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Prize-winning Halloween Costumes!

Let the winners of this website's October, 2008 Halloween Costume Contest give you some great ideas and tips!

Picture: Prize-winning Lizard Man costume uses liquid latex liberally

Get tips and ideas for your 2009 Halloween costume from the winners of this website's Halloween Costume Contest! The costume was held in October, 2008, with entries in all age brackets from babies to seniors. All sorts of costumes were entered, from store-bought to home-sewn to lavishly constructed with a variety of materials! On this page, you'll discover the winners of that lively, fun-filled contest...plus see pics of the prize-winning Halloween costumes!

Would you like to enter the contest this year? You can---and you'll find details all about it on the 2009 Halloween Costume Photo Contest page of this site!

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Halloween Costume Prize Winner's List--

Austin Davidson's "Lizard Man" won Grand Prize!

Picture: Lizard Man's face, closeup; Grand Prize-winning Halloween costume by Austin Davidson!

Austin Davidson isn't a professional costumer, but he ought to be! As you can see in his prize-winning Lizard Man costume photo above, Austin has taught himself to an expert level of makeup and liquid latex application. AND he added a number of prosthetic thorny spikes to his extremely detailed lizard costume, as well!

Austin is also an expert in costume design and imagination, as well. He began thinking about his Lizard Man costume months ahead of Halloween, working out the tiniest of details every part of his pro-quality costume would have...from the yellow eyes with a keyhole-shaped pupil, to his slimy, decaying teeth...all the way down to the tip of his long, iguana-like tail.

In the composite photo Austin entered into the Halloween contest, you can see a number of views and appreciate the extreme effort that went into making his outstanding costume.

Way to go, Austin! Your Grand Prize-winning costume is an example of brilliant imagination and detailed execution!

Prize-winning Halloween Costumes--2nd and 3rd place winners

With nearly 200 entries...most of them very good ones!...it was very difficult for voters to decide which costumes would win the available prizes. Despite the difficult decisions to be made, ballots were cast and winners were named.

In addition to Austin's Lizardman costume, 3 other Halloween costumes came in with a landslide of votes, cast not only by their friends, but also by fellow contestants and a wide range of readers. These 3 costumes claim the Number 2 and Number 3 (tied) positions in the Winner's Circle.

Doggie Wizard of Oz Characters

Picture: Wizard of Oz dog costumes: Cowardly Lion and Glinda the Witch! Emily Rose (California) and her 2 little Yorkies in "Wizard of Oz" costumes won 2nd Prize in the Halloween contest! Emily admits that she hasn't always been a big fan of Halloween...but decided to get in the spirit of the event this year. She and her friends dreamed up a Wizard Of Oz-themed plan, and each of them dressed as a different character! Emily herself dressed up as Dorothy, while other humans in the group took the role of the Scarecrow and the Wicked Witch. In addition to her dogs Gizmo and Gabby (seen in the picture of Cowardly Lion and Good Witch Glinda to your left,) there was one other doggie who played a costumed role with the group. A friend's mini-schnauzer puppy was decked out as the Tin Man. What a group! Wouldn't they turn heads in their neighborhood on Halloween night!

Shrek and Fiona Couples Costumes

Picture: Homemade Fiona and Shrek Costumes were prize-winning costumes in the Halloween contest!

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Havey (Wisconsin) won 3rd Place (tie) for their Shrek and Fiona costumes! Don't they make an endearing ogre couple as they portray the well-loved Fiona and Shrek movie characters? Voters thought so...and cast their ballots in droves!

When a husband that's 6 feet 7 inches tall towers over his 5'2'' wife, what kind of "couples" Halloween contest can they devise? To Donald, it seemed like dressing as Shrek and Fiona certainly made sense...and the effect really did turn out well. The Havey's even won a local contest on Halloween night!

"Did you have any humorous things happen to you while wearing your costume?" I asked Donald. "Oh, yes!" he replied! "My wife bought us matching green gloves to wear...but I decided to use makeup on my hands, instead. I didn't realize beforehand that it took 2 or 3 hours for the makeup to dry before it wouldn't smudge and rub off on things. I got green makeup on other parts of my costume, on the walls of my house, and everywhere I touched inside my car!" How hilarious, Donald! But don't feel alone--I'm sure that many of us who've used Halloween makeup have our own similar tales of woe!

