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The Retired Shamu Show "Believe"

See old Shamu Show pictures...and a slide show, too

In the slide show of the former Shamu Show "Believe" (above,) you're viewing pictures of Shamu and other whales in actual performances at SeaWorld San Diego. Although the "Believe" show has ended at SeaWorld parks, it remains one of the all-time favorite shows of our readers. If you'd like to see pictures of the new "One Ocean" show (which has replaced the "Believe" show at all 3 SeaWorld parks,) you'll find them on our SeaWorld One Ocean show page.

Retired Shamu Show Believe -- Trainers and Whales interacted!

Shamu jumps high into the air, while the trainer sits on his nose Humans and whales no longer inteact closely in the current SeaWorld whale show. Although this change was made for safety reasons, many of our readers still miss the older "Believe" show and remember it with fondness. The enduring success of the "Believe" show lies with the fact that the whales didn't seem like they were on "display," with the humans as their "masters." Rather, the humans and the whales TOGETHER produced the show.

A female trainer and her whale did tricks TOGETHER. A male trainer and his whale did tricks TOGETHER. And, the male and female trainers and their whales all did tricks TOGETHER. That is the most endearing part of the Believe show...whales and humans working TOGETHER as equal performers! Parts of the show seemed more like a pas-de-deux from a very athletic ballet rather than a traditional orca show. Whale and human acted together "as one."

Many of the human-and-whale tricks were quite spectacular. As you can see in the photo to your left, at one point in the Believe show, Shamu arose from out of the water with the trainer sitting on his nose!

Shamu rises up out of the water with his trainer standing tall

And in another segment of the show, Shamu arose from the depths with his trainer standing on his back.

The Believe killer whale show proceeds at a "relaxed" pace. It was like observing a playtime between the whales and the trainers...showing that they were truly friends, instead of "master" and "obedient animal." It was said that the whales were even encouraged to think up their own tricks for the show...and that some of the best-loved maneuvers that the audience enjoyed originally was first shown to the trainers by the whales themselves.

Shamu's trainer hugs him tightly as the killer whale makes a flying leap into the air

In still another spectacular trick, Shamu emerged from out of the water with his trainer hugging him...clinging to his nose.

There were 4 large screens at Shamu Stadium for the Believe show. Often, the tricks being performed in the water were shown in giant-sized detail on the screens...just in case spectators had trouble viewing them from their seats.

Watching the monitor screens move around was another interesting part of the show. The individual screens could also be positioned as 2 sets of 2...making two large screens for viewing the show. And, all 4 screens could merge into one to make a super-giant monitor. Throughout the show, the screens moved apart and together again for variety...appearing not only vertically, put also horizontally and diagonally as well!

Shamu's trainer flies through the air above him If you look carefully in the picture to your right, you'll see that Shamu has propelled his trainer into the air, and the trainer is flying along in the sky several feet above Shamu's head! Along with tender moments just oozing with "togetherness" between humans and whales, the performance also showcased some very stunning athletics!

How did Shamu perform the feat of propelling his trainer into the air? For that, both the whale and his trainer had to gather up some speed. Shamu first pushed his trainer along in the water gaining ever-increasing momentum. When the "time was right," Shamu and his trainer dived downwards into the water, disappearing into the depths for a moment. When they emerged together from the water, they were sailing like a rocket ship towards the sky!

Shamu jumps into the air, pushing his trainer into a flying high dive

In the image to your left, you can see that Shamu has once again launched his trainer into the sky. This time, his trainer spreads out his arms as if making a high-in-the-air swan dive, before plunging back into the Shamu performance pool.

These pics have shown a male trainer. In fact, however, during the full performance of the retired Shamu Show, Believe, you were also able to see female trainers performing with whales, as well.

This show's display of "togetherness" was tender and touching...and was a big reason why our readers liked it so well. If you're like many fans of the show, you were mesmerized by the performance. Naturally, most fans enjoy every one of SeaWorld's shows...and yet some think that "Believe" was one of the best ever produced by the park.

Some spectators were even surprised to find themselves feeling just a bit jealous of the trainers!



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