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Six Flags Magic Mountain address, phone number & parking info

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coasters and other attractions! Fantastic rides are what make this Southern California theme park great! As you can tell from the photos, you're going to have LOTS of fun during your day at Magic Mountain!

Six Flags Magic Mountain Parking

Picture: X2 roller coaster train climbs to the top; 6 Flags Magic MountainThe parking lot at Magic Mountain serves BOTH the theme park AND the Hurricane Harbor water park (open seasonally.) There are 3 parking areas at Six Flags Magic Mountain, depending on what's going on with your group.

1.) General parking and tram: MOST visitors to Magic Mountain head for the park's giant parking lot. Parking isn't cheap at Six Flags; expect to pay $17 per car (as of Summer, 2012) each time you visit (unless you purchased either an annual parking pass or a Magic Mountain Extreme Play Pass. It's easy to see that if you're a frequent guest, having one of these pre-paid parking passes will save you money in the long run.) Parking also costs the same $17 per car if you're headed to Hurricane Harbor. Trams run from the parking lot to the main entry gates & ticket booths regularly. Sometimes the trams are pretty quick, but other times, they're not. You may choose to walk to the main gate if you don't want to wait.

2.) Valet Parking: Not in the mood to wait for a tram OR take a hike? For an extra fee, you can choose Magic Mountain's valet parking option. If you have an Extreme Play Pass (which has pre-paid parking privileges) you will SKIP paying your basic parking lot fee and ONLY pay the valet parking charge. This is a great option to take if you have problems doing too much walking. The valet lot is right next to the main gate. Step out of your car, and into the park you go!

3.) Drop off/pick up lot: There is a small parking lot for parents and friends who are picking up someone from the park. To reach this lot, stay in the left-hand parking lane. Tell the attendant you're there to drop off (or pick up) your family...and in you go without a fee. If you need to wait for your family members to come out of the park, you may stay in the waiting lot for up to 30 minutes; you must stay with your car.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Phone Numbers, etc

Photo of Tatsu zooming through the trees at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California There are 5 Magic Mountain phone numbers that you might want to know. These are---

1.) Main Magic Mountain phone number (661) 255-4100...This is the recorded "hotline" of info about discounts, hour of operation, show times and special events. (At times, though, I've had this phone number answered by a "real live person.")

2.) Six Flags: Spanish telephone number, (661) 255-4854. Direcciones, horas, ofertas especiales y informaci?n sobre Magic Mountain y Hurricane Harbor.

3.) Guest Relations Magic Mountain phone number (661) 255-4103...This is the 6 Flags Magic Mountain phone number of GUEST RELATIONS, where you WILL reach a "live employee" on the end of the telephone line. While the recorded information line can easily give you directions and theme park hours, for example, you may have a question that's "one of a kind." That's when you'll use this number.

4.) Six Flags Magic Mountain employment website: If you're looking for job opportunities at Six Flags Magic Mountain, you may use the following link to check out the Official Six Flags Jobs Website. If you see a job that you like, you may be able to apply online.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Address & Directions

The Six Flags Magic Mountain address is---

Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

Directions to 6 Flags Magic Mountain---

As you can see from the 6 Flags Magic Mountain address listed above, the theme park is located in Valencia, California, which is a northern suburb of metro Los Angeles. To get to Valencia, you'll need to get onto the Interstate 5 freeway and head north from Los Angeles. Once in Valencia, you'll exit I-5 at Magic Mountain Parkway, and then head west. You can't miss it--there are plenty of good signs pointing the way! (And, if you arrive on a busy summer morning, you'll find plenty of TRAFFIC pointing the way, too!)

Map to Six Flags Magic Mountain: Although the Magic Mountain theme park is easy to find, it never hurts to study a 6 Flags Magic Mountain map ahead of time...just to make sure you know where you'll be heading! Here's a link to a Yahoo map to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

Map of Six Flags Magic Mountain rides and attractions: If you would like to figure out ahead of time where you'd like to head first when you get to the theme park, you may print out a PDF map of Magic Mountain at home. This is a full-color map which has been updated for 2012, including the Lex Luthor Drop of Doom ride. You may use the following link to view or print out the PDF map of the Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, California.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Website

Picture: Scream roller coaster riders hang upside down in the top of a loop It would be natural to think that the Six Flags Magic Mountain website is ""...but it's NOT. Naturally, Magic Mountain has a website BUT, it's just a section in the general Six Flags "mother site" (which has separate sections for ALL of the Six Flags theme parks rolled up into one giant website.)

The Six Flags theme parks "mother site" can be found at It's simple & easy to remember. But, since you're not interested in all those OTHER amusement parks' pages, you'll want to take the following short-cut! To skip the introductory pages and get directly to the Magic Mountain pages of the Six website, you may use the following link to... go straight to the Magic Mountain pages and skip the "6 Flags" home pages.



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