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Enjoy the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade!

You're viewing pictures of Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade in the slide show above. This popular shopping destination---just a stone's throw from the beautiful Pacific Ocean---is a tourist attraction in its own right. Not only does it offer great shopping, but a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment, as well! Also, please see our Santa Monica Place Mall page to discover still MORE exciting shopping near the Third Street Promenade!

Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade -- Shopping

Choose from a long list of Third Street stores!

Third Street Promenade stores in Santa Monica, California.You'll find locations of many popular stores along the 3rd Street Promenade, as well as some one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques. Here's a directory of clothing stores on and around the 3rd Street Promenade. (All are located in the Santa Monica, CA 90401 zip code.)

Abercrombie & Fitch, phone number 310/899-2966; address 1345 Third Street
Active, telephone number 310/857-1360; address, address 1460 4th street
Adidas, telephone number 310/393-0638; address, 1231 Third Street
American Apparel, phone number 310/458-7900; address, 1220 Third Street
American Eagle Outfitters, phone 310/255-0223; address 301 Arizona Avenue
Anthropologie, phone number 310/393-4763; address 1402 Third Street
A/X Armani Exchange, phone 310/899-4474; address 1322 Third Street
Babette Santa Monica, telephone 310/394-5354; address 1343 4th Street
Banana Republic, phone number 310/394-7740; address, 1202 Third Street
Basement, the $10 Store, phone 310/460-2340; address, 1420 Fourth St
Benetton, see listing for "United Colors of Benetton" below
Brandy Melville, phone 310/806-3097; address, 1413 3rd Street
CCS, telephone number 310/393-7765; address, 1416 Third Street
Club Monaco, phone number 310/260-2851; address, 1225 Third Street
Cotton On USA, phone number 310/394-0179; address, 1418 Third Street
Crossroads Trading Co., telephone 310/255-0500; 1449-B Fourth Street
Diane's Beach Wear, phone 310-395-3545; address, 620 Wilshire Blvd
Diesel, phone number 310/899-3055; address is 1340 Third Street
Esprit, phone number 310/393-7069; address is 1349 Third Street
Express, phone number 310/458-8054; address is 1337 Third Street
Forever 21, phone 310/395-6735; address 1431 Third Street Promenade
Frank & Elio Caruso Tailors, phone 310/395-0226; 1417 Fifth Street
Fred Segal Couture, phone number 310/458-8100; address, 500 Broadway
Fred Segal Emphatic, telephone 310/394-1208; address, 420 Broadway
Fred Segal Finery, address 500 Broadway; phone number 310/917-5546
(The) Gap store, phone number 310/393-0719; address 1355 Third Street
Guess clothing, phone number 310/899-9535; address 1432 Third Street
H&M, phone number is 310/451-1371; store address, 1452 Third Street
Hannah Hartnell, telephone 310/393-6587; address, 1515 Fourth Street
Hard Tail/Hard Tail Kids, telephone 310/393-8787; 1322 Third Street
J Crew, telephone number 310/260-9099; address 1222 Third Street
Kitson Outlet (Temporary) 1415 Third Street Promenade; 310/319-3471
Levi's Jeans, phone number 310/393-4899; address 1409 Third Street
Lucky Brand Dungarees, telephone 310/395-5895; address 1215 Third St
Lululemon Athletica, phone number 310/319-3550; 331 Santa Monica Blvd
Mango, store phone number 310/395-8370; address, 1254 Third Street
Max Studio, phone number 310/587-3226; address, 1245 Third Street
Mudra clothing store, telephone 310/576-7972; 1400B Third Street
Old Navy, phone number 310/576-9246; address, 1232 Third Street
PacSun, phone number 310/395-4064; address, 1446 Third Street
Pink Ice, telephone number 310/451-6042; address, 310-451-6042
Rip Curl store at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.Puma, telephone number 310/458-2777; address, 1350 Third Street
Quiksilver, phone number 310/899-9400; address, 1422 Third Street
REI, store phone number 310/458-4370; address, 402 Santa Monica Blvd.
Rip Curl, store phone number 310/656-2875; address, 1451 Third Street
Sears Department Store, phone number 310/576-2800; 302 Colorado Avenue
TJ Maxx, address 1251 Fourth Street; telephone number is 310/458-1403
United Colors of Benetton, ph: 310/394-9989; address, 1318 Third Street
Urban outfitters, phone number 310/394-1404; address, 1440 Third Street
Vans, store telephone number 310/394-1413; store address, 400 Broadway
Veronica M, store telephone number 310/395-0222; address, 410 Broadway
Victoria's Secret, phone number 310/395-3182; address 1247 Third Street
Wasteland, store phone number 310/395-2620; address, 1338 Fourth Street
Zara clothing, telephone number 310/458-0892; address 1338 Third Street

