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Sea Lions at SeaWorld

Do you prefer a lively show...or would you rather feed sea lions in a natural setting? SeaWorld has BOTH!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld's Clyde and Seamore sea lion show! Sea World San Diego is currently holding performances of "Risky Rescue" every day. Plus, a completely different sea lion show called "Sea Lions Tonite" is performed on evenings when the theme park is open late. But this popular pair of pinnipeds aren't the ONLY sea lions that you may enjoy at the park. Also awaiting you is Pacific Point, home of SeaWorld's own colony of California Sea Lions. Head to Pacific Point during feeding times to enjoy some great animal interaction!

Clyde and Seamore Shows

Sea World's most popular sea lion attraction

Clyde the sea lion poses with a fish during the Clyde and Seamore show at SeaWorld San Diego Clyde and Seamore are two adorable sea lions who make fish-stealing a part of their act.

But watch out---they may steal your heart, as well!

Who can resist the antics of lovable-looking Clyde and Seamore? This playful pair of pinnipeds puts on the 3rd most popular show at SeaWorld San Diego (right after the Shamu Show and the Dolphin Show.) Sea Lion Stadium always packs in a crowd to enjoy the latest highjinks of these frolicsome favorites.

Perhaps because sea lions can't perform the spectacular high jumps of a dolphin or whale, Clyde and Seamore's shows always involve a plot...and plenty of comedy. For example, Clyde and Seymore's daytime show includes the mishaps of a mime who always seems to happen onto one calamity or another. In fact, the mime also functions to "warm up the crowd" and get 'em laughing during the pre-show...a task which he performs very well!

Picture: Sea lion doing handstand trick during Seaworld's Clyde and Seamore show You'll be surprised at Clyde and Seamore's abilities. You'll see the familiar sea lion handstand trick, and balancing a ball on the sea lion's nose. In addition, you'll also see Clyde performing a flip in mid-air that even Shamu himself would applaud. Other stunts range from stealing fish on brandishing a performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (during Sea Lions Tonite!)

A cute otter shares the stage with Clyde and Seamore. Though he only makes appearances a few times in both of the 2 sea lion shows (daytime and evening,) he always amazes the crowd that such a small animal can perform stunts like the "big guys" at the theme park! In the slide show at the top of the page, you see the picture of an otter bringing a can of Pepsi to his trainer during the show! (And another photo shows him holding up his hands in fright as his trainer points a HUGE gun at him!)

Even a walrus joins the Clyde & Seamore Risky Rescue show, as you can see in the pictures of a walrus doing tricks in the slide show above. Walruses, like sea lions, are graceful swimmers, even though their anatomy and large body mass make them awkward-looking while on land. Nevertheless, the walrus tricks, though limited, make a fun addition to the show...and give the crowd a chance to appreciate an animal that few people take time to think about otherwise.

Sea Lions at SeaWorld's Pacific Point

Enjoy observing and feeding sea lions in a natural setting

Picture: cute sea lion sleeping at Sea World San Diego's Pacific Point exhibit Near Sea Lion Stadium, you'll find Pacific Point, the attractive pool-and-rock habitat of a sea lion colony. In the slide show above, you can see pictures of sea lions from SeaWorld San Diego's Pacific Point.

You'll view sea lions sleeping, basking in the sun, swimming, sleeping, barking & interacting with one another, and...did we mention sleeping? (Sea lions certainly like to sleep!)

Doing exactly the opposite of Clyde and Seamore, with their high-energy show full of costumes, comedy and escapades, the Pacific Point sea lions are simply doing what sea lions like to do...laze around and swim. These simple sea lion pleasures, however, will be a real treat for sea lion-fans.

Throughout the day, sea lion feeding times are held. Be sure to check out the schedule while making your plans for the day so you won't miss out on this fun activity. Getting involved with the animals will turn your SeaWorld outing into a more enjoyable experience than ever!

What's the difference between seals & sea lions?

Here are a few quick ways to tell these two similar animals apart

Picture: Sea lion's face showing the ear flaps...which look much like Yoda's ears! How can you tell if you're seeing a seal or a sea lion?

Among the general public, sometimes the words "seal" and "sea lion" are used interchangeably. But, they really refer to 2 different animals.

1.) Does the animal have visible ears? While both animals have ears and can hear, only sea lions have visible ear flaps, just like humans do. Seal ears appear simply as small holes in the side of the seal's head.

2.) How does the animal walk on land? While both of these animals can use their front flippers to rise up and steady themselves on land, only sea lions can use their back flippers to "stand up" and walk on all 4 legs. Seals make great use of their back flippers for swimming while in the water...but on land, they're not so helpful. Seals must "scoot" on their bellies while on land.

These aren't the only two differences between seals and sea lions, but they're 2 of the easiest and most visible ways to tell them apart. has lots of information to help you study up on seal and sea lion anatomy. You may use the following links to see---

1.) detailed pictures of sea lion flippers and other body parts, plus learn other fun facts about sea lions.

2.) see pictures of seals and their flippers, plus learn other fun seal facts and info about their anatomy.



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