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Universal Studios Hollywood address, phone & map...

...and important information for your trip

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun rides and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood. Doesn't it make you eager to come & join in the fun? On this page, you'll discover how to contact the park, how to get to the park, and how to get your car parked once you arrive.

Universal Studios Hollywood address and phone number

Photo: sign for Universal Studios Hollywood where guests like to pose Here's the Universal Studios Hollywood address---

Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

The Universal Studios Hollywood phone number is (800) 864-8377 (or simply remember 1-800-UNIVERSAL.) This is a toll-free telephone number for Universal Studios Hollywood.

To email the park instead, here's the link to Universal Studios Hollywood's contact form from their official website.

Just in case you reached this page by mistake...and you were really looking for the Universal Studios Orlando address instead...well, here's the Florida Universal Studios address too!---
Universal Studios Orlando
1000 Universal Studios Plaza
Orlando, FL 32819

Universal Studios Hollywood Maps

Driving Directions and road map to Universal Studios Hollywood

Driving Directions to Universal Studios Hollywood---Get on US 101, which is a freeway. Once you're on the correct freeway, the rest is a "snap." Just take the Universal Studios exit off of US 101 and follow the signs (up a steep hill) to the park!

Here's a Google map of Universal Studios (and the surrounding area) to give you a mental picture of where you need to go: Google map of the Universal Studios Hollywood area.

PDF Map to Universal Studios: If you're unfamiliar with the area, having a road atlas or GPS makes it easier to find your way around the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. However, if you don't have either of these, you may print up a map of the Los Angeles area at home and bring it with you to the park. On the following map, the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park is marked with a little red square near the center of the map...not far from the Hollywood Bowl. Here is the printable PDF map of Los Angeles county, including Universal Studios Hollywood, which has been provided by the state of California's official tourism website,

Universal Studios Hollywood theme park map

Photo: Game of skill at Universal Studios Hollywood where guests try to win prizes If you already know how to get to Universal Studios Hollywood, the type of map you will need next is a theme park map.

One thing to keep in mind is that Universal Hollywood is located on a mountainside. Part of the theme park is at entry level (on the top of the mountain.) A second part of the theme park lies below (at the bottom of the mountain.) It is somewhat time consuming to take the series of escalators or stairs between the two parts of the theme park, so you will probably want to group all of your sight-seeing on the lower level into one trip.

A good time to visit the lower level is when this level opens (which is sometimes 1 hour later than the upper level's opening time.) Lines can be very long for the Transformers ride, Mummy roller coaster and the Jurrasic Park boat ride on busy days. Try to hit these three attractions before the lines build.

Printable PDF map of Universal Studios Hollywood: The theme park has provided a PDF map of Universal Hollywood which you may study before your arrival...which is not a bad idea if you'll be making your first visit to the theme park! Here's a link to the PDF map of Universal Studios Hollywood which you may print up at home & take on vacation with you.

Universal Studios Hollywood Web Address

The Universal Studios Hollywood official web address is (Nope---there's no Orlando Universal Studios info on this website.) If you'd like to check out their website right now, just use the following link to get to...

Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Fees

and subway directions to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood General Parking Prices--- Universal Studios Hollywood has several parking lots, including multi-level parking structures. General parking costs $15 before 3 pm. A discount price of $10 is charged from 3 pm until closing. (Since Universal's CityWalk shopping, dining and entertainment mall uses this same parking lot, it remains open until all of the restaurants & night clubs close, and the movie theater has had its last show for the night.)

There are no trams to take you from the parking lot to the theme park entrance. Instead, from the parking structure, you'll walk through the shopping, dining and entertainment complex called "Universal CityWalk." (The Universal folks know that you'll be tempted to buy things at CityWalk...and make them even more money!)

Careful---their sinister plot to clean out your wallet actually works! Universal CityWalk is so darned cute that NOT buying something is the hard part!

Universal Studio's preferred parking lot, which is closer to the actual theme park entrance, has a parking fee of $20. A 3rd option, valet parking, is also available for another extra fee.

Los Angeles Subway System---Universal Studios Hollywood is one theme park to which you can actually take a subway! Get on the Red Line and you'll find a special exit just for the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and the adjacent Universal CityWalk.

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