Toddler I Love Lucy Costume

Picture: Prize winning I Love Lucy costume Lacey Sanders (Texas) tied for 3rd place with her daughter's head-turning "I Love Lucy" costume! Doesn't her little toddler look cute as can be in her Lucy look-alike costume?

How did Lacey pull together this remarkable Lucy costume? You've never seen an I Love Lucy dress just like this one...and here's why: Lacey put it together from a variety of sources. The dress, believe it or not, is actually part of a Minnie Mouse outfit! Minus the mouse ears and other accessories, it plays the part of a '50's dress quite well, doesn't it! Lacey also put good use to some costume beads, a white hair bow, and her daughter's black patent shoes.

The costume's highlight, however, is the adorable I Love Lucy apron! Where did she find it? I scoured the internet trying to locate one like it...but to no avail. When I asked her, it turns out that Lacey made it herself! HOW? The cursive handwriting on the "I Love Lucy" is so PERFECTLY done, it surely must have been machine stamped, right?

Wrong! Lacey wrote the "I Love Lucy" logo on the apron's pocket BY HAND! It took her 20 or more practice tries to get the look "just right." Talk about a "labor of love"---this is certainly it! And it paid off. Little "Lucy" was an instant hit with all her neighbors!

Picture: I Love Lucy toddler couple portray Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz!

But, wait--there's even more to the story! This cute toddler Lucy Look-alike was part of a "couples costume."

The other half was Desi Arnaz!

When it was time to go trick-or-treating, "Little Lucy's" cousin arrived...dressed in a suit as if he were Ricky Ricardo headed out to the club to lead his orchestra.

This Lucy-Desi couple needed heavy-duty bags to carry home all the extra treats they received from enchanted home-owners!


Winners of Children's Halloween Costume Categories

These cute baby, toddler and kid's costumes may spark your own great ideas for prize-winning Halloween Costumes!

Picture: Prize-winning Pumpkin Baby costume was a spur-of-the-moment idea! When Libbie Bailey set out to carve her Halloween Jack-o-lantern, she didn't realize she was setting the stage for her prize-winning "Pumpkin Baby" picture! As work progressed on her Jack-o-lantern, she began to realize what a very large pumpkin she had...and thought it would be a cute idea to photograph her little girl sitting inside of it. After all, as a new mom, Libbie loves to take LOADS of pictures of her little sweetheart. Halloween pictures taken inside a Jack-o-Lantern seemed like they'd make a great addition to her album!

Her cute spur-of-the-moment picture ended up winning first place in the "baby Halloween costumes" category of the contest!

So, what was Libbie's daughter's REAL Halloween costume? It would be rather hard to take the baby trick-or-treating inside of a pumpkin! Little Wendy's real costume was a Care Bear suit. She must have looked adorable in it, as well!

Toddler Cat in the Hat

Picture: Prize-winning Cat in the Hat costume is endearing because of its expressiveness!

Christine Thompson (British Columbia, Canada) won top honors in the "Toddler Costume" category with the heart-melting picture of her son's Cat in the Hat suit.

Christine decided to take pictures just before leaving the house to go trick or treating. Her son complied...but all the while he was thinking about how much he just wanted to get going! The resulting wistful look on his face turned this family's holiday photo into a prize-winning picture!

Christine's photo of her son, Derek, as Cat in the Hat could have caused some problems at home...but, thankfully, it didn't. You see, Derek has a twin brother. Every year so far, they had dressed alike for Halloween. This year, Derek's brother, Hunter, wore a different costume. It would have been so easy for Hunter to get jealous when he didn't win. But, he's already on his way to being a big boy; he was actually quite happy for his twin's accomplishment!

Picture: Prize-winning Cleopatra child's costume

Cleopatra children's costume

Michelle Martinez (California) won 1st place in the "Children's Costumes/Purchased" category for her daughter's Cleopatra costume. Actually, while the Cleopatra jewelry was indeed purchased, Michelle made the "dress" part of the costume herself. She was simply to polite to tell me that I had placed her costume in the wrong category!

The entire Martinez family goes all-out for Halloween every year! Because her family and friends can get a bit competitive with one another, Michelle was certain she wanted to find the best Cleopatra costume possible, but she couldn't find one she liked in her daughter's small size. What should she do?

