display for decoration---and you may choose these same toppings to crown your sundae, as well, if you wish.

Photo: ice cream toppings, Main Street USA, Disneyland, California

Main Street Stores & Shopping

Photo of store fronts on Main Street, Disneyland, California

Numerous unique shops line Main Street in Disneyland California. You can buy everything from postcards to fine jewelry and collectibles.

Apparel for all members of the family is available, and all kinds of clothing and accessories are sold---hats, tees, sweatshirts, jackets, socks, nightwear, etc.

Photo of shop fronts on Main Street, Disneyland, California

At Halloween, Main Street in Disneyland California becomes "costume central" as all kinds of Disney character costumes are made available for your child's trick-or-treating enjoyment.

Photo of Disney plush dolls for sale, Disneyland, California Toys are another hot find in the stores of Main Street in Disneyland California. You can ALWAYS find a wide array of cute and colorful plush animals on display.

These next two photos show examples of the stuffed animals sold at the various shops along the street. The prices are very good, too---absolutely no more expensive than what you'd pay at a toy store in town.

Photo of plush toys for sale, Disneyland California

Photo of colorful balloons, Disneyland, California

In the afternoon, as tired families start to trickle out of the park, out come the balloon sellers! These vibrantly colored displays make an attractive addition to the already-eye-pleasing Main Street scene. The mylar balloons make a long-lasting souvenir to anyone's day at the park, and make children happy---even though they're sad to be leaving Main Street in Disneyland California.



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