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Mountasia Family Fun Center

Have a great time playing mini golf, riding bumper boats, and racing go karts!

In the slide show above, you're looking at pictures of the Mountasia family fun center in Santa Clarita, California. Mountasia is an attractive park you'll enjoy visiting for a fun family outing of miniature golf, go karts, arcade games, and more! In addition, there's a location of Farrell's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor on-site where you can get both light snacks and full meals (in addition to this chain's popular ice cream treats.)

Visitors to the area will note that this is the closest Southern California family fun center to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA.

Note: there are other locations of Mountasia family fun centers. This page will focus upon the location in Los Angeles County, California.

Mountasia Fun Center Attractions

Mountasia's beautiful mini golf courses!

Picture: Beautiful waterfall, a highlight of Mountasia Family Fun Center's miniature golf course The Mountasia family fun center offers 2 attractive miniature golf courses for your enjoyment. Both are attractive courses featuring beautiful waterfalls, babbling streams, neatly kept landscaping and well-maintained putting greens. Both courses are banked along the side of Mountasia's "mountain," which means that you'll have some hiking up and down the hillside before you finish your game. Nevertheless, Mountasia does have 9 miniature golf greens which are wheelchair accessible.

The miniature golf courses at Mountasia are open to all ages and skill levels. You may purchase one game of golf, or get unlimited golf through a package deal. (See "Mountasia Prices" section below for details.)

Mountasia's go karts---great driving fun!

Picture: Go kart track at California's Mountasia Family Fun Center Mountasia features go karts, a favorite activity of many family fun center-goers.

Mountasia's go kart track features challenging turns, as well as a gentle slope (due to the park's hillside location.) A shady awning shelters the ride queueing area from the sun during hot days in the Santa Clarita valley.

Height requirements for Mountasia's go kart course: Would-be go kart drivers need to be 58 inches tall in order to participate. Each go kart may hold one passenger. The minimum height for passengers is 42 inches tall.

Prices for go kart sessions are listed in the "Mountasia prices" section below.

Mountasia's Bumper Boats

Beat the heat in Mountasia's cool pool!

Picture: colorful bumper boats at the Mountasia family fun center Chill out with other hot guys 'n gals on Mountasia's bumper boats!

The Mountasia family fun center's colorful bumper boats and clear blue pool are the perfect backdrop for photos...or for squirting the heck out of your friends and family!

Bumper boats minimum height requirement: Would-be riders must be 44 inches tall (or more) to drive a bumper boat solo. Shorter guests (40" tall) may ride along with a parent or other responsible adult over the age of 18.

Bumper Boat prices: see the "Mountasia activity prices" section below on this page.

Still more Mountasia family fun center attractions!

In addition to the park's miniature golf courses, bumper boats and go karts, there are still MORE things you can enjoy at Mountasia. These include---

1.) LazerDome laser tag arena
2.) A rock climbing wall that's 20 feet tall!
3.) Large family game arcade (featuring both video games & prize-winning games)
4.) Batting Cages
5.) Farrell?s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant, which features American-style cuisine (along with taste-tempting ice cream treats)

Mountasia Prices

Mountasia has prices which are consistent with other family fun centers in Southern California. Arcade games use tokens (and/or swipe cards) which cost 25 cents per token. Miniature golf and laser tag cost $6.75 each (as of April, 2009.) Other major attractions cost $6.75 (bumper boats, rock climbing wall and go karts.)

1.) Mountasia's Email Newsletters: If you haven't done this yet, you really MUST sign up for Mountasia's newsletter. This email club is a great free way to recieve print at home discount coupons. The company doesn't send out very many newsletters each more than one per month, so don't be scared that your email box will get overloaded. And, what's more, EVERY issue of the Mountasia newsletter tells about great limited-time specials you may enjoy! You may sign up via a button at the top of the Mountasia website's home page--here's a link:'s home page.

2.) Entertainment Coupon Book savings: You may have coupons for Mountasia sitting around your house and not even know about it! Why? Because many people already own one of the popular Entertainment Books...and each one is stuffed with several hundred coupons for restaurants, stores...and, of course, entertainment. The 2009 Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley edition of the Entertainment Coupon book has a several discount coupons for Mountasia, including a buy-one-get-one free round of miniature golf and a $10 discount off of a Mountasia birthday party package. If you're unfamiliar with the Entertainment Coupon books & you'd like to find out how to save money at Mountasia and other local businesses, you may use the following link to check out the Entertainment Book website.

Mountasia address, phone number and website

Entrance to Mountasia family fun center The Mountasia phone number is 661/253-4386.

The Mountasia family fun center's address is 21516 Golden Triangle Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.

Directions to Mountasia: From I-5, take the Valencia Blvd exit and head eastward, staying with the street as it turns into Soledad Canyon Road. Soledad Canyon Rd runs parallel to Golden Triangle Road, on which the park is located. However, you should note that a train track runs between these two streets. You will want to turn right on Reuther Ave (which is a small street, despite bearing the grandiose name of "avenue.") You may cut across the train tracks at this point to reach the park. If you happen to miss your turn, simply keep going eastbound until you hit Rainbow Glen Drive, where you may also cut across the tracks, then double back to Mountasia.

A second point of confusion in reaching Mountasia is that it will seem to have no entrance as you're driving past it. The Mountasia parking lot sits to the rear of the property. The driveway you need to use (along Mountasia's eastern edge) will make you feel like you're heading to one of the other local businesses instead.

Map to Mountasia: Here's a Google map to the Mountasia family fun center for your convenience.

MOUNTASIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE: California's Mountasia Family Fun Center has its own website (and so it competes with other Mountasia locations for a good website name.) You'll reach ONLY information for the Santa Clarita Mountasia at the website. There, you'll find information about current prices, discount offers, special events and parties.



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