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The Movie District at Magic Mountain-- There's fun from mild to WILD!

FUN FOR ALL AGES! You'll find fun for all ages and interests in Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Movie District" themed area. On this page, you'll see pictures of Six Flags rides and attractions you can enjoy...and decide which ones will make it onto your "must do" list! In the slide show above, you see many pictures of Riddler's Revenge roller coaster. Riddler's Revenge is where the thrill seekers head in this themed area of Six Flags. But those who want to get soaked from head to toe hop aboard the "Tidal Wave" boat ride...OR brave standing in the "soak zone" on the ride's observation deck!

The Riddler's Revenge Roller Coaster

Photo of The Riddler's Revenge roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia (Los Angeles), California, USA The wildest ride in The Movie District at Magic Mountain---and probably your teenager's favorite in this themed area---is The Riddler's Revenge. This lime green demon stands 156 feet tall. You'll get going up to 65 MPH and make 6 upside-down inversions along its 4,370-foot-long course. And---you'll do that standing up---it's Six Flags Magic Mountain's only standing roller coaster!

Picture: Riddler's Revenge roller coaster zooms along its track at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia (Los Angeles), California, USA

In the photo above, you see 'em come zooming out of a loop--just like YOU'LL be doing on the Riddler's Revenge ride! In the picture to your left, you see a roller coaster train heading to the top of the Riddler's Revenge 1st hill...getting ready for that first big drop.

Before I tried a standing coaster for the first time, I wondered if the experience would be really scary. The answer is---no, it's not. Actually, I was so busy zooming around and screaming, I didn't even NOTICE that I was standing instead of sitting.

So, if you're hesitant to try the Riddler's Revenge on this point--don't worry. Go ahead & you'll have fun!

Tidal Wave plunging boat ride...

and other rides in The Movie District

Picture: Tidal Wave ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia (Los Angeles), California, USA The 2nd steepest drop you'll encounter in The Movie District at Magic Mountain is at the Tidal Wave, a water ride. You'll board a boat, climb a hill, then come plunging down a 50 foot drop into a splash pool awaiting you at the bottom.

Your kids 42 inches tall and over will be able to enjoy this ride with you. They'll love getting wet! As for you...well, don't won't get TOO very damp!

Picture: Tidal Wave boat ride in Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia (Los Angeles), California, USA


*The Gold Rusher---a smaller, family-style roller coaster that's a 1971 original to the park. To me, its most impressive point is that it runs through the beautiful trees on the side of a mountain. Another good point---not much line! Your kids will need to be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Gold Rusher.

*Spin Out---Bad news! This ride has been removed. In case you don't remember, it was the ride spins around until you stick to its walls...and then the floor drops out from under you! It's not quite the same, but a different spinning ride that's still at the park is the Grinder Gearworks ride in the Gotham City Backlot section of Magic Mountain.

*Sandblasters---a fancy name for the bumper cars. Always fun--especially when your family members "aim" for each other The kids have to be 42" tall to ride along if YOU drive, or 54" tall to steer the bumper car alone.

*The Scrambler---Another older style attraction that you've seen in other parks, the Scrambler, is also here in The Movie District at Magic Mountain. Groups of ride cars rotate around their own little hubs, while the whole ride is revolving around the central hub. Double trouble! Don't forget--the rider sitting on the OUTER EDGE of the car gets squished! Children only 36" tall are welcome to board this family favorite.

The Movie District's other attractions

Rock Climbing! Restaurants! Stores!

Picture: Rock climbing wall at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia (Los Angeles), California, USA Now, I'll talk about activities in The Movie District at Magic Mountain which involve spending a little extra money.

Here, you see the rock climbing wall where, for an extra fee, you can test your mettle. Safety equipment is provided for you, of course. They don't make enought money on this attraction to pay out millions of dollars in lawsuit claims--ha ha!

Photo: Rock climbing wall, Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, California (greater Los Angeles), USA

On your right, you see some fellas struggling to get started towards the top of the wall....

Image: Man reaches top of rock climbing wall at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California (Los Angeles), USA

...and on your left, you see a guy looking cool as a cucumber as he nearly reaches the top!

Would you like still MORE fun in The Movie District at Magic Mountain? Take your daughter shopping at "Attitudes," a fashion clothing and accessory shop just for girls.

Hungry? Munch on some tacos or burritos from Eduardo's Mexican Grill, or head to the Waterfront Commisary for a cheeseburger, chicken strips or an individual, small-sized pizza. Remember, though, not all of the restaurants in The Movie District at Magic Mountain are open all year. Some are open for service only during the busy summer months.



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