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Exciting SeaWorld San Antonio Roller Coasters!

Enjoy 2 wild coasters and 2 water-thrill rides!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld San Antonio's roller coasters and thrill rides! You'll scream, you'll gasp...and you'll even get very, VERY wet as you enjoy Sea World San Antonio's great lineup of wild, adrenaline-pumping fun! Wrong Sea World location? Here are our Sea World San Diego ride pictures & info, and here is our Sea World Orlando rides and attractions list. Or, find SeaWorld San Antonio coupons & discounts!

The Steel Eel Roller Coaster

SeaWorld San Antonio's tallest, fastest ride!

Photo: The Sttel Eel roller coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio

If you love roller coaster thrills, then don't miss riding SeaWorld San Antonio's "Steel Eel!" This tall ride dominates the skyline in half of the park, twining in and out of Sea World's other attractions. (In the picture to your left, you see a view of the Steel Eel rollercoaster from across Sea World's lagoon. In the photo to your right, you see the Steel Eel coaster as it passes the Penguin Experience pavilion.)

Added to Sea World San Antonio in 1999, the custom-designed Steel Eel became the park's tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster. This 15-story tall attraction gives riders a 150 foot first drop...while running at a speed of 65 MPH!

Photo: The Steel Eel roller passes the Penguin Encounters pavilion at Sea World San Antonio The Steel Eel doesn't depend on inversions for generating its thrill factor. Instead, this golden monster gives riders "air time," those periods of weightlessness which will make you feel that you're soaring like a bird. You'll drop time and time again along the 3,700 foot course, giving you a satisfying, nearly 3-minute ride.

If you're a would-be rider, you should make this one of the attractions around which you plan your day. Needless to say, with a coaster this outstanding, there can be quite a line up! The Steel Eel can move 1200 riders per hour...when all's going smoothly; but, even so, try to hit this attraction early before the lines build up, if possible.

There's a minimum height of 48" to ride the Steel Eel. Guests in wheelchairs should enter through the ride's exit. There will be a transfer into the ride car to make and, in addition, your health should be hearty enough to withstand the rigors that this mean contraption will put you through. One escort is allowed per wheelchair visitor.

Great White Roller Coaster

Sharp turns + wild inversions = screaming fun!

Photo: Great White roller coaster at Sea World San Antonio; super fun! "The Great White" roller coaster is named after a species of shark.

"The Great White" is one heck of a roller coaster! This suspension-style flyer was added to SeaWorld San Antonio in 1996, and became an instant hit with visitors.

During the Great White's 2,500+ foot long course, you'll face 5 inversions...IF you dare to ride, that is!

Photo: The Great White is a roller coaster making 5 inversions along its course; SeaWorld San Antonio

Within the 2-minute ride time, you'll turn upside-down in 2 loops, 2 corkscrews and one Zero-G roll...the action never stops!

In the picture to your left, you can see that the riders' feet flying free in the breeze---which makes this coaster seem even scarier. There's no comforting floor below you!

And in the photo to your right, you see Great White riders making a wild turn, with feet flying in the air as they go!

Picture: Seaworld San Antonio's Great White roller coaster This $10 million-dollar thrill ride will keep you moving at nearly 50 MPH. You'll hang downwards from the ride, sitting in a ski lift-style chair. Since your feet really WILL be dangling above the crowds of visitors, no shoes that could possibly fall off and hurl into the other guests are allowed; you'll have to ride bare-footed, instead, if you wore flip flops to the park instead of a more secure type of shoe.

There's a minimum height of 54" tall required to ride "The Great White" roller coaster. Wheelchairs should enter through the exit; 3 guests are allowed to accompany each visitor using a wheelchair.

Journey to Atlantis ride

San Diego version vs San Antonio Version

Photo: The Journey to Atlantis ride at SeaWorld San Diego is BOTH a roller coaster AND a water flume! Seaworld San Antonio got its long-awaited Journey to Atlantis thrill ride in 2007. But, SeaWorld fans who had already been on the Atlantis ride at the park in San Diego did not get the ride they were expecting!

The "Journey to Atlantis" ride at SeaWorld San Diego is a roller coaster and a boat ride COMBINED.

It's unique in the fact that it's BOTH a water ride AND a "dry-land" roller coaster! As you can see in the picture of San Diego's Atlantis ride to your left, there's plenty of coaster track, and tall, beautifully painted towers to support them.

Lines are long for the Atlantis ride at SeaWorld San Diego! On the other hand, once you board, you'll get nearly 5 whole minutes of ride time. After waiting in a long line, getting a nice long turn is a gratifying thing! First, you'll board the "boat" portion of the ride, which takes you on a watery journey to a splashdown that'll get you drenched. THEN, your ride vehicle transitions onto a dry track...via a "roller coaster ELEVATOR" give you a whirl in the coaster-segment of the ride! For more information about San Diego's "Journey to Atlantis" and other rides, you may use the following link to jump to the "SeaWorld San Diego Rides" page of this website.

Picture: Journey to Atlantis boat ride at Sea World San Antonio in Texas

San Antonio's "Journey to Atlantis," on the other hand, is a boat ride.

You'll begin the ride seated on a boat...and the ride will continue to remain strictly a water ride for its entire length.

San Antonio's version is also shorter in length than its San Diego cousin. You'll get about 3 1/2 minutes of ride time on your Journey...most of it spent leading up to its final, furious splashdown.

Just because it's a different "Journey to Atlantis," however, doesn't mean that it's not fun---because it is! It'll leave you soaked, too! (Which is a wonderful thing on one of San Antonio's many hot & humid days!)

To see still more pics of the Journey to Atlantis ride in San Antonio, please see the slide show at the top of the page, or the photo gallery below.

Rio Loco rafting ride

Exciting, relaxing...and another fun way to get soaked!

Photo: Rio Loco white water rafting ride at SeaWorld San Antonio The Rio Loco opened at Sea World San Antonio in 1997, and made an instant hit with the hot & sweaty SeaWorld guests! You'll find good-sized lines for the Rio Loco still...on any day that's warm enough for guests to want a soaking!

The Rio Loco's course winds through tall, shady---and very attractive---trees. It's like taking a beautiful nature walk!

Needless to say, you'll get wet if you ride the Rio Loco---but, then, that's the point! Water will splash into the car and spray from overhead. Watch out---don't forget to keep your camera in a dry place!

The minimum height requirement for the Rio Loco is 42" tall. Wheelchair guests should enter through the special entryway that they'll find to the left of the main entrance to the ride. Up to 5 guests may assist and accompany.

SAD NEWS: The Texas Splashdown Log Flume is now closed!

This fun & popular ride closed forever in May, 2011

Photo: Log zooms down the flume on the Texas Splashdown ride; SeaWorld San Antonio Was the Texas Splashdown one of your favorite rides at SeaWorld San Antonio? Many people really enjoyed this popular log flume, and lines were always plenty long. Nevertheless, the theme park has closed the Texas Splashdown permanently. It will be missed!

Pictures of Journey to Atlantis, San Antonio

Picture: Journey to Atlantis in San Antonio; a crowd waits to get wet in the soak zone! Picture: Journey to Atlantis boat climbs a steep hill

Picture: Seaworld San Antonio's Journey to Atlantis ride runs backwards during part of the ride! Picture: Journey to Atlantis boat gets ready for its thrilling plunge; Sea World San Antonio in Texas

Picture: You can have fun standing in the Journey to Atlantis ride's splash zone! Picture: Huge splash from Journey to Atlantis ride cools guests on a hot San Antonio day!

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