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Pirates Lair Pictures

Enjoy the Bootstrapper's singing and Pirates of the Caribbean themed areas

What is Pirate's Lair? It's an attraction at Disneyland Park which includes entertainment offerings, too!

Pirates of the Caribbean movie-themed area! Take a raft to this castaway island where you'll rub noses with all sorts of unsavory characters. Pirates, namely!

Explore the island, where you'll enter caves full of stolen gems, or hear Davy Jones' voice while viewing a scene from the depths of his ship. Take photos in the replica of a cage made of bones from the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie. And...on a more lighthearted note, enjoy a performance of the rolicking Bootstrappers singing and instrumental group. At times, you'll even find Captain Jack Sparrow on hand to meet and greet the crowd!

On this page, you'll see Pirate's Lair pictures and discover some of the fun you can have when you visit this newly-themed version of the former Tom Sawyer's Island attraction at the Disneyland theme park.

Meet the Jack Sparrow Disney character at Pirate's Lair!

Picture of Captain Jack Sparrow character in the Pirate's Lair attraction at Disneyland Park If your kids want to meet the Disney character of Captain Jack Sparrow, then Pirate's Lair is the place to visit!

At Disneyland Park, you may line up to meet a number of Disney characters...from Mickey Mouse to Cinderella. Since the addition of the Pirate's Lair attraction to the theme park, Jack Sparrow has become yet another costumed character that you may meet 'n greet.

Jack Sparrow doesn't necessarily make an appearance at this island attraction every day of the week. (It took me 3 visits to Pirate's Lair before catching him there.)

Picture of Captain Jack Sparrow character in the Pirate's Lair attraction at Disneyland Park

Sometimes, Captain Jack clowns around with the crowd. He might "steal" a young visitor's Mouse Ears, or pull a coin out of a child's ear. At other times, a line will form for visitors to take pictures with Jack Sparrow.

As you can see in the pictures of Jack Sparrow at Disneyland's Pirate Lair attraction, amazing attention is paid to the detail of this character's costume and makeup. You'll find that Disneyland Park's Captain Jack will be wearing the exact same pirate clothing as you've seen on Jack Sparrow in the popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" series of movies. Jack's makeup, wig and jewelry are also faithfully replicated, as well.

Even Jack Sparrow's swagger and mannerisms are followed by the Disneyland Pirate's Lair version of this well-loved character. If your kids come away from Pirate's Lair feeling that they've met the "real Jack Sparrow," they have a good reason to think so. More than having a case of child-like wishful thinking, they will have met a very carefully dressed and rehearsed professional imitator!

Bootstrappers musical group at Pirate's Lair

Picture: Bootstrappers singing group at Disneyland's Pirate's Lair attraction

The lively Bootstrapper's musical group sings & plays at the Pirate's Lair attraction. If you're lucky enough to see them performing on stage as you're arriving at Tom Sawyer's Island...or leaving (or at any other time)...STOP and listen! These fellows perform only at intervals. You might not have the chance to hear them again during your "trip" to this pirate island enclave.

These period-costumed musicians accompany themselves on instruments resembling those which were available during the pirate heydays of yore. Sea chanties are included in their repertoire of songs...including a rousing version of "Whale of a Tale" (which Disney movie fans will remember hearing in the film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.")

It's hard to keep from tapping your toes while listening to them play. Some members of the audience have been known to take their kids by the hand and begin dancing, as well!

Explore Pirates Lair's "secret" caves!

You'll find eerie caverns filled with pirate loot...and scary skeletons!

Picture: Pirates Lair caves contain hidden treasures!

There are "secret" caves to explore within the Pirate's Lair attraction!

Once you enter the plain-looking exterior of the caves, you'll find a wealth of surprises. Er, stolen PIRATE WEALTH, that is!

You'll find gems and pearls; golden goblets and bracelets. You'll even discovere that the pirates have stolen a locket containing the image of Elizabeth Swann, and they've hidden it amongst the illicit treasures stashed away in their caves!

At one point, you'll receive the tempting offer to grab a handful of the pirate's treasure & take it home with you. But, don't get too greedy. This ill-gotten gain might disappear before your very eyes before you can make away with it!

Picture: Pirate treasure of gold and jewels is hidden in the caves of Pirate's Lair at Disneyland!

Pirate's treasure isn't the only surprise you'll find within the caves of this adventuresome island!

You'll also see special themed exhibits corresponding to scenes from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies. In one cave...amidst skeletons and eerie lighting...you'll come across a curious chest. Your ears detect a peculiar noise. What could it be??

If you touch this strange treasure chest, your fingers will feel a rhythmic pulsation. Suddenly, you realize what you've discovered: the beating heart of Davy Jones!

In yet a different cave, you'll actually hear the voice of Davy Jones. Amidst eerie blue lighting, you'll get to view a scene from the bowels of his fearsome ship, The Flying Dutchman.

Pirate's Lair: Place for kids to play!

Tree forts, pirate props, bouncing bridges!

Picture of Pirate Fort play area at Disneyland Park's Pirate's Lair Pirate forts and tree houses! Pirate's Lair is a place where active children may play and "get the wiggles out." (And give parents a chance to sit down for awhile!) As you can see by the picture of a pirate fort/tree house to your left, Pirate's Lair provides some interesting playtime props. All that's left for your kids to supply the imagination!

There are several pirate-themed play areas such as the one pictured. Since Pirate's Lair has already been in existence for many years (as "Tom Sawyer's Island,) these play areas are surrounded by tall, shady trees, and make a picturesque spot to relax for a moment from your busy day at the theme park.

Picture of barrel bridge on Pirate's Lair which bounces as you walk across it!

Another fun spot features special bridges. As you can see from the picture of the bouncing barrel bridge to your right, you can have fun just getting from one side of the Pirate's Lair lagoon to another! This is great fun for older kids who can keep their balance. (Toddlers may be terrified, however.)

Bridge traffic goes in one direction only. But never fear---after you've crossed the barrel bridge in one direction, you may return to your starting poing via a fun suspension bridge!

Picture of a skull on Pirate's Lair in Disneyland Park

Anyone who's seen the popular Disney movie, "Pirate's of the Caribbean 2" already knows that a cage made out of skulls and bones is part of the action in this film. Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew members are captured and placed into these unusual and gruesome ball-shaped prisons.

Believe it or not, there's a skull-and-bones cage replica on Pirate's Lair. And furthermore, it's a popular spot for guests (of ALL ages, even adults!) to take photos. In fact, there are special empty holes in the cage through which you may put your face (so it can show up clearly in your snapshots!)

Picture of skull and bones cage at Pirate's Lair, like the kind seen in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie

To your right, you see a picture of the skull and bones cage on Pirate's Lair (in its entirety.) You may enter the cage, and use it either as a photo backdrop...or as a rather grisley playtime prop.

Above, you see a closeup picture of a skull from the cage (one of many which make up this unusual ball-shaped prop.)

Where on Pirate's Lair can you find the cage made out of skulls and bones? If you venture into the depths of the island, you'll find the skull cage located near the suspension and pontoon bridges.



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