Here are the Halloween contest's individual

Men's Costumes

Here are the 2010 "Men's Individual" category winners & runners up!

In the slide show above, you're viewing the 2010 winners of the "Men's Individual Costumes" category of our Halloween Costume Photo Contest. The Men's category is always one of the very toughest categories for the judges to decide. Every year, we get top-notch entries in this category...from men who have spent weeks (or even months) sawing, hammering, gluing and sewing their creations to a fine-tuned perfection. 2010 was no exception, and the judges took quite a long time deliberating over this category.

The Men's Category is extra large, meaning that you will see several winners and runners up. (Smaller categories have only one winner; but to be fair & give everyone an equal chance to win, the larger categories each have more than one winner.)

There are 3 equal winners this year for the very large Men's Individual category. Logan Langford of Washington wins with his Wizard of Oz costume...a "Winkie Guard" for the Wicked Witch of the West. Colt Buffington from Louisiana also is a Men's Category winner with his terrific & very detailed Optimus Prime costume. The 3rd Men's Category Winner is Stephen Simantiras of New Jersey for his handsome homemade Buzz Lightyear space suit.

Here are the Runners Up for the Men's Individual Costumes category, and all were very highly regarded by our panel of judges. Joe Siemion from Arizona made the amazingly detailed Kiss costume that you see in the slide show above.

Two interpretations of Jack Skellington's famous movie costume won runner-up prizes. Jenna Wallravin of California entered her boyfriend's authentic-looking Jack Skellington suit. On the other hand, Graeme Abraham (Pennsylvania) went for the extremely thin look of Jack Skellington's animated character, quite an unusual interpretation for a Halloween costume.

Other runners up in the Men's Individual category include Jordan Finley of California, who won with his very cool character from the "Angry Birds" game; Eric Martin from Michigan, with his creative Beaker the Scientist costume; Benjamin Partridge (Utah) for his very detailed Predator movie costume; and Allen Elliott of Georgia, for his extremely creative and well-made Snake Eyes costume (from GI Joe.)

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