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Beautiful Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure

Photo: Giant sculpture of the sun in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure Hot news! Sunshine Plaza will be gutted! A new $1 Billion dollar makeover has recently been announced for Disney's California Adventure Park---and Sunshine Plaza will be one of the park's areas to be most affected!

Disney honchos will be responding to the public's sentinment that there "isn't enough Walt Disney in Disney's California Adventure" when this area is re-designed. Plans call for Sunshine Plaza to be made over into an area reminiscent of Los Angeles in the 1920's and 1930's...when Walt Disney arrived in town. The area is shaping up with a layout more like Main Street in Disneyland Park...instead of the "wide open spaces" that currently exist in Sunshine Plaza. A focal building in the newly developed area will be a replica of the Los Angeles theater in which Snow White debuted in 1939.

Of course, Sunshine Plaza won't be the only part of the park to be redeveloped. A whole new "land" based on the Disney/Pixar movie, "Cars" will be added! And several new movie-based rides will open. A Toy Story-themed ride is already under development in the Paradise Pier section of the park...which will open in summer, 2008! Plus, a Little Mermaid ride will soon be on its way to the park. And, a major nighttime specatcular show (on the scale of Disneyland Park's "Fantasmic") is being planned for the lake bordering the Paradise Pier themed area.

As of February 2008, Sunshine Plaza still looks just like it always did...just like the pictures on this page. But, in a short while, the photos you see on this "Sunshine Plaza" page won't reflect the new park's reality! For those of us who have already developed fond memories of Sunshine Plaza during its short life span, this page will remain on this website even after the changes have been made...to remind us of its beauty and of the fun we used to have here! End Hot News!

Disney Character-greeting in Sunshine Plaza

Photo of Stitch, a costumed Disney character, greets our family in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure You've bought your ticket, passed through the turnstiles, entered into Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure, and what do you see? A giant, beautiful sun sculpture hanging gracefully above a long fountain featuring "dancing waters!"

You're in Sunshine Plaza, the large, circular area where visitors both enter and leave the park.

Major Character-meeting area: Do you and your children enjoy meeting strolling Disney characters? The Sun Sculpture and fountain are the very place that you're likely to meet up with them!

In the picture of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to your left, you see them greeting guests during December, 2007---wearing red and green clothing to fit the Christmas holiday season!

Photo of Pluto, a Disney costumed character, hugs my grandson in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure

At your right, you see a picture of the Disney Character Pluto---Mickey's playful pet, greeting my grandson, Gabriel.

The scenario for Disney characters at Disney's California Adventure is this---Mickey and his pals "live" at Toon Town in Disneyland. When they appear in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure, they're supposed to be ON VACATION at the park.

Pluto doesn't wear clothing, so you can't tell any difference by looking at his photo. But, when you meet and greet Mickey, Minnie or Donald at the California Adventure park, they'll be wearing VACATION CLOTHING---Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, carrying cameras like any other tourist, etc. It's a cute touch, don't you think!

Pictures of Sunshine Plaza

Picture of Tower of Terror ride from Sunshine Plaza area of Disney's California Adventure You can catch some good views from Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure. In the photo on your left, you see the menacing tower of the Hollywood Hotel rising above the other attractions at Disney's California Adventure.

The Hollywood Hotel is the setting for that scream-fest known as the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride---the most popular ride in all of Disney's California Adventure! Though you can see the Tower of Terror thrill ride from Sunshine Plaza, it's actually located in a different themed area; please see the "Hollywood Pictures Backlot" page of this website for details about the Tower of Terror ride.

Photo: Bear-shaped mountain symbolizes the state of California; seen from Sunshine Plaza in Disneys California Adventure Another scenic view from Sunshine Plaza is the faux-rock sculpture of a California Grizzly Bear looming high above the Grizzly Peak Recreation section of the park.

The Grizzly Bear, as you may know, is seen on the California state flag...and this sculpture is certainly an appropriate addition to the Disney California Adventure Park, whose theme is all about honoring various aspects of the state of California.

