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Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk

Come join the fun in this wacky Los Angeles family entertainment hot spot!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Universal Studios CityWalk---and its super-funky architecture! This is a Los Angeles hot spot where everyone in the family can find something to enjoy---restaurants, shopping and entertainment!

You'll find dozens of

Things to do at Universal's CityWalk!

Photo: Did a Pink Cadillac ram into this building?  No, it's just the wacky Universal CityWalk decor! Do you enjoy funky architecture, interesting merchandise, and a lively atmosphere? If so, you'll enjoy visiting the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk!

Did a pink Cadillac ram into the side of this building? No, of course not---this is just one of the way-out examples of decor you'll find when you visit Universal CityWalk!

In addition to the "fun" way it looks, Universal's City Walk can entertain you for the whole day...between browsing around through the unique merchandise, dining at one of its quality restaurants, and taking in a movie.

At night, the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk turns on its bright neon lights and morphs into a clubbing center for adults. There's truly something for everyone in your group to enjoy at the Universal Studios CityWalk!

Restaurants at Universal Studios CityWalk

There are roughly a dozen major restaurants at the Universal Studios Hollywood City Walk. In addition, there are PLENTY of snack shops featuring quick bites of every variety. You won't get hungry here!

AMERICAN CUISINE---The Hard Rock Cafe (phone number 818/622-7655), is a favorite restaurant with both locals and tourists which features a menu of general American cuisine. (To your left below, you can see a picture of the Universal Studios Hard Rock Cafe location.) As at all of the Hard Rock Cafe locations, the Universal Studios CityWalk Hard Rock Cafe features memorabilia of the greatest stars of rock and pop music for you to view and enjoy while you eat.

Three more popular restaurants at Universal's CityWalk feature American Cuisine are:

The Saddle Ranch Chop House (phone number 818/760-9680.) The Saddle Ranch Chop House is the king of steaks at CityWalk

Tony Roma's Restaurant (phone number 818/763-7662) is the king of ribs. You'll find the same delicious BBQ at the CityWalk Tony Roma's location as you will at any of Tony Roma's USA or world-wide locations

Picture: Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalkJohnny Rocket's Restaurant & Sports Bar (phone number 818/505-3957) is one of the newer restaurants at Universal CityWalk. You're probably very familiar with Johnny Rocket's Diner already...but the addition of a sports bar is a new type of concept for this chain!

Karl Strauss Restaurant (phone number 818/753-2739) uses its brewery products as its particular emphasis...but offers a full menu in addition to their list of beers.

SEAFOOD RESTAURANT: If you're looking for a good seafood dinner at the Universal CityWalk, you'll want to try the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company! At this tasty restaurant...featuring seafood, of'll be able to order such favorites as shrimp (made many different ways,) fish, pastas, hamburgers, salads and desserts. The Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant phone number is 818/753-4867.

ASIAN CUISINE: If you're an Asian food fan, you'll want to try out the new Andrew's Panda Inn Restaurant. (phone number (818) 487-6889.)you'll find a menu featuring award winning Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine (both Chinese styles.) At "Wasabi" (phone number 818/763-8813) you'll find your sushi favorites prepared by master chefs.

BRAZILIAN: At the Samba Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse (phone 818/763-0101) you'll enjoy selecting from fine cuts of skewered meats, see a Samba show...and perhaps join in the samba fun yourself.

ITALIAN CUISINE: For Italian food fans, you'll be eager to try out Universal CityWalk's location of the popular Buca Di Beppo reataurants (phone number 818/509-9463) featuring the cuisine of Southern Italy.

Picture: Wolfgang Puck Cafe at Universal Studios CityWalk features funky architecture...and unique food!CALIFORNIA CUISINE: Then, for lovers of the fresh and unusual, there's always a tasty surprise at the popular the Wolfgang Puck L.A. Bistro (phone number 818/985-9653) featuring this famous chef's own take on pizzas, rotisserie meats and pastas.

MEXICAN FOOD: If you're hungry for Mexican-style cuisine, head to Camacho's Cantina (phone number 818/622-3333), where you'll find all your favorite Mexican dishes, served within a lively atmosphere.

FAST FOOD & SNACKING: For a complete list of the Universal Studios CityWalk fast food & snack bars, please consult the City Walk official website (link at the end of this page.)

Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk Entertainment--Movies, Bowling, and more!

AMC Theater at Univeral City Walk (formerly Loews Theater)

Picture: AMC Theater and IMAX at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood, CA City Walk's AMC/Lowes Theaters (with IMAX!) are an entertainment highlight! Even though the Universal CityWalk sits adjacent to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, you don't have to step foot into the theme park itself in order to spend a fun day at City Walk.

At the AMC-Lowes Universal City Cineplex Theater, you'll find the latest-release film that you've been wanting to see, in theaters featuring state-of-the-art sound. Are you a movie "perfectionist?" The AMC at CityWalk DOES show digitally projected films, including digital 3D movies!

Several years ago, the Loews theater company merged into the AMC Theater group. The cinemas at Universal's CityWalk gained a new name---"The AMC Universal Studios Cinema and IMAX," but many locals continue to simply call this "Loews Theater." By whatever name you want to call it, the CityWalk theaters are a great place to see a film.

Recorded AMC CityWalk movie theater listings: To find out the list of movies currently playing and their showtimes, call the CityWalk AMC Theater phone number 1/888/AMC-4FUN. (This is the AMC movie phone number; it's a pre-recorded hotline which serves many different theaters.)

To reach a AMC CityWalk employee: Another important telephone number to know is CityWalk AMC Theater's direct phone number, 818/508-0711. This is the AMC CityWalk phone number to call if you need to talk to a real, living human being. Via this AMC telephone number, you can reach a theater employee to ask whatever questions you still have after listening to their pre-recorded hotline or viewing their websites.

AMC showtimes on the AMC website: If you would prefer to check the Universal CityWalk AMC theater showtimes online, here's a link to the CityWalk page of the AMC website.

AMC Movie Listings & Showtimes on the CityWalk website: You can also find out show times for the City Walk AMC on the AMC page of the CityWalk website. You may purchase your tickets directly from either one of these two websites.

City Walk---bowling and other entertainment

Picture: at I Fly, a fun Universal CityWalk entertainment spot, you can soar in a wind tunnel---after getting instructions, that is! There are still other entertainment options at the Universal Studios Hollywood City Walk! For example---

BOWLING--- You'll find a modern bowling experience at Jillian's Hi-Life Lanes (phone number 818/985-8234.) Jillian's also has a restaurant featuring American foods, an arcade room and television sports viewing. Please use their phone number to call to ask for their current prices and hour of operation. Or, you may use the upcoming link to visit the Jillian's official website,

SKYDIVING!--- A new option at Universal Studios CityWalk is indoor skydiving. You can "try your wings" at I Fly Hollywood, the fun new entertainment venue that simulates freefall as if from a plane. For prices & more info, you may check out the website. The I Fly Hollywood phone number is 818/985-4359.

Picture: Jillian's Bowling Center at CityWalk, with its distinctive neon signNIGHTLIFE: At night, the Universal Hollywood CityWalk comes alive with clubbing-style night life.

Infusion Lounge (Phone number 818-308-1330) Is a sophisticated Las Vegas nightclub with two dance floors.

When you visit "Howl at the Moon"(phone number 818/755-9970), you'll have a fun time enjoying the dueling pianos in an atmosphere where EVERYONE joins in the singing and the fun.

The Saddle Ranch Chop House (phone number 818/760-9680) has its own live music stage and country/western dance floor. In addition, you can ride a mechanical bull while you're there!

Other nightlife at Universal Hollywood's CityWalk the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, phone number (818) 824-6545.

FREE ENTERTAINMENT: Is there any FREE entertainment at the Universal Studios CityWalk? Well, not always, but if you come on weekends or during the summer, you'll often find live bands playing in the large plaza in front of the AMC Loew's Universal Theaters. Also, street performers make an appearance on weekends and during busy times at various spots throughout CityWalk.

Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk -- Shopping

Picture: Abercrombie & Fitch store at Universal Studios CityWalk, Hollywood, California Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk is first and foremost an ENTERTAINMENT area; in other words, don't come here expecting to get some serious shopping done! Most of the stores are geared to the strolling visitor wishing to spend the afternoon looking at unique and unusual merchandise that they won't see elsewhere.

