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The Doors Star

on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Do The Doors have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Yes! In the slide show above, you're viewing some of the major Hollywood attractions you may enjoy only a few steps away from the Doors star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including Grauman's Chinese Theater, Madame Tussaud's Hollywood, the Dolby Theater (where the Cirque du Soleil performs & the Acadamy Awards are presented every year,) and the popular Hollywood & Highland shopping & dining center. The world-famous Hollywood Bowl, where the Doors played to a sold-out crowd, is not far away by car. On this page, you'll find details about the Doors Star itself, plus get directions & maps to find it. (Please see our Hollywood Walk of Fame page for more pics & info about other Walk of Fame stars.)

How is a star awarded? And when did The Doors get theirs?

Photo of the Doors star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, only 4 days old and gleaming in the sunshine On this page, you can get fun facts & see phictures of the Doors star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

These photos were taken on Sunday, March 4, 2007...when the Doors star was just 4 days old. You'll notice how the golden wording and trim of the star reflect the bright morning sunshine; the gold coloration of the brass hasn't had any time to lose its luster yet!

This Walk of Fame star was awarded to The Doors in a ceremony on Wednesday, February 28, 2007. Among several hundred actors, singers and bands nominated each year to receive this award, only about 20 are selected by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. While Doors fans would have liked to see the band's Walk of Fame star awarded years ago, the very fact that The Doors were ABLE to win enough votes so long after the heyday of classic rock is a testimony to the strength and continued popularity of The Doors as a band. 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of the group. And, 40 years later, their music is still being played and enjoyed throughout the world. Popular versions of the Doors tunes receive about 500,000 to 1 million hits per month...each...on YouTube -- a feat that many current music groups would love to achieve!

Why is The Door's popularity so long lived? Well, we can't speak for anyone else, but we find the music next to impossible to get bored with. The beauty of the melodies can be incredible. The organ/piano and the guitar lines weave throughout many of the songs as if they were individual melodic entities of their own rather than simple back-up music. The chord progressions used in many Doors songs are more complex than most music of the rock genre...which is why, after years of hearing them, they can still provide listeners with intrigue. Sometimes, you'll hear an "eerie" effect to the music...or, at other times, the songs create an aura of fragile beauty as stunning to the senses as a magnificent flower garden.

Also, The Doors works feature a variety and versatility unmatched by most groups of the classic rock genre. Naturally, there are the rock and blues numbers which make up the bulk of their work; but the band has also recorded their take on a classical piece, a piano-jazz number (jazz being, I think, a genre the group should have explored more thoroughly...) and even a sea chanty. What more could a listener need?

In the photo just below, you'll see a close-up image of the words, "The Doors."

Close-up picture of the wording on Jim Morrison and the Doors star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California

Fun Facts about the Doors Star...

Photo of Jim Morrison's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Southern California Like all stars on the Walk of Fame, the Doors star is made out of terrazo and brass. Terrazzo was a very popular flooring material back in the late 1950's when the idea for the Walk of Fame was first conceived. Not only was terrazzo a very in-style material at the time, but it was also chosen because of its durability.

Terrazzo is durable because it's mostly made of stone. (2 parts marble chips to one part cement is how the terrazzo mix is made.) When good materials and workmanship are used, terrazzo may stay looking terrific for decades.

Unfortunately, the Doors star hasn't fared so well. Some of the Walk of Fame stars dating back several decades are looking better than the Doors star, which now has a large, unsightly crack in it. Just warning you; you're gonna be mad!

Also, a regular cleaning program supposedly keeps the all the Walk of Fame stars from looking worn-out as time passes. However, the Doors star is in an extremely high-traffic front of the Hollywood Hard Rock it gets dirty quickly. In my opinion, the Hard Rock should take more pride in getting this A-list star in front of its door & do a quick cleaning job to it frequently throughout each day. Or, maybe even hire a full-time employee to stand there with a spray bottle. (Just joking...sort of!)

Many tourists like to sit down on the Walk of Fame to have their friends take pictures of them with the various stars (and there are hundreds of them spaced at intervals along Hollywood Boulevard.) This will be difficult for you to do with the Doors Star, unless you like getting kicked & tripped-over, since thousands of feet pass over this popular spot every hour from early in the morning until late at night. But, with a little patience & waiting to catch a lull in the foot traffic, you can probably get a little "up close 'n personal" time with your favorite group's star.

What's that symbol in the middle of the star?

