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Mickey's Halloween Parade

Mickey's Halloween Party features a fun parade of Disney characters!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Disneyland's Halloween Parade which is performed at Mickey's Halloween Party. This is a special after-hours event held at Disneyland after it closes for the night (separate ticket required.) There's plenty of fun to be had...and the evening's highlight is a lively parade featuring a slew of Disney and Pixar characters! For details about Mickey's Halloween Party, please visit our Disneyland Halloween Events page.

What will you see at Disney's Halloween Parade?

Disney Characters in costumes, cute floats, even dancing in the streets!

Picture of Mickey Mouse and Goofy waving from their float in Mickey's Halloween Parade Do you like Disney parades?

Then you'll LOVE the Disney Halloween Parade that's a major feature of Mickey's Halloween Party!

Mickey Mouse and his friends are the stars of this lively pageant. On this page, you can see pictures of Mickey's Halloween Parade and discover details about this event-within-an-event.

Mickey's Halloween Parade is the crowning attraction of an already fun-filled evening at the special-ticket event called "Mickey's Halloween Party." (If you need information about this event, which held after closing time at the Disneyland theme park, you may visit the Disneyland Halloween Events page of this website. You'll discover all the details you'll need to know for planning your visit to this exciting, energetic and character-filled event.)

After spending several hours at Mickey's Halloween Party dancing, meeting characters, trick-or-treating, and riding the theme park's rides, Mickey's Halloween Cavalcade provides an exciting centerpiece show for the night.

Photo of Donald Duck in his Halloween costume, part of Mickey's Halloween Parade Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto, and other Disney friends are all decked out in their Halloween costumes. They're the biggest "stars" of the parade! You'll spy them riding high on a delightful float which appears at the end of the parade.

Marching both ahead of the Mickey's float are a slew of other beloved Disney and Pixar characters. You'll spot Sully, Boo and George Sanderson (from the Disney/Pixar movie, "Monsters, Inc," of course.)

Captain Hook, Mr Smee and Peter Pan join in the fun, along with a group of dancing pirates.

Three Disney princesses...Belle, Cinderella and Snow White are in this year's parade, along with dancing attendants in splendid gowns.

Pixar characters Woody, Cowgirl Jessie and Bullseye, the horse greet parade-goers, along with a number of dancers in colorful hoe-down costumes.

Although there are only a few floats, the lively dancing and numerous characters make for a satisfying and exciting parade. A lively musical score provides pounds out the beat as everyone from toddlers to adults taps their toes along with the rhythm. It's a fun least double the size of former Halloween Party parades (or "cavalcades," as the park calls them.) Be sure not to skip this event, because it's a true highlight of the party. Two parade showtimes are available so that you won't have to miss out on the action.

New this year---selected party guests ride in the parade! If your family arrives at Mickey's Halloween Party in a terrific group costume featuring Disney-themed characters, don't be surprised if you're selected to ride in the parade! One lucky family is chosen for the honor of riding in a lovely white vehicle, waving to the crowd and showing off their costumes. In the slide show at the top of this page, you can see a family who wore Alice in Wonderland character costumes--and were chosen for this special float! However...don't be disappointed if you're not chosen; many families dress in group costumes at the party. Being "in the right place at the right time" (aka, sheer luck) is also another factor in being selected.

Below, here's another slide show spotlighting some more of the parade highlights from Mickey's Halloween Party:

Doesn't this year's parade look fun?

On the rest of this page, you can see pictures of the Mickey's Party Parade in past years.

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Past Mickey's Halloween Party Parade Pictures

Halloween Disney characters--the stars of the show!

Picture of Mickey Mouse waving from his parade float at the Mickey's Halloween Party event at Disneyland On the rest of this page, you'll find pictures of Mickey Mouse and some of the costumed Disney characters in Halloween Parades from previous years. Some characters are the same as this year's parade; some are different. Some of the costumes are the same...while others are different. Either way, both this year's parade, as well as those from past Halloween Party events, have been lots of fun.

