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Southern California Attractions

Tons of things to see & do---Why not join the fun?

Picture of Laguna Beach, California taken from the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean

So many attractions! So little time! With all the fun that Southern California has to offer you & your family, you'll be visiting time and time again before you have the chance to explore them all.'ve gotta begin somewhere! And, on this page, you'll get an overview of all the different activities talked about on this website. Pick the Southern California attractions you like best, then let your explorations begin!

What sorts of activities are covered on this website? Just about anything families would want to do together. Whether your kids are small...or ready to leave the're sure to find a Southern California attraction that will please the members of your group. The main categories of attractions talked about on this site include the following---

  • Theme Parks---Usually it's one of the Southern California theme parks that families pick as the "main attracton" of their fun-filled vacation to greater Los Angeles. On this website, you'll find hundreds of theme park photos---pictures showing all seven of the major theme parks in SoCal...and some of the minor amusement parks, as well.

  • Shopping & Outlet shopping---Some families come to Southern California specifically to shop...because there are stores here which they can't find "back home." Many other groups throw in a shopping trip "on the side," in addition to their other plans...because there are just too many great opportunities to let them pass by!

  • Hollywood Attractions---A number of visitors make the sights of Hollywood...and it's movie-themed activities...a focus of their Southern California visit. On this website, you'll discover the fun you may enjoy while exploring Tinseltown.

  • San Diego Attractions---Other California visitors make a beeline to beautiful San Diego, where this city's beautiful coastline captivates them. Your family will surely enjoy the San Diego activities covered by this website, which are just awaiting you to explore them.

  • Camping---It's a surprise to some would-be visitors that Southern California isn't "solid city." To be sure, the Los Angeles-Orange County-San Diego metropolis is huge...but not so big that there isn't plenty of room for back-to-nature activities, as well!

  • Beaches---Along with its exciting theme parks, Southern California's beaches draw families from all over the USA (and the world!) who are eager to enjoy some fun in the sun. And, the beautiful coastline of Southern Cali offers you a chance to do everything from bask while lying motionless, to testing the limits of your body maneuvering a surfboard...or while working out on the miles of bike & jogging trails which line the shore!

    These are just a few categories of attractions that you may enjoy in Southern California. As you browse through this page, why not grab a pencil and make plans to visit the Southern California attractions which interest you most?

    Southern California Attractions--Theme Parks

    Picture: Roller coasters entertwine over a Knott's Berry Farm lake Over a half-dozen world-class theme parks await visitors in Southern California! Between them, you'll surely find one---or more of them!---that you'd like to try!

    Photo-filled theme park sections on this website include---

  • Disneyland Park, in Anaheim, California; the beloved granddaddy of modern theme parks world-wide!
  • Disney's California Adventure Park directly adjacent to Disneyland...and SoCal's newest theme park!
  • Knott's Berry Farm, the thrilling Orange County theme park that really DID start out by selling berries from a farm!
  • Legoland California, where kids under age 14 have an entire theme park built just for them!
  • SeaWorld San Diego, where the much-loved Shamu whale and his friends treat you to spectacular shows you'll never forget
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, home of the wildest thrill rides in the entire Western USA!
  • Universal Studios Hollywood, where you'll learn movie-making secrets via fun tours, shows and rides!

    Several smaller Southern California amusement parks also offer great fun that your family will enjoy. These include---

  • Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, which will give tourists a sense of Deja Vu---this park has appeared many times on TV and in films because of its scenic, over-the-water location on the Pacific Ocean!
  • Belmont Park at Mission Beach, a highlight of anyone's San Diego visit, and home of the nostalgic Big Dipper roller coaster!

    Southern California attractions -- Hollywood

    Photo: Palm trees tower over a Hollywood sign If you're one of the many people who'd love to head to Hollywood, here's a list of the fun activities you'll be able to enjoy in and around Hollywood Boulevard---

  • The show-stopping centerpiece of modern Hollywood, California is its beautiful Kodak Theater and Hollywood & Highland Mall. These two striking side-by-side Hollywood structures became instant landmarks when they opened in 2001. The Kodak Theater is world-renowned as being the official home of the Academy Awards Oscar presentation ceremonies. And the Hollywood & Highland Center mall? You've just gotta see this way-out "only in Hollywood" shopping & entertainment destination for yourself before you'll believe it!

  • Grauman's Chinese Theater is one of Hollywood's most historic buildings. And, while its history may not seem exciting to many visitors, the display of famous celebrity footprints in its courtyard certainly DOES! Grauman's Chinese Theater is the hub of Hollywood tours, THE place to get free tickets to TV show tapings, and the place where costumed characters portraying famous movie roles hang out. Enjoy the hubbub and drink in the atmosphere!

  • Disney's El Capitan Theater is a beautifully restored movie palace of yore...AND a great place to catch the latest Disney film (often accompanied by live stage shows of dancing Disney characters!)

  • The Disney Soda Fountain, adjacent to the El Capitan Theater, is known for its fabulous ice cream sundaes (some of which are actually themed to the latest Disney movies playing at the El Capitan!) It's also Hollywood's place to get limited edition Disney trading pins and movie-themed collectibles. AND their ice cream is one-of-a-kind...made just for this ice cream parlor alone!

  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame is known world-wide for its display of terazzo and brass stars inlaid into the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard. Every day of the week, dozens of visitors stroll along this famous pedestrian passage pointing to the stars of their own personal favorite celebrities.

  • The Doors Star sits right in front of the Virgin Megastore (part of the Hollywood & Highland Mall.) Whether or not you're a fan of the Doors musical group, you'll enjoy seeing pictures of how very shiny these Walk of Fame stars look when they're brand new! (The photos on this page were ones I took when the star was only 4 days old.)

  • Other Hollywood Attractions along Hollywood Blvd. include the Guinness Book of World Records Museum, the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. Find the details you'll need for planning a visit.

  • Hollywood Blvd Costumed Characters take snapshots with tourists...and liven the atmosphere of this memorable district. Discover what characters might be roving through the area when you plan to visit!

  • Hollywood Blvd's Pantages Theater is home to some of LA's most memorable "Wicked, the Musical," and "The Lion King."

  • The Hollywood Bowl on Highland Avenue is "two attractions in one." As one of greater LA's most historic places, the Hollywood Bowl has been home to some of the world's most remembered live musical performances (and touring the Bowl's free museum will help you relive these magic moments!) And, as a modern concert venue, it remains "tops!"

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