Neopet Vacations

Don't let your Neopet starve while you're away for your own family vacation!

This is my blue grundo Neopet, BeeboGrundo

Do you have a Neopet at If you do, you may need the information on this page!

If you feed your Neopet faithfully every day, your Neopet will stay "full up" (or maybe even "satiated" or "bloated!") You may not realize that your Neopets will start to starve if you don't feed them every day.

First, your Neopets will get "hungry." If you still don't feed them, they'll eventually get to the point where they're "starving"...or even "dying!"

When your Neopets are full, you see their pictures as happy and smiling. For example, the picture of my Neopet Grundo named BeeboGrundo (on your left) shows him looking cute and content. But, if he gets really, really hungry, then a very sad, heartbreaking picture of my Grundo appears instead of this nice picture. (The Neopet Pictures on have changed; I don't like them as well as the old pictures!)

If you've ever accidentally let your Neopet starve, you know what I mean. You will almost want to cry if you see a picture of your beloved Neopet weak, limp and crying with hunger!

What can you do to prevent your Neopets from going hungry while your family is away on vacation?

Answer: Check your Neopets into a hotel!

Neopet Vacations: Neopet Hotels!

A Neopet Hotel will take very good care of your Neopets!

This is my pet grarrl Neopet, NataliDino

While in a hotel on Neopia, your pet will be fed, exercised, and cared for in your absence. You can pick all the features that you want your pet's NeoHotel to have. And, it really isn't very expensive, either. To let one Neopet stay for 2 weeks in a Neopets Hotel costs only about 2,000 Neopoints. (But, you can spend either less than that, or MORE than that, if you want. There's a whole list of hotels from which you can choose...from cheap to ultra-expensive.)

How do you send your Neopet on vacation to a hotel? It's easy! Simply go to Neopia Central. When you get onto the main screen...the one that has "Cereal Adventure," the "money tree" and "the rainbow pool" (you've been there, right?), then you find the picture of a big brown house and a button to click on (which says "neolodge.")

Next, click on the Neolodge button. You will be taken to the screen where you can check your Neopet into his or her hotel room!

When you get to the new screen, you should first, select the Neopet you wish to put into the hotel. Every time I travel, I put all 4 of my Neopets into a hotel so that they will be fed and taken care of. I have to put each pet into the hotel separately, as there is no way to register all 4 Neopets at one time. You will find a drop-down list of all your Neopets names...which will save you time from typing all the names.

Secondly, pick a hotel from the drop-down list in "Step 2." You will be able to choose from the following list of Neopet hotels:

***Cockroach Towers, Cost: 5 Neopoints per day

***Fleapit Motel, Cost: 10 NP per day

***Cheap Hotel, Cost: 20 NP per day

***Mountain Lodge, Cost: 30 NP per day. When I was first starting out with Neopets and didn't have many Neopoints yet, I put my pets into the Mountain Lodge. They liked it very well.

***Ye Olde Ship Inn, Cost: 40 NP per day

***Hotel Opera, Cost: 50 NP per day

***The Royal Neopean, Cost: 80 Neopoints per day

***Faerie Castle, Cost: 100 Neopoints per day. Now that I have been playing Neopets games for a long time, I have enough Neopoints to put my 4 Neopets into this hotel when I go on vacation.

***Presidential Palace, Cost: 200 NP per day

***AstroVilla, Cost: 500 NP per day

Neopet Vacations -- Choosing Nice Features for your Neopet's Hotel

I have 2 Neopet techo pets, NataliGecko and Pama

Once you select the hotel to which you'll be sending your Neopet, you'll need to decide if you want some extra-special things at the hotel. Your pet will be fed by room-service, so you won't have to worry about him starving while you're gone on your trip. But, your Neopet may become bored with room service. In the "extras" section of the Neolodge registration page, you may decide you want your Neopet to be able to go to the hotel's restaurant and/or burger bar. You may add these "extras" for your Neopet. It will cost you extra Neopoints to add extra features, but the cost isn't expensive. Each "extra feature" that you choose only costs 5 Neopoints per day.

Your Neopet will return in a content mood from his or her vacation, because he (or she) can exercise by taking a walk around the Neolodge and its grounds. But, you may want your Neopets to enjoy more things than just taking walks. So, you can add still more "extras" for your Neopet: a swimming pool, a hot-water whirlpool spa (jacuzzi), tennis courts, a dry-heat sauna, or a fitness center. Each "extra" costs 5 NP per night, just like adding extra restaurants.

Don't let your Neopet's mind get stale! You can get the Neopian Times delivered right to the door of your Neopet's hotel room every morning! And, naturally, you want to get your Neopet the "en-suite bathroom." That's because the Neopet hotels don't all have bathrooms in each room like in the USA. If you don't get the "en-suite bathroom" extra feature, your Neopet will have to go down the hall to the public restroom and bath. Yikes! What if your Neopet gets diarrhea or has to vomit? You wouldn't want him or her to get embarrassed by having to do that in the public restroom, would you?

