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Universal Studios Character Pictures

Meet Zorro, Marilyn Monroe, Beetlejuice, The Mummy, and more!

Picture of Marilyn Monroe impersonator at Universal Studios Hollywood in CaliforniaYou can meet all sorts of fictional characters and impersonators of famous people when you visit the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

From the cute to the ghoulish, you'll see characters step from off the movie screen...and right into the viewfinder of your very own camera! These fun character-greetings add a touch of sparkle to your day at the theme park. Why not indulge and meet a few of these "celebrities" on your next visit?

Some characters at Universal Studios appeal to all ages of visitors...and other characters are especially sought-after by kids. On this page, we'll talk about characters which might interest all members of the family. And, if you're looking for pictures of costumed characters that the children will love, please visit the Universal Studios Characters for Kids" page of this website.

Photo note: As you surely already know, you're viewing the picture of a Marilyn Monroe impersonator to your left. "Marilyn" was out and about at Universal Studios Hollywood with several other starlets in period attire...cruising in Southern California's mild February weather with the top down on their convertible!

No more Marvel Comics characters at Universal Hollywood!

(But you can still see the Marvel characters at Universal Orlando)

Picture of Marvel Mania store at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme parkSad news for character lovers: the Marvel Comics contract expired at Universal Studios Hollywood at the end of 2007. Therefore, beginning January, 2008, visitors have no longer been able to take photos with "real live" strolling Marvel characters at the California location of Universal Studios.

The Marvel Mania store remains, however. Visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood may still purchase Marvel collectibles, toys and other merchandise. (To your left, you can see a photo of the Marvel Mania store taken in 2008, showing that it's still "up and running.")

Picture of Hulk statue outside the Marvel Mania store at Universal Studios Hollywood

And, you may still take pictures beside the large, green statue of The Hulk comic book character which stands outside the Marvel Mania store. But the live characters are now just a memory at the park.

Internet news articles on the subject gave financial cutbacks as the motive for the non-renewal of the park's contract with Marvel allowing appearances of the characters.

Picture of The Hulk's face; Universal Studios Hollywood

News stories also reported stories of California theme park visitors being so irate that they demanded their ticket money back!

While most visitors won't be as enraged nor as vocal as those mentioned in the news stories, there are many visitors who will indeed miss Universal Hollywood's costumed Marvel characters. After all, while taking photos with a statue is OK...getting to clown around with a "real live" character is much better!

Picture of Wolverine, one of the XMen characters; Universal Studios OrlandoMarvel Comic characters are still appearing at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Maybe it doesn't seem fair...but Universal DID renew the Marvel Comics contract for its Florida theme parks. You're looking at a picture of Wolverine (AKA Logan) from Orlando, where he's still appearing.

The Marvel Comics characters have a stronger presence in Orlando, however. Universal's "Islands of Adventure" theme park has an entire themed area (called Marvel Super Hero Island) devoted to them. Without appearances of the Marvel characters, park guests would surely cause a greater uproar than was made by Marvel fans in Hollywood!

XMan character Cyclops at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FLTo your right, you're viewing a picture of Cyclops, the XMen character (AKA Scott Summers.) This photo is from the Orlando theme park location, where the Marvel characters are still appearing.

Zorro and Elena characters at Universal Studios

Zorro and Elena costumed characters at Universal Studios HollywoodYou can see both Zorro and his bride, Elena, at Universal Studios Hollywood!

In the picture of Zorro and Elena to your right, you see them strolling hand in hand towards their greeting and photo op location at the theme park. You can meet them and take photos of your family with them free of charge.

In the recent Zorro movies, Elena is depicted as being a master swordsman (swordswoman?) and Universal Hollywood's Elena continues with this persona. Like Zorro, she keeps her sword handy at her side. (There's nothing to fear, however; she's sweet as a Disney Princess when you talk with her!)

Picture of Elena de la Vega costumed character at Universal Studios Orlando

In the picture of Elena taken at Universal's Orlando, Florida location, you can see this character's "softer look," as she dons a fancier dress, and trades in her sword for a frill-trimmed parasol!

Zorro costumed character from Universal theme park in Florida

In the picture of Zorro to your right, you see that Orlando's version of this hero is quite similar to Universal Hollywood's version above. Both wear the satiny black Zorro costume (with cape and flat, wide-brimmed hat) seen in the Zorro movies. Both Zorros wear masks to hide their identities. It would never do for a Universal Studios visitor to leak such sensitive information to the public!



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