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Universal Studios Characters for Kids

Meet children's favorite cartoon characters at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Where can you meet characters at Universal Hollywood?

Both at photo sets AND simply "strolling around!"

Picture of Donkey character from the Shrek movies, greeting guests at Universal Studios OrlandoYour kids can greet characters at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park!

On any given day at Universal Studios, a number of different characters will be available for you to meet. Some of them will be listed on the Universal theme park map & brochure that you receive when you enter the turnstiles in the morning. But, others won't be listed...and you won't know that you'll be meeting them until you happen upon them during the day as you go about your touring.

For example, one day it was listed in the park brochure & schedule that 5 characters would be available to meet: Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob, Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. In reality, there were a number of others to meet...including Feivel (from the movie "An American Tail,) Zorro & Elena, Beetlejuice, The Mummy, Marilyn Monroe, and some unfamiliar furry character. The Universal Studios brochure also didn't mention that the entire Simpsons Family would be available to meet, as well!

So what Universal Studios characters for kids will YOU meet on your visit? It's not guaranteed, but you'll undoubtedly meet the Shrek movie characters, Dora, Sponge Bob and the Simpsons. But, if you hit it lucky---or head to the park on one of its busier days (when more characters are out & about) then you'll undoubtedly come across more. You'll just have to wait until you're actually at the park to find out!

Shrek characters at Universal Studios theme park

Picture of Fiona  character from the Shrek movies greeting guests at Universal Studios OrlandoThe Shrek movie characters are some of the most popular costumed characters at Universal Studios.

The pictures of Shrek, Fiona and Donkey seen on this page were taken at Universal Studios in Orlando; however, the Southern California location has these same Shrek characters, as well. In both locations, the Shrek characters have their own location and photo backdrop where they regularly appear. In fact, you'll find the location of their Meeting 'n Greeting set marked on the map of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Picture of Shrek the Ogre character, cartoon star of the Shrek movies, greeting guests at Universal Studios Orlando

After meeting Shrek, Fiona and Donkey, what other fun Shrek activities can you enjoy at the Universal Studios theme park?

Don't forget that there's a cute Shrek 4D movie you'll want to see. It's fun for all ages---even adults. While you don't have to have seen the Shrek movies to enjoy it, those who have will be interested in seeing some of the characters with which they are familiar.

The 3D effects seem to pop out of the movie at you. And what's the fourth "dimension" in Shrek 4D? That refers to the fact that the movie auditorium itself is geared up to give you some few SURPRISES as you enjoy the film!

Simpsons characters at Universal Studios

Picture of Homer Simpson character greeting fans at Universal Studios HollywoodYour family can meet the Simpsons at Universal Studios Hollywood!

As you can see in the pictures of the Simpsons to your left & right, you'll meet life-sized counterparts to the cartoon characters you've enjoyed over the years on The Simpsons TV show (and in The Simpsons movie, as well.)

Picture of Simpson Family greeting visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood

As you can see in the photos, the whole Simpson family has turned out to greet you!

What if you forgot your camera at home? No problem; a professional photographer is waiting to snap your picture with the famous yellow-skinned family. You may preview your pics (and purchase prints, if you like) at the Hollywood Photos booth on the upper level of Universal Studios Hollywood (right next to the House of Horrors.)

Don't worry, though. You may still snap your own family photos free of charge, if you'd rather do it that way.

Picture of Maggie Simpson character on a construction fence at Universal Studios HollywoodThe Simpsons construction fence: There's another place at the park (as of early 2008) where you can get photos with The Simpsons (although, these are just pictures of the Simpsons...not costumed characters.)

A Simpsons ride is being built at Universal...and there's a cute construction fence around the area. You'll find a number of favorite Simpsons cartoon characters pictured there...AND you can stand right up next to them to take photos with them! Er...for the most part, that is! As you can see in the picture of Maggie Simpson to your left, she's a little too high off the ground for you to get in a snapshot with her. A helium balloon has lifted her off the ground and sent her sailing into the air!

The Simpsons construction fence has become such a popular photo backdrop that many guests will miss it once this guard fence must come down!

Nickelodeon characters at Universal Studios

Picture of Dora the Explorer character greeting fans at Universal Studios HollywoodYour kids can greet some of the Nickelodeon TV characters at the Universal Studios theme park!

As you can see in the picture of Dora the Explorer to your left, a larger-than-life costumed version of Dora makes her rounds through the park, greeting fans and getting snapshots taken with them.

Dora the Explorer toys, clothing and other merchandise can also be found at Universal Studios, which will please the young Dora-lovers in your family.

Picture of Sponge Bob strolling character greeting guests at Universal Studios Hollywood

SpongeBob Square Pants is another popular character for kids at Universal Studios from the Nickelodeon TV channel. Who can resist Sponge Bob's cheerful grin and naive ways...or getting their picture taken with him?

Sponge Bob is one of the most-requested characters at the Universal theme park, and so you're quite likely to get a chance to visit with him on the day you attend the park.

As with Dora, there's a plethora of Sponge Bob merchandise...including all sorts of clothing, toys, trinkets and school supplies...sold in Universal Studio's shops.

Kid's movie characters at Universal Studios

Picture of Feivel character from Universal Studio's An American Tail movieKids can see characters from movies at Universal Studios theme park.

Families may see popular characters from movies which Universal Studios released. In addition, the Universal theme parks also own the rights to some characters from films released by other companies.

Feivel Mousekewitz, the main character from 1981's "An American Tale," appears at Universal Studios Hollywood. Despite the fact that this children's full-length cartoon movie was released over 2 decades ago, many children still watch the film regularly (thanks to DVD's.) Therefore, Fievel remains a well-liked character for kids to meet at the park.

Picture of the Grinch, a Dr. Seuss character, greeting fans at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL

The following 2 pictures of Dr. Seuss characters were taken at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida (rather than in California.)

To your left is a picture of The Grinch, and to your right is a photo of The Cat in the Hat costumed character.

"The Grinch" was a popular Christmas holiday movie released in 2000 by Universal Studios. (The town of Whoville from the movie was built on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlots. You'll be seeing some of the sets used while filming "The Grinch" when you take the Backlot Tram Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood.) The movie, of course, was based on the 1957 book by Dr. Seuss, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Picture of the Cat in the Hat, a Dr. Seuss character, greeting fans at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida

"The Cat in the Hat" live-action movie (2003) was produced by Universal Studios, DreamWorks Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. This movie, which added a number of characters and sub-plots to flesh out the film, may not be familiar to you. Yet, the Cat in the Hat remains one of the most popular children's books ever...and people enjoy meeting this character.

Though Universal's Islands of Adventure amusement park has a "Seuss Landing" themed area (where these 2 Dr Seuss characters appear,) there is no Seuss-themed area at Universal Studios Hollywood.



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