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SeaWorld Christmas Pictures

Shamu's Christmas show, decorations, music, and a whimsical holiday sea lion show await you!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld San Diego's Christmas celebration! Shamu rolls out the red and green carpet for you every November & December---and what a feast for the eyes it is! You'll enjoy both Shamu's and Clyde & Seamore's holiday shows. You'll hear carolers and live instrumentalists. And you'll see the cutest decorations, featuring whales, dolphins, polar bears and penguins. It's an ocean-themed holiday treat! Still need tickets? Don't forget to check our Sea World Discount Tickets page for the latest deals and specials at the park!

Christmas at Sea World means heartwarming family fun!

Picture: 3 orca whales greet visitors to the Shamu Holiday Show

Three adorable orca whales are inviting you to see their show!

What show is that?

Shamu's Christmas Show at Sea World San Diego!

Every year SeaWorld adds special holiday fun during the Christmas season, and this is no exception. What extra activities will you find during SeaWorld's Christmas celebration? Here's a list!

This year's array of seasonal delights includes:

  • SnowWorld snow play field...featuring REAL snow!

  • Shamu's Christmas Show, a heartwarming and nostalgic music-filled salute to the season

  • Clyde & Seamore's Christmas Special, a hilarious...and endearing...sea lion show

  • Christmas carolers and strolling holiday musicians

  • Christmas decorations, photo backdrops, and trees---including a GIANT-sized tree made from stringing lights from the park's Sky Tower...which can be seen for miles around the park!

  • Visits & photos with Santa...and see Santa's cottage

  • Special animal visits...and Sea World mascots, too!

  • Pets Rule Christmas Show: enjoy an overload of cuteness by SeaWorld's perky doggies, kitties & other pets

  • Breakfast with Santa & Shamu (extra fee)

  • Adorable and unique seasonal merchandise

    SeaWorld Christmas Pictures--Shamu's Christmas Show

    Picture: Shamu trainer wetsuits are specially themed for SeaWorld's Christmas celebration The "must-see" Christmas show on most SeaWorld visitorS' listS is the Shamu Holiday Nights show.

    With good reason, too...Shamu's Christmas show is both heartwarming and awe-inspiring.

    As you enter Shamu stadium, the stage and pool areas will be lit with a calm, dark-blue lighting. Two Christmas trees flank each side of the performance area.

    Then, out come the whales! Colorful seasonal lights fill Shamu Stadium. Christmas scenes appear on the stadium's giant tv screens. And beautiful Christmas music fills the listener's ears and hearts with the sounds of the season.

    Shamu and his friends swim into the stadium next, to the delight of the crowd. The rest of the show is filled with a balanced mix of live Christmas music (both vocals and instrumentals,) colorful displays on the stadium's screens, and whale tricks featuring Shamu and his trainers.

    Above, you're viewing three adorable whales lining up to "talk" with their trainers 'neath the glow of bright spotlights (so that everyone may see them.)

    In picture above, it almost looks like the trainer is giving Shamu instructions for the show...and that Shamu is understanding every word! Obviously, the whales don't understand English. But the show runs so smoothly, and the whales seem so attentive, it almost SEEMS like they do!

    Also above, you can see that SeaWorld's whale trainers wear special Christmas-themed wetsuits for the Shamu holiday show.

    How will you like the show? If you judge from the cheers of the crowd, you'll soon realize that it's a roaring success. Most visitors will enjoy the show. Most visitors who celebrate the Christmas holiday like this show.

    Maybe my family's own feelings were typical. It was a cold and rainy night the first time we saw this show. As we sat uncomfortably in the damp chill waiting for the performance to begin, we were almost wishing that we hadn't come. But, the moment Shamu appeared and the show began, all our thoughts of the climate and the cool temperature came to an end.

    The whales were mesmerizing, the lighting was beautiful, and the music was inspirational. It was one of those wonderful occasions that seemed suspended in time...and we was so glad that we'd stayed. In subsequent years, our family has made sure to attend this outstanding presentation a number of times. In fact, out of all of Southern California's holiday shows, Shamu's Christmas Show is our very favorite.

    Go behind the scenes of Shamu's Christmas Show! If you, too, enjoy this special Christmas presentation at SeaWorld San Diego (or would like to know more about it,) you can see more pictures of the event and read my interview with the show's producer, Rick Schuiteman. You may use the following link to enjoy the "The Making of SeaWorld's Holiday Show" page of this site.