Photo of colorful Disney-themed balloons for sale in Sunshine Plaza at Disney's California Adventure

Adding color to Sunshine Plaza at Disney's California Adventure every afternoon are the multitude of vibrantly-hued balloons. At the time when guests begin to trickle out of the park, out come the balloon vendors!

Catching a shot with these beautiful balloons in the background is a great way to liven up a photograph!

High School Musical 2 Parade!

High School Musical parade picture Several times a day, Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure comes alive with music and dancing!

The lively High School Musical Parade is performed here! This fun & lively entertainment highlight at the park is half parade and half live-show, and wends its way through the park...including a stop at Sunshine Plaza...every day for which it is scheduled. As of Feb 2008, the High School Musical parade/show is performed several times daily for 5 days out of the week.

At three points along the parade route---Sunshine Plaza being one of them---the parade stops in its tracks. Music blares, the performers sing & dance, and young members of the crowd get pulled into the action! It's like a lively block party in the streets of Disney's California Adventure.

High School Musical parade photo This exciting parade is certain to get your hands clapping and toes tapping...no matter WHAT your age is---even if you've never seen the Disney movies upon which the parade is based! Music from the "High School Musical 2" movie is used...and it's really easy to like, even if you've never heard it before.

Here's a tip for your kids to better enjoy the action: If they WANT to get involved in the action, children should sit or stand at the FRONT of the spectators lining the parade route. At 3 separate times during the event, kids are led into the action, and can sing, dance, and play limbo along with the Disney cast members!

Otherwise, kids should stay towards the background--or they might find themselves dancing in fron of dozens of people when they don't really want to be!

Nevertheless, MOST kids (even shy ones) really love this parade, and tend to dance right along and get caught up in the action. If you're a parade lover, the High School Musical performance is certainly one parade that you WON'T want to miss! If you'd like to see still MORE pics of the High School Musical parade...and discover still more details about this exciting entertainment offering at Disney's California Adventure park, please visit the High School Musical Parade Pictures page of this website.

Block Party Bash gone; Pixar Play Parade coming!

The much-loved Block Party Bash parade has ended its run at Disney's California Adventure Park (as of January, 2008.) The Block Party Bash has moved to Florida, and will be presented at one of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

For those of you with great memories of the Block Party Bash Parade, you can still see pictures of this fun event which featured favorite Pixar characters. You may relive the fun and indulge your nostalgia by visiting the photo-filled Block Party Bash Pictures page of this website.

Disney's Pixar Play Parade coming soon! For visitors who love the Pixar characters, there's no need to despair! A brand new parade featuring Pixar characters begins March 14, 2008. You'll see some of the same Pixar characters in the new Pixar Play Parade as you saw during the Block Party Bash---plus some new characters, as well! Look for photos of the Pixar Play Parade to appear on this page soon after it begins!

The mega-popular Disney Electrical Parade!

Picture: American Eagle in Disney's Electrical Parade Parade lovers---great news! The fabulous High School Musical 2 Parade isn't the only parade passing through Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure!

The ever-popular Disney Electrical Parade is here for your enjoyment, as well!

Southern Californians, in particular, were very disappointed that the Electrical Parade was taken away from Disneyland Park. But, it had run there for years and years...and the park decided it was time to move on with something new.

When the new park, California Adventure, opened and attendance was lower than expected, the Disney folks brought back the very popular Electric Parade at the new park. Parade goers were pleased, park attendance raised a bit more, and everybody was happy!

Picture of Alice in Wonderland's Mushroom from Disney's Electrical Parade You'll be able to catch Disneys Electric Parade every evening during the busier summer months, and during the Christmas and Easter (Spring Break) holiday seasons. (Unfortunately, however, Disney's Electrical Parade "retires" during the less-busy parts of the year. Disney's Electrical Parade makes its appearance during the busier parts of the year ONLY. It stays in "moth balls" for the rest of the year.) For further details about the Disney California Adventure parade schedules---and to see if it's currently appearing at the park--- visit the "Disney California Adventure Parade and Entertainment Schedules" page of this website. Or, if you'd like to see more pictures of the Disney Electrical Parade (including a photo slide show!) please visit the Disney's Electrical Parade Pictures page of this website.