Third Street Promenade's Accessories Stores

On and around the 3rd St Promenade, you'll find the following shops which feature all sorts of accessories...anything and everything from athletic shoes & socks to watches to sunglasses---

Adidas, phone number 310/393-0638; address 1231 Third Street
Aldo shoes, telephone 310/576-6011; address is 1450 Third Street
Angelo's Pawnshop, phone 310/451-2840; address 1334 Fifth Street
Beadniks, telephone 310/395-0033; address 203 Arizona
Bubar's Jewelry, phone 310/451-0727; address 1457 Fourth Street
CCS, phone number 310/393-7765; address, 1416 Third Street
Clark's Shoe Store, phone 310/393-7205; address, 1241 3rd St
Crocs shoes, phone number 310/393-5936; 1323 Third Street
Foot Locker, phone number 310/260-7913; 1327 Third Street
Fred Segal Hats, phone number 310/393-2216; 500 Broadway
Fred Segal Madison 500 Broadway; phone number 310/451-2633
Frey Wille jewelry, telephone 310/260-2639; 219 Arizona Ave
Garbo Shoe Repair, telephone 310/394-6306; 1450 Fourth Street
Geox, phone number 310/393-2496; address, 1425 Third Street
Jack's Jewelers, telephone 310/394-6585; 415 Santa Monica Blvd
Jewel Shop, telephone number 310/451-1113; 1353 Third Street
Jewels by Kurt, phone number 310/394-1636; 408 Wilshire Blvd
Jewelry on 7th, phone number 310/255-0786; 1460 Seventh Street
Junior Drake Factory Outlet, 700 Wilshire Blvd; ph: 310/395-9010
Journeys Shoes, phone number 310/395-4383; address, 1427 Third St
Lids, telephone number 310/576-3437; address, 1413-B Third Street
Lorin, telephone number 310/394-3850; address, 1354 Third Street
Nobel Gems, telephone 310/393-6864; address, 1412 Fourth Street
Puma, phone number is 310/458-2777; address, 1350 Third Street
Rafinity, 1408-A Third Street Promenade; telephone 310/458-3515
Readers Fine Jewelers, telephone 310/451-1349; 331 Wilshire Blvd
Sea of Silver, telephone 310/458-1311; address, 1331 Third Street
Shine Time 1358-A Third Street Promenade; no listed phone number
Shiva Imports 1335 Third Street Promenade; phone is 310/394-1191
Skechers, phone number 310/899-0151; address, 1343 Third Street
Steve Madden shoes, telephone 310/451-3630; address 1344 Third St
Sunglass Hut, phone number 310/394-8497; address, 1334 Third Street
Taos Indian Trading Company 403 Santa Monica Blvd; ph: 310/395-3652
Vans shoes, store phone number 310/394-1413; address, 400 Broadway

Bath & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Salons & Spas

in the 3rd Street Promenade area

Visitors: you're not even going to believe what an oasis of beauty and health the Third Street Promenade is! If there's a product to buy, a way to beautify, a new type of heavy workout you want to try (or the reverse...a new type of relaxation therapy,) you're sure to find it here. Mix in a good dose of health professionals, and you've got a prescription for not only health, beauty and fitness...but for some fun times as well!

