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Or, how about a Native American costume this Thanksgiving?

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Pilgrim Costumes for boys, girls, women and men. You'll also see Pilgrim hats, Native American Indian costumes, and even a whacky turkey costume...or how about a turkey hat?

Even if you end up deciding to sew your Thanksgiving costume, you'll get some good ideas from the professional outfits that are for sale in costume shops. These particular costumes come from, one of the internet's largest costume shops. (The costumes that you see above are only a sampling of what's available; there are more. If you'd like to see the entire selection, here's a link to the Thanksgiving section of Or if you're looking for a different costume or accessory, you can type your specific request in to the costume search box below:

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Buying a Pilgrim Costume

There are only a relatively small number of costume manufacturers, so once you've seen the selection from in the slide show above, you've seen a good percentage of the Thanksgiving costumes you're likely to find anywhere you go (online or off-line, either one.)

Buying a costume has the advantage of being less work. Actually, MUCH less work than sewing a costume. You order, you get it. Period.

The disadvantage of buying is that you have no say in what material is used or how it fits. If you're looking for a Thanksgiving costume that will be used year after year in pageants, you may wish to sew the costume with especially high-quality fabrics. The investment of your time will be worth it when you consider that not all of your costume's future users will treat the outfit with great care. That's no problem if you sew your costume with fabric that will "take punishment."

If the costume-wearer is hard to fit, sewing is the best way to go. Although store-bought costumes have come a long ways since the days of "one size fits all," they're still only manufactured in sizes that are typically "small, medium and large." Plus sizes are becoming more common, but still can't be found in the range of styles that buyers would like to find.

In the sections below on this page, you'll find a review of Pilgrim and Native American costume patterns that are available this year, in case you decide you might like to try sewing.

Costume stores selling Pilgrim and other Thanksgiving costumes: It's easy to find a Halloween costume--they're sold in your local discount store, at party shops, in temporary Halloween stores, and even in your local supermarket. However, none of these places sell Thanksgiving costumes. There simply isn't a big enough demand!

You'll need to find a year-round costume shop if you want a Pilgrim costume. This website has a listing of some of the best costume shops in Southern California that can serve as a reference for you. Most costume stores on the list have websites, so that you can tell if you like their selection even before you drive to their location. Here's a link to the Southern California Year-Round Costume Stores and Central/Northern California Year-round Costume Stores pages of this site.

Arizona Costume Stores: Here's a link to a page featuring Arizona costume stores. However, this list contains both year-round AND temporary costume shops, so you'll have to pay attention to the details of each listing: Arizona Costume & Party Stores list.

Colorado Costume Stores: This page, too, lists temporary stores along with permanent ones, so not every shop on the directory will be useful to someone shopping for Thanksgiving Costumes--- Colorado Costume & Party Stores page.

Costume stores in other states: Here's a link to our USA directory of year-round costume stores.

Sewing a Pilgrim Costume

The 3 largest pattern companies in the USA (Simplicity, McCall's and Butterick) all have a selection of Pilgrim and Native American Indian costumes you can sew for Thanksgiving.

However, it's easier to find some types of costumes than others. If you're sewing a Thanksgiving costume for a woman or girl, it's easier to find a Pilgrim costume pattern than if you're sewing for a man or a boy.

In the section below, you'll see the best Pilgrim sewing patterns available this year. You'll also note that if you're sewing a Pilgrim costume for men, you may have to go to some extra lengths to find a pattern...because you'll need to search auction sites and out-of-print specialty stores online to get that pattern.

Pilgrim Costumes for men, women, girls, and boys

Simplicity's Pilgrim Costumes:

1.) Adult woman's Pilgrim costume: The Simplicity pilgrim costume pattern #3723 features a woman's dress that will fit in well with your Thanksgiving re-enactment. Suggested to be sewn in a plain, dark-color fabric, this costume also features the traditional large white collar, cuffs, apron and cap that give the distinctive Pilgrim "look."

2.) Girl' Pilgrim costume: Simplicity's pilgrim costume pattern #3725 for girls features an identical dress as described for the adult Pilgrim woman...but in smaller sizes. The Simplicity Pilgrim Girl costume fits toddlers age 3 up to size 14.

