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The Famous Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant

Closeup of Mrs Knotts Restaurant with Knotts Berry Farm's Ghost Rider Roller Coaster rising up behind it! If you're interested in dining at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, you're not alone! Mrs Knotts Restaurant is the most well-known of all the Knotts Berry Farm restaurants. In fact, this famous establishment has served literally MILLIONS of meals since Mrs. Knott began her restaurant back in 1934.

On this page, we'll talk about the dining experience you may expect at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant...including the popular Mrs. Knott's Sunday Brunch!

Mrs Knotts Restaurant for the holidays! Many people make a tradition of going to Mrs. Knotts Chicken Restaurant for their big Thanksgiving feast. Can you eat at Mrs Knott's Restaurant for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and other holidays, too? You bet! The dining room only closes on Christmas Day.

Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant -- Basic Info

Photo of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant Here's some basic info about Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant---

* Breakfast is served from 7 am--11 am on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays; or, 8 am to 11 am on weekdays. Yes, Mrs. Knott's Restaurant opens even for breakfast! You'll find all the breakfast favorites here---several styles of eggs, including omelets; french toast, pancakes and waffles; and, of course, all-you-can-eat Knott's Jelly and Jam for your toast and biscuits!

* Lunch is served from 11 am--4 pm. Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant has separate lunch and dinner menus. If you're looking for smaller-but-still-hearty portions and lower prices, visit Mrs. Knott's at lunchtime!

* Dinner is served daily from 11 am. If you have a hearty appetite, you can order the huge dinner portions even at lunch time!

* Daily Senior Specials. For guests 60+ years old, Mrs. Knotts offers BOTH breakfast specials (offered from opening time to 10:30 am) AND dinner specials (between 3--5 pm only.) The special senior prices are available every day except holidays.

* Come early! This restaurant has not only preserved its old-fashioned decor, but has saved its old-fashioned hours, as well! Sunday through Thursday, you'll need to be here by 8:30 pm. The restaurant is open a bit later on weekends...but not by much! Fridays, you can enter until 9 pm, and on Saturdays, up until 9:30 pm.

* Banquet Rooms are available for groups of 40+.

* Reservations are not taken except for parties of 12 or more.

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant -- phone numbers

Photo of a beautiful stained glass window at Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant in Knott's Berry Farm Here are important telephone numbers for you to know for Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant--

1.) Mrs Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant phone Number--- (714) 220-5080. You will reach a live person at the desk of Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

2.) Mrs. Knott's Chicken-to-go phone number---(714) 220-5083. You will reach a live person at the Order-ahead-pick-up-later counter. This number is for "locals" who are ordering take-out meals only. The person you talk to will NOT know information about dining inside the restaurant.

3.) Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant Reservations phone number---(714) 220-5055. If you call this number in the evening, then you will receive a recorded message telling you to call back between 9 am--5 pm. (Unfortunately, you MIGHT get this recording EVEN IF you're calling between 9 am and 5 pm!) Don't forget that Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant only accepts reservations for groups of 12 or more.

Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant -- Sample Menus

Picture: Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant The most famous meal at this restaurant is Mrs. Knotts Fried Chicken Dinner. This dinner includes: Fried chicken made with the original Mrs. Knott's recipe, soup or salad, home-made biscuits served with Knotts jelly and jam, mashed potatoes and gravy, kernel corn, and a slice of pie for dessert.

Prices are reasonable at Mrs. Knott's restaurant, too! The chicken dinner (you'll receive an entire 1/2 chicken!) costs about $17.95, and that's the price of a number of dinner entrees, too. "Lite" entrees cost about $13.75 (as of Fall, 2013.)

Let's talk about the fried chicken itself. Mrs. Knotts began several decades before Colonel Sanders. (Though they lived in the same era, Sanders didn't even START marketing his chicken until "retirement.") Yet, in the last few decades, Kentucky Fried Chicken has molded public opinion about what fried chicken should taste like. People are used to his spicier style of fried chicken...which wasn't a standard way to cook chicken back in 1934 when Mrs. Knotts started out. Thus, modern palates may find Mrs. Knotts chicken bland. Others ADORE the taste and the crispier coating. You'll have to find out how YOU feel about Knotts fried chicken for yourself... Just keep in mind that it's a recipe from an older era.

Photo: entry to Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant
Other entrees at Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant include---

* Pot Roast

* Chicken Fried Steak

* Roast Turkey and Dressing

* Pork Ribs

* Chicken Pot Pie

* Sandwiches and Salads

* Hamburgers

Kids meals & desserts at Mrs. Knott's restaurant

Picture: The Knotts Marketplace is where you'll find Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant. You won't have to pay to enter the theme park to eat here; it's located just outside the main gate!If you're bringing kids with you, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Mrs Knott's children's menu and prices. Children's meals at Mrs. Knotts start around $9 and are "full course" affairs. For example, the chicken strip kids meal comes with Jell-0, corn, mashed potatoes, biscuits/jam, dessert, and a beverage in a souvenir cup.

