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Other Family Costume Categories

Stroller, Wagon & Wheelchair Costumes; and Families with Pets

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the winners in two different family categories. These 2 categories are the "stroller/wagon/wheelchair" costumes...and the "families with pets" costumes.

If you haven't seen the winners in the other categories yet, you can find them on the following pages:

1.) "Baby and Toddler Costumes"
2.) "Girls Costumes"
3.) "Boys Costumes"
4.) "Kids Pairs Costumes"
5.) "Family Group Costumes"

Below, you'll find ALL of the entries in the "other family categories" groups.

All Stroller, Wagon & Wheelchair Costumes

Sometimes a costume doesn't stop with the person who's wearing it. The costume can also include decorations to the child's stroller or wagon. Little cars and/or platforms that can be towed or pushed along fall into this category, as well. In the contestant's entries above, you'll find some clever ideas if you'd like to make a stroller, wagon or wheelchair costume for yourself.

All Pet and Family Costumes

What happens when a family enters their pet (or pets) that includes the human members of the group, too? Should the picture go into the "Pets" category...or the "Family Groups" category. Either way the photo is just a bit out-of-place. However, this year, enough contestants entered photos with their pets that a category just for "Doggie & Me" can be made. Above, you're viewing pictures of families enjoying the Halloween celebration with their adorable four-footed "best friends."

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