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Star Wars Costumes

Be a Jedi for Halloween...or perhaps Princess Leia or Padme Amidala!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Star Wars costumes. Jedi costumes, Princess Leia gowns, Padme Amidala, the Emperor, Darth Maul, Yoda, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Jabba the Hut, Storm Troopers, Jango Fett...even C3PO and R2D2! These costumes are a sampling of what you'll find available at both local and online stores. Even with as many slides as you see here, that's still only a small part of the Star Wars costumes & accessories available for all ages and sizes from infants & toddlers through Adult XL. To see more, here's a link to the Star Wars costume section of the website. You can also see what Star Wars accessories (wigs, helmets, boots, masks, fake hands, etc) are available to add if you sew your own Star Wars costume at home.

Costume Search

Buying or Sewing a Star Wars costume?

Which is better...and which is the cheapest Star Wars costume?

Picture: 2 boys in Jedi costumes go trick-or-treating in Las Vegas, NV; submitted by Art Fewell

Purchased Star Wars costumes are both the cheapest and the most expensive ways to look like your favorite movie character.

Cheap Star Wars costumes are mass-produced from inexpensive fabric and are sold in large numbers at discount Walmart or online costume shops. The quality is good enough to last not only through Halloween night, but also for a number of dress-up sessions after the holiday. These are great for kids, but adults might be ashamed to wear bottom of the line Star Wars suits that look very much like "wannabe" versions of the real costumes.

On the other hand, serious Star War fans can also purchase costumes so detailed and authentic that they could have been used when filming the movie series. These ultra-realistic Star Wars costumes cost a small fortune...but the realism is worth the price to dedicated fans.

Mid-priced costumes are what most men and women choose. For about $30 to $50, you can sew or buy a costume that is obviously not from the wardrobe department of a major film studio, but does look pretty darn good.

There isn't much to say about purchased Star Wars costumes except that only a few official Star Wars costumes are made (in different characters, sizes, and expense-levels.) You're likely to run into the very same costumes over and over again as you shop around.

Sewing your own Star Wars costume will give you a chance to choose exactly the fabric you like best and maybe even use different colors, textures or trims than an "official" costume might have. The rest of this page is devoted to helping you decide which Star Wars sewing patterns you might pick.

Jedi Costume sewing patterns

Find Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and/or Anakin Skywalker costume patterns

In the slide show above, you're viewing some of the Star Wars costumes submitted by our readers. Didn't they do a terrific job?

If you want to be a Jedi for Halloween this year, there's good news: you WILL find an authentic-looking pattern available at your local stores. (This isn't true if you want to be Darth Vader. For ideas on how to make Lord Vader's costume, please visit the Darth Vader Costumes page of this website.)

Since you'll probably want to start your pattern search with costume patterns which are still in print, we'll start with a Jedi costume pattern that's available nearly everywhere that patterns are sold, then continue by talking about out-of-print patterns you may scout around for on the internet.

1.) Simplicity Jedi costume pattern: This pattern is the one you'll easily find in your own neighborhood. Simplicity Jedi costume pattern 5840 is not an "official" Star Wars pattern. Nevertheless, it's meant to look like a Jedi costume...and it does. This handsome-looking outfit is the first pattern you should look for if you want to make a costume for any of your favorite Jedi characters such as Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, or Anakin Skywalker. The pattern pieces include everything needed for the tunic top and a floor-length robe. You'll need to add your own pants, boots and accessories (such as light sabers.)

2.) Out of print Simplicity Jedi costume pattern: Simplicity pattern 0579 can still be found on Ebay and through other internet sources. This terrific Jedi pattern includes both the tunic top and the hooded robe. Make it in beige/brown or in black to resemble your intended character. Fits men's sizes XS thru XL. If you'd like to make this same Jedi costume for kids, those smaller sizes come in Simplicity Jedi pattern #0578.

3.) Out of print Official Star Wars Jedi pattern Butterick's Star Wars Pattern 5175 from the year 1997 can still be found on Ebay and other internet auction sites. This makes an official Star Wars boy's Jedi costume complete with tunic, belt, pants and shoe covers (made to look like boots.) Add your own light saber, and your son will be ready to fight against the Emperor.

4.) A simpler Jedi pattern can be made from out-of-print McCalls costume pattern 2433, which fits adult men's sizes S thru L. While still not a project for your first time at the sewing machine, this particular Jedi-style pattern includes less details to streamline the sewing process. For making a boys Jedi costume, the pattern number is the same, but look for the package which contains kids sizes 3 through 8 years. Includes the tunic, boot covers and long robe.

Star Wars Emperor costume pattern

There is no official Star Wars "Emperor" pattern available this year. However, there are some good substitutes that are quite convincing..

Men's costume pattern for the Emperor: An unofficial Star Wars pattern you could use for the Emperor's robe is Simplicity costume pattern 9887. This pattern's black hooded robe...if you add a mask or makeup (and maybe some grizzly, ancient-looking fake hands)...would make a realistic-looking costume for the evil Sith leader. Sizes are adult-unisex small through extra-large. Child's version: A similar robe in kid's sizes is Simplicity robe pattern 5512. Available sizes are Kid's 3 through 8.

