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Shamu -- Undisputed Star of SeaWorld!

SeaWorld San Diego will bring out the whale-lover in you!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Shamu and his trainers! These photos come from various performances of the popular Shamu Show at Sea World San Diego. On this page, you'll discover info about SeaWorld's attractions which feature the much-loved Shamu.Do you have your SeaWorld tickets yet? If not, don't forget to check out our SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets page, where you'll find a whole list current SeaWorld deals!

Viewing Shamu will be a highlight of your day at Sea World!

Shamu prepares for a flying leap at SeaWorld San Diego Shamu and SeaWorld---the two names go together "hand in glove." Shamu's show of skillful tricks is generally the highlight of any visitor's trip to SeaWorld. And SeaWorld's adorable mascot, Shamu, certainly "packs in" the guests. SeaWorld and Shamu make a great team!

On this page, we'll talk about the activities at SeaWorld San Diego which revolve around Shamu. First we'll talk about the "Believe" show, which is a whale show that's included in the admission fees you pay to enter Sea World Park. After that, we'll talk about the extra-fee activities you can enjoy with Shamu at SeaWorld. These include dining with Shamu for breakfast or lunch, or participating in Shamu's "trainer for a day" program.

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    Shamu's new "One Ocean" show

    You may attend Shamu's whale show (called "One Ocean") as part of the attractions included with your Sea World ticket purchase. This is true whether you've purchased a one-day ticket, a season pass, or a combo ticket which includes admission to another theme park or zoo.

    Here are some of the features you will enjoy when you see Shamu's new show, "One Ocean."

    * 2-story-tall stage which includes an unusual centerpiece---the world's biggest orca whale tail fluke! (Basically, this is the same stage centerpiece which was used in the now-retired "Believe" show. The stage decorations have simply been repainted another color.)

    * A state-of-the-art sound system---for better hearing the all-new musical score created especially for this show!

    Shamu leaps forward at SeaWorld San Diego in California* 4 giant LED screens which can move around the main stage area to show closeups of the action, or provide extra information. Plus, the four screens can move together then back apart again...and can vary their angles...from horizontal to vertical to slanted sideways!

    * Cameras have been installed both under and above water level, to give you even MORE viewing angles of Shamu as he performs his tricks!

    SeaWorld's "One Ocean" show is completely different than the popular "Believe" show which prededed it. The main feature of "Believe" was a significant amount of trainer & whale interaction. There will be NO whale-trainer interaction used in "One Ocean," at least at this time. To see our pictures of "One Ocean," please visit our SeaWorld One Ocean Show page.

    Or, to see photos of the recently retired Shamu Show, "Believe," please use the following link to check out our "Believe" show page. We are leaving many pictures of the old "Believe" show up on this site, because it was an all-time favorite show for many guests.

    Other Shamu Shows at SeaWorld San Diego

    Shamu is the star of other popular shows held seasonally!

    It's fun to watch Shamu perform in OTHER shows at Sea World San Diego, too! Although there is only one "main" Shamu Show (Believe...which you read about above,) there are other shows starring Shamu and his friends which are shown seasonally at the theme park.

    1.) Shamu Rocks: A hugely popular show which can be seen at night during summer months and during the Halloween Spooktacular is called "Shamu Rocks." Full of lively rock 'n roll well as a little Rock en Espanol, as'll have great fun clapping your hands and stomping your feet along with everyone else in the crowd. While Shamu's daytime "Believe" show is oh-so-heartwarming, Shamu's nighttime show will get you moving with the beat!

    2.) Shamu's Christmas Show: Another can't-miss Shamu show is the annual Christmas Show. You'll find the Shamu holiday show both heartwarming AND inspirational, too. It's full of favorite seasonal music (including live singers and instrumentalists) and holiday cheer. But be careful---once you've seen Shamu's Christmas show, your holiday season will never seem "complete" again unless you add it EVERY year to your list of family holiday traditions! For further info, you may wish to read The Making Seaworld's Holiday Show page of this site. Or, to learn about other SeaWorld San Diego holiday aqctivities, be sure to check out the Christmas at SeaWorld page!

    Shamu extra-fee activity: Dine with Shamu

    The Dining With Shamu restaurant at Sea World San Diego For a number of years, SeaWorld of San Diego has been offering the "Dining with Shamu" experience. For an extra fee, you can enjoy a poolside meal while Shamu entertains you and his trainers regale you with interesting details about the whale-training process.

    The current season is no exception---you may still dine with Shamu at his small, "close up" pool in Sea World San Diego...but the experience has gotten even BETTER! A new Shamu Buffet area has recently been finished (as part of the Shamu stadium make-over for the new Shamu "Believe" show.) In the photo to your left, you can see the seating area of the "Dine with Shamu" buffet restaurant. (The buffet line itself is served indoors, while seating is on the patio.)

    Are you interested in dining with Shamu? To discover the details about attending this pleasant and entertaining extra-pay meal, you may use the following link to see the "Dining with Shamu" page of our website. There, you'll see photos of Shamu, as seen from the new seating area. Plus, you'll learn where to make your reservations, the prices for eating at the buffet, and details about the new dining area itself.

    Do you have questions about Shamu?

    Here's how to find answers!

    Shamu's handsome face at SeaWorld San Diego For whatever question you have about orca whales---or any other animal at SeaWorld---the folks at SeaWorld San Diego have an answer. And, they'd LOVE to share that answer with you!

    If you have a question, first look in SeaWorld's index of "most frequently asked questions." (You'll find ALL SORTS of interesting facts on this page!) To view this index, you may use the following link to visit Sea World's "Ask Shamu" list of frequent questions.

    If you don't find the answer to your question in these "Ask Shamu" pages, then you're welcome to call the education department at SeaWorld San Diego! (SeaWorld San Diego wants to help you answer your questions!)

    The phone number for the SeaWorld education department is: 1-800-23-SHAMU. You'll be able to get ahold of a "live" person between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific Time.



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