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Southern California Beach Camping Section--

Huntington Beach Camping

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Huntington Beach, California, a Southern California city with three beachfront campgrounds, making it a major destination for camping enthusiasts who love to stay at the shores of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Photo: The Pacific Ocean beach at Huntington Beach, California Southern California beach camping is a strange mixture of "good and bad." Yes, it's terrific. Camping alongside the beautiful blue Pacific and the golden sands of the shore, how could it be otherwise?

And yet, camping in metro Los Angeles is a very "urban" experience. The campgrounds themselves are often seas of asphalt. LA beaches are no place to find isolated, tree-enshrouded campsites! In fact, you're better off in Metro Los Angeles if you're an RV camping enthusiast...because tent sites at the beach, while available in a few places, are in short supply!

On this section of the website, you'll find information on the subject of "Southern California beach camping" (and on this page, what you'll want to know specifically about "Huntington Beach camping") and hopefully gain a realistic picture of what you can expect...both "pro" and "con"...on your Los Angeles-area beach camping vacation.

Huntington Beach Camping: The Choices

Public and private beach campgrounds in Huntington Beach

Photo: Swimming pool at the Huntington by the Sea campground, Huntington Beach, CaliforniaNot every Southern California beach city has camping spots available. And, out of the Southern Cali beach towns that DO offer some type of camping, not all of them have public campgrounds at California State Beaches. Huntington Beach enthusiasts are a lucky group because there are 3 good camping choices in this wonderful beach city...and staying at any of them will set your family up for having a wonderful time on their beach vacation!

HUNTINGTON BEACH PUBLIC BEACH CAMPGROUNDS: There are 2 public campgrounds right on the sands of Huntington Beach, and both of them are mega-popular. These are the city-owned Huntington City Beach campground (whose "official" name is the "Sunset Vista Campground.") This is the most conveniently located beach camping spot if you're into "action." It's not far from the Huntington Beach pier, the shopping and dining area of Main Street, and several equipment rental stands. On the other hand, this camping ground has a HUGE disadvantage: it closes up during the summer--when it's needed most!

The other beach campground in HB is the Bosla Chica State Beach Campground. The Bolsa Chica beach camping ground is open all year. For those who prefer the feeling of being "away from it all," the Bolsa Chica camp is the right one to pick. It's situated on a stretch of (relatively) quiet highway across from the Bolsa Chica protected wetlands...where no houses nor businesses may be built!

HUNTINGTON BEACH PRIVATE BEACH CAMPGROUND: In addition to the public campgrounds in Huntington Beach, there's a private camp ground, Huntington by the Sea. This campground's rates are slightly higher than the public campgrounds, but at least you can find a spot to park your rig here when the public campsites are full! In addition, Huntington by the Sea offers a list of nice amenities you'll enjoy...and that the public beach camps don't offer. Since the facilities are much nicer (and since the public campgrounds are so expensive for what you get,) Huntington by the Sea campground is a good option to choose.

On this page, you'll discover your Huntington Beach camping choices, including photos and contact information (so you can get ahold of the camping spots directly to ask whatever questions you might have.)

Southern California Beach Camping --

Huntington by the Sea Campground

Photo: Hot-water spa at Huntington by the Sea campground, Huntington Beach, California The Huntington-by-the-Sea RV Park is a private campground across the street from Huntington State Beach. In the picture to your left, you can see the hot-water whirlpool spa at Huntington by the Sea. In the photo at the top of the page, you can see this campground's large and lovely swimming pool and their club house building.

The pool area itself is lined with lounge chairs, and has a cold-water shower (for washing the sand off your body if you've just come from the beach.) Adjacent to the swimming pool are the men's and women's bathroom buildings, where you'll find half a dozen toilets and 5 hot-and-cold water showers in each. The bathrooms also have large mirrors, a row of sinks and electrical plugs (for using hair dryers, shavers, and the like.) There seems to be an endless supply of hot water in the showers!