Boy's costume pattern M5952 wants you to know that this costume is indeed appropriate for the Star Wars Emperor. The model for the costume is holding his hands as if to strike down poor Luke Skywalker with bolts of electricity! Available in sizes from boy's 3 to 14. Other patterns in this packet include Zorro, an astronaut, and generic superhero suits. Here's a link to view McCall's Emperor costume for boys.

Princess Leia costume patterns

There is no official Princess Leia dress pattern in print. However, if you make a simple belted white floor-length dress with long sleeves, your hairdo and accessories can show the other guests at your Halloween party that you're intending to be Princess Leia. It's simply easier to purchase a long dress pattern locally than to try to find an official Star Wars Princess Leia pattern online. Here are several ideas of patterns which might make you a nice Princess Leia costume:

1.) Princess Leia's long white gown: One costume pattern which might work would be Simplicity costume pattern 2845. The angel's costume sewn in white fabric...but minus the gold trim...suggests Leia's gown (especially if Leia's cinnamon bun braids were worn along with the dress.) You would also need to improvise Leia's wide belt. Pattern #2845 makes girl's sizes...while the same dress for Misses XS through L needs Simplicity Pattern #2847. A similar costume for infant girls can be made with Simplicity pattern 2524 (and once again, you'd leave off the gold angel's trim.)

3.) A different Angel costume could also serve as Princess Leia's long white gown. This is Simplicity costume pattern 4795. Once again, you would take off the gold trim and add a Princess Leia hairstyle or wig, along with a belt. This costume fits Misses size XS thru XL. For kids, this same style is sold as Simplicity Pattern #4797.

If you need a more accurate Princess Leia dress, you will have to search online at Ebay or other internet sites. Official Star Wars patterns CAN be found for Princess Leia's costume; it just takes a bit of looking. Here are some choices you have:

4.) Princess Leia's long white dress, Official Star Wars pattern: If you don't want to make do with a dress that looks "sort of" like Princess Leia's gown, try to find the out-of-print Butterick Pattern 5175 (from 1997.) You'll get complete instructions, including the hood piece (which is missing in the angel costume patterns.) Dresses for girl's sizes S through XL (appx. sizes 4 to 14) can be made from the pattern.

5.) Out of print Princess Leia pattern: Another good costume pattern for Princess Leia's dress is Simplicity Star Wars Pattern 0578. You'll only need to add a Princess Leia hairstyle or wig (and shoes, of course) because the pattern provides the robe-like dress and belt. Children's sizes S thru L come included in one package.

Padme Amidala Costume Patterns

Padme Amidala is the Star Wars character who had the largest...and most lavish...wardrobe. So, you could potentially make quite a variety of different styles to represent this very capable female Star Wars movie character. In the slide show to your right, you can see some of the beautiful dresses she wore in the movies...which are actually pictures of pattern packages like the ones you'll be hunting.

Unfortunately, all of the Padme Amidala costume patterns are out-of-print. But, if "taking the easy road" is what you wanted, you would be looking for a more commonly-portrayed you may very well enjoy searching for the following out-of-print Padme costume patterns online:

1.) Padme Amidala's skin-tight white battle suit can be made with the out-of-print pattern, Simplicity 4433. An unusual...and very lucky...feature of this pattern is that girl's sizes 6 to 14 AND Misses sizes 6 to 20 are all included in the same package. So, once you've located the pattern online, you can go ahead and buy it without worrying that you've accidentally gotten the wrong size.

2.) Padme's beautiful evening gown from one of the Star Wars II flirting scenes can be made from the out-of-print McCall's pattern M4995. This will fit Misses sizes up to 20 (there are 2 different versions; one for sizes up to 12, the other for sizes 14-20.)

3.) Padme's Wedding Gown: You, too, can feel like Mrs. Anakin Skywalker when you make the out-of-print Simplicity 5843 wedding gown costume pattern. An extra bonus is that Padme's beautiful picnic dress pattern comes included in the package! Make sure you get the right package for the size you need. One version comes with Misses sizes 4 thru 10; the other comes with Misses sizes 12 thru 20.

Chewbacca, Jawa and Yoda costume patterns for kids

Yoda and Chewbacca are far from minor characters in the Star Wars movies, but the lack of sewing patterns for these characters makes it seem like they only had bit parts! There's one vintage sewing pattern available which has children's versions of these costumes all in one package.

Costumes for Yoda, Chewbacca, a Jawa, Princess Leia and even Darth Vader come in the out-of-print McCalls Star Wars pattern 7772 from the year 1981. You can find better Darth Vader costume patterns elsewhere...but if you're looking to sew Yoda costumes or Chewbacca suits, there isn't a selection. You'll need to find this vintage Star Wars pattern from an online source such as Ebay. Not many different sizes come in each package, so you'll have to make certain that the size you need comes included before buying this Star Wars pattern.

Star Wars costume patterns on Ebay

On the Ebay auction website, you can find both the out-of-print and still-in-print Star Wars costume patterns you need. Of course, if a pattern is still in print, it's probably easier for you to get it at your local fabric store. However, if you've decided you want one of the out-of-print costume patterns mentioned above, then Ebay is a good source. In the Ebay widget below, you can see current auctions for Star Wars patterns. If the selection doesn't include the pattern you want, try looking again another day. The widget is continually updating itself with new merchandise as the older auctions come to an end.

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