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Southern California Water Parks

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Knott's Soak City, and Legoland water parks in Southern California. On this page, you'll discover the list of Southern California's major water parks, and get the details you need to plan a fun outing at your favorite park (such as address, phone number, directions & maps!)

SoCal water parks overview

SoCal Water Parks--General Information

Opening dates for the major Southern California water parks each year range from between mid-March and the Memorial Day Weekend in late May. Closing dates vary from mid-September to nearly the end of October. The majority run on a May-thru-September schedule, which are the busiest months of SoCal's water park season. And yet, two parks in particular stay open later. Wet 'n Wild in Palm Springs takes advantage of its warmer desert climate to stay open longer. Then there's San Diego's Legoland Water Park, which hooks in out-of-state visitors (often from colder climates) who think that October weather is simply perfect for swimming. So, no matter what month of the year, it's never too long a wait to start thinking about all the exciting water park visits you can make during the spring, summer and fall!

SoCal Water Park Attractions
Picture: Legoland water park's float tube

If you like water parks, you'll LOVE the Southern California water parks! You'll find some giant-sized water parks here, with all the features you've come to expect from full-service water parks. No, they're not all identical. But each one will offer you some pretty standard features...along with a few attractions which serve to differentiate one park from another.

The water parks listed below on this page are Southern California's largest. And, although they each give their water slides and attractions different names, you'll find the following general features at each one:

1.) A Wave Pool: You'll be able to swim in a gigantic-sized pool that, at intervals, turns on the "ocean waves!"

2.) A Lazy River: You'll be able to hop aboard an inner tube, lay back, and relax as you float gently around in an oval-shaped path kickin' it with your friends.

3.) Rafting Slides: These tall slides require a raft for zooming down...and the rafts hold several people. (Riding with more people gives you more weight than riding solo...and therefore, more ZOOM power.)

4.) Body Slides: These are slides you zoom down with "just your body" touching the slides. These slides come in slopes from "mild to wild." The wildest of these slides are so steep that you'll actually get some "air time" on your way down...and end up with a major wedgie when you're done, as well!

5.) Water Play area: When you're tired of swimming and sliding, why not pick a fight? A WATER fight, that is! Southern California's water parks feature water play areas where you can generally shoot your friends with a water gun...or simply stand under a torrent of water and get showered!

6.) Baby, toddler, and preschooler areas: All the major water parks have waveless pools, gentle fountains, and miniature slides made with the younger set in mind.

7.) Snack bars, gift shops, locker rooms: All of SoCal's major water parks keep your tummy full and your shopping cravings satisfied. Changing rooms and showers are always available; and lockers are, too (for an extra fee.)

Legoland Water Park

Picture: Legoland California's water park features a colorful, Lego-themed water slide towerNew Legoland water park expansion---Legends of Chima---opened last year for Summer, 2014! Expect new rides based on Lego's popular "Legends of Chima" characters. This expansion will not only be cute; it will also help to relieve some of the crowding in the ultra-popular Legoland water park.

The "main" part of the Legoland water park is still new---it opened in 2010. This uber-cute, Lego-themed water park is absolutely you can tell from the picture above to your left. Legoland is began at a size too small to be considered one of Southern California's major water parks. However, Legoland lovers can be glad to know that every summer the park has added something it keeps getting bigger every year! Aimed at kids under age 12 and their families, this is a must-visit park for many families with children.

The one warning you should know, however, is that the Legoland Water Park does NOT have its own separate entrance. Your family MUST have Legoland theme park tickets...and you'll find the water park entrance deep inside, alongside the other Legoland rides and attractions. The GOOD news, however, is that once you have your Legoland tickets, then adding Water Park privileges only requires a small additional fee per-person. If you'd like to see more pictures and discover more details about it, please check out our Legoland Water Park page, where you'll discover everything you need to know for planning your outing.

Southern California Water Parks -- Raging Waters in San Dimas (LA County)

Raging Waters opened on Saturday, May 9, 2015!! The closing date will be September 27, 2015. Daily operations begin Memorial Day and run thru Labor Day. Otherwise, the park is open only on weekends.

Raging Waters is one of Southern California's largest and most popular water parks. In polls of favorite SoCal water parks, you'll always find Raging Waters prominently mentioned on the list.