24 Hour Fitness 1417 Second Street; phone number (310) 255-0008
Active address is 1460 Fourth Street; phone number (310) 857-1360
Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine 520 Arizona St; 310/451-8880
Alberto's of Santa Monica 520 Wilshire Blvd; phone (310) 394-6601
American Wellness Imaging 524 Colorado Ave; phone number 310/260-2917
Arcade Hearing Aid Center 1318 Second Street; telephone 310/393-4232
Arcona Studio address, 425 Broadway; telephone number (310) 458-3800
Aya Salon 631 Wilshire Blvd, Suite F; telephone number (310) 451-3583
Back to Balance Chiropractic 1358 Fourth Street; phone (310) 463-4111
Bay Cities Beauty Supply Co 320 Santa Monica Blvd; phone 310/393-3700
Bhakti Yoga Shala address 207 Arizona Ave; telephone (310) 804-9290
Brentwood SkinCare address 713 Broadway; phone number (310) 260-4848
Burke Williams Spa 1358 Fourth Street; phone number is (310) 587-3366
Burn Fitness 1315 Third Street Promenade, Ste 400; phone 310/394-1300
Burton Copeland Hearing Aid Center 1425 Fifth St; phone (310) 451-0848
Byu-ti hair therapy address, 510 Wilshire Blvd; phone (310) 587-2207
Chu Nin's Beauty Salon 318 Wilshire Blvd; phone number (310) 393-5466
Dr. Dayani Eye Care address 322 Wilshire Blvd; phone (310) 319-6122
Easton Gym 1233 Third Street Promenade; phone number (310) 395-4441
Elegant Nails address, 518 Wilshire Blvd; phone number (310) 458-1287
Elliott Fishlyn DDS & Gary Wharburton DDS 618 Arizona; 310/319-9344
Equinox Fitness Club 201 Santa Monica Blvd; telephone (310) 593-8888
Exhale Mind Body Spa 101 Wilshire Blvd; phone number (310) 899-6222
EyeExam of California 321 Wilshire Blvd; phone number (310) 394-2127
Fitness Together 1450 Fifth St, Suite 120; telephone (310) 576-1508
Forme address, 517 Santa Monica Blvd; phone number is (310) 899-4444
Forster Physical Therapy 427 Wilshire Blvd; telephone (310) 656-8600
Closeup picture of Third Street Promenade fountain in Santa Monica, California.Fred Segal Salon address, 420 Broadway; phone (310) 907-4022
Fresh address 1407 Third Street Promenade; telephone (310) 451-0302
Hair Designer Studio 1507 Fourth Street; phone number (310) 458-6951
Home Simply Yoga 1547 Sixth St, Garden Suite 102; phone 310/899-1930
Hot 8 Yoga address, 1422 Second Street; phone number (310) 733-6068
International Shotokan Karate Federation 1218 Fifth St; 310/395-8545
Japan Karate Association 1218 Fifth Street; telephone (310) 395-8545
Kyle Mathis Hairdressing 201 Wilshire Boulevard; phone (310) 393-7947
L'Occitane en Provence 1239 Third Street Promenade; (310) 451-3845
Laser Away Tattoo & Hair Removal 514 Wilshire Blvd; (310) 393-2929
LensCrafters address, 321 Wilshire Blvd; phone number (310) 394-6692
lululemon athletica 331 Santa Monica Blvd; phone number (310) 319-3550
Lush Handmade Cosmetics 1404 Third St Promenade; phone (310) 255-0030
M2 Pilates address, 1445 Fifth Street; telephone number (310) 458-7588
MAC Santa Monica 1325 Third Street Promenade; telephone (310) 451-1281
Mark Weintraube, Optometrist 1355 Fourth Street; ph: (310) 394-1011
