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Southern California Outlet Malls

Here's a list of popular, well-liked centers!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Southern California outlet malls! On this page, you'll discover a list of Southern California's biggest, best and most bargain-packed outlet malls, plus find the info you need to plan a productive and exciting shopping trip.

List of Best SoCal California Outlet Malls

Photo of the Barneys Outlet Store at The Camarillo Outlets in Camarillo, California
No matter where you're visiting in California, you'll find an outlet mall within a reasonable driving distance. (This isn't true of all states in the USA; California has an unusually large number of very good outlet malls!) California outlet malls are some of the very biggest---and most attractive---factory outlets in the entire USA.

Every top California outlet mall shares several features in common with all the others on this list. For one thing, you'll find free parking at every one of these factory outlets. You'll find outlet stores for every member of the family (from babies to teens to adults) at these mid-to-large sized centers. In addition, you'll find that all of these outlet malls have holiday and "end of season" sales, just like the regular retail malls do---which means you can delight in finding extra-EXTRA bargain prices, at times!

Small gems: Outlets in Southern California range in size from stand-alone stores to huge centers with 100+ shops. We will cover the larger centers on this page...the ones we feel will be worth your drive to reach. But before we begin, we'll mention several small centers that are worth visiting if you're looking for a fun jaunt that includes shopping.

One of these is the Pike Outlets, part of the larger Pike at Rainbow Harbor development near the Long Beach Convention Center. The Pike offers diners a good selection of popular restaurants in a seaside setting. Tree-lined strolling paths line the harbor. Boat tours are available. Adults and kids alike enjoy the large Aquarium of the Pacific. Movie-goers can catch a flick. Shoppers have some choices, but it's not the emphasis here. For info, please see The Pike Outlets page on Facebook.

If you'd like a full day-trip that includes some shopping, then Arrowhead Village makes a nice destination. Nestled in the hills behind San Bernardino, the green, tree-filled Lake Arrowhead area will help you feel as if you've been "away from it all!" You can take a boat ride around Lake Arrowhead...or simply gaze at it's sparkling beauty from the verranda at the Village. Have a nice meal. Go on a scenic drive through the trees. And then, bag a few bargains from the outlets that are mixed in with the "regular" shops. Here's a link to the Lake Arrowhead Village website.

List of Southern California Outlet Malls

Picture of the Levi's outlet store at the Camarillo Premium Outlets in Southern California
  • Alpine, San Diego County: The Viejas Outlet Center is tucked away in the mountains east of San Diego, offers you a beautiful, park-like setting for your shopping. It's also conveniently located for travelers heading in and out of San Diego on Interstate 8. Here's a link to the Viejos Outlets website. If this link gets broken (because the mall frequently updates this page,) you should find the Viejos Casino home page still works fine. Or, to view our pictures of the mall, you may see our Viejas Outlet Center page.

  • Barstow/San Bernardino County: You'll discover 2 adjacent outlet centers in Barstow: the bustling Outlets at Barstow, and the struggling Barstow Factory Merchant Outlet Center. Although located in San Bernardino County, the Barstow outlets aren't actually conveniently located to the other cities of Southern California. However, if you're heading north along Interstate 15 to Las Vegas, Nevada, you'll find that the Barstow Outlet Malls make a great rest break and chance for some bargain-hunting fun! Here's the Outlets at Barstow website. The other mall doesn't have a website, but you can see its small store roster on our Barstow Factory Outlets page. You'll also find pictures of both outlet malls on our Barstow Outlets page, along with directions to both of these outlet centers.

  • Cabazon/Palm Springs: The Desert Hills Premium Outlets are the much-larger of 2 outlet malls in Cabazon that are easily visible from the Interstate 10 freeway. Here is the Desert Hills Premium Outlet website. Or, you can visit our own Desert Hills Premium Outlets page for pictures and a quick glimpse at the store listings.

  • Cabazon/Palm Springs: The Cabazon Outlets are the smaller one of 2 side-by-side outlet malls which together form a shopping hot spot in Southern California's desert cities. If it's the smaller one, then why go there? To find some factory stores that are difficult to find elsewhere, of course! To see pictures of this mall & take a quick glance of the store listings, here's our own Cabazon Outlets page. Or, you may visit the Cabazon Outlets website, directly.

  • Camarillo/Ventura County: The Camarillo Premium Outlets are a hugely popular Ventura County shopping destination. They're also very easy for visiting bargain-hunters to find, because they lie directly to the side of the US 101 Freeway in plain view from the lanes of traffic. Enormous in size, the Camarillo Premium Outlets provide an expansive selection of favorite name brand shops. For full details, here is the Camarillo Premium Outlet website. Plus, to view our pics of the mall, you might also enjoy our website's Camarillo Premium Outlets page.

