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Ontario Mills Mall

Southern California's busiest outlet mall!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Ontario Mills Mall stores, present and past. The fun you'll have at Ontario Mills goes far beyond bargain-hunting! This lively mall features entertainment the whole family can enjoy, plus a variety of restaurants and snack shops. On this page, you'll discover the stores, dining, theaters and other places you'll want to visit, along with the practical info you need to plan your day.

Ontario Mills Mall Overview

Great shopping, restaurants & entertainment in one convenient, climate-controlled location

Photo of the Ontario Mills Mall in metro Los Angeles, California
If you're like many travelers, cashing in on a bargain you can't get "back home" is part of the fun of vacationing! You can bargain-hunt for hours...maybe DAYS! the huge Ontario Mills Mall in greater Los Angeles.

On the other hand, if you're not in the mood for shopping, the Ontario Mills Mall can provide your family with delicious meals, tasty snacks or festive entertainment, instead. On this page, you'll discover the discount shopping and family fun you can have if you visit the giant Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, California. While the outlet shopping at Ontario Mills is out-of-this-world, there's also plenty MORE to do at this terrific Inland Empire outlet mall! Set aside plenty of time for your Ontario mall visit so that you may discover it all!

Ontario Mills Mall: Entertainment

2 Cinemas at Ontario Mills---AMC and Edwards Theaters!

Photo of the AMC movie theater at Ontario Mills Mall in greater Los Angeles, California Maybe the adults and teens in your family are looking forward to doing some serious shopping, but the kids in your group may not feel that way. Bribe them! Tell them all about the great fun they're going to have at the Ontario Mills Mall...and don't mention the fact that you'll be dragging them around from store to store until AFTER they've had some fun. (At which point you can say, "YOU went to Build A it's MY turn to look around!" Sly, eh?)

So, here's a list of things that your kids would enjoy doing while at the Ontario Mills of the largest outlet malls in all of greater Los Angeles.

  • AMC Ontario Mills 30, now called the AMC DINE-IN Ontario Mills 30, offers guests a number of perks. Recliner Seating (with increased leg room); Dine-in full service; a Dolby Cinema; and RealD 3D digital are all offered here. At this AMC cinema location, you can see the latest releases...and since the movie you want to see is probably showing in several theaters here, you won't have too long of a wait. Afternoon matinees have a special lower price, and parking in the Ontario Mills lot is free. If you'd like to check out the list of movies playing & today's schedule online, here's a link to the Ontario Mills AMC showtimes from the AMC website.

    Ontario AMC Discounts: AMC's "Stub Club" discount plan has several tiers at different price ranges...and one of them is "free." If you'd like to pay, you get more perks. And for Summer 2018, an incredible new tier is being offered: 3 movies per week are included in a Stub Club plan that only costs $20 per month. Cheaper tiers come with perks such as popcorn and soda, and even the FREE tier members get to enjoy $5 movies every Tuesday. Discount-lovers should check out AMC's Stub Club membership details to see if this plan is anything you might like joining.

    Photo of the Edwards Theater at Ontario Mills Mall in greater Los Angeles, California

  • Edwards Theaters: Although it's not "officially" part of the Ontario Mills Mall, there IS a second theater at the mall---the large, modern Edwards Ontario Palace 22 Theater. This Edwards Theater location features stadium seating, plus digital sound AND projection in every auditorium. There's also an IMAX audiorium within the theater. You may pre-purchase tickets from home to print or to have sent to a mobile device; you may use an automated kiosk on arrival to avoid lines...or you can stick with the traditional ticket booths.

    To check the current list of movies playing, here's a link to the Edwards Ontario Mills showtime schedule. The Ontario Mills Edwards Theater phone number is (844) 462-7342. The Ontario Mills Edwards address is 4900 E. 4th St, Ontario, CA 91764. For directions to the mall & cinema, please see the "Mall Info" section at the end of this page.

    More Ontario Mills Entertainment---Comedy Club, Arcades, and more!