    SeaWorld Christmas Pictures--Seal & Sea Lion Holiday Show

    Picture: SeaWorld Christmas show featuring seals and sea lions In contrast to the beautiful and elegant Shamu Christmas show, the Clyde and Seamore Christmas Special show is a crazy, zany comedy.

    It's even hard to say what the show is "about," since its purpose seems to be giving the human performers in the show a reason to dress in outlandish costumes and do silly things. But, who needs a purpose to the show...when bringing a smile to the face of every guest in attendance is reason enough?

    Photo: SeaWorld Christmas Show; a zany comedy featuring holiday props

    The sea lions in the show are adorable. In addition, there is one huge walrus acting in the show...and a little-bitty otter...that add fun to the festivities.

    (Note: you can catch Clyde & Seamore's Christmas sea lion show on weekends ONLY between November 16th and December 1st, 2013. Then, this popular comedy act will run every day between December 6th and January 5th, 2014. You will want to arrive at least 30 minutes early to claim your seat when the park is busy. Be sure to pick up an entertainment schedule as you enter the park so you may plan your activities around the Clyde & Seamore show times.)

    SeaWorld Christmas Pictures--Music & Entertainment

    Picture: SeaWorld Band plays for visitors during Sea World San Diego's holiday celebration On nights when Sea World San Diego's Christmas shows are running, there are also several musical groups performing some of the "sounds of the season" throughout the park.

    To your left, you see the photo of a band which plays holiday tunes in the SeaWorld entrance plaza. The SeaWorld entrance is a great place to see decorative Christmas banners, wreathes & garlands on SeaWorld's stores, and strolling, costumed characters your kids or grandchildren would love to meet.

    Image: SeaWorld Carolers sing favorite Christmas songs during Sea World's Holiday Celebration

    Festively dressed in old-fashioned costumed, a quartet of Christmas carolers strolls throughout the park, making stops at various locations to perform.

    The group sings holiday favorites in 4-part harmony...staying perfectly on-pitch despite the lack of musical accompaniment. Despite the chill of the night, a crowd gathered to enjoy their selections at this stop.

    SeaWorld Christmas Decorations

    Picture: Christmas photo backdrops are a favorite place to take snapshots during the Christmas season at SeaWorld San Diego Anyone living in (or visiting) San Diego knows that this theme park decorates for the holidays! How? Because, each year Sea World erects a GIANT Christmas tree which can be seen for miles around!

    (Actually, it's not a tree at all! It's a set of lights rigged up from the ground to the pinnacle of their huge Sky Tower Ride!) You'll never get lost heading towards SeaWorld on a wintry night during the Christmas season. The lit-up Sky Tower tree will guide you straight to your destination, just as surely as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer guides Santa Claus!

    Picture: Photo backdrop at SeaWorld is also a beautiful Christmas decoration

    Once you enter the main gates of SeaWorld San Diego, you'll see other Christmas Trees; REAL ones, decorated from "head to toe" with clever & colorful ornaments. (Some of the SeaWorld stores have the best Christmas trees of all! Notice the Christmas tree decorated with penguin ornaments in the picture below! Even Shamu has his own Christmas tree...all decorated with little plush Shamu stuffed animals...and a garland strand made of soft, furry little Shamu's strung in a row!)

    You and your family will have fun snapping photos at SeaWorld's decorative holiday photo backdrops (like the ones in the SeaWorld Christmas pictures to your left and right.) Your photos will come out beautiful every time with these colorful backgrounds lending their cheer.

    Picture: Stuffed penguins decorate this cute tree in SeaWorld's Penguin building

    The Christmas colors of red and green are used at SeaWorld San Diego in some of their holiday decorations. Still, the most noticeable "Christmas" color that you'll see is BLUE!

    That's right! Since the SeaWorld theme park celebrates creatures of the sea, blue is their favorite decorating color. Therefore, the Christmas decorations that you'll find at SeaWorld in San Diego, California are unlike those that you'll find in any of Southern California's other theme parks!

    Picture: Cute stuffed polar bears decorate a Christmas wreath at SeaWorld's Wild Arctic Adventure attraction

    Christmas Wreaths hand throughout the park. You'll want to make the rounds of SeaWorld's stores during the holidays: each store decorates a basic blue wreath in their own special way. At the Shamu Shop, Shamu stuffed animals decorate the wreath. At the dolphin shop, it's stuffed toy dolphins. And, do you notice the picture of stuffed polar bears decorating the Christmas wreath to your right? This is the wreath which adorns the Wild Arctic Adventure ride's shop!