Mary Brambila For Hair 1337 Ocean Avenue, Ste C; phone (310) 458-3770
Massage Company 201 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 101; telephone (310) 576-7200
Nail Elite & Spa 407 Santa Monica Blvd; phone number (310) 576-7090
Nancy J. Yee, DDS 2228 Washington Avenue; phone number (310) 395-7221
Newhart Orthodontics 301 Arizona Ave #300; phone number (310) 393-9389
Novo Salon address, 605 Colorado Avenue; phone number (310) 395-9882
Ocean Hearing Care 631 Wilshire Blvd, Suite B; phone (310) 899-6229
Ocean Oasis Medical Day Spa 1333 Ocean Avenue ; ph: (310) 458-8190
Optimal Enchantment 522 Santa Monica Blvd; telephone (310) 393-4434
Optomeyes address, 1401 Second Street; phone number (310) 260-1000
Pecha Salon address, 1357 Fourth Street; phone number (310) 451-8780
Pedal or Not address, 1515 Seventh Street; telephone (310) 917-1111
Performance Bicycle Shop 501 Broadway; phone number (310) 451-9977
Perfumeria International 110 Santa Monica Blvd; phone (310) 260-9990
Peter's Barber Shop 1448 Fourth Street; phone number (310) 395-9968
Planned Parenthood 1316 Third Street Promenade; ph: (800) 576-5544
POMP Salon 1431 Ocean Avenue, Suite B; phone number (310) 393-1543
Prodigy address, 1511 Fourth Street; phone number (310) 899-1166
Randal Jon Salon 320 Santa Monica Blvd; phone number (310) 392-2555
REI address, 402 Santa Monica Blvd; telephone number (310) 458-4370
Rip Curl Surf Center 1451 Third St Promenade; phone (310) 656-2875
Ron Teeguarden?s Dragon Herbs 315 Wilshire Blvd; phone 310/917-2288
Saints Hair Salon address 211 Broadway; phone number (310) 899-9041
Salon Vivace 1414 Fourth Street; telephone number is (310) 260-0123
Santa Monica Healing Arts 611 Colorado Avenue; phone (310) 451-2209
Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy 629 Broadway; phone (310) 395-1131
Santa Monica Power Yoga (East) 522 Santa Monica Blvd; (310) 458-9510
Santa Monica Power Yoga (West) 1410 Second St; phone (310) 458-9510
Sephora address 1244 Third Street Promenade; phone (310) 395-3460
Soshin Inc. 1331 Seventh Street; telephone number (310) 393-6553
Studio 1452 address 1452 Second Street; phone number (310) 460-4160
Tao Holistic Healing Center 613 Colorado Ave; phone (310) 395-3055
The Premier Center, Santa Monica 1416 Sixth Street; (310) 320-1132
The Shop address 1211 Fourth Street, Ste O; phone (310) 395-4526
The UCLA Family Commons 1221 Second Street; phone (310) 395-5650
Tikkun Holistic Spa 1460 Fourth Street; phone number 310/319-1111
Titi Nails Spa address 1415 Fifth Street; telephone (310) 393-8531
Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy 1358 Fifth St; phone (310) 451-0101
Vidal Sassoon Academy 321 Santa Monica Blvd; phone (310) 255-0011
Vision Source Santa Monica 1234 7th Street; phone (310) 395-5778
Whole Foods address 500 Wilshire Blvd; phone number (310) 395-4510
Willie & Gloria's Salon 1429 Second Street; phone (310) 394-9279
YMCA address 1332 Sixth Street; telephone number is (310) 393-2721

Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade -- Entertainment

Third Street Promenade movie theaters in Santa Monica, California. You'll find 3 different cinemas along the several-block stretch of the pedestrian-only 3rd Street Promenade. One is the AMC Santa Monica 7. Another is the AMC Broadway 4...which until January, 2006 was a Loew's Cinema. The 3rd movie theater on the Third Street Promenade is the Mann Criterion. To discover showtimes at the Promenade's movie theaters, use the following telephone numbers---

AMC Santa Monica 7 theater, phone number for recorded information is 1-888-AMC 4FUN. To reach a Guest Services employee, call (310) 451-9440. No stadium seating at this theater. The AMC 7 Theater's address is 1310 Third Street Promenade. Here's a link to find the Santa Monica AMC 7 movie showtimes online.

AMC Broadway 4 cinemas; phone number for movie listings & show times is 1-888-AMC 4FUN; to reach customer service, all (310) 458-3924. No stadium seating. The AMC Broadway Theater's address is 1441 Third Street Promenade. Here are the current Broadway 4 AMC movie listings and showtimes online.

AMC Criterion 6 Theaters (formerly the Mann Criterion Theater), phone number 1-888-AMC 4FUN (for the recorded movie hotline.) You may dial (310) 395-7910 to reach the theater itself. The AMC Criterion Theater's address is 1313 Third Street Promenade. Here's the list of Criterion movies & show times on the AMC website.

Another theater near the mall is the Laemmle Monica 4-Plex Theater, phone number 310-478-3836. You may use the following link to check the Laemmle movie listings and showtimes online. The Laemmle Santa Monica Theater's address is 1332 Second Street. Visitors should note that the Laemmle Theaters play independent and "art house" films.

3rd Street Promenade's Street Performers

Another popular form of entertainment gives the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade it's "hip and happening" aura...and that's the street performers you may enjoy there. On the 3rd Street Promenade, you can see artists at work...or hear bands, guitarists, saxophonists...and even a whimsical one-man band! You can find clowns or a magician. You can see dancers demonstrating the tango...or a break dancer strutting his stuff. It's all part of the fun at the Third Street Promenade!

When can you see the greatest selection of street performers? That would be on the weekends, which, of course, are the busiest days at the Promenade. However, even if you head to Third Street on a weekday afternoon, there will be at least a few different performers to enjoy.

Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade -- History

A street scene, Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade You will notice quite a wide variety of stores at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade. This isn't your typical suburban mall featuring "all the usual suspects." One reason for this lies in the Promenade's history: Third Street has been Santa Monica's main shopping district since the early days of the 20th century. When I was an elementary school-aged girl back in the late '50's and early '60's, Third Street was already a bustling place. Back then, you could still drive down the street...and park at curbside meters, if you didn't want to use a parking lot.

By the time the late '60's rolled around, automobiles were banned from the area and the pedestrian-only promenade was installed. What's unusual about the area, though, is that through the passing years, the 3rd Street Promenade hasn't become run-down. Rather, the mix of stores along the walkway has become decidedly more UPSCALE over time!

Today, you'll find over 200 stores and 100 dining options along the Promenade and the blocks adjacent to it. Many names are recognizable as part of national or regional chains; yet, many other stores and restaurants are totally unique, one-of-a-kind venues. You'll find merchandise of many different types---clothing for the whole family, jewelry, home decor (including original art works), accessories, books, stationery, electronics and toys.

Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade -- Offical Websites

THIRD STREET PROMENADE OFFICIAL WEBSITE:The Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade has an official website which you may enjoy perusing. On that website, you'll be able to find phone numbers for all of the 3rd Street Promenade businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues. You'll also find the exact addresses of each business along the promenade, as well as the website for each business (when available.) Are you enchanted by the street performers of the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade? On the Promenade's website, you'll also find a list of their "officially endorsed" street performers, along with each performer's phone number and (when available) website. You can make arrangements to hire your favorite buskar for your own private party!

You may use the following link to view the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade official website (

A street scene, Santa Monica 3rd Street PromenadeSANTA MONICA PLACE MALL WEBSITE:You may discover the names and phone numbers of all the stores and restaurants currently operating in the Santa Monica Place Mall. You may also see an interactive map showing you just where to find each store and eatery within the mall. Use the following handy link to view the Santa Monica Place Mall official website (

SANTA MONICA FARMER'S MARKET WEBSITE: Do you love Farmer's Markets? Believe it or not, the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade's market has it's own official web pages, too! Use the following link to enjoy the Santa Monica Farmer's Market official website.

SANTA MONICA PIER WEBSITE: Are you interested in strolling over to the Santa Monica pier? If so, you might be interested in using the following link to browse through the Santa Monica Pier's official website. Or, to view our pictures of the pier and amusement park, please visit our Santa Monica Beach & Pier page.

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