What about Maid Service? You'll have to decide if you want your Neopet to make his/her own bed and keep the room neat...or if you want a maid to do that.

Last of all, you'll have to decide if you want your Neopet to have laundry facilities. Even if your Neopet gets Maid Service, the maid will only clean the hotel room...not your Neopet's clothes. If you want your Neopet to be able to wash his clothing while he's in the hotel, you'll have to get him the Laundry Facilities.

Step 4 is to select how many days and nights you want your Neopet to stay in the hotel.
If you're going to be on your trip for 2 weeks, be sure to put your Neopets into their hotel for at least 2 weeks. I always add a few extra days to their stay...just in case I don't return from my trip on the day that I had planned. Sometimes emergencies happen. I wouldn't want my Neopets to starve just because I stayed away longer than I had planned!

Neopet Vacations -- Questions and Answers

Pama, one of my Neopet techos, has his own PetPet, this Froggler named Greenboy

Oops---I let my Neopets get hungry. Do I have to feed them before I put them into the hotel?

Answer: You can if you want to. But, if you don't have time to feed your Neopets before you leave on your trip, don't worry. The Neolodge will feed your pets and after a day or two, if you check your account, you'll notice that they're no longer hungry.

Question: Should I put all of my Neopets into the same hotel?

Answer: I always do because I don't want them to get lonely. But...all of my Neopets like each other very well. If your Neopets don't like each other, it might be a good idea to place them in separate hotels. If they get to fighting while you're gone, who knows what will happen? Maybe the Neolodge will call you to come home from your vacation early to take them out of the hotel! (Just kidding. You can take your Neopets out of the hotel any time you want to. Just click on your Neopet's name, so that you can see each Neopet's statistics. At the bottom of each Neopet's list, you'll see a little brown sign that tells you how many days your Neopets have left in the lodge. If you click on that sign, it will bring your Neopets home right away.)

Question: How will I remember to start feeding my Neopet again?

Answer: About 3 days before your Neopets are set to come home, you will get a letter from each one of them. This letter is to remind you that when your Neopets get home, you'll need to feed them!

Somebody asked me, "Where did you get a pet Grundo?"

Answer: I got my pet Grundo on the Virtupets Space Station. When you look at the main map of Neopia, the Space Station will be in your upper right hand corner. Click on it.

You'll find yourself on a new screen which has a number of options, including Space Armor and a Space Battledome. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a choice which says, "Adopt a Grundo." Click there.

You'll go to a page which features the picture of a cute green Grundo. You'll need to click again where it says, "Enter Agency." Then, FINALLY, you'll get to a page where you can name your new Grundo Neopet, select a color, and adopt your pet!

Picture of the free omelette you can get every day to feed your neopets Comment: One reader expressed disappointment that we can no longer feed our Neopets free cereal at the Island Berry Crunch spot.

Answer: I'm so disappointed, too! First, they took away the free McDonald's food, and now they took away the free Island Berry Crunch, too! I used to love getting free I could spend my Neopoints on other things for my Neopets! Do you feel that way, too?

Here's one tip for using your Neopet's vacation time to stock up on free food: Did you know that you can still collect your portion of "Free Omelette" even while your Neopets are on vacation at a Neopet hotel? Yes, you can!

It may be hard to get to a computer when your family is on vacation, but whenever you can, go to the Neopets site and grab your daily bit of free omelette. Also, when you come back from vacation, your Neopets may still have some more time to spend at the Neopet hotel. Let them stay there! DON'T check them out of the hotel early! While they're at the hotel, you don't need to spend your Neopoints feeding them!!! Plus, you can keep getting your free omelette every that by the time your Neopets leave the hotel, you'll have a nice stockpile of free food saved up for them!!!

I'm sure everybody already knows how to get the free, daily omelette...but just in case you forgot, you should (1) Go to Tyrannia on the main "World of Neopia" screen, (2) Once you're in Tyrannia, click on the sign that says "Plateau" (in the upper right hand corner), (3)Click on the "Giant Omelette," (4) Click on "Grab some omelette." That's it!

Picture of pumpkin pie that you can feed your Neopet

What if you have to feed your Neopet RIGHT AWAY? Like, if your family is getting ready to go on an outing... Your Neopet is starving, but the Food Shop in Neopia Central is out of food? (Isn't it always???)

Try the General Store in Neopia Central. They are guaranteed to have a small selection of food that never sells out and doesn't cost too much. The General Store is located very close to the Food Shop in Neopia Central.

I know of another good place to buy food that very rarely--if ever--sells out! It's in the Haunted Woods. (1) From the main map of the World of Neopia, click to enter the Haunted Woods. (2) Once you're in the Haunted Woods, click to go into the Deserted Fair Grounds (in the upper right hand corner of the screen.) (3) Click on "Spooky Food"---and you're there! Some of the food is pretty eyeballs...but other food is tasty. You can get a pumpkin pie (like in the picture to your right) or pumpkin cookies for not very many neopoints.

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