    Picture of Gameworks at Ontario Mills Mall in Southern California
  • The Improv Comedy Club, phone number 909/484-5411. If your group consists of adults only, you might enjoy a visit to the Improv Comedy Club at Ontario Mills. Call the number listed to find out their current schedule and headliners.

  • Dave & Busters, phone number 909/987-1557. Here's the entertainment center where adults get to play the games...and have a snack or a meal, as well. Or, is it a restaurant with entertainment on the side? You decide!

  • Gamestop, phone number (909) 987-2999. Choosing a new game can be almost as much as playing. Which one will you pick? It might take a long time considering Gamestop's seemingly endless selections.

    Colorful Lego building bricks are sold at Ontario Mills Mall's popular Lego Store
  • Build A Bear Workshop, phone number 909/980-0520. What's a fun experience at the Ontario Mills Mall that your little---or big!---girl is sure to enjoy? Certainly, that would be making a "furry friend" at the Build A Bear store in Ontario Mills. Your daughter, wife, mother or grandmother will enjoy picking an empty plush animal "shell," adding stuffing, a heart and a voice box (complete with her favorite saying), and picking a darling outfit for her creation to wear. (In the photo to your left, you see a cute lavender Build A Bear of the examples that the store has on display to give customers some ideas about what to create.)

    The entire process of building a stuffed teddy bear, penguin, poodle...or whatever-you-like...has already been covered thoroughly in the Downtown Disney Anaheim section of this website. You may find out all the details of the bear-building process by using the following link to see the "Downtown Disney Build A Bear Workshop" page of our site.

  • Lego Store, phone number 909/758-9303. Another place your kids will enjoy is the Lego Store at Ontario Mills Mall. Not only can you buy all sorts of Lego kits to take home, but there are also Lego play stations within the Lego shop itself. Your toddlers and tweens can have fun building imaginative creations, while you browse around the store for gift ideas, rest, or join in the fun.

    Ontario Mills Mall Restaurants

    Market Broiler Restaurant at the Ontario Mills Mall in Southern California's Inland Empire
  • The Market Broiler, phone 909/581-0866. The Market Broiler Restaurant's specialty is seafood...cooked patiently over mesquite charcoal. In fact, the Market Broiler Restaurant prides itself on a menu that changes daily...according to what fresh fish and shellfish selections their chefs have purchased at the fish market that morning! Non-fish lovers will also find steaks, chicken and pastas on the menu here.

    Fast Food and Snacks at Ontario Mills: In addition to the restaurants described above, you'll be able to choose from a selection of restaurants, fast foods and snackeries of all types at the mall's Food Court and throughout the mall's corridors. Please consult the mall's official website (link at the end of this page) for eateries not covered in this travel review.

  • Rainforest Cafe, phone number 909/941-7979. One restaurant that's as much an entertainment source as it is a place to eat meals is The Rainforest Cafe. This jungle-themed member of the Landry's restaurant family is sure to please everyone in your family from preschoolers to adults. The decor is outstanding...a rich, rain forest atmosphere complete with fish tanks, animatronic jungle animals, tropical greenery...and unexpected surprises around every corner. In addition, you'll enjoy browsing through the Rainforest Cafe Gift Shop (which, by the way, you can wander through even if you decide not to eat at the restaurant.)

    Ontario Mills list of stores

    Kids Stores at the Ontario Mills Mall

    In additon to the many stores at Ontario Mills which have a children's department as part of their offerings, you'll find the following specialty shops:

  • Abercrombie Kids Outlet, the 'tween version of Abercrombie & Fitch, has a location at the Ontario Mills Mall! Specializing in Cali-style clothing for the age 8 to 14 set, soft cotton casual wear (jeans, hoodies, tees & tops) makes up the bulk of the store offerings. The Ontario Mills Abercrombie Outlet Store's phone number is 909/987-3125.

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop, telephone number 909/980-0520. For more BuildABear information, please see the "entertainment" section of this page, above.

  • Carter's, phone number 909/980-7116. Carter's Children's clothing---what baby or child doesn't wear this brand at some point in life? The soft materials, sweet pastels for babies, and striking colors & designs for older children make this an ever-popular brand.