Close-up photo of the phonograph record on the Doors Walk of Fame star What is that odd-looking symbol in the middle of The Doors star? It's an old-style phonograph record! All Walk of Fame star recipients in the field of music get this symbol in the middle of their stars.

There are 5 areas of achievement for which a star may be given on the Walk of Fame. Musical achievement, of course, is just one of them. Achievements in the following fields are also remembered on the Walk of Fame:

  • Motion pictures, (acting, directing, producing) which is noted by the image of a movie camera

  • Radio; the image of a microphone is at the center of these stars

  • Television; an old-style TV set is noted on these stars

  • Live theater/stage; an image of 2 masks, one crying/one laughing is at the center of these stars.

    To discover more "general information" about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you may enjoy reading through the Hollywood Walk of Fame/Hollywood Sign page of our website.

    How to find the Doors star

    Where is the Doors Star located in Hollywood?

    Photo of Hollywood Blvd in 2007, when the Doors Star was placed; the old Virgin Megastore may still be seen The Doors star address is: 6901 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California 90028.

    This location is directily in front of the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe, which is part of the Hollywood & Highland Center shopping, dining and entertainment mall on Hollywood Boulevard. This location is between the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater and the entrance to the Dolby Theater, (formerly the Kodak Theater) which is the "home" of the annual Academy Awards ceremony.

    As you can tell from the photo to your left, when the Doors Star was dedicated, there was a Virgin Megastore located in that particular retail space. A music & media store was a good choice of location for the Doors Star, quite obviously. Luckily, the Hard Rock is another music-related business, as well.

    Photo of the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd The Hard Rock location on Hollywood Blvd is quite wide and there are quite a few Walk of Fame stars in front of it. How do you find the Doors star without having to read the names on every one of them?

    That's easy---The Doors star is right in the middle, in front of the a spot of honor, just as it should be.

    To your right, you can see a photo of the Hard Rock Cafe taken across the street from the Hollywood & Highland Center.

    Map to the Doors Star: You may use the following link to see a Google map to the Doors Star. to help guide you to the correct spot.

    Other Doors band tourist attractions in the area

    Photo of the former Virgin Megastore's sign, showing Jim Morrison's picture and  congratulating The Doors on their new Walk of Fame starAs you might imagine, there are many, many places in Southern California where the Doors once performed, or that in some way have a special significance to the band. To find them all, you'd need to have a car available for you during your vacation time, plus a good music history guidebook.

    However, it's easy to view some of the most important locations that Doors fans would like to see that aren't far from Hollywood Blvd and the Doors Star.

    The London Fog 60's nightclub, formerly at 8919 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, no longer looks anything like it did during the heyday of classic rock. But, it's a spot that's easy to find, and that Doors enthusiasts will want to see, because this was where the band played nightly as the house band in its first regular gig. As they entertained the customers here, they were simultaneously refining the music that would eventually find its way onto the group's first albums...and into the hearts of music lovers around the world. If you'd like to see pictures of the London Fog, they're hard to come by...but you may find them on the very interesting London Fog page on Facebook.

    The Whiskey a Go Go, a famous Hollywood nightclub where the Doors also played as the house band, is only 1/2 a block away from the London Fog. Located at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Clark St, the Whiskey is still a nightclub after all these years...and looks relatively similar to what it did during the time when it was catapulting the fledgling Doors group to fame. Here's a Google map to the London Fog and Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, California.

    The former Doors office, and building where the group's "LA Woman" album was recorded is another historic site nearby that's easy to find. The address is 8512 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (La Cienega Blvd is the nearest cross street); and here's a Google map to the former Doors offices in Hollywood.

    Doors enthusiasts may also enjoy viewing a photo of the Jim Morrison mural, which you'll find on the Venice Beach page of our site.

    Did you know The Doors played at the world-famous Hollywood Bowl---to a SOLD OUT crowd, no less! The Doors are also featured at the Hollywood Bowl Museum, which is located adjacent to the Hollywood Bowl itself. You may tour the Hollywood Bowl free of charge on days when no concert is scheduled; the modern, high-quality museum is free to enter, as well. To see pictures, visit The Hollywood Bowl page of our site.

    Another fun Doors tourist site doesn't really have anything to do with the Doors band at all---it's pure coincidence. Believe it or not, in Los Angeles, there are actually 2 intersecting streets that bear Doors band member names! It's the intersection of Densmore Ave & Morrison St, which is located fairly conveniently near the intersection of the 405 & 101 freeways. Here's a map to the intersection of Morrison & Densmore, if you'd like something quirky to look at!

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