In the club house, you'll find comfortable lounge chairs by the TV and fireplace, some attractive tables and chairs where you could meet with friends to eat or play table games, and a pool table.

The last feature of the main complex of buildings is the coin laundry, where a row of washers and row of dryers adequately serve the campers on all but the most crowded of days. There is no camp store on-site, nor is propane available for purchase.

Photo: Asphalt slab camp spaces with no trees in sight are frequently found at Southern California beaches The main building complex at Huntington by the Sea RV Park is quite attractive, but the campsites themselves are a sea of asphalt. Yes, rather ugly...but there's really nothing odd about this situation, as the 2 public Huntington Beach camping grounds consist of solid pavement, as well. In other words, if you beach-camp in HB, you'll be coming to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean's surf...and not for the attractiveness of the campgrounds, themselves.

All camping spaces at Huntington by the Sea consist of 3 parts: the RV parking spot, the parking space for your car, and a raised concrete slab for your patio furniture. (Which makes the spaces here wider than at the nearby state and city beach campgrounds, which only give you a space for your RV, plus a space for your car.)

Both Regular and Deluxe RV spaces are available. What makes the camp spaces at Huntington by the Sea "regular" vs. "deluxe" is the length and/or width of the spaces. Larger RV's may need to get a deluxe space to fit-in lengthwise. There are a few pull-through spots, but not many. Naturally, you'll have hookups for electricity and water.

Camp rules? Well, pets are allowed...but tents aren't. Only one car per camp spot is allowed, but you may fit a motorcycle into that spot, too. Get-togethers and music should not get too loud; this is a quiet "family" campground. Managers live on-site.

Photo: Nice-sized coin laundry at Huntington by the Sea RV park Most RV sites at Huntington by the Sea cost about $55 to $65 per night, but go up to $85 for the largest camping spots in Summer, 2013. Is this expensive? Yes...but it's hard to find beach camping much cheaper than this. The California State Parks & Beaches raised their camping rates recently...and Huntington City Beach raised their camping rates not long ago, as well. So unfortunately, camping along the beach in Huntington (and elsewhere in California) just isn't as cheap as it used to be. Since the Huntington Beach city and state campgrounds have virtually no amenities that can compare to Huntington by the Sea, you may consider this private campground's rates to be quite reasonable by comparison.

Discounts at Huntington by the Sea's campground include a 10% discount available to AAA members. You may also ask about weekly or monthly rates.

CONTACT INFORMATION---The Huntington by the Sea RV park address is 21871 Newland, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. (This location is at the intersection of Newland and the Pacific Coast Highway.) Here is a Google map to Huntington by the Sea to help you find your way.

The Huntington by the Sea campground phone number is (714) 536-8316. For further information about the Huntington by the Sea RV campground, you may use the following link to visit the Huntington by the Sea campground official website.

Southern California Beach Camping -- Huntington City Beach

Fall, Winter & Spring Camping from October thru May each year

Photo: Huntington City Beach RV campground serves as a beach parking lot during the summer time There are 3 beaches in Huntington Beach, California: Hunting State Beach, Huntington City Beach, and Bolsa Chica State Beach. The last 2 on this list offer camping. At Huntington City Beach, part-year camping is offered (in the off-season, October 1st through May 31st.) During the warmer months (when beach-goers are flocking to the shore in greater numbers), the camping area at Huntington City Beach is used as a parking lot.

Knowing that the campground doubles as a parking lot for part of the year will give you an idea of how the campgrounds looks---just like a beachside parking lot! As you can see in the picture to your left, the campsites at this facility are simply pure asphalt. From this photo, you can also see that the camping area is directly by the beach. Only the biking/jogging path separates campers from the sands of the beach. (In the picture to your right...just can see another beach view from the camping area.)