  • Cotton On Kids, phone number 909/466-7740. Selection of children's clothing for babies, toddlers and kids. Don't expect to find polyester.

  • The Disney Store Outlet, phone number 909/980-9070. You can enjoy browsing through a large selection of Disney-themed clothing, toys, plush animals, entertainment media, and collectibles while you're at the Ontario Mills Mall!

  • Picture: R2D2 from Star Wars made out of Legos! Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, California Gymboree, phone number 909/481-9409. Gymboree offers cute and unique clothing for baby and toddler boys, plus girls sizes up through the elementary school age.

  • Janie and Jack, phone number (909) 476-6950. Classic styling and traditional looks are the hallmark of Janie and Jack clothing. Attention to styling details and construction goes without saying.

  • Journeys Kidz Shoe Store, phone number 909/980-2561. You'll find just the right shoe for you kid who wants style, with the good construction and functionality that parents desire.

  • Justice store, phone number 909/484-6555. This very popular store offers oh-so-cute girl's clothing in sizes (size 6 to 16).Although this location is a "regular" store (not an outlet,) there's a large clearance section at the rear of the store featuring some good bargains.

  • KidPik, phone number (909) 476-7339. Brick and morter store from the company that specializes in online children's shopping service.

  • Kids Foot Locker, phone number (909) 481-7046. You'll find all of your favorite athletic shoe brands sizes that will fit your active kids perfectly.

  • Lego Store at Ontario Mills, telephone number 909/758-9303. If your family loves Ontario Mills Mall's Lego Store, then they'll certainly enjoy visiting the Legoland Theme Park in metro San Diego. To see pictures of the park & get details, please see our site's Legoland California page.

  • Mauya toys and fun, phone number is (909) 285-3024. Kids will love browsing thru Hello Kitty merchandise...and also plenty of other animated characters are featured here, as well.

  • Osh Kosh B'Gosh, phone number 909/987-5966. A well-liked brand of well-made clothing, Osh Kosh creates their own designs to give your kids a unique look from other stores. Sizes for babies, toddlers and young children.

  • The Children's Place Outlet, phone number 909/987-0880. The Children's Place is yet another staple where families head to find nice looks at reasonable prices. Some locations have closed in the past year due to company finances, but Ontario Mills customers are wishing the best for this location.

    Ontario Mills Mall: Clothing for men, women, teens

    Ontario Mills Mall's Guess Accessories outlet store Now that your family has been entertained and stuffed full, the bargain shoppers in your group can get down to serious business---shopping! There are stores of all types at the Ontario Mills Mall---clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, cosmetic and bath, gifts, jewelry, imported goods, electronics, etc. In this section, you'll find a directory of the clothing stores at Ontario Mills, then sections about other types of outlet stores further down the page. (Note: In the photo to your left, you're looking at a picture of the Guess Accessories store interior. The Guess clothing & accessories stores are currently one of the most popular brands in California.)

    You'll find the following list of outlet stores at the Ontario Mills Mall which specialize in clothing for the men, women and teens in your family---

    Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet Store, phone number 909/484-8223....... Active Ride Shop, phone number (909) 460-8147....... Aeropostale, phone number 909/980-1366....... American Eagle Outfitters, phone number 909/481-5466....... Ann Taylor outlet store, telephone number 909/484-0755....... Banana Republic outlet store, phone number (909) 484-7542....... Boss outlet, phone number (909) 484-3610....... Burlington Coat Factory, telephone number 909/481-0421....... Calvin Klein company store, telephone number 909/476-9692....... Camille La Vie, telephone number (909) 484-6479....... Charlotte Russe outlet store, phone number 909/481-3411....... Columbia outlet, telephone number (909) 360-5540....... Cotton On clothing, phone number (909) 581-1272....... DKNY outlet store, phone number 909/484-1201....... Express outlet store, phone number (909) 294-3872....... Fanzz team clothing, phone number 909/980-0090....... Forever 21 outlet, phone number (909) 476-2510....... G by Guess, phone number 909/987-4100....... The Gap outlet store, phone number 909/987-5668....... Group USA Clothing (now called Camille La Vie,) telephone number (909) 484-6479....... Guess outlet store, phone number 909/987-7776....... H & M, phone number (855) 466-7467....... Hollister outlet store, phone number 909/980-1995....... Hot Topic, telephone 909/476-9933....... Hugo Boss company store, phone number 909/484-3610....... Hugo Boss company store, phone number (909) 941-0546....... J Crew outlet store, phone number 909/987-3571....... Lacoste outlet store, phone number 909/941-1884.......