  • Carlsbad, San Diego County: Carlsbad Premium Outlets: Shoppers will love the comprehensive selection of outlet stores at this conveniently located outdoor center. Easily accessible from Interstate 5, this northern San Diego County outlet mall is close to other appealing attractions that the non-shoppers in your family will enjoy---such as Legoland California, Carlsbad Beach and the South Carlsbad state park campground. Avid shoppers will enjoy the nice mix of quality name brands here. Here's the Carlsbad Premium Outlet website for help in planning your visit. You may also enjoy viewing our photos of this lovely shopping environment; please see our Carlsbad Premium Outlets.

  • Kern County, Outlets at Tejon: An attractive, nearly-brand-new center was built in quite an unusual location: 50 miles north of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, and 30 miles south of Bakersfield. There are no housing developments in the immediate vicinity, and its business buddies are a pair of truck stops. One can only wish them well. The Outlets at Tejon is beautiful but isolated, depending on the north-south travelers along I-5 to stop in. The stores here are good, solid name-brands...but widely available at other outlet malls in Southern California. Still, it's a nice drive going through the mountains to get there...and there are about 55 different factory stores to explore once you arrive. A selection of several fast casual restaurants will replenish you for your return trip home. Here's the Outlets at Tejon website for help in planning your excursion. You will also need to see a map: Google map to Outlets at Tejon.

    Photo of a band playing at the Las Americas Outlet Mall in metro San Diego, California
  • Lake Elsinore/Riverside County: The Outlets at Lake Elsinore serve up a nice mix of outlet stores to inland shoppers. Located at the side of Interstate 15 between Corona and Temecula, it's quite easy to reach for locals and tourists alike. Here's the Outlets at Lake Elsinore website.

  • Los Angeles: The Citadel Outlets are the closest outlet mall for many urban residents of Los Angeles. The mall's distinctive architecture and bright signage surely catch every eye driving along this stretch of I-5. A good mix of stores makes this a popular destination. An attractive outdoor dining area offers several fast-casual meal choices to perk you up before your drive home. Here's the Citadel Outlets website. To view our pics and read our comments, please visit our website's Citadel Outlets page.

  • Ontario, San Bernardino County: The Ontario Mills Mall is one of Southern California's busiest malls. It is ultra-conveniently located for both locals and travelers at the junction of Interstate 10 and Interstate 15. The Ontario Mills Mall and the surrounding cluster of shopping centers offer scads of shopping, a large choice of restaurants, two large movie theaters, and other entertainment choices, as well. It's a hybrid mall, featuring both true factory outlet stores as well as "regular" retail stores. At this location, because of the center's emphasis on discounts, most of the "full price" shops DO feature a discount section, a clearance aisle, or at least some generous sale racks. Here's a link to the Ontario Mills website. Or, to see pictures and read our remarks, please check out our Here's a link to the Ontario Mills Mall review.

  • Orange (city); Orange County: The Outlets at Orange is a popular outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment hot spot several miles from the world-famous Disneyland theme park. It's attractive, large, and equally popular with shopping enthusiasts, entertainment buffs, and restaurant-lovers. This means that on weekends, you're sure to find crowds! The huge sea of free parking here can be a handy feature, at times. And yet, most weekdays will give you quite a calm and bustle-free experience. (Note: if it has been awhile since you've been here, you may know this mall better by its former name, The Block at Orange.) For your convenience, here's a link to the Outlets at Orange website.

  • San Clemente, southern Orange County: The Outlets at San Clemente are new...and still growing. In 2019, they will be opening new stores...and a adding a movie theater! This beautiful easy-going center is fun simply for strolling...but the shopping is very nice, too. Currently, the mall has around 55 outlet stores, featuring popular, but typical, name brands. The biggest reason to drive to San Clemente is the ambience here. The medium size of this mall won't wear you out, and you'll have fresh ocean breezes as you meander from store to store. Direct access to I-5 makes the mall easy to reach and to see. Here's the Outlets at San Clemente website for complete info.

  • San Diego/San Ysidro: The Las Americas Premium Outlets are an attractive multi-building outlet center located at the US/Mexico border within a stone's throw of the crossing-point into Tijuana. Well-positioned to interest tourists going into Mexico, there's plenty of interesting shopping here to offer you once you arrive. For details, here's the Las Americas Premium Outlets website.

    Which outlet malls have your favorite stores?

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