The Raging Waters phone number is: 909/802-2200.

The Raging Waters address is: 111 Raging Waters Drive, San Dimas, CA 91773.

Directions to Raging Waters water park: No matter which freeway you use to get to the San Dimas area, you should transfer over to the 57 freeway and take the Raging Waters Drive exit. Here's a Google map to Raging Waters in San Dimas, CA.

If you're a local resident, these directions may sound familiar to you---and with good reason! These are the SAME directions you'd follow to get to the popular Frank Bonelli Regional Park! That's because the Raging Waters water park sits inside the Bonelli park's boundaries...within view of Puddingstone Reservoir.

For further info, please use the following link to view the Raging Waters official website.

Southern California Water Parks -- Knott's Soak City

Picture of bowl ride at Knotts Soak City water park in Buena Park, California

Knott's Soak City now has only one location---Buena Park, across the street from Knott's Berry Farm. Soak City was formerly a chain of 3 water parks spread out around Southern California. These locations were: (1) Palm Springs (always the first SoCal water park to open because of its warm desert location;) (2) Orange County/Buena Park (located across the street from Knott's Berry Farm theme park;) and (3) The former Soak City San Diego/Chula Vista.

Two parks have now been sold. The Chula Vista Soak City was sold to SeaWorld San Diego...and was remodeled into a new water park called "Aquatica." It opened in 2013, then expanded in 2014.

The Palm Springs location was sold to the Wet 'n Wild group of water parks. It opened under new ownership...with its new name, Wet 'n Wild, in March, 2014.

Photo note: Above, you see a picture of the Soak City bowl ride (at the Buena Park location.) In this bowl ride (named the Pacific Spin,) you'll swirl like water in a toilet bowl that's just been flushed. You'll go round and round and round the bowl, before you finally drop into a splash pool at the bottom!

If you'd like to see pictures of the Knott's Berry Farm theme park, you'll find many photos and slide shows in the Knotts Berry Farm section of this website!

Knott's Soak City -- Buena Park

Picture: Soak City water slides fill the need for speed; this group of slides is called Old Man FallsThe Orange County Soak City remains a Knott's-brand water park. Its operating season runs from May thru September. You may continue to purchase Knott's theme park passes which have a Soak City option---but ONLY for the Buena Park location.

The Knott's Soak City address for the Orange County location is: 8039 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620. The Knott's Soak City/Buena Park phone number is: 714/220-5200. (This is also the same phone number that you would use to call the Knott's Berry Farm theme park.)

Directions to the Knott's Soak City water park: From either the "91 Freeway" or Interstate 5, take the Beach Boulevard exit, then head south. From Interstate 405, take the Beach Boulevard exit and head north.

To see a road map of the Knott's Soak City area, use the following link to view a Yahoo map of the Knott's Soak City area of Buena Park, California.

Soak City Buena Park info: To see pics of Soak City Orange County & view the list of attractions at this water park, please see the Knotts Soak City Hours & Attraction Details page of our site.

Wet 'n Wild Palm Springs

Knott's Soak City/Palm Springs has a new name!

The Palm Springs area has a new water park that's actually quite familiar! The Wet 'n Wild group of water parks has purchased this warm-weather attraction from Knott's Berry Farm. It will now carry the Wet 'n Wild name, have a new website...and get refurbishments and new attractions.

What can you expect from Wet 'n Wild? A well-run water park by an experienced company that operates other major parks in other locations. The traditional operating season (March thru October) will continue to be observed. And, prices will be comparable to what they've always been.

The Wet 'n Wild--Palm Springs address is: 1500 S. Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92264. The Wet 'n Wild--Palm Springs telephone number is 760/327-0499.

Directions to the Wet 'n Wild water park's Palm Springs location: From Interstate 10, take the Gene Autry Trail exit and head south into the main part of Palm Springs (towards the tall mountains.)

To see a road map that will give you a more precise feeling about where you'll be headed, use the following link to view a Yahoo map to Wet 'n Wild--Palm Springs location.

Wet 'n Wild Palm Springs info: For further information, please visit the new please see the Wet 'n Wild--Palm Springs website.

