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San Diego SeaWorld Discount Tickets

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld attractions in San Diego, California. SeaWorld offers entertaining...and sometimes whimsical...animal shows. You'll also find a selection exciting rides, including the new-for-2018 Electric Eel roller coaster. If these SeaWorld pictures are making you want to plan your visit to the park ASAP, then perhaps some of the ticket discounts mentioned on this page will be just what you've been looking for!

How much do SeaWorld San Diego tickets cost?

Planning ahead may keep you from paying full price for your tickets!

Picture of the Manta roller coaster   at SeaWorld San Diego in Southern California SeaWorld San Diego ticket prices: During Spring & Summer 2018, full-priced admission tickets to Sea World San Diego are priced at $89.99 for adults (all guests age 10 and up) and $84.99 for kids (age 3 thru 9.) Babies and toddlers age 2 years old & under are admitted to SeaWorld free of charge. Believe it or not, admission tickets at this price are a relative bargain in the Southern California theme park scene. SeaWorld tickets have remained hovering around $89 for several years now, while admission to Universal Studios Hollywood has soared to as much as $124 per day. Nevertheless, full price tickets still make for an expensive day, so it's always wise to plan ahead before going to the park to get a good bargain.

SeaWorld San Diego discount tickets: Is it easy to get San Diego SeaWorld discount tickets? YES---incredibly easy! In fact, if you plan ahead, you'll almost ALWAYS find a Sea World discount ticket of one type or another. In the following sections on this page, we'll discuss the various types of discounts, coupons and deals that are currently available for SeaWorld, both thru the park's own website---as well as from other sources. Then, take your pick!

Note: this page is about SeaWorld CALIFORNIA discounts. Be sure to see our SeaWorld San Antonio Discounts page if you'll be visiting the Texas park!

SeaWorld San Diego one-day discounts

Good SeaWorld deals thru the AAA, Costco and local merchants

In the slide show above, you are viewing pictures of colorful fish, beautiful sea plants, and unusual sea creatures from SeaWorld's Aquarium de la Mer. While the park features exciting rides and entertaining shows, you can also enjoy the simplicity of observing fascinating sea creatures (fish, mammals, reptiles and birds) in multiple locations around the park.

In the list of deals below, you'll first find a list of good specials from the park's own website. Then next, you'll find SeaWorld specials which are being offered from other sources.

1.) SEAWORLD'S OWN PRINT-AT-HOME DISCOUNTS: Some people enjoy the ease & convenience of using the park's own internet specials. At the time of this update, SeaWorld's website is offering several good deals on tickets (as an incentive to get you to purchase them before you visit the park.)

a.) SeaWorld San Diego Fun Cards! At the time of this update, SeaWorld is promoting their 2018 Fun Cards as their featured discount. The Fun Card is always one of the park's most popular discounts---and for a very good reason. For the same price as a 1-day ticket, you'll get admission to SeaWorld in California for ALL of 2018...clear through December 30th!

b.) Single-day discounts: If you won't be visiting SeaWorld San Diego again this year, you won't need a Fun Pass...but there is always a one-day discount available on SeaWorld's website. Often, you'll get a discount of about $10 to $20 per ticket...and sometimes more. At the time of this update, you can get a $20 online discount (and no, you don't have to sign up for their newsletter to get it. If you get a pop-up page asking you to sign up, you might actually enjoy the newsletter. But if not, you can ignore the message and still find the $20 discount waiting for you on the ticketing page.) Early birds will find a $30 discount valid for weekday visits ONLY...but that offer must be purchased and used by June, 29, 2018.

In addition, they've got some equally appealing offers going: (1) Single day admission PLUS free all-day dining for the usual $89.99 ticket price. At some theme parks, this might not be a very good deal...because the food at some theme parks isn't so tasty or nutritious. That's not the case with SeaWorld. The park features a variety of sit-down restaurants. Yes, you can get fast food, if that's what you want. But you can also find restaurants that feature tasty meats, hot vegetables and luscious desserts. Cafeteria-style serving (in some restaurants) keeps the lines flowing and waiting times for your food at a minimum. The terms for All Day Dining include getting 3 items each time you go through the line, and you may go through the line as often as every hour. This is a deal you might wish to consider. (2) Two-visit tickets valid thru 9/30: A second offer that's available at the time of this update is a 2-visit ticket. If you can't make multiple visits, you don't need a Fun Card. The two-visit ticket will give you two different admissions to SeaWorld, yet saves you $10 over the cost of a one-day ticket or a Fun Card (which both cost $89.99.)