On the other hand, there's some pretty good shopping here for the young adult crowd seeking clothing. Here's a list of the hottest clothing and accessories stores at the Universal Studios City Walk---

Abercrombie & Fitch, phone number 818/752-7530
ANGL clothing store, phone number 818/980-2600
Billabong surf-inspired clothing, telephone number 818/755-8930
Crow's Nest Toys, phone number 818-763-1811
Element, Store telephone number 818-508-9517
Flip Flop Shop, telephone 818/763-7253
Fossil accessories, phone number 818/985-8209
Francesca's Collections Phone number TBA
Guess Accessories, telephone number 818/506-8577
Lids, Store telephone number 818-509-0032
Los Angeles Sock Market, The number 818-509-1340
Quiksilver, phone number 818/760-6650 (featuring surf-inspired clothing)
Salvatory Shoe Store, phone number 818/761-2786
Shemoni Jewelers, telephone number 818/763-2004
Skecher's Shoes, phone number 818/762-9688.

Sports fans can have fun adding to their wardrobes at several CityWalk stores---The Dodger's Clubhouse (phone number 818/761-5677), The Raider Image (phone number 818/763-4000), and Sports Avenue (telephone number 818/763-1516.)

Many of the stores at the Universal Studios CityWalk, though, are meant for browsing and having a good time. At Sparky's, (phone number 818/762-1305) you'll find "nostalgia" merchandise of all types. At "Things from Another World" (phone number 818/622-8464), you'll see movie and comic book collectibles. At the Magnet Max shop (phone number 818/763-1079) you'll see plenty of themed magnets, many of which you'll never have seen (or even imagined) before. Stop & Play always has something fun to look at; their phone number is 818/763-1167. And, you might find the new or used game you've been looking for at Universal CityWalk's location of Game Stop, phone number 818/980-5766.

Have you ever heard of an "Oxygen Bar?" Universal CityWalk has one! It's called the Zen Zone (phone number 818/487-7889), where you can take your turn breathing in pure 02, or relax on a massage bed.

Of course, Universal Studios has its own store here (phone number 818/622-8000) where you can buy all sorts of Universal Studios and NBC related clothing and souvenirs. And, the Upstart Crow (phone number 818/763-1811) is a great place to go to browse for souvenirs OR grab a cup of coffee at their in-store Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location...or BOTH!

For a complete listing of stores at the Universal City Walk, please refer to their official website (see link below.)

Universal Studios CityWalk -- Map, Directions, Contact information

Picture: Universal Citywalk Hollywood looks so beautiful at night, lit up with thousands of colorful lights! The Universal Studios CityWalk address is---
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

The Universal Studios phone number (information line) is (818) 622-4455.

Parking for Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk---
You'll pay a flat rate that's costs the same as parking for the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, which is around $15 (or more, if you choose close-up parking or valet parking.) The parking fee is one of the few things that's NOT fun about CityWalk. Validation: You can get 1 hour of free parking if you remember to validate your parking ticket (remember to take your ticket along with you, instead of leaving it in the car.) There's a list of rules about parking validation for CityWalk patrons. If you'd like to see the complete list of parking discounts at Universal CityWalk, here's a link to the Parking Details page of the CityWalk website.

Directions to the Universal CityWalk in Hollywood, California---
You'll want to get onto US 101 (a freeway which runs through Hollywood and north into Burbank, CA.) Take the exit for Universal City; the route to Universal is well-marked coming from the freeway.

Would you like to see a map of the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk area? To get a better idea of this area's layout, use the following link to see a Yahoo map for directions to Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk.

Map of Universal CityWalk's stores, restaurants & theater: Here's the link to a printable, PDF map of the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk restaurants and stores. All of CityWalk's stores, restaurants and entertainment facilities are easy to find...because they line one central promenade walk.

To see a full listing of the stores at Universal Studios CityWalk...and just to have some can use the following link to see the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk official website.

Universal CityWalk Hours of operation: Retail stores at the Universal City Walk open on Sundays thru Thursdaysat 11:00 am and close at 9:00 pm; and on the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) the CityWalk opening time is at 11:00 am and its closing time is at 11:00 pm. Restaurants, movies and nightclubs generally stay open later. Since each restaurant or club sets their own hours, please contact each location individually, via the phone numbers given above on this page.

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