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This year, you'll find a greater selection of fun Halloween styles than ever before!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun & fashionable plus size costumes. This year, you'll find a greater selection than ever before. The styles in the slide show represent only a small portion of Plus Size Costumes available at, one of the internet's largest Halloween shops. With over 15,000 costumes, props, accessories & makeup kits, they've truly got "something for everyone" of all sizes and ages. Here's a link to the Women's Plus Size Costume Section of, if you'd like to view more. Or, if you prefer, here are the Men's Plus Size Costumes.

What are some tips for selecting the most flattering costume? That's the subject of the rest of this page! You'll also find plus-size costume sewing pattern suggestions, as well.

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Which plus size Halloween costume looks best?

Every woman's body is different; time to make an assessment!

Picture: Shrek and Fiona Halloween Costumes are perfect for the brawny man and his dateThe best way to find the best-looking costume is to know yourself. What are your body's best points...and what could look a little better?

What types of "regular" clothing have you always looked best wearing? What colors, and what styles? One piece or two piece? And with what accessories?

Since every teen & woman's body is different, the costume that looks stunning on one person might look only mediocre on another. But that's OK; that's why there are so very many styles made these days.

Despite individual differences, though, there are some "general guidelines" that are true for nearly everybody:

1.) Vertical lines are more slimming than horizontal lines. Diagonal lines can look very flattering, as well.

This design fact illustrates a basic optical illusion: up and down lines draw the eyes of the onlookers upwards. You'll look taller, and slimmer. Horizontal lines draw people's eyes from side to side...and you'll look shorter and stubbier.

Despite this knowledge, not every Plus Size costume designer obeys this rule. Even in 2008, you can find plus-sized Halloween costumes featuring horizontal lines, either in the costume itself or in the stockings worn with the outfit. You can choose these outfits if you want to; but, be forewarned that it's most probably NOT going to be the best look that you can find.

2.) Darker colors are more slimming than loud colors. In general, colors like black, brown, wine/burgundy/maroon, navy and royal blue, deep purple, rust, and forest green are the most flattering for the parts of the costume you want to make look smaller.

Loud colors like bright red, yellow, orange, etc. look best on a larger figure when used as accents. Soft, light colors like beige, white and pastels work well to emphasize good points, like an attractive bust line.

3.) Plus size gals have an asset that skinny girls don't have, and that's a generous bust line! A scoop neck, V-neck or off-the-shoulder neckline can help emphasize your feminine assets. Isn't it fun to know you DON'T need to wear a push-up bra under your costume? As you can see in the picture of Fiona and Shrek above, a nice bust line complements Fiona's beautiful dress (which is also slimming because of its dark color and vertical lines.)

4.) Some plus-size women have an hour-glass figure. If you've got a great waistline, show it off! Halloween costumes featuring corsets are all the rage this year, and plus size gals with a flat tummy look great in them. Make sure your corset laces are either dark or made out of the same color as the rest of the costume for the slimmest look. You won't be making the most of this asset if you pick a bold color for your corset laces because these zig-zag horizontally, giving the appearance of a heavy midriff.

If you have a rounded tummy, then skipping the corset is a good idea. There are a number of costumes available this year that drape gracefully around the midriff section, and give an overall slimming, appealing look.

5.) Show off legs to their best advantage. Here are ideas that can work well:

a.) Wear dark or fishnet stockings. When your legs are covered with flattering hosiery, you will look better in a short costume. White stockings are also popular & hide cellulite...but they don't contribute to an overall slimming look.

b.) Side slits, jagged hemline or tatters: A long skirt will seem more daring if you use a slit or two. Pirate dresses are sometimes made entirely of "tatters" of fabric which let your legs or pantyhose show through.

c.) Wearing high heels can create a flattering look, but you'll have to think about your comfort, too. If you'll be standing with no place to sit, it may not be worth it to you. Boots may or may not be flattering to the leg...depending on the boot style and the type of costume.

6.) Choose fun accessories: This year, wearing a long dress can mean that you're either a vampire, a witch, a princess, a pirate, or a number of other Halloween characters. Make sure your accessories show off who you're portraying. Catchy accessories make for a great "look," your pictures will be more memorable, and you may even have more fun ('cause you won't have to explain repeatedly what your costume's supposed to be!)

Sewing a Plus-Size Halloween Costume

It's easier than ever to make a great-looking plus-size costume

While pattern companies have ALWAYS included plus-sizing in a selection of their costume patterns, 2008 will be remembered as the year that Simplicity introduced the Khalia Ali collection---an entire LINE of costumes and clothing created ESPECIALLY for plus-size women!

These cute new costumes feature terrific styling and interesting details, and are sure to save you money over buying a similar outfit at a costume shop. (These luxurious types of costumes generally sell in the $100-$200 range.) It's time for the skinny gals to be envious that they can't fit them...YES, this collection really IS that nice!