Michelle got clever. She found an adult's deluxe Cleopatra costume which had much nicer jewelry than she could find in a kid's package...and she made the Egyptian dress and the scepter herself! Her daughter was very pleased with Michelle's hard work...and the little girl stood out splendidly from the crowd when she wore it for the holiday!

Glinda, the Good Witch of Oz

Picture: stunning homemade Glinda the Good Witch costume; Wizard of Oz character

Kelly Marino (Michigan) won the "Best Children's Costume/Home-sewn" category for her daughter's lavish Glinda costume. Glinda the Good Witch, as you may remember, is a character from the Wizard of Oz.

Young Glinda's grandmother is the talented woman who designed and sewed this spectacular costume. She made the Glinda dress from her own hand-made pattern, then chose lush fabrics to complete a costume so ornate it could have been used in the movies! The bodice and skirt of the dress were made of pink satin and sheer organza dotted with glitter; and it took several yards of pastel pink tulle to make the frilly petticoat underneath!

Kelly herself hand-crafted Glinda's crown. After measuring her daughter's head, Kelly drew the shape she envisioned on white crafter's foam. For the next step, she hot-glued the ends of the headpiece together, then painted the crown silver. For a more elegant effect, she then added a coat of pearlized paint on top of the silver layer. To decorate Glinda's crown, Kelly hot-glued rhinestones into place, including a large rhinestone as the center medallion of the headpiece.

The finished effect? A simply elegant hand-made costume that will surely become a treasured heirloom!

Sponge Bob boy's costume

Picture: This prize-winning SpongeBob costume was actually made of sponge rubber! Brenda Edson (Virginia) and her clever Sponge Bob costume tied for first place in the "Children's Costumes/Hand-Constructed" category.

Can you believe it--SpongeBob is really a sponge! Well, sponge/foam rubber, that is. That's because this fanciful home-made Sponge Bob costume is made from a foam rubber mattress pad! How's THAT for thinking "out of the box?" She came up with the idea herself--and thought up her own instructions for making the Sponge Bob costume, as well.

Brenda took a new mattress pad and cut it down to a shape that would cover her son's body to the knees, both front and back. She spray-painted the mattress a bright yellow color. For Sponge Bob's facial features, she used crafter's foam in appropriate colors and cut out eyes, mouth, tongue, teeth, etc. Last step? Putting it all together...which, in this case, meant tacking SpongeBob's sides together, cutting neck and arm holes, then gluing on the facial details which she had already cut. Voila! Great results, and a costume which her son was overjoyed to wear. He was the trick-or-treating "star" in his neighborhood!

Super Mario costume

Picture: Homemade Mario Brothers costume was a prize-winner in the contest!

Marcie Shain (Colorado) tied for 1st place in the "Children's Costumes/Homemade" category with her elaborate Mario Brothers costumes. This picture, of course, is Mario; she made a very similar Luigi costume for the other sibling.

How in the world did Marcie make this terrific-looking Mario costume? Even more specifically, how can you make a Mario costume's head that will look as good as Marcie's? It isn't easy...but here's how she did it.

Mario and Luigi's heads were made out of paper mache! (AKA "Papier mache") Marcie started by using a large beach ball as a base for the paper strips. Her tip: "using pre-made sheets of paper mache is much easier and quicker than making your own." She laughed that her house looked like a disaster area as she was working on the project. After applying one coat of the gooey paper strips, the heads needed to dry out before the next coat was applied. After adding enough coatings of the paper mache for the Mario & Luigi heads to be durable, she then had to finish them by painting, adding felt for the features and yarn for the hair. Marcie's tips for making this part of the costume: "Remove the ball by deflating it when the head is dry. Make sure there is a big enough hole for your child's head to fit. Also, make a hole in the mouth (below the mustache) for your child to see and breath."

Mario's and Luigi's outfits and hats need to be sewn or bought, as well. The colors you choose should be the same colors as the "real" Mario Bros. outfits...to make them look authentic.

Putting it all together: When both the Mario heads and the outfits are ready, they need to be put together. The finished heads would be too heavy for your child to handle alone. Marcie's tips: "You will have to build a support to help hold the head up. We used PVC pipe and a backpack."

Great results---Marcie's kids were the stars of the neighborhood! Marcie was pleased--and a bit surprised, even--at how much like celebrities her kids were treated while wearing their Mario and Luigi costumes! She said that strangers could come up and ask to take pictures with them...and they received an extra amount of candy from the houses they visited while trick-or-treating, too!

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