In the photos to your right & left, you see, of course, the American Eagle, as well as a Alice in Wonderland sitting atop a mushroom.

DCA, picture of parade There's one little warning you need to know about the Electric Parade....and that's what happens AFTER it's over. Disney's California Adventure park often closes for the night right after the parade is over. Just expect in advance that there will be a crush of bodies all trying to leave the park at once!

You might try one of 2 exit tactics---either stand in Sunshine Plaza at the closest point from which you can see the parade, and make an early exit. OR, you can linger in Sunshine Plaza for awhile after the parade, enjoying a snack or browsing through the interesting merchandise in the shops there while the mad rush passes you by...and then leisurely exit as one of the last guests to trickle out.

Don't forget---not only will the turnstiles be crowded on the way out, but you'll have a longer wait as you board the trams back to the parking lot. Fortunately, the Disney folks are well aware of this common traffic crush, and one tram is ready to begin boarding immediately after the last tram has left.

Sunshine Plaza Holiday Fun!

Picture of Surfer Santa doing the Twist dance at Disney's California Adventure park in Anaheim, California Sunshine Plaza is the most-decorated area of the park at holiday time! If there's a seasonal celebration going on at Disney's California Adventure Park, you'll know it the instant you arrive in Sunshine Plaza. Whenever there's decorating done at the theme park, Sunshine Plaza is "dressed to the nines!"

Christmas at Disney's California Adventure: A wonderful, California-style holiday celebration takes place from mid-November through the first week of January each year. It's called "Santa's Beach Blast," and this can't-miss party features Surfer Santa himself! In addition, you'll enjoy live music; dancing and activities for the kids; and visits from costumed Disney characters...decked out in holiday-themed clothing!

If you'd like to see pictures and get more details about this fun event, you'll want to head to the "Santa's Beach Blast Pictures" page of this website!

Halloween at Disney's California Adventure: Halloween is a really BIG celebration at Disney's California Adventure Park. Sunshine Plaza is decked out in its finest Halloween attire---which, in 2007, featured more fake candy corn than you've EVER seen in one place in your life! If you'd like to see photos of this adorable and imaginative Halloween display, please check out the "Disney Halloween Candy Corn" page of this website. (Or, if you'd like to discover the special after-hours Halloween party which takes place at Disney's California Adventure every year, please see the "Mickey's Halloween Treat" section of the Disneyland Halloween Events page of this website.

Snacking and Shopping in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure

Photo: This train houses several snack shops in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure There are no full-service restaurants in Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure. There are, however, several cute snack shops.

You can order a cone or a milkshake at the ice cream shop...or enjoy a delicious brownie or Mickey-shaped cookie from the bakery.

View of train which houses snack shops at Disney's California Adventure The snack bars are located in an old-fashioned train replica, which adds "atmosphere" to both to Sunshine Plaza itself, as well as to your own dining experience.

During the busier summer months, you can enjoy your snack while listening to various street performers as they strike up their tunes in the Plaza.

Photo: Candy store has a colorful display case; Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure Sunshine Plaza at Disneys California Adventure is a great place to do your souvenir shopping, as well. There's a large toy store, a large general merchandise store (seen here in this photo), and a small candy store...which sells a large variety of sweet treats.

Picture of Goofy on a road trip adorns a souvenir shop in Sunshine Plaza at Disney's California Adventure Each of these stores completes the themed-atmosphere by displaying cute Disney decorations, such as the one in this photo on your right.

The types of souvenirs you can buy are clothing, keychains, magnets, souvenir photo books, plush dolls, and---at the toy store---you'll find the best variety of toys in the park.



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