Examples from the new Kahlia Ali collection at include---

1.) Simplicity's plus-size costume pattern #2818, which fits women's sizes 18-32. You'll get a choice of 3 different costumes that can be made from one basic design: a witch, an angel, and a queen. With the witch costume, for example, you'll begin by making a simple, floor-length black sheath dress, over which you'll add a witch's robe made of a tantalizingly sheer fabric. The queen't gown, on the other hand, calls for elegant faux fur trim...with a bejeweled crown (purchased separately) to finish your regal look.

2.) Simplicity's Khaliah Ali costume pattern #2837 will turn you into an ancient Egyptian princess as lovely as Cleopatra. As with the other Khaliah Ali Collection patterns, this can be made in sizes 18W through 32W. An alternate view of this pattern makes an oriental costume...a modernized version of a Japanese kimono.

3.) The following Kahliah Ali plus-size costume makes either a cute gypsy or not-so-wicked witch costume. Simplicity's costume pattern #2521 fits women's sizes 18-32. Although it's really a 1-piece dress, this costume appears to be a several-piece ensemble at first glance (skirt/peasant blouse/laced bodice & over-skirt.) When made with high-quality material, these classic costumes can be used for many years; you'll certainly get tired of them long before they wear out!

Other Simplicity plus size patterns

Picture: Cute women's smurfette costumes!

The Kahliah Ali plus size costumes are terrific...but unfortunately, the collection is 'way too small! Therefore, you might not find the exact type of costume you have in mind. Here are some other costumes from Simplicity which include some plus-sizes along with smaller Misses sizes--

1.) Alice in Wonderland plus-size costumes: Johnny Depp is certainly famous for unusual character roles...and whenever he's in a new film, it seems like movie costume sales explode! His performance in "Alice in Wonderland" not too long ago has definitely launched a trend for in Halloween costumes. With Simplicity's Alice in Wonderland costume pattern 5394 you can make either a cute, plus-size Alice dress...or a fiendish plus-size Queen of Hearts gown! The good news for plus-size women is that the pattern comes in sizes up through Misses 22! You may customize your Alice or Queen of Hearts costume using your own favorite materials...or try to re-create the exact costume colors and designs. Either way, you'll have a terrific, trendy costume that will be the hit of the party!

Sassy Alice: If you're looking for a mini-skirted costume instead of a movie costume look-alike, then you'll want to see Simplicity's Alice in Wonderland costume pattern 2077. You'll make Alice's traditional blue dress and white pinafore...only they'll be much shorter. This pattern comes in sizes through Misses 24...and you may also use it to make a sexy, sassy witch costume, Little Red Riding Hood, and several other disguises, as well.

2.) Historical Plus-size Costumes: (1) Simplicity's Early American women's costume pattern #3723 makes a variety of long dresses straight out of the USA's history books. Become a pilgrim girl, Betsy Ross...or pretend you lived in the Little House on the Prairie. Sizes run up through Misses 22 for this costume set. (2) You can re-create a Civil-War era costume with Simplicity's Antebellum women's costume pattern #3727. This prim and proper look won't let you become a flirtatious Southern Belle...but if you always admired Miss Melanie in "Gone with the Wind," this pattern may be what you're seeking. Another choice is Simplicity's Civil War women's costume pattern #2881, which comes in the same sizes. (3) You could possibly be Romeo's Juliet wearing Simplicity's historical women's costume pattern #2573. This floor-length dress features a beautifully laced bodice, open sleeves, and eye-catching trim. This gown also comes in sizes up to Misses 24. (4) You can become Queen Elizabeth's twin if you make Simplicity's Tudor women's costume pattern #2589. Suggested to be made in rich, colorful velvets and heavy with trim, you'll look regal, indeed in this elegant costume which can be made in sizes up to Misses 24.

3.) Fair Damsel--- You could possibly become Lady Guinevere or a Lord of the Rings character if you make Simplicity's women's costume pattern #4940. A floor-length hemline and billowing sleeves are features of this flatteringly-cut dress which comes in sizes up through Misses 26.

4.) Gypsy costume patterns: If you think it sounds fun to be a gypsy this Halloween...but you want to find a different style than the one listed above...then there's good news! Simplicity brought out a new gypsy costume pattern this year that's got a choice of 3 different variations you can make. And, all of them can be made in sizes up through Misses 22! Here's Simplicity's gypsy costume pattern 5400 so you can decide which design interests you most.

What if you need size 24? Here's Simplicity's gypsy costume pattern 3060 which includes Misses size 24. And, in addition to the gypsy costume you can become a witch, vampiress...or even a short-skirted sassy pirate woman!

5.) Other plus-sized costumes: The ideas listed above are far from ALL of the plus-size costumes that are available to sew.

Consider being a Wizard of Oz Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch of the West. You'll find plus-sizing very easy to come by with Simplicity's patterns for these costumes. For a complete discussion about making these Wizard of Oz plus-size movie costumes, please visit the Wizard of Oz Costume Ideas page of this website.

Vampires and witches are 2 other categories where you'll find some luscious-looking plus-size costumes. To see a variety of styles, please visit the Witch and Vampire costumes page of this website.

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