c.) SeaWorld's best luxury ticket discount: Yet another discount you'll want to seriously consider this summer is SeaWorld's All Inclusive Experience sale. This includes not only admission AND all-day dining, but ALSO a Quick Queue front-of-line pass for the day. Quick Queue lets you bypass the normal line for the much shorter quick lane, plus allows you to enter a special reserved-seating area for shows. (No skipping ahead at restaurants, however.) The price for this normally-expensive experience at the time of this update is a tempting $109.99. If you only wish to visit SeaWorld one day, then it's an extremely good deal, especially if you plan to visit during the summer while the crowds are thick. Simply put, you will see and do much more during your one day.

LINK TO SEAWORLD'S TICKET PAGE: here is a link to Sea World's SeaWorld San Diego Single Day Ticket page so that you can check out today's current deals.

Luckily, when one discount ends, another one begins. If you discover that one or more of the SeaWorld San Diego discounts that we described above are currently not available, it's certain that you will find a different one.

2.) SEAWORLD'S COMBINATION PASSSES FOR MULTIPLE ATTRACTIONS: Tourists often like to visit OTHER parks, along with SeaWorld. At the time of this update, 2 different combo tickets are being offered by SeaWorld:

1.) For Animal Lovers: A combo pass which includes SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. This special is good for a 7-day pass to these three attractions---and repeat visits are included within this 7-day period. Currently, the price is $149 online. (Tickets for kids age 3 - 9 is $139.) This is quite a nice price for all three parks, especially since prices for the San Diego Zoo and it's separate-fee Safari Park are not cheap. In fact, this pass costs less than it did several years ago, making this an especially good time to visit these well-liked attractions.

2.) For Water-Park Lovers: A combo pass is available to both SeaWorld and Aquatica San Diego---which is SeaWorld's own water park! At the time of this update, the cost is $89.99...which means that you're essentially getting a FREE water park ticket! (Offer good summer only.)

Note: No more Theme-Park Lover's combo: A combination pass which included both SeaWorld San Diego and Universal Studios Hollywood was available for many years. However, this type of discount ticket is no longer being offered. However, if you're interested in either the Go Card or the CityPass combo discount plans, SeaWorld also sells these passes on its website.

To check out any of these discount packages, here's a link to the SeaWorld Multi-Park tickets page, where you'll find complete details.

Picture of the Manta roller coaster   at SeaWorld San Diego in California3.) Costco SeaWorld discount tickets: Costco SOMETIMES sells one-day SeaWorld tickets online and/or in its stores. If not, you can generally buy a combo ticketing plan at Costco which INCLUDES SeaWorld Park (such as the San Diego Go Card.) If you're ALSO planning to visit the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Safari Park on your vacation, Legoland, and various other independent San Diego attractions, you can get these for a good price nearly all the time at Costco. For your convenience, here's a link to the Theme Park Discounts page of where you can check for current offers. If you do not see any SeaWorld offers at this link, then there is no current promotion going on. Note: MAILS any tickets you purchase to your home; it's NOT a print-at-home ticket. So, in order to use this special, you'll have to pre-order at least a week ahead of your vacation to give your tickets time to arrive.

4.) AAA Discount Tickets: The popular AAA automobile club has two different types of discount tickets. (Note: you have to be a member of the AAA to be eligible.) (1.) SeaWorld discount tickets sold through your local AAA office, and (2.) "Show your card and save" discounts (that you can get in-person at SeaWorld's ticket booths.) Naturally, if you can visit your local office to get tickets, you'll undoubtedly get a better discount than if you use the last-minute discount at the gate. Still, some type of discount is better than nothing...and if you've got no other last-minute plan, don't forget to whip out your AAA card at the ticket booth.

5.) SeaWorld Twitter or Facebook discounts: Are you a Twitter or Facebook user? SeaWorld has accounts with both of these social media sites. The SeaWorld parks are very dedicated to the social media, and they post frequently...but mostly about what their animals are doing. We haven't found them to be a great source of discounts, but every now and then, something comes along.

6.) OCTOBER IS "FREE KIDS" MONTH AT SEAWORLD SAN DIEGO! If you can arrange your vacation for the Fall of the year, here's a money-saving hint to keep in mind. The "Kids free in October" promotion is a yearly discount-fest led by San Diego's tourist bureau...and MANY different attractions in metro San Diego, California participate! If you head to San Diego for Fall Break, your family will get to choose from many different deals, BOGO's and freebies around town. Sea World takes part in this program, too--- and it's a good way for families to enjoy the park with some of the best single-day prices of the year. There are many rules and regulations regarding this promotion, and a big one is usually that you can ONLY get this promo if you buy a special "buy-1-adult-get-1-child-free" ticket from the SeaWorld San Diego website. This means that NO other discount can be used---AAA, corporate discounts, credit union discount, military savings program, etc. (These special tickets are only sold on SeaWorld's website near promo time, so you won't find them offered during other parts of the year.)

