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Small World Holiday Pictures

Disneyland Park's classic "It's a Small World" ride is transformed for Christmas!

Picture: Santa Cap adorns the giant clock on the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World ride during the Christmas holiday season The Small World Holiday ride is a major Christmas attraction at Disneyland Park!

What is Disneyland Park's "It's a Small World" attraction?

"It's a Small World" is a ride which is both a tribute and a plea for each of us to do our part in creating world unity and peace. In the midst of an otherwise carefree day visiting the theme park, we are reminded that despite cultural differences, languages and clothing styles, all the people of the world are human beings. In spite of differences, we all have basic needs and desires that make us all part of the "human family."

During the Christmas holiday season, "It's a Small World" becomes one of 2 Disneyland rides to get a temporary makeover (the other ride being the Holiday Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square.)

"It's a Small World's" holiday version becomes a wonderland of colorful lights, and ribbons and ornaments. You'll see Christmas trees, garlands, holly, paper chains, tinsel, "candy," banners and all sorts of decorations that make this ride an attraction that any "holiday lights-lover" will want to experience.

On this page, you can see Small World Holiday pictures...both inside and out...and decide if making this attraction will be a "must-do" event for your own family's Christmas-time visit to Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California.

Small World Holiday Pictures -- Exterior photos

Picture: It's a Small World Holiday version, a Christmas time attraction at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California At dusk, the tranquil white exterior of "It's a Small World" bursts into a riot of colors.

Perhaps it's done to mimic the message of the ride's interior---that, from people of many colors and cultures, we create one world.

But, for whatever the reason, the Disneyland decorators have chosen to use a multitude of different colored lights on the Small World Holiday attraction's exterior.

You'll find many people stopping simply to gaze at this attraction's lights! Others, of course, rush right into the line; after all, the queue waits on the outside of It's A Small World. As you wait your turn to board the ride's boats, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the building's holiday lighting display.

Picture: Topiary animals adorn the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World attraction, such as this topiary giraffe

A number of topiary animals adorn the Small World ride's garden, and you can see some of these in the pictures both above and to your right. (You're looking at a topiary giraffe in the right hand photo.)

Other important features to note on the Small World Holiday's exterior are the replicas of famous world buildings, which are outlined with the brightly colored lights. For example, in the image below, you can see the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, among others.

Picture: Small World Christmas version features holiday lights of many different colors

Small World Holiday Pictures -- Interior

Picture: White Christmas tree inside Disneyland Park's holiday version of It's A Small World Inside Disneyland Park's "It's a Small World" holiday version, you'll enjoy a wonderland of Christmas sights and sounds.

Everywhere you look you'll find decorations of every type and color. You'll discover that there are so many different things to view, you'll have to ride "It's a Small World" more than one time to fully appreciate them all.

Picture: Peace on Earth sign decorates Disneyland Park's It's a Small World holiday version

Just above, you see the picture of a white Christmas tree that is aglow with tiny clear lights.

To your right, you seen the image of a lighted decoration proclaiming "Peace on Earth." A globe of the Earth, with its continents outlined in lights, is partially encircled by figures of children from various countries and cultures. Doves, symbolizing peace, fly overhead and to the sides. Strings of colored lights, holly leaves, and snowflakes form other elements of this inspiring holiday message.

Photo: Seasons Greetings banner welcomes guests aboard the It's A Small World boat ride at Disneyland Park during the Christmas holiday season

In the scene to your left, a banner proclaims, "Seasons Greetings," under which guests pass in their boats.

A plethora of international dolls and various Christmas decor items complete the festive scene.

Small World Holiday -- Light Show

Photo: Disneyland's 50th Anniversary sign on the It's a Small World attraction in 2005 During daylight hours, you will notice that "It's a Small World" is painted a simple white color. You can get a glimpse of this gold-accented white color scheme to your this picture of the Small World attraction during Disneyland's 50th Anniversary celebration in 2005.

The advantage of using a basic white color scheme is that it can be accented with so many different OTHER colors to change it's "look" at a moment's notice.

It can even be used as a giant movie screen! This is exactly what happens several times every evening during the holiday season.

All the multi-colored strings of lights are suddenly shut off---and a light show with many variations is broadcast onto the building! In the photos below, you'll see how different "looks" can be instantly created, then re-created again with different colors and patterns. Simultaneously, you'll listen to favorite musical selections from Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite."

Picture: Light Show on the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World holiday attraction

Photo: Light Show on the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World holiday attraction

Image: Light Show on the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World holiday attraction

Picture: Light Show on the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World holiday attraction

Small World Holiday -- Parade and Snow location

Picture: Disneyland snow makers shower the crowd in front of the Small World attraction during the Christmas season You can see SNOWFALL in front of the "It's a Small World" holiday attractions!

The plaza area in front of the Small World ride is one of 3 areas at Disneyland Park equipped with snowmakers...which are placed high aloft, along with spotlights.

3 times during the evening, you'll enjoy fresh snowfall. One snowfall takes place after the "Believe in Holiday Magic" fireworks display. The 2 other times at "snow moments" held earlier in the evening (so that tiny tots may enjoy the snow before their early bedtimes.)

To your left, you can see a picture of Disneyland's snow falling on an eager crowd standing in front of the Small World Holiday ride.

Picture: Light Show on the exterior of Disneyland's It's a Small World holiday attraction

During the "snow moments," you'll see yet a different light show shining on the Small World building, as its colorful holiday lights once again "go dark."

This time around, you'll hear either an original soundtrack (which accompanies the Disneyland Park snow moments) or else the sounds of White Christmas (if you're witnessing the snowfall directly after the fireworks presentation.)

The light show focuses on "wintry" themes, showing snowflakes or other patterns reminiscent of blizzard-filled Northern weather (such as you're viewing in the photo to your right.)

If you'd like further details about Disneyland's holiday fireworks display and places you can enjoy the park's "snow moments," please visit the Disneyland Christmas Fireworks and Snow page of this website.

Picture: Cute gingerbread man decorates a white wreath near Disneyland's Small World attraction

The plaza and promenade areas in front of "It's A Small World" are a good place to see holiday lights and decorations, too.

You'll see a number of cute Christmas wreaths, like the white gingerbread man-themed wreath to your left, in this area of Fantasyland. Though each of these wreaths maintains the same size, shape, and basic white color, each one is different...and absolutely darling.

In addition to numerous Christmas wreaths, you'll also enjoy holiday lights adorning many of the trees, as well.

Picture: Disney Princess Float in Disneyland's Christmas Parade, which begins in front of the Small World attraction

Another reason to "hang out" near the Small World Holiday attraction is to enjoy the Disneyland Christmas Parade, called "A Christmas Fantasy."

You'll find that the holiday parade will either start in front of "It's a Small World," or else end here (consult your park schedule; it will tell you.) But, either way, you'll have a pleasant place to wait for this popular Disneyland holiday procession.

Picture: 7 Dwarfs are part of Disneyland's Christmas Parade, which begins in front of the Small World ride

Just above, you can see a photo of the Disney Princesses Float in this spectacular holiday parade.

And, to your left, you see a picture of Snow White's dwarfs as they meander along the parade route. All 7 dwarfs appear in the parade. Your family can have a contest to see who can name them all!

To see more photos of "A Christmas Fantasy," please visit the Disneyland Parade Pictures page of this website.

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