Soak City San Diego is now

Aquatica Water Park by SeaWorld

New San Diego water park---Aquatica by SeaWorld If you love water parks, then you won't want to miss trying out the new Aquatica water park (which opened on June 1, 2013.) Called "Aquatica," this is SeaWorld's third water park: SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Antonio already have Aquatica water parks alongside of them. San Diego's will make the 3rd Aquatica Park, the concept is already well-honed.

The Aquatica parks use an Australian theme in naming their rides...a trend which has continued with the new Aquatica San Diego. Another feature of Aquatica parks is the presence of a few species of marine life (although not nearly as extensive a collection as you'll find in the SeaWorld marine parks themselves.)

Aquatica's new "Taumata Racer" opened Spring, 2014. What is the new attraction like? This is similar to other "racing" style slides you've been on, where a number of slides are placed side-by-side, so it's easier to see who gets to the bottom fastest. Participants ride head-first down the slides on padded, flexible mats. A 180-degree turn promises to add an interesting twist to the race.

If you haven't yet been to Aquatica, then you should know that Aquatica took over the former Knott's Soak City San Diego park, which means that it shouldn't be difficult for you to find if you're a fan of the former Knott's park. Will you recognize it? The layout is similar to the old park, but the slides are new. A big difference you'll notice is the amount of greenery; thousands of trees, shrubs and flowers were planted before the new park opened.

The Aquatica Park address is be the same as the former Knott's Soak City San Diego address: 2052 Entertainment Circle, Chula Vista, CA 91911.

The Aquatica phone number is (800) 257-4268.

Directions to the Aquatica Water Park in Chula Vista, Calif: Head south on I-805. Take the Main Street exit and head east. Turn Right on Hermitage, then right again onto Entertainment Circle.

You may use the following link to view a Yahoo map to the Aquatica Water Park in Chula Vista (metro San Diego,) California.

For further information about Aquatica, please see the Aquatica San Diego website.

Southern California Water Parks

Six Flags Magic Mountain's Hurricane Harbor

Picture: Scary speed slides at Hurricane Harbor water park in Valencia, CA

The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor address is: 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355. The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor phone number is: 818/367-5965.

Directions to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Take Interstate 5 north; exit at Magic Mountain Parkway. Head west; just follow the signs...and the traffic!

To see a road map of the 6 Flags Hurricane Harbor area, use the following link to see a Yahoo map of the Valencia, California area around Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor info: To see the list of attractions at this water park, please see the Hurricane Harbor Hours & Attractions page of our site.

Magic Mountain theme park:If you'd like to see pictures of the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park (which is adjacent to Hurricane Harbor,) you'll find many photos and Magic Mountain slide shows in the Six Flags Magic Mountain section of our site. You may also be interested in discovering the theme park's latest coupons and deals on our Six Flags Magic Mountain Discounts page!

Southern California Water Parks -- Wild Rivers, Irvine, CA (Orange County)

Picture: Giant water slide at Wild Rivers water park in Irvine, California

Wild Rivers WILL NOT REOPEN in 2015...but it HOPES to open in a new location in 2016!!

Wild Rivers was a large & popular water park in Orange County, California. Located in the city of Irvine, its central location was convenient for visitors. It was not far from both I-5 and I-405, making it easy to reach.

However, Wild Rivers lost its lease because the Irine Company decided to build apartments on the land. Wild Rivers was able to get a lease extention for several years...all thanks to the park's many fans raising a ruckus in the community! Unfortunately, the economic recession was also a factor. So, once the economy started inching forwards again, then the park's time ran out; Wild Rivers has been razed & the apartments were built on Wild River's former ground. To see pics of how Wild Rivers looked at its Irvine location, you may visit our Wild Rivers Water Park page...which will remain as our tribute to all the fun your family and ours has had at the park over the years.

However, plans are in the works to build a new Wild Rivers park for 2016. Wild Rivers had negotiated with Orange County to relocate at the Great Park, but those plans have fallen through. Its developers simply won't give up, and are trying to get busy so they can open over in Temecula for May, 2016. Here's a letter of hope from the Wild Rivers president. Also, you may check for any signs of progress on the Wild Rivers Facebook page.

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