Beginning in September, you may check to see if these special tickets are being listed at SeaWorld's website. Here's a link to Sea World's SeaWorld San Diego Single Day Ticket page. where you can find further details. Tickets will only continue to be sold thru October 31st. After that time, they will be removed from SeaWorld's website and you'll have to choose a different discount.

Details about Multi-Park Specials

What other attractions team up with SeaWorld for discounts?

As you've read above, there are several excellent multi-park specials you can enjoy. If you're thinking about participating in any of these programs, you may feel that you need more information about them before reaching a decision. Multi-attraction programs may indeed give you good discounts, but ONLY if you truly like and enjoy the other attractions that are bundled along with the SeaWorld passes. So, here are some of the details that we merely glossed-over in the sections above...for those who want a more comprehensive look at the benefits of these plans.

1.) San Diego Go Card multi-attraction discount program---

The popular San Diego Go Card multi-attraction discount pass has now included SeaWorld on its long list of attractions included in the program. This is such exciting news for San Diego visitors because it makes the cost of one-day visits to Sea World more affordable than ever before!

The San Diego Go Card is ideal for out-of-town vacationers because it allows them to see a wide variety of San Diego's remarkable attractions...WITHOUT having to pay full price at ANY of them.

All of San Diego's most popular tourist attractions are included in the Go San Diego Card discount ticket program. For one low price, you may visit Legoland and its on-site Sea Life Aquarium; you may tour the world-famous San Diego Zoo and its sister-park, The San Diego Zoo's Wildlife Safari Park.

Other popular places to visit in San Diego that are included on this popular San Diego sight-seeing plan include Belmont Park amusement park at Mission Beach; numerous museums at Balboa Park, including the very popular San Diego Natural History Museum and the Fleet Science Center & IMAX; San Diego Embarcadero's USS Midway Museum; the interesting PETCO Park Stadium tour downtown; plus a host of other attractions and tours...including Gaslamp Quarter tours, whale-watching cruises, harbor tours, bike and kayaking adventures, and day-trips to Mexico!

The biggest drawback? Having to plan ahead about how many days you'd like to tour & what sights you'd like to see on your San Diego trip. That's because the Go San Diego card isn't sold at any of its member attractions. It's best to order the Go Cards ahead of time, because there are only a small handful of offices where you can pick them up when you arrive. We've used the Go Card discount pass ourselves...and we can vouch for the fact that it's readily accepted at the member attractions on its list.

If you'd still like further information about this terrific discount, please check out the colorful ad to your right. No purchase is necessary to obtain complete info about the Go Card plan. You will probably be offered a further discount if you sign up for the Go Card newsletter (if your website allows pop-up pages.)

Picture:  Shamu gets ready to make a backwards leap!2.) The San Diego 3-for-1 Ticket---This multi-park special gives you "free run" of 3 world-famous San Diego attractions for 5 consecutive days. These 3 attractions are: SeaWorld San Diego, the San Diego Zoo at Balboa Park, and the San Diego Wild Life Safari Park in Escondido (north San Diego County.) While at the San Diego Zoo, you'll enjoy the use of the guided bus tour, the express bus, and the Skyfari aerial tram---extra features you're sure to enjoy, since the San Diego Zoo is so large that it's easy to get completely worn out if you skimp & purchase an admission which doesn't include the bus tours. Note: When SeaWorld's Aquatica water park opens for the season, then 4-park tickets will also be offered.

You'll receive a small savings by getting a 3-in-1 pass (over the cost of purchasing your 3 tickets one at a time at each location.) However, if you do NOT visit all three parks, you'll actually lose money on this be sure that you really have the time & interest to visit all three before making your purchase. You may buy your tickets in person at any one of these 3 attractions, or on-line at the SeaWorld Multi-Park tickets page of (This ticket is cheaper at Costco, if you're visiting SeaWorld during one of the periodic times when Costco is offering them; see next paragraph for details.)

