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Universal Studios shopping---great gifts abound!

In the photo slide show above, you can see pictures of Universal Studios Hollywood stores and merchandise. You'll find interesting shopping everywhere you turn at this popular Los Angeles theme park! On this page, you'll discover still more info about Universal Studio's stores and the fun items you can buy in them. Also, for still MORE exciting shopping just outside the theme park's gates, be sure to see the fun list of stores at the Universal Studios City Walk shopping, dining & entertainment center!

What merchandise can you buy at Universal Hollywood?

Photo of the Shoppaholics won't want a break from their favorite hobby when visiting Universal Studios! All sorts of fun merchandise beckons from stores and carts! Most of Universal sells a wide variety of clothing, toys and souvenirs based on a number of different themes.

1.) Character merchandise: There's an incredible amount of Nickelodeon and other cartoon-themed merchandise at Universal Studios Hollywood. You'll find numerous shops and carts specializing in all sorts of toys, clothing and gadgets related to famous cartoon characters.

Do you like The Simpsons? You'll find a TON of Simpsons merchandise at Universal Studios. Same with Sponge Bob, Shrek and other well-liked TV and movie characters.

2.) Universal's ride merchandise: When ever you exit one of the rides at Universal Hollywood, expect a gift shop to be nearby! The Mummy roller coaster, Jurassic Park boat ride, the Back Lot Tram Tour...whatever ride you'd like to remember with a souvenir, you'll find it!

3.) Hollywood Memorabilia: Since Universal Studios is actively involved in filming, you'll find a wide range of items related to movie stars and the Hollywood mystique...including imitation Oscar statuettes with your name on them!

Nickelodeon merchandise at Universal Studios Park

Photo of Dora the Explorer dolls, on sale at Universal Studios Hollywood, California There are several Universal Studios Hollywood shops featuring merchandise themed to cartoon characters.

The "Nickelodeon Stuff" shop (seen in the picture above on this page) features character merchandise for the Nickelodeon TV cartoon characters...which is always a great gift idea for kids. Sponge Bob Squarepants is A-number one on that list, and Dora the Explorer is right behind him. You can't go wrong doing your Universal Studios shopping here---your kids will probably like ANYTHING in the store that you get them!

In the picture on your right, you see Dora dolls on display at the "Nickelodeon Stuff" shop in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Shopping -- Delightful "Cartooniversal" Store!

Photo of the Cartooniversal store at Universal Studios Hollywood, California The "Cartooniversal" (clever name, eh?) store is another cartoon-character-themed store, and another great place to do your Universal Studios shopping for the kids on your list.

Like the Nickelodeon store, "Cartooniversal" also sells Nikelodeon character toys and gifts, such as Sponge Bob-themed items. (In fact, you can't get AWAY from Sponge Bob at Universal Studios these days! Even if you don't enter a store, you'll pass strolling vendors selling Sponge Bob items!)

In addition to Nickelodeon merchandise, other characters are featured...such as the Shrek world of characters.

Photo of Sponge Bob Squarepants dolls on sale at Universal Studios Hollywood, California

So, in this picture on your right, you see some Sponge Bob Square Pants stuffed "animals" that I saw in the "Cartooniversal" to the Sponge Bob T-shirts, Sponge Bob house slippers, etc, etc! And, now on your left, you see photos of....

Photo of stuffed donkeys for sale at Universal Studios Hollywood, California

....stuffed donkeys. ("Donkey," of course, is a character from the Shrek movies.) Shrek and Fiona dolls (other Shrek-movie characters) were nearby, of course, as well.

I may poke fun that some popular items (namely Sponge Bob and Shrek) seem to be EVERYWHERE in the park...and yet, kids really LIKE these characters. So, as I said earlier, the Universal Studios shopping opportunities make it easy to buy presents that will truly be enjoyed by their recipients.

Find tour-themed souvenirs at "Tram Central!"

Photo of the Tram Central shop at Universal Studios Hollywood, California Universal Studios shopping also includes those stores themed to particular rides and attractions within the Universal Studios theme park itself. For example, the "Tram Central" shop is found near the entry for the Universal Studios tram tours through the backlot sets.

Photo of Director's Slate-themed souvenirs in the Tram Central shop at Universal Studios Hollywood, California

In Tram Central, you can buy souvenirs of your studio tour. In this photo, you see some "director's slates" for sale. I'm not quite sure what you'd actually DO with these, though they'd certainly be a conversation piece in any room!

More practical souvenirs are on-sale here, as well, such as mugs, refrigerator magnets, and clothing.

Run! There are dinos at "Jurassic Outfitters!

Photo of dinosaurs decorating a Jurassic Park movie-themed souvenir shop at Universal Studios Hollywood, California Another Universal Studios shopping stop themed to a ride is "Jurassic Outfitters," which is themed to "Jurassic Park the Ride."

After you step off your ride boat, you'll exit the attraction through a Jurassic Park-themed gift shop. Some of the items are educational, and quite interesting. Others are very useful---for example, they sell towels, which is handy if you've just gotten soaked on the ride! T-shirts are another hot commodity here.

Two other ride-themed shops are the "T-2Gear & Supplies" store (outside of the Terminator 2--3D attraction), and "Tomb Treasures," outside the "Revenge of the Mummy" roller coaster. In those shops, your kids can get the appropriate gear for showing off to their friends... "See what I did on MY vacation!"

Universal Studios Shopping -- Still more themed merchandise!

Photo of a Universal Studios California shop which features Hollywood-related merchandise

Want to "show the folks back home" that you've been to Hollywood? At the Hollywood Shop, you can get the T-shirt or mug that shows everyone where you went! You'll also be able to find movie-themed merchandise here, as well.

Photo: Mannikins of Hollywood movie makers adorn this Universal Studios California gift shop

See the cute decor used at the Hollywood Shop? These mannikins are filming a movie above a t-shirt display. Elsewhere in the store, you see giant strips of film and large Oscar statuettes adorning the sales displays. These decorations give the store an exciting "Only in California" feel to this Universal Studios shopping experience.

Photo of an artist waiting for customers at Universal Studios Hollywood At Universal Studios Hollywood, you can have a caricature portrait drawn on-the-spot by a professional artist. From the looks of this photo, the artist wasn't too busy on the day I snapped this picture!

Getting your caricature drawn makes a great souvenir, and a good way to remember your Universal Studios shopping, touring and thrill-riding experiences.



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