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Placing heavy suitcases on a rolling cart makes hauling luggage into the airport much easer, as you can see in this photo

There are so many questions a person has when getting ready for a trip! What will the weather be like? What should I pack? What will happen if I forget something I need along the way? How far in advance should I make reservations? What can I do to improve my chance of having a fun and relaxing vacation?

In this "travel tips and checklists" section of the website, perhaps you can find answers to some of the travel questions that YOU might be having. On this page, you can browse through the list of travel tip and travel checklist pages available on this site.

Trip packing checklists -- Clothing

One page of the "Travel Tips and Checklists" section is devoted to figuring out what types of clothing to pack for your family when you make a Southern California trip.

What will the weather be like? is a top question on many traveler's minds. And, with weather as varied as tourists will find in Southern California, they indeed are justified in having questions! Wintertime in Southern California is truly a season in which tourists may "go surfing in the morning...and snow skiing in the afternoon! And, summer temperatures may leave tourists sweating while visiting an inland area...and reaching for their jackets later that same day while taking an ocean-view stroll along a pier! No wonder packing clothes for a Los Angeles/San Diego visit can cause so much confusion!

On the clothes packing checklist page of this website, you'll find answers to such questions as...

  • What will Southern California temperatures be like in June? Or February? Or other months of the year?

  • How much variation in temperature and climate will I find between the inland areas of Southern California, the mountain areas, and the beaches?

  • Are Los Angeles residents REALLY as "laid-back" as it's claimed? How casual...or dressy...should I pack?

  • Can I wear sandals year-round in Los Angeles?

  • How can I reach Southern California without all my clothing getting wrinkled in the suitcase along the way?

    If you've ever wondered any of these questions, you'll want to use the following link to view the Vacation Packing Checklist: Clothing" page of this website!

    Travel tips and checklists: Vacationing with Baby

    Will you be vacationing with a baby or small toddler under the age of 2 years? There are special infant-care items you'll need to remember to bring along...and an extra set of "travel tips" which will pertain just to you.

    If you've ever wondered questions like...

    * What baby items should I pack for my vacation?

    * How long is it safe to keep breast milk in a cooler?

    * How can I make traveling with a baby more comfortable?

    ...then, you may wish to view the "Vacation Packing for Babies" page of this website.

    Travel tips & checklists: Travel Medicine Bag

    True or false: The best way to keep from feeling ill while on vacation is NOT to think about it...nor prepare for it.

    Answer: a resounding FALSE! Thinking that getting sick on your vacation "couldn't happen to YOU" is a sure way to get caught unprepared. No, you probably won't have a major accident or illness while on the road. But, you're quite likely to experience minor maladies. If you're prepared to handle them as they arise, you'll have the best possible vacation! Have you ever wondered---

  • How to deal with traveler's diarrhea or constipation?

  • The reason why you frequently get a headache right when you're supposed to be "having the time of your life?"

  • Which over-the-counter medicines are best for common rashes and seasonal allergies?

  • Ways to not let minor illnesses ruin your vacation?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, perhaps you'd be interested in viewing the "Trip Checklists: Travel Medicine Bag page of this website. You'll discover easy-to-obtain remedies to many minor problems...that you can find right at the local drug store or general merchandise store.

    Travel tips & checklists: Planning a road trip

    Photo: rolling heavy suitcases on a cart

    Planning for a road trip is fun, BUT it requires some precision timing to carry off successfully. What trip preparations will you need to make for your road trip vacation...and WHEN?

    If you've ever wondered...

  • How soon you should begin planning your road trip vacation

  • If you're "forgetting something" in your plans

  • If you always wonder if you've left the oven turned on or the sink faucet running as you head down the road

    ...then you'd probably enjoy browsing through the "Road Trip Planning Checklist" page of this website.

    Travel tips & checklists: Are you a diabetic traveler?

    Are you...or is another member of you traveling group...a diabetic?

    If so, there are a number of extra plans and preparations you'll need to make. It's entirely possible to plan a relaxing vacation getaway while maintaining your optimal state of health at the same time.

    If you'd like to review a list of topics for which diabetics must plan when vacationing, you may visit the "Checklist for Diabetic Travelers page of this website.

    Travel Tips: Vacation Care of Neopets

    If you're a kid who enjoys playing Neopets online (or even if you're an adult!) you may be concerned that your Neopets will starve while you're away on your vacation. After all, they need constant care and feeding! But there's a way to keep them alive and healthy even though you can't take care of them while you're gone. Find out how to do that on the Neopet Vacations page of this site!

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