    Levi's outlet store, phone number 909/987-9400....... Loft Outlet, store phone number 909/980-0876....... Lucky Brand Jeans outlet, store phone number (909) 476-2350....... Maidenform Outlet Store, phone 909/987-8848....... Marc Ecko Cut & Sew outlet, phone number 909/484-3333....... Marshall's, phone number 909/484-3291....... Nautica outlet store, telephone number 909/481-9707....... New York & Company outlet, phone number (909) 980-0389....... Nordstrom Rack, phone number 909/476-3160....... Oakley Vault outlet, telephone number 909/476-1841 ....... Old Navy outlet store, phone number 909/481-1422....... O'Neill, phone number 657/859-3722....... Original Penguin, phone number (909) 948-9291....... PacSun, telephone 909/484-8485....... Papaya clothing store, phone (909) 466-1213....... Perry Ellis, phone Papaya clothing store, phone (909) 466-1213.............. Polo Ralph Lauren factory outlet, phone number 909/980-7190....... Pro Image, telephone 909-481-7670 ....... Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet, telephone 909/980-7558....... The North Face, telephone (909) 476-6490....... The District Men's Formalwear, phone (909) 484-7383....... Tilly's, phone number 909/481-7112....... Timberland, 909/476-9025....... Tommy Bahama outlet store, phone 909/912-6688....... Tommy Hillfiger outlet, telephone (909) 466-1167....... Torrid clothing, phone number (909) 989-9694....... True Religion outlet, phone number 909/484-4370....... Under Armour outlet, phone number 909/484-4276....... Uniqlo clothing, phone number (877) 486-4756....... US Polo Assn outlet, phone number 909/980-3723....... Vans outlet store, phone number 909/484-6533....... Victoria's Secret, phone number (909) 980-0523....... Wilson's Leather outlet store, telephone (909) 484-7968....... Windsor Fashions, telephone 909/484-0551....... Zumiez, phone number 909/987-3456

    Note: There is a department store near Ontario Mills area that you might want to visit while you're over this way. That's the Kohl's Department Store just across the street from the mall. The Ontario Kohl's phone number is (909) 484-7805, and the Kohl's address is 1051 N Milliken Ave, Ontario, CA 91764

    Ontario Mills Mall Accessories stores (shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc)

