Road Trip Vacations and Flights into Los Angeles

Sunset off the coast of Southern California

Get information on road trip vacations and flights to Los Angeles in this section of

If you click the tab marked "Los Angeles Airports,"
you can find out detailed info on 4 Los Angeles metro airports. You'll also read ESSENTIAL information if you have a child flying alone to Los Angeles (or anywhere else, for that matter!)

If you click the tab marked "Road Trip Ideas" you'll discover details about road trip vacations to Los Angeles. This "road trip vacations" module covers many different family activities you can enjoy along your route into Southern California---on 4 different popular highways!

You'll also see photos of these along-the-way activities, to help you decide for yourself which activities you'd like to enjoy on your road trip vacations!

(By the you wonder where the shot of this pretty California sunset was taken? This is a view of the Pacific Ocean as seen from the Montage Resort Hotel in Laguna Beach, California!) find out information on getting to Southern California by air or by car, click on the tabs in the "NavBar" OR just click here....

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The beaches and theme parks of Southern California await you---year round. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip today!

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