McCall's Pilgrim sewing pattern:

Girl's pilgrim costume: McCall's Pilgrim Dress pattern for girls is McCall's pilgrim costume pattern M5442. Although it's now "out of print," it's still being sold occasionally on the Ebay auction website...although you'll never know when it will be up for bid. (However, you can place a request for this pattern, and Ebay will notify you by email when someone is selling it.) This pilgrim girl's pattern also comes with adaptations for a Colonial Girl costume. Apron, cap and kerchief patterns are included in the package.

Butterick's Pilgrim costume sewing patterns:

1.) Out of print Men's Pilgrim Suit and Women's Pilgrim dress: Pilgrim costume patterns for men are hard to find! Luckily, if you have time to order online, you can probably find Butterick Pilgrim Costume pattern #6375 at an auction website or out-of-print pattern specialty shop online. The man's pilgrim costume features knee-length pants and long-sleeved top featuring the traditional wide Pilgrim collar. You will need to provide your own hosiery and Pilgrim hat. The women's costume pattern, however, does contain instructions for a cap, along with the long dress, apron and wide collar. Unisex sizing is used for this pattern, ant fits chest sizes from 30 to 48 inches.

2.) Out of print boys & girl's Pilgrim costume patterns: If you'd like to become a "family of Pilgrims," the above adult Pilgrim costume has its counterpart for boys and girls: Butterick 6305. Please see the above paragraph for the costume description, because the kid's Pilgrim costumes look identical to the adult versions.

3.) Out of print boy's pilgrim costume pattern: Butterick also has one of the few available patterns for Pilgrim boy's costumes. It's Butterick P236, and can nowadays only be found on auction websites and out-of-print pattern specialists online. (Aren't we lucky these days, though! Out of print patterns used to be nearly impossible to find...and meant spending hours rummaging around in second-hand stores!)

Native American Indian costumes

Your Thanksgiving Pageant can't be complete without the people who helped the Pilgrims survive!

Picture: Cute Native American Indian girl's costume; sent in by Michelle Martinez of California

Adult Native American costume patterns:

Simplicity's Adult Indian costume patterns: Unisex size XS to XL, chest 30" to 48" Several different styles of Native American outfits for both men & women are found in one package, Simplicity pattern #5446. Feathers and headdresses are purchased and added to the sewn costume to create the finished look you desire.

Butterick's Adult Indian costume patterns: Men's and Women's Indian costumes (and children's, too) are included in the out-of-print Butterick B4171 Native American costume pattern. (If you look on Ebay, you can sometimes find this pattern still for sale.) The woman's Indian dress looks unrealistic; I'm no historian, but I doubt Indian women wore spaghetti straps. On the other hand, the men's, boy's and girl's Indian costumes included in this set look great. The men's and boy's outfit is a 2-piece set (pants/top_ with fringe detail included on both the pants and shirt. The girl's outfit is a long-sleeved, knee-length dress, which also includes plenty of fringe. This is one pattern you should consider if you're planning to sew an Indian costume for this year's Thanksgiving pageant. And, because it includes styles for both sexes and all ages, it's particularly handy. One package contains all of the men's and women's sizes, while a 2nd package contains kid's sizes from XS through L.

Kid's Indian Costume Patterns

1.) Simplicity's Native American Wardrobe for boys & girls looks extremely similar to this brand's costume package for adults. 4 different styles come included in this pattern, which is Simplicity pattern #5448. Sizes included in the package will fit kids approximately age 3 through 8.

2.) McCall's Indian Costume pattern for girls & boys: McCall's costume pattern M2851 includes fringed Native American outfits for young boys and girls size 2 thru 8. A headband pattern is included, and requires purchased feathers to complete the "look."

3.) Still another McCall's Native American costume for boys and girls is McCall's Indian costume pattern M5953. McCall's says that this is one of their "easy" costumes to make. Both the boy's and the girl's version of the Indian costume is suggested to be made in a soft brown fabric suggestive of animal hide, and both are heavy on fringe decorative accents. This costume fits kids from toddler size 2 up through size 8.

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