Santa Costume Ideas

What's Christmas without Santa Claus and Mrs Claus all "decked out" in their red velevet finery?

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Santa Claus costumes, Mrs Claus costumes, Santa wigs, Santa hats...and even Santa suits for kids! Little girls...and even pets!...have their own version of the traditional holiday Santa outfit!

These Santa costumes and accessories are just a part of the assortment you'll find at, one of the internet's largest costume stores. Even if you intend to sew your own Santa and Mrs Claus costumes or buy them locally, you can still get some good ideas from the pictures passing by you in the above slides. To view all of the available costumes, Santa hats, wigs and other accessories that are available, you may use the next link to view the Santa Claus section of

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Sewing a Santa Claus Costume

Santa outfits are available for men, women, boys, girls...and even dogs!

Picture: Plush Santa Claus costume  on this Santa visiting a child; submitted by reader Patrick Gorrell of West Virginia

Both of the following sewing patterns are economical...because Santa and Mrs Santa costumes come included (for the same price) within the packages. These are---

Santa and Mrs Claus one package! Both Santa and Mrs Claus can make their outfits from Simplicity's Santa Claus pattern #2542. In addition, an old-fashioned "Father Christmas" robe-style santa suit is included, too. This pattern's traditional Santa costume consists of "fur" trimmed pants with a comfy elastic waistband; a fur-trimmed jacket; a belt; a Santa hat; and boot covers. The Father Christmas robe is made from the same pattern as Santa's jacket...only cut to a length well below the knees. Mrs Claus wears a long dress with long sleeves. A pattern for lace-trimmed pantaloons is included and may be worn, if you like. A gathered cap sits atop her head, and a frilly apron completes this outfit's "look."

Picture: Hunter the Cat's Santa Claus costume; too cute for words! Submitted by Cynthia Beaumont of New Jersey

Santa and Father Christmas costumes: Just like the costume above, the McCall's Santa Claus pattern M5550 features a "mall santa" costume, a "Father Christmas" robe, and a women's Santa costume. The traditional mall-type Santa suit has all the feature's you'd, fur-trimmed jacket, fur-trimmed Santa cap, red pants with pockets and a drawstring tie. The Father Christmas suit is simply a longer version of the jacket, cut to mid-thigh length and worn directly over high-topped boots (without any pants leg showing.) The woman's outfit is simply the man's short Santa jacket worn over tights. A pattern for Santa's toy bag is included in the package. Sizes range from Misses XS through Men's 3XL.

Father Christmas Robe---Out of Print: You'll look like you transported out of a Christmas tale from long ago when you choose Butterick's Father Christmas robe pattern B3648. The pattern package shows Father Christmas made with olive green fabric, featuring yards & yards of fleece fur trim. Naturally, you'll be able to make this pattern in red velvet, if you prefer. The Father Christmas cap pattern comes included, but the belt (shown on the pattern package) must be purchased. This roomy costume fits men sizes XS through XL. Since this pattern is now out-of-print, it can only be found through other online sources (like Ebay or crafts websites) and not from the Butterick company itself.

For women only---Mrs Claus dresses to sew

Picture: Mrs Claus at Griffith Park's Train Ride to Santa (Los Angeles, Calif)

Simplicity's Mrs. Claus pattern #2542 comes inside of this package, which also includes Santa and Elf patterns, as well. This pattern creates an old-fashioned Mrs. Santa, with a midi-length skirt under which the lace of pantaloons peeks out. Atop the long-sleeved red dress, you'll add a white pinafore. To complete the outfit, you'll make Mrs. Claus' white cap. Here's the Traditional Mrs. Claus pattern for you to view.

Hip Miss Santa pattern for ladies: Young Miss Claus likes to keep up with the latest trends, so her traditional red costume trimmed with white fur features a gathered mini-skirt. Simplicity's costume pattern #4015 also includes a belt, a short fur-trimmed cape and a traditional Santa's cap. This costume fits Misses size 10 through 24.

Youthful Miss Santa pattern: Miss Claus might also choose a corseted costume of mini-skirt length. Simplicity's pattern #4046 fits Misses size 6 thru 20. A one-piece dress with raglan sleeves and a peasant neckline lies under the corset and over-skirt on top. A Santa's cap finishes the look.

Mrs. Claus pattern for Misses sizes: Simplicity has yet another Miss/Mrs Santa pattern...and this one can be made in the length of your choosing. Simplicity's costume pattern #2827 is pictured on the package as a mini-skirt, but it can also be made floor-length...or any length in between. Misses size 6 thru 20 will enjoy this modern Mrs Santa dress, which features a gathered skirt, sleeves which end just below the elbow, and a wide "U" shaped neckline. You'll also find the pattern for a pointed Santa cap included. All you'll need to complete the "look" shown on the package is your boots and hosiery.

Plus-size Mrs Claus costume: Try making Simplicity's costume pattern #2818, which fits women's sizes 18-32. Though shown as being a Queen costume, this elegant floor-length fur-trimmed robe could equally be Mrs. Santa Claus. One thing's for sure: made in the plush red velvet, suggested by the package, you'll be the most elegantly-costumed woman at the Christmas party!

Santa costumes for babies, toddlers and kids

Picture: Home-sewn baby Santa Claus costume on this cute little boy; submitted by Colleen Dickinson of Illinois

Santa Claus costume for infants: Meant for babies too young to walk, Simplicity Infant Santa Costume #3558 features a bunting-style body which encloses both feet in the same compartment. Made in red with a furry white trim as the pattern suggests, your baby will look just like Santa during his infancy long ago. On the other hand, this costume does include a pointed cap with a fluff ball at its tip...and, when made in a different color (such as green,) your little cherub could just as easily resemble one of Santa's elves.

Christmas Miss Santa costume for girls: This costume is now out-of-print, but may still be found on Ebay and other internet sources. For girls size 7 thru 14, a perfect "Miss Santa" costume can be made using the Simplicity #3687 costume sewing pattern. This stylish Miss Santa dress features the lace-up corset so popular in costumes this year, worn over a one-piece dress with raglan sleeves and a peasant neckline. A fur-trimmed Santa cap completes the outfit.

Santa Claus costume for boys: The Butterick B6695 Santa Claus costume for boys will get your son all decked-out for the holidays. The pattern makes a one-piece jumpsuit (rather than separate pants and jacket,) making this an easier-to-sew project than the traditional Santa suit. The "look" of a 2-piece outfit is created by the strategic placement of white, furry trim at the waistline! The pattern for a boy's Santa's hat comes included. Also inside this economical package come instructions for several Halloween costumes, including a Pumpkin suit & hat, along with a Dalmatian dog, a brown-spotted doggie, a dragon and a tiger. This "one size" costume fits kids who measure 30 to 38 inches from the top of the zipper to the hem at ankle's-length. A clever seamstress can increase the size of this loosely-fitting costume by "cutting large."

Santa Claus pet costume patterns

Picture: 2 cute dogs in Santa costumes; submitted by reader Emily Rose of California

Dog Santa Claus costume: Simplicity #3952 dog Santa pattern turns your favorite 4-footed friend into a Santa Claus look-alike! The sleeves for Santa's traditional red jacket slip over your doggie's "arms;" there are no pants included with the costume. The pattern for a cute doggie Santa cap is included. Both the costume jacket and the cap are trimmed with white furry material.

Santa costume for doggies: Kwik Sew's pet Santa Robe pattern K3629 is a cute way to dress up your furry friend Santa-style without alot of fuss. The doggie Santa robe features the traditional "fur" trim, and so does the collar. Pet vampire and pumpkin costumes are included in the package, as well.

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