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Santa's Beach Blast Pictures

Meet Surfin' Santa, Disney Characters, hear surf sounds, and dance!

Picture: Santa's Beach Blast sign on this Christmas wreath at Disney's California Adventure park

Santa's Beach Blast will no longer be held at DCA! Hopefully, Santa's Beach Blast will return again some day. Probably not, though, since Disney's California Adventure Park is undergoing extensive changes and additions. Either way, this page will remain in place for those who,like me, enjoyed this Disney Christmas activity very much.

The GOOD news is that you can meet 'n greet Santa again this year at Disney's California Adventure. Last year, the only Santa you could meet was at Disneyland Park. After a Santa-less year in 2009, DCA will once again have Santa Claus. He can be found in the Paradise Pier section of the park.End of notice.

Memories of Santa's Beach Blast

If you remember Surfin' Santa in DCA's Sunshine Plaza, you can enjoy pics of this bygone attraction on the rest of this page

One of the liveliest Christmas celebrations at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California took place at Disneyland's "sister park," Disney's California Adventure.

It was Santa's Beach Blast! And it was a true blast of fun!

No quiet nostalgia here...nor cutsie decorations, nor twinkling lights! Just a riot of music and activity as the Wave Riders band played surf-themed music...while children dance, use hula hoops, and play the "Limbo" musical game!

You'd never find reindeer here---this California Santa rode a surfboard! And while, yes, Santa sat in his chair listening to kids' wish lists, he was not the type to stay seated quietly all day long. No---this Santa got up to dance with the crowd (he did quite a mean "Twist!")

On this page, you can see photos of the lively "Santa's Beach Blast" holiday attraction which used to be held at Disney's California Adventure Park, and reminisce about the fun times you had at this rockin' Christmas event!

Santa's Beach Blast--Starring Surfing Santa Claus!

Picture: Santa Claus greets guests at Santa's Beach Blast in Disney's California Adventure Park Like any Santa Claus anywhere, Surfin' Santa at Santa's Beach Blast greeted guests and listened to wish lists!

Of course, you didn't have to be a kid to enjoy meeting Santa Claus! In the picture of Santa Claus on your left, that's me to his side...but, I trimmed myself out of the picture. You're here to look at Santa pictures, not me!

You could meet Santa Claus while he was sitting in his surf shack receiving visitors...or you could have met him on the dance floor for a quick "hello!" Except for quick breaks, Santa stayed at Santa's Beach Blast all day long (during its posted hours,) so no matter when you arrived at Disney's California Adventure Park, you would have been sure to see him.

Santa's Surf Shack...where Santa Claus greets kiddies at Disney's California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California

To your right, you see a picture of Santa's Surf Shack, a cute--and quite unique--decoration that was at Santa's Beach Blast.

As you can easily see, Santa's surfboard was standing in back of the shack. (Santa probably surfs in the early morning, which is the time of day many surfers think the waves are best. Great! He was all finished surfing by the time he had to appear at Santa's Beach Blast!)

Beach balls adorned the hut. The Christmas wreath hanging near the thatched roof had ornaments made of starfish and shells, in addition to traditional colored bulbs. And a Christmas tree? Of course not---this surfing Santa lived at the beach...and palm trees were what he used for greenery!

Santa Claus writes his autograph for a guest to Santa's Beach Blast

Inside of Santa's beach hut, you would have seen a few more surfboards. After all, like any surfing enthusiast, he needed more than one board!

But mostly, when Santa headed to his shack, it was to visit with the kiddies, take photos, and listen to Christmas wish lists.

While Surfin' Santa wore a red suit and has a traditional white beard, he was not content to look "ordinary." Atop the red velvet suit, he sported a casual shirt made out of surf-themed material! (But he never took off his Santa cap...even when surfing!)

Santa's Beach Blast---Surf music, dancing and more!

Surf music by the Wave Riders band creates a lively atmosphere at Santa's Beach Blast The Wave Riders band provided lively surf-style music at Santa's Beach Blast. As you can see in the picture to your right, Santa couldn't resist joining in with the band!

While the band played, Santa's Helpers assisted children in the crowd to come forward and dance. But since dancing isn't an activity which interests children for very long, the dancing was mixed with other activities.

For one or two songs, Santa's Helpers would bring out Hula Hoops. For another song or two, out came the Limbo set-up, and children tried to see "how low they could go!"

Santa cap adorns the singer, and Santa Claus does the twist to surf music at Santa's Beach Blast

And, at other times, Santa himself took to the dance floor!

As the Wave Riders' singer, adorned with a yellow Santa's Cap, sang surf songs, Santa often felt the urge to break into a "twist." (You know...the '60's dance popular at the time much of the well-known surf music was being written.)

Santa Claus dances the twist at Santa's Beach Blast in Disney's California Adventure park

In the photo to your right, you can see Santa really partying down with his Twist moves!

At other times he shook a tamborine...or clowned around with the crowd.

Though adults didn't usually get up on the dance floor with the kids, they were welcome to do so, if they wanted to. More likely, you could see the parents and grandparents watching from the benches around the sidelines...but tapping their toes and singing along with the music, at the same time!

Christmas Disney Characters at Santa's Beach Blast!

Disney's Pluto character visits Santa's Beach Blast at Disney's California Adventure park Disney costumed characters visited Santa's Beach Blast throughout the day!

To your left, you see a photo of Pluto...Mickey Mouse's dog. Like anywhere at the Disneyland Resort, once someone spots a Disney Character, a line starts to form to meet him (or her) right away!

Pluto was so kind. He could see I wanted to take his between meeting kiddies who wanted to hug him, he turned and faced the camera for me!

Disney's Goofy costumed character visits Santa's Beach Blast

The Disney characters didn't remain at Santa's Beach Blast all day long, as Santa Claus did. They dropped in, visited guests at the party, and then took off again after awhile.

To your right, you see a picture of Christmas Goofy during his drop-in visit to Santa's Beach Blast one afternoon. He was dressed for the beach...wearing a casual shirt and a "goofy" looking beach hat!

But Goofy was ALSO dressed for the Christmas holidays, as well! Goofy's beach hat was a holiday-red color...while his beach shirt was green---and giant snowflakes formed a decorative pattern in the material!

Christmas Mickey Mouse visits Santa's Beach Blast

To your left, you see a picture of Mickey Mouse---and he's wearing a red & white Santa cap for the holidays!

Mickey did a little bit of dancing at Santa's Beach Blast...but mostly he was too busy meeting the crowd of visitors to do much else!

A line formed to meet Mickey as soon as he appeared...and he spent lots of time greeting kids (and adults!) snapping photos and signing autographs.

Minnie Mouse, dressed in Christmas colors, visits Santa's Beach Blast

Minnie Mouse dropped in from time to time at the party, as well.

Santa's Beach Blast--Surfing & Beach-themed decor

A giant Sand Castle decorated Santa's Beach Blast scene.

This zany snowman made of "sand" used ice cream cones for his nose and mouth...and starfish for his buttons. Of course, this snowman sported Mickey Mouse Ears, as well.!

Anytime's a great time for surfing in Southern California...even the Christmas holidays! To your left, you see Pluto's surfboard decorating the Beach Blast area...

and here are pictures of Mickey and Minnie's surfboards, as well!

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