    2013 Dates for Sea World San Diego Christmas Celebration

    When can you enjoy SeaWorld's exciting Christmas events? This year's Christmas kick-off is Saturday, November 16, 2013! The park's special holiday events will run from November 16th through January 5, 2013. Note: Sea World IS open on all major holidays, including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. In other words, when you've got time off for any one of the season's holidays, then SeaWorld will make a great place to take your family for a seasonal outing.

    Christmas season hours: To discover what times of the day you may visit SeaWorld during the holidays, please view our SeaWorld San Diego Hours page.

    THE PARK'S DAILY CHRISTMAS EVENT SCHEDULE begins Saturday, November 16, 2013. HOWEVER, while there are certain shows and events which will run DAILY, other events which will only be available on SELECTED DATES. Most notably, the uber-popular Shamu's Christmas Show will only be shown on selected dates. Also, the beloved extra-fee activity, Breakfast with Shamu and Santa will only be held on selected dates, as well.

    Schedule of DAILY Holiday Activities, 11/16/12 to 1/5/13

    Here is a list of the activities running EVERY DAY during the entire holiday season at SeaWorld San Diego:

  • SnowWorld snow-play field
  • Pets Rule Christmas show
  • Enjoy a variety of holiday decorations
  • View Santa's Reindeer in Training

    Acvitities running on SELECTED dates this holiday season:

  • Shamu's Christmas Show will be running weekends from November 16th thru December 15th; then daily between December 21st and January, 5, 2014. Shamu's Christmas Show is a nighttime event only; a different Shamu show will be running during the daytime.

  • Clyde & Seamore's sea lion Christmas show: Runs weekends through December 1st, then daily from December 6th through January 5, 2014.

  • Extra Christmas musical groups, character greetings and entertainment: On the busiest days of the season, SeaWorld San Diego will roll out extra perks and entertainment for the crowds. These dates are the same as the dates for Shamu's Christmas Show.

  • Breakfast with Shamu and Santa: Breakfast with Shamu and Santa is an extra-fee event...but one that is much-loved and VERY popular. As such, you should make your reservations before heading to the park (if you want to make sure that you have a spot. Remember, that in addition to the prices for the buffet, you'll also have to purchase an admission ticket for the theme park, or else use you annual pass or Fun Card for park admission.) This year, the cost for Breakfast with Shamu and Santa is $26 per adult (ages 10+) and $16 per child (ages 3 thru 9.) (NOTE: after taxes, these prices come to $28.02 and $17.24.) Infants and toddlers thru age 2 are admitted free, but you MUST make a reservation for them in order to guarantee their spot at the table.

    This is a buffet meal where you make the choices and take the amounts you'd like. Main dishes are eggs, French toast and Machaca...with sides of bacon, sausage, potatoes, and biscuits & gravy available. Rounding our the meal are muffins and pastries and a choice of fresh fruits. Beverages include milk, juice, coffee, tea, cocoa and soft drinks. Seating is outdoors, but chilly mornings are warmed by heaters. Jackets are recommended, nevertheless, because the buffet time is 10 am...and the morning chill may still be hanging in the air. To view pictures of the buffet dining facilities at SeaWorld San Diego, please view our Dining with Shamu information page, and/or our Dining with Shamu Buffet Photos page.

    Dates for Breakfast with Shamu and Santa are as follows: In November, there are 2 dates: November 29 and 30. In December, this event will be held every Saturday & Sunday before two weekdays. These dates are December 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23 and 24 (Christmas Eve.) That's not very many sessions for all the people who would like to attend...which is all the more reason for you to place your reservation as soon as you know what date you'll be visiting the park. Here's a link to the Breakfast with Shamu and Santa page of the SeaWorld San Diego website, for your convenience. If you are unable to get a reservation, you may still enjoy lunch or an early supper at SeaWorld's Dine with Shamu event...which will be running every day during the second half of November and all of December.

  • Can you celebrate New Year's Eve at Sea World San Diego? Unlike its sister-park in Orlando, Florida, the California location of Sea World does NOT ring in the New Year at midnight. However, the park will have a fireworks show just before closing time on the evening of December 31st (at 8:50 pm.)

    For a full list of the exact hours that Sea World San Diego will be open on the date you plan to visit, please see the Sea World Hours of Operation of our site.



    Use the button above to take a fun, photo-filled tour of CHRISTMAS PAGES on this website. (Follow the trail of Christmasy red buttons & you'll end up back here at this page.) Next stop? Disneyland Park of Anaheim, California!

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