Obviously, then the Sunset Vista Campground (as it's called) at Huntington City Beach isn't a tent site. RV camping is the "big attraction" here. Facilities are at a minimum. You'll use the same restrooms that day-time beach-goers use. There is no camp store. However, the shops and dining facilities of Huntington Beach's Main Steet area are close by.

Photo: View of pier from Huntington State Beach camping area; off-season camping only at this location As of Spring, 2013, the camping rates at Sunset Vista RV park at Huntington City Beach is $60/night per site. Seniors age 62+ get a discount site-rate of $50 per night. There is a $10-per-stay processing fee per order, in addition to the nightly fee. There is a 14-day maximum stay. One car is allowed per RV or trailer. Additional vehicles must pay the beach's day-use rate in addition to your other camping fees.

The Huntington City Beach headquarters address is 103 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. You may use the following link to view a Google map to the Huntington City Beach. Or, if you'd like to take a look at the map of campsites at Huntington City Beach, you'll find a campground map on the Huntington City Beach Camping Reservation Form (PDF) by which you may also make a mail-in reservation.

The Huntington City Beach phone number is 714/536-5286. For further information about camping at the Sunset RV park (or to make an on-line reservation), please use the following link to view the Huntington City Beach website.

Southern California Beach Camping -- Bolsa Chica State Beach

Photo: Bathroom building at Huntington State Beach The Bolsa Chica State Beach RV campground offers year-round beachside camping. While Bolsa Chica's campsites also resemble a parking lot, they do have hook-ups available here. Also, the bathroom facilities are brand-new at Bolsa Chica. (You're looking at a picture of a Huntington State Beach bathroom in the photo to your left.)

The campsites at Bolsa Chica sit right on the beach. The sand at this point is very wide, and Bolsa Chica State Beach gets the least visitors of the 3 Huntington you'll have plenty of elbow room out on the sand. (Of course, in the campground itself, you'll be packed RV-to-RV. Space is at a premium in metro LA's beach areas.)

The Bolsa Chica State Beach campground will also give you the most "rural" feel of the campgrounds in this area. That's because it's across from the Bolsa Chica wetlands, a nature reserve. In addition to all the usual beach play of swimming and sunning, you'll be able to hike through the wetlands area on one of its foot trails, if you like. The wetlands are a favorite spot in Southern California for bird-watching. There is also a visitor's center with interpretive exhibits available for your enjoyment at Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

CAMPING RATES RAISED SUBSTANTIALLY! You may be aware that the State of California is having budget problems. Well, if you're a camping enthusiast, that problem is now going to hit you in the wallet when you camp at California state parks and beaches! New camping rates for Bolsa Chica were announced, and they are now substantially higher than you may remember if you've camped at Bolsa Chica in previous years.

Rates at the Bolsa Chica campground now run $50 to $65...a substantial increase from past years. Unfortunately, the prices were raised at most public campgrounds in the past several years, and these rates are pretty well standard these days for most state & local government beachfront campgrounds in California. (And this is a savings: private campgrounds can cost even more!)

The difference in Bolsa Chica's camping rates depends on whether or not your spot is "beachfront" or not. Since this campground was made from a converted parking lot, ALL of the spots are close to the beach, so only pay the difference if you simply MUST be the closest one to the sand! In addition, there is no longer be any off-season discount.

The Bolsa Chica State Beach phone number is (714) 846-3460.

Bolsa Chica State Beach reservations and address: The approximate address is 18300 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA. You may view the following Google map to the Bolsa Chica State Beach to get your bearings. You may also like to view a map of Bolsa Chica SB's campsites to help you select your spot. This camping map is on the Reserve America website, where you'll need to make your reservations if your camping trip will be during a busy time of the year. This popular campground fills up to capacity frequently during summer vacation and holiday periods. Plan ahead so you won't be disappointed!

Bolsa Chica State Beach Website: For further information about camping at this popular spot, use the following link to view the Bolsa Chica State Beach official website, which is actually a section of the California State Park website.



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