DESSERTS--Pies are the specialty dessert at Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant. with a wide assortment from which to choose. Of all the delicious pies, the Boysenberry Pie is considered to be the specialty of the house. (The Boysenberry is a hybrid berry developed by Mr. Knotts' neighbor, Mr. Boysen, and raised extensively on the Knotts farm...back when it WAS a farm!) Don't worry if you don't have room for eating pie after dinner; you'll find a selection of pies and cakes next door at Mrs. Knott's Bakery. Choose several to take home with you!

Drinks: Among the drink offerings, expect a little of the unusual. Of course, you'll find coffee, tea, milk and "normal" flavors of soda. But...there are a few surprises, too! Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant offers boysenberry punch made from their own time-honored recipe, as well as old-fashioned sarsaparilla soda!

Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant -- Sunday Brunch at Knott's

Photo: The Courtyard, a separate banquet room behind the Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant where the Sunday Brunch is held Sunday Brunch is now ONLY held on the first Sunday of each month! The Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant has also been famous for its weekly Sunday Brunch. Unfortunately, as of Spring, 2014, that tradition has ended. The Sunday Champaign Brunch will ONLY be held on the first Sunday of the month, from now on.

At the Mrs Knott's Sunday Brunch, you'll find a smorgasbord of entrees, vegetables, fruits, salads, and breads from which to choose. Drinks and dessert (25 different types from which you may choose!) are included in the price.

Sunday brunch is held every Sunday from 9:30 am--2 pm. This buffet-style meal is held indoors in a special room called "The Courtyard." (You can see a photo of The Courtyard dining room in the photo to your left.

Prices for the Mrs. Knotts Sunday Brunch are as follows: Adult brunch prices are $29.99 each (as of Spring, 2014.); Senior brunch price (ages 62 and above) cost $22.89 and the children's price for the Sunday Brunch (ages 3 through 11) is $13.79.

Reservations ARE accepted for the popular Sunday Brunch event, which the restaurant bills as "one of Southern California's largest." You may call ahead at the Mrs Knott's restaurant reservations phone number, which is (714) 220-5055.

Mrs Knotts Take-Home Feasts for the Holidays

Picture of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant in Buena Park, CaliforniaFate of the take-home feasts is unsure at the time of this update. Since Mrs. Knott's restaurant has just made such a drastic change in their Sunday Brunch schedule and pricing, it's obvious that changes are afoot. There is currently no mention of take-home dinners on the website. We can't be sure at this time if the popular Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts will be offerred again this year. However, we will provide the information from last year's the hopes that they'll be back again some time later in the year.

Mrs. Knott's Holiday Take-home dinners: One special tradition many local residents observe is eating their Thanksgiving feasts at Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant. And, although Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant closes on Christmas Day itself, many families also have a tradition of eating their Christmas Eve dinner at Mrs. Knotts, as well.

Although the restaurant is most famous for its fried chicken dinners, the Mrs. Knotts turkey & stuffing meals are overwhelmingly popular during the holidays. If you don't like turkey, that's not a problem; elegant ham dinners with all the trimmings are served, as well.

Even families not dining at the Mrs. Knotts Restaurant can enjoy a Mrs. Knotts family feast! How? By ordering a Mrs. Knotts take-home holiday dinner!

Every year, both for Thanksgiving Day and for Christmas, you may order a complete turkey or ham dinner which will serve 6 to 8 people. You order the meal ahead of time, then pick it up---all ready to serve in time for your hungry holiday visitors!

In Fall 2013, the Mrs. Knotts Thanksgiving and Christmas take-home feasts cost $109.95 plus tax. (Taxes on the 2013 Thanksgiving & Christmas feast will make the total come out to $118.79.) Cooking the same feast (or dining out) might cost as much or more than the price of the tasty Mrs. Knotts take-home Christmas dinner, plus the staff at Mrs Knott's Restaurant takes care of the hours of prep time and cooking. (Note: special take-home feasts are generally available on select other holidays, too...such as Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day.)

In addition to receiving your choice of either a turkey or a ham for the entree, your Mrs. Knott's holiday meal will include the following: mashed potatos and gravy; yams with marshmallow topping; a cooked vegetable; one dozen of Mrs. Knott's famous yeast-raised rolls with butter and Knott's Jams; pickles; plus your choice of either a Knott's apple pie, boysenberry pie (a specialty at Mrs Knotts) or a traditional pumpkin pie. (Note: in our opinion, one pie does not serve 8 people! Although the meal is generous on some parts of the dinner, dessert isn't one of them. If you feel this way, too, you'll probably want to get a 2nd pie; a selection is available at the Knott's Bakery next door to the restaurant, or may be ordered ahead with your meal. Extra pies cost about $12 each, plus tax.)

You'll need to reserve your Take-Home feast ahead of time; you can't simply drive to the restaurant and pick up the take-home dinner unless you've given the restaurant advance notice. Not only do you have to reserve your Feast, but you'll also need to reserve your pick-up time, so there won't be a bottleneck of everyone coming at once! To reserve your banquet-in-a-box, please call (714) 220-5055 or 714-220-5006 during the pre-holiday season when orders are being taken. Also, here is the Mrs Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant page of the website, where you can discover further information.

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