SeaWorld's "One Ocean" Show

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld's One Ocean show, at Sea World San Diego. All 3 Sea World Parks (in California, Florida and Texas) debuted the new One Ocean show for Summer 2011. The show will keep going for the next several years, as well. Will you be going to see it? Maybe this page can help you decide!

What's the theme for SeaWorld's new One Ocean show?

It's all about conservation & caring for our planet!

Picture: During SeaWorld San Diego's ONE OCEAN show, Shamu leaps through the air.

We live in an odd time during the world's history.

Never before has so much information been available about how to keep Planet Earth and its oceans clean, safe and productive. Yet, never before have the Earth and its oceans been in such a messy condition.

Every school child receives conservation education as part of today's standard curriculum. And, every adult sorts the household trash into regular vs recyclable bins. It's a topic that is on our collective minds continually, and can seem discouraging to think about...considering what a small dent our efforts seem to be making.

Enter Shamu...this time in his new role as a cheerleader to spur us on to action. Shamu's new One Ocean show at the three Sea World Parks seems like, in part, still another lesson in Earth stewardship. And yet, it's also fun, playful...and spurs the audience on to keep doing our small part in the overall scheme of planet-care.

One Ocean Show: Spectacular whale tricks, new music....

and, yes, you may still get VERY wet if you sit in the "Soak Zone!"

If you've enjoyed previous Shamu Shows at Sea World, then you'll find some well as some differences...between the park's new One Ocean show and previous performances.

Trainers have minimal personal interaction with the whales in One Ocean. Trainers stick to the main stage and the "Shamu Shelf" areas of the whale's pool. There are rumors of the possibility that trainers may return to the water at some point...but that time hasn't yet arrived.

Shamu and his friends make some spectacular leaps, along with other whale tricks (aka "behaviors.") While whale-human interaction was a hallmark of SeaWorld's last show, "Believe," it's totally missing from the new One Ocean show, for safety reasons. And yet, One Ocean does prove that Shamu & friends can be quite spectacular performers completely unaccompanied by human companions.

You may not see the exact same show twice. Because orca whales get just as tired of repetition as humans do, their trainers at all 3 Sea World parks plan to keep the selection & the order of the whale tricks changing and rotating.

BUT, you're sure to get wet, if that's what you like best! One thing about the new One Ocean shows will remain the same with each performance, however: if you sit in the Soak Zone, Shamu & friends ARE going to douse you!

"Shamu Rocks" will continue as Shamu's nighttime show during the summer & holiday periods

Picture: Shamu spins around on the pool's shelf at SeaWorld San Diego

One of Sea World's other favorite whale shows still continues: Shamu Rocks!

All 3 Sea World locations will continue to hold performances of Shamu Rocks as part of their special nighttime schedule. During the summer vacation season (plus some holiday periods when the park is open late,) "Shamu Rocks" will continue to thrill audiences with its lively music & special atmosphere.

However, the popular "Believe" show, which ran at all three Sea World parks from 2006 through early 2011, has now ended for good. If you'd like to see pictures taken in various "Believe" performances from 2006 through 2009, please see our "Believe" Show page.



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