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Southern California Movie Theaters

Find your favorite film at one of SoCal's popular cinemas

Photo of the Edwards Theater in Metro Pointe at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California

Lucky Southern Californians---they have one of the best selections of great movie theaters in the USA! Many cinemas in SoCal feature modern stadium-style seating, digital sound and comfy love seats. In addition, more and more theaters are adding digital projection capabilities, as well.

Some theaters feature popular film releases that everyone in the family will enjoy. Other cinemas specialize in art house and specialty films. At any rate, if the movie you want is playing anywhere at all in the USA, you'll undoubtedly discover a location where it's showing in Southern California. Even films in "limited release" are usually screened in greater Los Angeles!

On this page, you'll find a listing of some popular cinema chains in Southern California, along with links to further details about each one.

List of SoCal Movie Theater Chains

Photo the AMC Film Guy Mascot If you're unfamiliar with the West Coast, this page will fill you in about which movie chains are popular in Southern California. These chains are---

1.) AMC Theaters--- The AMC Theater chain is quite popular throughout Southern California. Many movie houses in this chain are new theaters featuring stadium seating with plush, comfy chairs and up-to-the-minute sound systems. If you would like to browse through a list of Southern California AMC Theaters (along with their phone numbers and addresses) so that you can find one close to your home, you may head to the AMC Theaters page of this website. On the other hand, if you already know the specific AMC Theater you'd like to visit, you may find it convenient to find your schedule of showtimes by visiting the upcoming link to the AMC Theatres official website. Or, if you happen to be looking for AMC theater locations in the nearby state of Arizona, you may head to the Arizona AMC Theater Locations page of this website's new sister-site,

2.) The ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles is a luxury cinema where you'll pay more for your tickets...but you'll get specifically-reserved seats. Simply show up at performance time, and an usher will escort you to your seat!

Plus, the ArcLight Cinema has historical significance---part of the theater is actually the 1963 Cinerama Dome! The ArcLight has painstakingly restored the Cinerama Dome to better-than-new condition...with state-of-the-art "everything" installed while maintaining this nostalgic theater's classic looks.

If you'd like to learn more about this excellent theater restoration or find out about current showtimes and schedules, please use the following link to view the ArcLight Cinema's website. You can also find out about the ArcLight theater's other locations in Southern California at this website, as well.

3.) Century Movie Theater chain is another popular brand of movie theaters in Southern California. Recently, Century Theaters have been bought-out by the Cinemark Theater company. You may review the list of Century Theaters as well as Cinemark Theaters (along with directions and contact phone numbers for each location) on the Cinemark/Century page of this website. Or, you may find out movie schedules for both Century AND Cinemark cinemas by using the following link to the Cinemark Theaters official website.

4.) Edwards Theater Chain is another mega-popular chain of movie palaces in Southern California. The Edwards Theatres are now owned by Regal Cinemas, who also own the United Artists theaters. To see a list of Southern California Edwards cinemas, you have several choices on this website. If you don't know which location you'd like to attend & wish to see a list of theaters (along with phone numbers, addresses & directions, you may choose from 3 different pages on this website:
a.) Los Angeles County: If you're looking for an Edwards Theater in LA County, you may head to the "Edwards Theaters/Los Angeles" page of this website.

b.) Orange County: If you're looking for an Edwards location in "the OC," you may view the Edwards Theaters/Orange County page of this website.

c.) Other SoCal Edwards locations: To discover Edwards locations in San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside or Ventura Counties, please see the "Southern California Edwards Cinemas" page of this website.

Edwards Theater website: If you already know where you're planning to see your movie & simply wish to check showtimes, you can head directly to the Edwards Theater website, which is actually the Regal Theater Group website (since Edwards is now a part of that chain.)

4.) Harkins Theaters: A few parts of Southern California are served by Harkins Theaters, a chain that is very popular in nearby Arizona. You may use the following link to view the Harkins Theaters official website. Or, if you'd like to find an Arizona or Colorado Harkins Theater location, you may head to the "Harkins Theaters" page of this website's "sister" site,

Photo of the IMAX theater in Cathedral City, California (greater Palm Springs) 5.) IMAX Theaters: To find an IMAX movie theater in Southern California, you may visit the IMAX Theaters page of this website. You'll find a list of SoCal Imax locations, along with the pertinent info about each one.

Or, to learn about the different IMAX films that are currently in release throughout both SoCal and the USA, you'll want to use the following link to look through the IMAX Theater's website.

6.) The Metropolitan Theater chain has a number of locations in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area. If you'd like to find a Metropolitan Theater location, and check out the list of current movies playing (along with their show times,) you may use the following link to see the website, which is the Metropolitan Theater group's official website.

7.) The Pacific Theaters are a small-but-popular regional cinema chain in Southern California. You may see a complete listing of Pacific Theater locations, along with directions/maps, on the Pacific Theaters page of our website.

8.) Regal Theaters: are another popular chain which features (mostly) up-to-date cinemas showing newly released films. If you'd like to browse through a list of Southern California Regal and United Artist Theaters (UA is also owned by Regal cinemas) you may head to the Regal Theaters page of our website.

9.) The Regency Theaters form a small chain...but it's a significant one to some fans. The Regency chain buys older stand-alone theaters and small cineplexes. To some who have fond memories of attending these cinemas, it's always a pleasure to return again and again. You can view the growing list of locations at the Regency Theater's website.

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