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Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California,

whimsical home town of Mickey Mouse!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Mickey's Toontown, a fun-filled themed area at Disneyland Park. Toon Town is where you can always greet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in person...after all, Toontown is where they live! Mickey's toon town also has a delightful store where you can create your own Mouse Ears---you may use colors and decorations that make YOUR MouseEars a unique, one-of-a-kind creation!

Mickey Mouse's House!

Visit Minnie Mouse's house, too!

Photo of Mickey's House in Toontown, Disneyland, California In Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California, you'll find the house of Mickey Mouse!

C'mon inside and meet Mickey himself, grab his autograph and take a photo with him.

First, you'll wander through the adorably decorated rooms of his house. Don't forget to look for small details that will raise a smile on your face---the names of books, items on notes, brand names of household products, etc. If you thought that Mickey's house was just for kids, you'll quickly discover that only adults can truly "get" all the little puns hidden here by the Disney creative team.

When you reach the back of Mickey's home, you'll come to an auditorium playing some of Mickey's vintage cartoons. This is actually the queue area where visitors await their private audience with Mickey.

When it's your family's turn, in you go to meet the Mouse himself. A professional photographer is on hand to take a photo of your group, but it's also perfectly OK to snap your own. There is no extra fee to meet Mickey Mouse, and you do NOT have to buy any of the park's photos.

Picture: The home of Minnie Mouse, Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland, California In Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California, you'll also find the home of Minnie Mouse...and it's right next door to Mickey's house.

Unlike Mickey's home, Minnie's house does not have a "greeting and photo" room. There is also no auditorium inside the Minnie Mouse house...and no vintage movies. Since there's no room for a line of people inside her house, Minnie Mouse meets her guests and takes snapshots on her front porch.

While you won't get to enjoy classic Disney cartoons while you await your turn with Minnie, the "plus" here is that the waiting time for meeting Minnie is much less than the wait for Mickey.

After you greet Minnie, you then proceed to tour the interior of her house. As at Mickey's house, there are delightful little surprises "hidden" throughout Minnie's house that may bring a grin to your face.

Are there any young Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse fans at your house? If so, they might enjoy having some artistic fun on the Mickey & Minnie Mouse coloring page of the Disney activities website!

"Gadget's Go Coaster"

Often kids' favorite ride in Mickeys Toontown!

Photo of Gadget's Go Coaster, Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland, California In the photo to your left, you see "Gadget's Go Coaster," the mini-roller coaster that's a big hit with young visitors to Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California.

Adults are welcome, too, on this ride that swoops through a little "garden of gadgets" and back to the station again.

The minimum height required to ride Gadget's Go Coaster is 35" tall; parents should accompany kids of any age who might be frightened by this small rollercoaster...which will seem GIANT to a toddler!

Just to give you a clue about the ages that might enjoy this ride---my grandson, Gabriel, first rode this coaster when he was 3 years 9 months old, and he did fine. I would say that he merely "tolerated" his first trip on the roller coaster, but with repeat visits, he became an enthusiastic fan!

Picture of Gadget's Go Coaster in Mickey's Toon Town, Disneyland, California

Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California:

Roger Rabbit Ride

Image: Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland, California Here you see the entry sign to another popular ride in Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California, "Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin." This indoor dark ride is themed to the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Disney movie...which, if you remember, was a combo of both live action AND animation.

This ride combines elements of both the traditional "dark" type of ride, with the spinning motion of the Mad Tea Party teacups.

On "Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin," you will board a ride car, which will drive automatically through the ride building showing you scenes featuring Roger Rabbit and his friends.

You'll have a "mild" ride experience if you simply "sit there" and look at the passing scenes. On the other hand, you can increase the "wild" factor if you spin the steering wheel...which will then spin the car around.

The line for "Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin" is indoors and air conditioned! Plus, while in line, you'll wind through whimsical scenes relating to the plot and characters in the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" movie.

There is no minimum height required for this ride, but parents should accompany small children...or kids of any age who might be scared inside this dark ride. Bright lights blare, explosions boom, and the ride car careens...all good reasons to investigate this ride with your child.

Photo: Sign for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride, Mickey's Toon Town, Disneyland, California

Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California:

Kid's Play Structures

Photo of Donald Duck's boat, Mickey's Toon Town, Disneyland, California In addition to the rides in Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California, there are several non-ride attractions. In this photo, you see one of them...which is Donald Duck's Boat.

This is a play structure for children (and parents can enter, as well.) Unfortunately, there are not too many things to play with inside of the boat...but most kids seem driven to explore it, anyway. One good thing for parents---there's a long, concrete bench in the back of Donald's boat that's shady in the afternoon! Time to rest!

You'll find another popular attraction just "next door" to Donald's Boat...and that's "Goofy's Bounce House." (Sorry parents--only kids are allowed in this air-inflated house.) Bouncing sessions last for about 5 minutes each. Kids must remove their shoes before entering, since the fabric floor of the house is vulnerable to rips and tears.

Picture: Walk-through attraction

"Chip and Dale's Tree House" is a nice-looking walk-through attraction in Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California. Unfortunately, other than providing visual appeal to the Toon Town area, this tree does very little. It certainly doesn't entertain children. Even the most imaginative kids can't come up with any play ideas here; the tree is empty inside, and not very large.

I wouldn't want the tree removed---I really do think it's lovely. But, it would be a really GREAT idea if the Disney folks in charge of Toon Town would add some activities to the little house!

Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California:

Strolling Disney Characters

Picture of Daisy Duck in Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland, California Now we'll get back to something that Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California does WELL---providing great opportunities for greeting the Disney characters and getting melt-your-heart photos of your kids with them. (This is a photo of my grandson, Gabriel, at age 3 giving love & hugs to Daisy Duck.)

Minnie and Mickey Mouse, of course, mix & mingle at their homes here in Toon Town. But, other characters frequently make their appearance in Mickeys Toon Town, as well.

One popular spot for finding strolling Disney characters is at the whimsical Toontown fountain, across from Mickey's house. Another spot is at the gazebo by the food court.

Often, a Disney character's arrival will be announced by a loudspeaker and musical fanfare. This is sort of'll know when and where you should be looking for the Disney character. On the other hand, such announcements also alert everyone ELSE, as well! A line starts forming before the last words leave the announcer's mouth!

Picture: Donald Duck hugs a young visitor, Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland, California In the picture on your right, you can see Gabriel enjoying his visit to Mickeys Toontown as he hugs Donald Duck in the Gazebo.

As I mentioned earlier, the Toon Town Gazebo is near the food court area...which brings us to the subject of dining in Toontown. In Mickey's Toon Town, you can get fast food and snacks, but there's no INDOOR table space, and a very limited selection of menu items. I would recommend dining in another "land," and just grabbing a cold drink or a quick snack while in Toon Town. Candy bars can be purchased at the store adjacent to the food court area (where you'll also find a very nice selection of souvenirs and merchandise.

Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California:

Cute gags kids will love!

Photo: Child prepares to explode Mickey's Toon Town, Disneyland, California

For a completely different sort of entertainment, head to the "gags" area of Mickeys Toontown at Disneyland California. You'll find it centered around the "Gag Factory" and "Toon Town Post Office".

You need to discover just what all the gags are for YOURSELF---the element of surprise is what makes them so enjoyable! But, since the photo more or less gives one of the jokes away...I'll tell you about just that ONE gag!

Here you see Gabriel discovering a box of dynamite. If he should lift the metal handle...and you know he will!...he'll be surprised by the sounds of a giant explosion!



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