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Six Flags Magic Mountain Hours of Operation

When does Magic Mountain open & close? Find out here!

In the slide show above, you've been viewing pictures of fun rides and roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain! If you can't wait to get in on the excitement, you'll want to read through the rest of this page...where you can discover Magic Mountain's dates and hours of operation!

Overview of Magic Mountain's Dates and Hours

Southern California's Six Flags theme park stays open year-round!

Picture: Six Flags Magic Mountain's Batman roller coaster If you live in an area of the country where your local Six Flags theme park closes for the winter and spring months, it may seem strange to you that Six Flags Magic Mountain in California stays open all year round. But, it's true! Magic Mountain DOES stay open 12 months a year for your family's entertainment pleasure!

Traditionally, the Magic Mountain amusement park was only open on weekends during the winter and early spring months.

HOWEVER, in 2018 Six Flags stayed open EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK ALL YEAR LONG for the first time in recent memory. Was the schedule of expanded hours a success? Yes! It's obvious because...


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Summer, 2019 hours at Six FlagsMagic Mountain:

Summer Vacation hours run from mid-May thru early August, 2019

In the slide show above, you're viewing pics of fun Magic Mountain rides! (If the slide show has stopped running by the time you reach this point, then you may refresh the page to get it started running again.)

Mid-May means longer hours at Magic Mountain!

Picture: Six Flags Magic Mountain's Green Lantern roller coaster is scheduled for removal
Magic Mountain's OPENING TIME IS 10:30 every day in May. It's only the closing time that is different. The schedule is rather jumbled, but generally speaking, the closing time for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays is shorter than the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday. The park closes at either 6 pm, 8 pm or 9 pm this month. Here are the dates when you'll find each of these 3 schedules operating--

10:30 am to 6 pm dates: On the following days, Magic Mountain's hours will be from 10:30 until 6 pm: Thurs 16; Fri 17; Mon 20; Tues 21; Wed 22 and Thurs 23.

10:30 to 8 pm: Sun 19; Fri 24; Mon 27; Tues 28; Wed 29; Thurs 30; Fri 31

10:30 to 9 pm: Sat 18; Sat 25; Sun 26

June, 2019 open hours at Magic Mountain!

During the 1st of June, the park is a little slower than the rest of the month will be. But after that, the crowd build quickly---and the park's long hours of operation reflect the many guests that will be visiting! To avoid the worst of the crowds, you should arrive early, be at the opening gate to be one of the first ones entering, and head straight towards your favorite roller coaster or thrill ride.

SATURDAY HOURS: Every Saturday in June, Magic Mountain opens 1/2 hour earlier than the other days of the week---at 10:00 am instead of 10:30 am. Only the closing times vary. On Saturday 1st and 8th, the park closes at 9 pm. On the 15th, 22nd and the 29th, closing time isn't until 10 pm.

SUNDAY HOURS: During June, SFMM's opening time is at 10:30 am and closing time is at 9 pm every Sunday. There are no exceptions.

WEEKDAY HOURS: During June, SFMM's opening time is at 10:30 am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Closing time for the first week of June is at 8 pm. These dates are Mon 3; Tues 4; Wed 5; Thurs 6; and Fri 7. For the rest of the month, operating hours are even more generous. The park will close at 9 pm on all other weekdays. These dates are Mon 10; Tues 11; Wed 12; Thurs 13; Fri 14; Mon 17; Tues 18; Wed 19; Thurs 20; Fri 21; Mon 24; Tues 25; Wed 26; Thurs 27; Fri 28

July, 2019 schedule at Magic Mountain!

July has the longest operating hours of the year at Six Flags! Every day has long hours...and there are even special hours for the Independence Day holiday!

EVERY SATURDAY: On EVERY Saturday during this month, Magic Mountain hours will be open from 10:00 am until 10 pm.

SUNDAY HOURS: During July, Magic Mountain's opening time on Sundays is at 10:30 am and closing time is at 9 pm. There are no exceptions.

INDEPENDENCE DAY HOLIDAY: Independence day will be celebrated on July 3, 4 and 5 with special hours of 10:30 am until 10 pm. (Saturday, July 6th, is also part of the celebration period, but it already has closing hours of 10 pm.) On these dates, there will be a special fireworks show set to patriotic music. Extra entertainment will be scheduled throughout the park on these four dates, as well.

EVERY OTHER WEEKDAY EXCEPT INDEPENDENCE DAY: During July, SFMM's opening time is at 10:30 am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Closing time is 9 pm each evening (except for the Independence Day celebration.)

Magic Mountain hours for August, 2019 & Labor Day weekend

August marks the end of "summer vacation season" at Six Flags in Los Angeles. Beginning on this date, the park's attendance begins to drop---as more and more schools open their doors for the new school year. Yes, Magic Mountain will still be open EVERY day in August. But the hours will be shorter than during the busiest part of the summer vacation season. There are 4 different operating schedules this month. They are---

10:30 am to 6 pm dates: On the following days, Magic Mountain's hours will be from 10:30 until 6 pm: Mon 12; Tues 13; Wed 14; Thurs 15; Fri 16; Mon 19; Tues 20; Wed 21; Thurs 22; Fri 23; Mon 26; Tues 27; Wed 28; Thurs 29; Fri 30.

10:30 to 8 pm: Mon 5; Tues 6; Wed 7; Thurs 8; Fri 9; Sun 11; Sun 18; and Sun 31.

10:00 to 10 pm: Only Saturday, August 3rd has this schedule.

LABOR DAY HOURS on Labor Day Weekend (Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September first,) hours will be from 10:30 am until 9 pm. On the Labor Day holiday itself, the park opens at 10:30 am and closes, sadly, at 6 pm. For the rest of the month of September, most weekdays will follow that same short schedule of 10:30 am until 6 pm (and the park IS open EVERY day in September!) Halloween Fright Fest begins each weekend starting Saturday, September 14th in 2019!

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