Closeup Picture: petting a dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego 3.) The Southern California City Pass---

This 4-park pass saves you more than 25% over purchasing your tickets to these same attractions separately! That's like getting a free admission to one of the attractions! You'll get 3 days at Disneyland Park and/or Disney's California Adventure Park (these are "park hopper" tickets which let you roam freely back and forth between these 2 theme parks in the same day); 1 day's admission to Legoland California; and 1 day's admission to SeaWorld in San Diego. As of Summer 2018, The Southern California City Pass prices are $367 for adults and kids age 10 & over; and $337 for kids ages 3 thru 9. Children age 2 and under are admitted free to the included attractions.

The City Pass is a terrific discount. It keeps even the most ambitious tourists busy! We've used the CityPass special offer ourselves when showing out-of-town relatives around town...and have found it to be easy-to-use and hassle-free. Furthermore, the City Pass is the ONLY discount plan which also includes Disneyland---which is SoCal's most popular tourist attraction. For more info on the Southern California CityPass, here's a link to the website. If you like the plan, it's available at SeaWorld's ticket booths as well as you don't have to commit to purchasing it until you're actually ready to use it.

SeaWorld Annual Passes -- "Regular" & "Platinum" Memberships give frequent visitors terrific savings!

In the slide show, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld's fun Sesame Street attractions for kids. If the show has stopped before you reach this point, you may refresh the page to re-start it.

When does it make sense to an annual pass...rather than taking advantage of Fun Cards or 1-day ticket specials every time you visit SeaWorld?

1.) If you'll be visiting SeaWorld San Diego several times this year---which is not hard to do. If you visit several times during the spring & summer, then return for the park's annual Halloween and Christmas celebrations, you'll find it cheaper to purchase an annual pass rather than rely on 1-day ticket discounts. Both the Regular and the Platinum annual passes include free parking. Considering that SeaWorld parking costs $20+ on each park visit, the frequent SeaWorld guest will save money in the long run by buying an annual pass instead of the Fun Card.

2.) If you'd like to take advantage of SeaWorld's "EZ Pay Option" (which is available for purchasing an annual pass...but NOT for purchasing a SeaWorld Fun Card)...then you'll be able to pay for your family's passes in easy, interest-free payments spread over the entire year.

3.) An annual pass (AKA "Membership") is a good option if you plan to visit OTHER SeaWorld/Busch Gardens theme parks---SeaWorld theme park PLUS Aquatica water park annual passes are not much more cost than theme park-only passes. Also, there's a Platinum Passport available that will give you both a luxury experience at the park (preferred seating at shows and up-close parking) PLUS 100% FREE admission to 11 parks...making these passports an economical option for you IF you'll be doing a bit of traveling around the country. The platinum pass is actually a better deal for people living in the eastern part of the USA, which is where most of these parks are located. But if you're taking a USA tour, this would be a good time for you to get the platinum pass.

Picture: Sea lion's serene faceThe SeaWorld/Busch Gardens theme parks where you'll get free admission if you're a Platinum pass holder are as follows---
* Aquatica San Diego water park
* SeaWorld Orlando (Florida)
* Aquatica Florida water park (adjacent to SeaWorld Orlando)
* SeaWorld San Antonio (Texas)
* Aquatica water park, San Antonio location
* Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa, Florida
* Adventure Island water park (across from Busch Gardens in Tampa)
* Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia
* Water Country USA in Virginia
* Sesame Place in Pennsylvania

ANNUAL PASS INFO AT SEAWORLD.COM: If you'd like to check out the current prices & benefits for a SeaWorld annual pass, here's a link to the SeaWorld San Diego Annual Pass & Membership Page where you can find more information.

SeaWorld Discount Tickets -- FREE admission for military personnel and families!!!

Here's to the Heroes sign; this program gives free SeaWorld admission to members of the US Military.
If you belong to one of the 5 armed services branches---both active duty or active members of a reserve or National Guard unit---then NOW IS THE TIME TO VISIT SeaWorld!!!

With SeaWorld's "Waves of Honor" program (formerly called the "Here's to the Heroes" program,) you and 3 dependents will each get a free day's admission to SeaWorld San Diego! Come enjoy all of the rides, shows and exhibits that SeaWorld has to offer!

You may sign up for your FREE TICKETS on-line, and also at the park's ticket booths. What a deal!

Veterans are GENERALLY able to get discounts, too. Both Memorial Day and Veteran's Day are times when veterans can often get extra-nice discounts. And at many other times of the year, veterans might discover money-saving deals, as well.

If you're interested in either the Active Military or the Veteran's specials, you may use the following link to head to the "Waves of Honor" sign-up page.

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