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Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

Photo of the Ralph Brennans Restaurant at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (main restaurant) is one of the more gourmet-style restaurants in Downtown Disney, offering authentic New Orleans-style Creole and Cajun cuisine.

The Brennan family has been in the restaurant business for over 55 years in New Orleans (and nowadays, in other cities, too), and so Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen really does offer "the real thing."

The Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen building itself is an architectural beauty that recreates the New Orleans French Quarter dining experience quite accurately. As is the rule with French Quarter buildings, a beautiful interior courtyard awaits you when you step through the doors of Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen. (And, just as in French Quarter restaurants, elegant indoor dining salons are available, as well.)

Ralph Brennan's menu and prices

Photo of the saxophone-shaped sign on Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Restaurant in Downtown Disney in California Dinner at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen: The menu at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen offers you several taste-tempting gumbos (Creole-style soups) from which to choose, barbeque shrimp, crab cakes, and many other Southern-style entrees, largely seafood-based. Some of the seafood here is actually flown in regularly from Louisiana!

Expect your dinner entree at Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen to cost in the $18--$30 price range.

Lunch at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen: If you're excited to try this lovely restaurant on your next visit to Downtown Disney Anaheim...but you're on a will be glad to know that Ralph Brennan's lunch menu is quite a bit less expensive. At lunch, sandwiches and main-dish salads are available in addition to the entrees. You can expect your salad, sandwich or entree to cost in the $10 to $15 price range.

Ralph Brennan's appetizers and desserts: You can expect portions large enough to fill you when dining at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. However, the restaurant menu include both a number of tempting appetizers as well as an array of lavish desserts. Both the appetizers and the desserts are priced separately from the entrees, and often cost around $7.

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Prices: Unlike many restaurants which leave their menu prices a secret when you check out their online websites, you'll never wonder what your costs for a meal at the Downtown Disney Ralph Brennan's will be. That's because this popular Disneyland Resort restaurant keeps their prices posted beside each item of their online menu. In order to keep from being surprised...and to see the exact menu items currently sure to check out the Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen website (link below) just before embarking on your Disneyland vacation.

Ralph Brennan's live jazz at Flambeaux's

Photo of the New Orleans French Quarter-style patio for outdoor dining at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney California The "jazz kitchen" part of the name, "Ralph Brennans JAZZ KITCHEN" comes from the fact that you'll enjoy live New Orleans-style jazz featured every night of the week here! This takes place at Flambeaux's Jazz Club, which is adjacent to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (in the same building.) (You should pronounce this club's name "Flam-BO's;" it rhymes with Joe's or toes.)

Some nights, you'll be able to hear an accomplished jazz pianist. On other nights, you might hear a trio or other jazz combo. If you're dining on the patio at Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen, you'll able to hear and enjoy the music of this adjoining club.

You can find out exactly what jazz artist or group will be performing in advance of your visit. The Flambeaux's Jazz Club's schedule of musicians is listed on the Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen website (link below on this page.)

Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen Express

Photo of the Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen Express restaurant in Downtown Disney California It's easy to grab a snack while you're at Downtown Disney Anaheim. There are so many tempting choices, it's hard NOT to grab a snack while you're there!

A great place for a quick snack while visiting Downtown Disney is at the Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express. You'll find the Jazz Kitchen Express directly adjacent to the main restaurant.

Eating at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express is a fun way to enjoy a taste of New Orleans-style cooking while spending less time and money than in the main restaurant itself.

You can find sandwiches and light meals in the Jazz Kitchen Express, but a great reason to go there is for their signature dessert treat...real, New Orleans-style BEIGNETS.

Close up of my beignet, a New Orleans-style donut, made at Ralph Brennans Express Restaurant at Downtown Disney California As you can see from this photo on your right, beignets (ben-YAYS) are fluffy little pillows that resemble dinner rolls. Well, yes, that's just what they're like. Beignets are made from a yeast-risen dough, which is rolled out, cut into pieces and then fried. The inside of the little pillow is actually hollow, which is a result of air expanding within the dough as it is cooked. When still fresh and hot from the fryer, the beignets are sprinkled with a generous portion of powdered sugar.

While this is certainly a treat your waistline won't want you to eat everyday, it makes a tasty occasional snack. This 4-beignet serving costs about $5.

If you'd like to try your hand at making beignets when you return home from your travels, you may buy a box or two of beignet mix right inside of Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen Express! You may also find a beignet recipe on the Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen website (link below.)

Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen -- Phone, Address and Directions

The Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen address is---

1590 S Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92892

The Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen phone number is 714/776-5200.

For directions to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney Anaheim,
please use the following link to view the "Disneyland Maps" page of this website.

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen has a delightful website. You can even see a video while you're at that site---showing pictures of Ralph Brennan's food, and sounds of the New Orleans jazz for which Brennan's at Downtown Disney is famous.

Please use the following link to view the Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen official website.



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