    Picture: the Ontario Mills outlet mall's Nike Factory  store Looking for that special item to complete the new outfit you purchased at Ontario Mills Mall? Following is a list of stores where you can buy shoes (dress shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, etc), purses, belts, wallets, scarves, costume and/or fine jewelry, etc---Aldo shoe outlet, phone number 909/476-5916....... Asics outlet store, phone number (909) 980-0274....... Call It Spring footwear, phone number (909) 948-6784....... Champs Sports store, phone number (909) 476-0244....... Claire's Accessories outlet, phone number 909/484-3999....... Clarks/ Bostonian shoe outlet, telephone number 909/980-7701....... Coach outlet, phone number 909/948-1362....... Converse outlet store, phone number 909-481-1908....... CR Jewelers, telephone number 909/484-8825....... Crocs footwear, telephone number (909) 980-3021....... Daniel's Jewelers, phone number 909/980-5544....... Crocs footwear, telephone number (909) 980-3021...... Ecco outlet, phone number (603) 260-1394....... Finish Line outlet store, phone number 909/980-7038....... Foot Locker outlet, phone number 909/484-0560....... Fossil factory store, telephone number 909/481-4484....... Francesca's Collections, phone number (909) 466-8403....... Guess Accessories outlet, phone number 909/476-2645....... Hat Club, phone number 909/481-6109....... Helzberg Diamonds, phone number 909/919-7213....... Jared Vault, phone number (909) 476-9777....... Journey's, phone number 909/987-1977....... Journeys Kids, telephone 909/980-2561....... Kate Spade outlet, telephone (909) 476-0492....... Kay Jewelers outlet,phone (909) 484-6806....... Kevin Jewelers outlet, telephone (909) 963-5455....... Kids Foot Locker, phone (909) 481-7046....... Kiplingoutlet, telephone (909) 481-9707....... Lids, phone number 909/476-0224....... Michael Kors outlet, phone number (909) 980-2900....... Michael Kors Men's, phone number (909) 980-(909) 942-4122....... Movado factory store, telephone number 909/484-0666....... Nike factory store, phone number 909/980-2448....... Nine West factory outlet store, phone number 909/987-1011....... Oakley Vault, phone number 909/476-1841 ....... Off Broadway Shoe warehouse, phone 909/980-2406....... Payless Shoes, phone number 909/481-2221....... Puma, store phone number 909/484-2535....... Robert Wayne Footwear, telephone 909/980-6237....... Sheikh Shoes, phone number 909/476-8330....... Shoe Palace, telephone 909/941-9800....... Shoeteria store, phone number 909/980-0977....... Skechers factory store, phone number 909/484-8733....... Solstice sunglass outlet, phone 909/581-4595....... Steve Madden shoes, phone (909) 291-0140....... Sunglass Hut, telephone 909-484-0205..... Tic Time Watch Repair, phone 909/987-6555....... Tory Burch outlet, telephone (909) 481-6104..... Tumi outlet, telephone (909) 980-1834..... Vans shoes, phone number 909/484-6533....... Watch Station, phone number (909) 481-6920....... Zales Jewelry store outlet, phone number 909/481-3222

    Health, Beauty & Bath stores and salons

    The Ontario Mills Mall is also a great place to find health & beauty products, and enjoy the services of hair styling salons and nail spas. In the list of stores & services below, you're sure to find the type of service you're seeking...and because this mall has so many exciting stores & entertainment for all ages, your family won't get a bit bored while they're waiting for you! (Unless they just want to whine... There are just some problems that even Ontario Mills can't solve!) Here's the list--

    Bath & Body Works, phone number (909) 483-5286
    Elegance Perfumes, telephone number 909/484-3166
    Fragrance Outlet, phone number 909/987-1600
    GNC/General Nutrition, telephone 909/987-9889
    Lenscrafters, telephone number 909/484-3031
    Luxury Beauty Store, phone is (909) 980-6400
    Perfumania, telephone number 909/484-6252
    Piercing Pagoda, telephone is (800) 866-9700
    Planet Beauty, phone number 909/481-7038
    The Cosmetics Company Store (909) 466-8870
    Ulta Beauty, phone number (909) 466-0260
    Vitamin World, phone number 909/481-9422

    Ontario Mills Mall: Address, phone, shopping hours

    Photo of the Ontario Mills Hot Topic store

    The Ontario Mills phone number is 909/484-8301.

    Shopping hours at the Ontario Mills Mall are as follows: Mondays through Saturdays, the Ontario Mills Mall opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. On Sundays, the mall's opening time is at 11 am and closing time is at 8 pm. Holiday hours may vary. The movie theaters set their own hours of operation, as do some of the mall's restaurants.

    Ontario Mills website: If you'd like to learn more about this popular Inland Empire outlet mall, including sales, special events, and stores in categories not covered by this traveler's review, please consult the Ontario Mills Mall official website.

    The Ontario Mills Mall address is---
    One Mills Circle, Ontario, CA 91764

    Directions to Ontario Mills Mall: The Ontario Mills Mall is located at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10...making its location very convenient for most of the residents & visitors to metropolitan Los Angeles. There are exits from either I-15 OR I-10. From I-10, take the Millikin Avenue exit. Or, from I-15, take the 4th Street exit. You may use the following link to view a Google map to the Ontario Mills outlet mall.

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