Don't forget your camera! You'll want to take plenty of photos as your little one dances with the characters when the parade makes its stops!

If your kids haven't had the chance to see Mickey Mouse during the Mickey's Halloween Treat party, now's their chance! Mickey's large and colorful float dominates the parade...and Mickey Mouse himself rides front and center on it!

Closeup photo of Mickey Mouse in his orange magician's suit, waving to the crowd at Mickey's Halloween Parade Mickey Mouse has chosen a Magician's outfit for his Halloween costume. His trousers, vest, hat and cape are all predominately orange in color, and made of a shiny, satiny fabric which shines in the parade route's bright lighting. His magician's cape is adorned with golden stars. His tall magician's hat is banded with a ribbon of yellow fabric, which matches his elegant bow tie.

In the picture to your left, you can see Mickey Mouse dressed up in his Halloween costume and waving to the enthusiastic crowd lining the parade route.

In the picture to your right, you see a closeup photo of a grinning Mickey Mouse...once again, waving to the eager crowds of children who wish to see him. So that all the kids can catch a glimps, Mickey Mouse turns both to his left and his right many times during the course of Mickey's Halloween Parade. This is great for catching at lease one good view of him as he passes by...but his constant movement makes for some difficult photo taking!

Photo of Donald Duck in his Halloween costume, a purple wizard's robe adorned with golden stars

Donald Duck has one of the most beautiful and lavish Halloween costumes of all the Disney characters in Mickey's Halloween Parade! As you can see in the pictures on this page, Donald has chosen a purple-toned wizard's outfit for his Halloween costume. Its golden star-shaped decorations sparkle in the lights. In addition to his wizard's cape, Donald Duck wears the traditional tall, pointed wizard's cap.

Picture of Donald Duck in his Halloween costume, a purple wizard's robe adorned with golden stars

In both of the adjactent pictures, you can see that Donald Duck has hopped off of the Halloween float and is at "street level" alongside the crowd. He greets youngsters watching the parade, dances with the kiddies...and has even been known to "shake a tail feather" towards guests at the parade!

Picture of Goofy in a Halloween skeleton costume, waving from the Halloween parade float at Mickey's Halloween Treat

Goofy has chosen a skeleton suit for his Halloween costume! This black jumpsuit is adorned with bold white images of human bones. A tall top hat completes his outfit.

In the photo to your left, Goofy is waving to the crowd from his spot on a float in Mickey's Halloween Parade.

Goofy also appears at the Character Greeting Station in Pirate's Wharf wearing his skeleton costume, as well. You can take your picture alongside of him! For guests who won't be attending the Mickey's Halloween Treat festivities, you can also take pictures with Goofy wearing his skeleton costume on Main Street at Disneyland Park. (Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, however, wear different Halloween purple tones...when appearing at the Disneyland theme park.)

Mickey's Halloween Party Parade, Other Characters

Pictures of The Incredibles

Picture of Mr and Mrs Incredible waving to the crowd lining the Mickey's Halloween Party Parade route Not every character appearing in Mickey's Halloween Parade dons a special costume for the event. Some popular characters remain in their "everyday" costumes for the event.

Picture of Mr. Incredible in the Mickey's Halloween Party  Parade as he beckons an onlooker to dance with him

Both Mr. and Mrs Incredible (AKA Elastigirl) love to schmooze with the crowd. They both interact and dance with onlookers lining the route of Mickey's Halloween Treat's parade.

To your left, you can see Mr. and Mrs. Incredible walking along the parade route in their Incredibles suits.

In the picture to your right, Mr. Incredible beckons to a parade onlooker to come dance with him.

Aladdin and Jasmine parade pictures

Picture of Aladdin waving to the crowd lining the route of Mickey's Halloween Treat parade Both Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from Disney's animated movie, "Aladdin" can be seen in the Mickey's Halloween Treat parade.

Picture of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin at the Mickey's Halloween Treat parade

Waving, dancing with the crowd, and being friendly to the sweet children...some of whom have come to this Halloween party dressed as Princes Jasmine!...all come naturally to this royal couple.



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